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Official newletter of EYP-Ukraine, May 2011

Editor’s note


his month EYPigeon has got something of interest for you. MAY being extremely eventful, the issue couldn’t but be awesome. Apart from the new columns, EYPigeon introduced a new concept for the Newsletter – from now everyone is free to write articles, suggest ideas, share gossips, send photos or give any kind of information you would like to be in the paper to We encourage you to contribute actively to the newsletter-making-process. As for the new columns, “Face control” will monthly introduce you to a new amazing couple of EYPers - one Ukrainian and one foreign – who will shortly answer our questions. “EYP-Ukraine’s pathway” is designated to show how much of European territory EYP-Ukraine members “cover” each month. A short overview of each session will give you an idea of the work of Ukrainian EYPers at foreign events. “EYP abroad” will reveal you the secrets of foreign National Committees. In these articles the organizational structure as well as selection procedure of EYP in different countries will be covered. In “Department is speaking” each month one of the EYPUkaraine departments will offer you an article from its professional sphere, which will keep you educated, as well as attract your attention to the department itself. There are several other interesting articles this month. At the last pages of this Newsletter you may have a look at the past years. Moreover, members of Ukrainian delegation to the recent International Session have shared their emotions with EYPigeon. Let EYPigeon accompany you these first days of summer and help to recall the fresh events that took place in May!

Table of Contents EDITOR’S NOTE by Melekhovets Zhenia ..................................................1 VP’S NOTE by Suprunenko Anna......................................................1 ATHENS by Ukrainian delegation to the 6 International Session in Athens........................................................................2 FACE CONTROL by Korchak Oksana.........................................................4 AH, CLIENTS... by Departament on Public Relations of EYP-Ukraine..5 MAY HOLIDAYS WITH EYP-UKRAINE by Melekhovets Zhenia...................................................6 EYPolls Press Release...................................................................8

VP’s note


ithin last few months PR department has been working really hard on rising up the awareness of EYP-Ukraine and its events. Of course, it’s too little time for summing-up the result, though we already are glad to report to you on our activities: • our greatest honor is to announce the renewing the tradition of the Newsletter, we are very pleased to have a super-creative team responsible for it with a talented editor – Zhenya Melekhovets; • also you are all welcome to check our web-site for finding brief information on all the events you are able to take part in the section “upcoming events”; • besides, we are trying to keep our groups in VK and FB always updated and you are more than welcome to keep them lively as well; • first EYP Poll has been conducted! Ukraine is among leading countries by participating; • GA in April has been conducted by PR department members. Guys, we will be so much happy to spread the word about EYP, hope you are sharing the wish! It’s our aim 2011! It might be easy to fulfill by general efforts – post your news in the groups, give comments, suggest the ideas, attend the events and just share the information you have! Thank you for being with us! Yours, Anna Suprunenko, Vice-President on Public Relations of EYP-Ukraine.



irst breathe of Greek air, first step on Greek land – finally we can say that dreams come true, no matter what kind of obstacles you face on the way to them. How funny it was to see the people who seemed to be so serious playing “Suck&Blow”, “Alele”, “Energy Ball”, “Peel Banana”, and manymany others! But apart from games chairs also made everything possible for us to get to know each other better, to become friends, to learn how to trust each other in such a short period of time (only two days!). Being blindfolded during some games appeared to be rather sense-aggravating and made it more difficult to solve problems we faced without the ability to use non-verbal communication.

But thanks to our chairs new useful skills were acquired and we were ready to work as hard as needed on our resolution during three days of Committee Work. We knew each other’s weak and strong points and knew that we should not only listen to people but also hear what they are saying. That’s why going through hot debates was not as difficult as it could’ve been. We exchanged information about the topics we had chosen before arriving to Greece, made important conclusions, fought over some issues with tolerance towards friends’ opinions, and wrote the best resolution possible! One great thing that should be mentioned about Greece is its food. The first time we tried the real Greek cuisine was on the committee dinner evening. As Loutraki itself is a little town surrounded by mountains from three sides and stand-



ing on the sea coast on the forth, the dinner in restaurants located by the seaside gave us unforgettable memories. In Athens we had a similar evening with delegation dinners where we had an opportunity to visit nice cafes in historical center of the city, not far from the ruins of Acropolis. The usual Greek menu consists of plenty of seafood variously cooked and baked cheese, and of course meat and sausages as well as salads and vegetables. The dishes are usually so big you just can’t eat them to the end even though they are all really tasty. We definitely recommend you whenever you come to Greece - taste cheese balls, mousaka (some kind of meat, vegetables and cheese pie but without pastry) and baked cheese with honey, which they serve you at the beginning of the dinner. Really delicious. Organisers of the session planned some fun activities, so one day we had to perform stories about Greek gods but in a special way - those had to be formed into a musical. That was so much fun! We gathered in a small amphitheater and every committee staged its performance. On the day after we had a theme party, so everyone looked like they escaped from the circus. Yes, you guessed right - it was a Circus Party! Clowns, Shadow-man, Strong-man, Fairies, beasts and loads of other characters. During the last two days we had the General Assembly, which was the culmination of the whole session. Hot debates were shaking the walls of the old building as some issues were controversial. Because of 15 committees being present, the

procedure stretched into 2 days with 7 committees on the first day and 8 on the second. The discussions were remarkably fruitful. The delegates were extremely enthusiastic to have a word. A big size of our committees made some committees having a queue of 10 or more people to speak, while no more than 2 eventually did. Out of 15 resolutions 3 have not passed. We all have seen how politics work. The Ukrainian delegation was one of the most productive with every delegate having participated in the debates and two of them having given a speech. Each day, there were several delightful coffee-breaks just outside the parliament in an adorable garden with gypsies all around begging for food. The General Assembly venue was a building of the Old Parliament, which is now a museum. EYPers brought this ancient building back to life and visitors of the museum were surprised to see the new round of debates in the parliamentary chamber. Among special guests were present Janez Poto?nik (European Commisioner on the Environment Issues), Philipp Scharff (Director of the Schwarzkopf-Foundation Young Europe), Philippos Petsalnikos (President of the Hellenic Parliament), and Ville Vasaram?ki (Executive director of the EYP). We all were honored to listen to their inspirational speeches and see them at the GA. After the session each of us realised that EYP is all about PEOPLE who made the session happen. It’s hard to evaluate how much experience we gained there, how much fun we shared with others and how wide we broadened our horizons.



ne of very important things we get from the EYP besides unforgettable experience is friendship, which can last for the whole life. Maybe for some people it would be strange to say that they have friends from Cyprus, France, Germany or Finland but it will never be strange for an EYPer. Dmytro Honcharenko (UA) and Jindrich Rusin (CZ) can prove this. They are good friends and they have to thank the EYP for this. Very often, friends think the same way while answering questions. That’s why today we’ve decided to ask Dmytro and Jindrich same questions and find out their answers ;)

Questions: 1) If you could have a super power/ability what would it be and why? 2) Tell us something we don’t know about Jindrich/Dmytro? 3) What are you famous/notorious for? 4) What would you like to be re-incarnated as?

Jindrich Rusin 1 I would wish for telepathy for everyone! It would be so

1 I would like to be a feed all the hungry EYPers;).

2 Dima loves Xaloumi (Cypriot cheese), he would never let down

2 Jindrich Rusin is least, mentally 3 Mamasha (story) ;)

much easier in the world to understand each other without misunderstandings! And also the superpower of world peace and making people happy sounds nice. a friend, and he has a funny cat.

3 Actually I suppose for parasitic words that are actually very

contagious indeed to other people at the sessions. Like seriously! I mean it!

4 Wolf, donkey or a hedgehog!


Dmytro Honcharenko EYP is about care, if you know what I mean :)

It happened in my way to Ivano-Frankivsk National Session. It was cold in a train, that’s why I was sleeping under my coat and whatever clothes I could find there. Then the conductor came to wake me up with words: “Hey, mamasha, it’s time to wake up!”

4 JP....joyful pony I mean ;)


PR Ah, clients...

They pay us the lovely money, so we can’t be too mean about them—but sometimes they make us want to saw our heads off.

Here is our list of the most common, idiotic, and maddening client comments we hear—and how we would LOVE to answer them—if only they didn’t pay us the lovely money.


“We really need this to make.” Oh, OK. Thanks for telling us, because before you mentioned it, we weren’t planning on trying very hard.

make?” Not unless I call every national news desk in the country and ask them directly, which will make us both look like complete tools.


“How many papers will the story make it into?” Hang on a second. *Looks into crystal ball for updates on future murders, natural disasters, etc.*


“It’s what the brand people want; the story has to stay like that.” Grow a pair and tell them it’s crap, and then do your job by telling them how it’s actually going to work.



“Can we send the journalist a free gift to coincide with the story being distributed?” Are you insane?


“Can you send this picture of the product out along with the story?” Are you completely insane?

‘“Which papers are going to use the story?” Um—whichever papers decide it’s OK and that they’ll use it. “Do you know what the news agenda is like for June?” Hang on a second. *Looks into crystal ball for updates on future murders, natural disasters, etc.*


“Sorry, but the release can’t be sent unless the brand name is in the intro paragraph” OK, fine, let’s get absolutely no coverage for you whatsoever. Not any. Not even a sun spot.


“Do you guarantee coverage?” Um, no. If you want guaranteed coverage, pay for an advert.


“Can you give me a reason why the story didn’t

10 11

We need more information in the story about where you can buy the product. Have you lost every single one of your marbles?


“We need to make sure we get page leads with this one.” Oh, OK. Could you just hand me that silver wand?


At 4p.m.: “Are you able to send this story out to the nationals today?” Are you in an entirely different time zone?


M h a o with lida y EYP ys -UA Portugal National Selection Conference in Evora The hospitability of Portuguese can’t but impress – these people would go to another part of the city at 2a.m. just to pick you up after your swim (one more reason to come to the country – OCEAN quite different experience after the Black Sea)! They would bring you to the airport and make sure that you’ve successfully checked-in. One may suggest that as habitants of southern country, they must be hot-tempered. Quite the opposite :). Portuguese are unbelievably relaxed and calm. Never will you see the organizers screaming or rushing. We, Ukrainian EYPers, should definitely take such a “nerve-proof ” approach to session organizing (and to life in general) as an example. Needless to say, Portugal and Ukraine are really connected. In fact, one out of ten delegates has some Ukrainian studying in his or her university, going together to the pool etc – true story about our enormous diaspora in Portugal. Our countries have traditionally been friends. At least judging from the Eurovision votes :) The thing that can never be forgotten is the delicious seafood – the tables at Portuguese village were full of dishes with shrimps, mussels, and other delicacies – fresh and still with the ocean smell…


Austria National Selection Conference in Vienna From the words of Tarasevych Nata

The fact that Austrians speak the same language as Germans doesn’t mean that they must be of the same temper. That’s just another false stereotype. In fact they are open and easy-going! Take Ukrainian hospitability, flavor it with German accuracy and you will get a pure Austrian! It is not a secret that Vienna is the royal city. Glorious and posh it is a perfect place for those who lack fairy tales in their life. Austrians tend to be idealistic everywhere and Austrian EYP sessions are not an exclusion. The level of the last national session was vey high. It was not only about the organizational moments – session spirit was also one on the highest priorities. The organizers worked hard to make the event perfect!

Spain National Selection Conference in Madrid From words of Cherednichenko Valeria

The first reason why you should visit Spanish sessions is to try their sun that follows you everywhere in this country. Spaniards, who have been taking the solar power from the very childhood, appear to be extremely cheerful, energetic and positive. So do the EYP sessions in Spain. Participants feel so relaxed. It is so easy to make Teambuilding with them because they come open and optimistic, ready for socializing of any kind. The one who is fond of soups will be definitely disappointed not finding them in the list of Spanish traditional dishes. Instead, s/he would see a great variety of tiny sandwiches, called “tapas”, usual food in Spanish bars and also at Spanish EYP sessions. Don’t be surprised to see a cleaner walking in the street and humming some tune or young people singing in public places. That’s the way these open-minded people express their emotions.

Poland Krakow Regional Session The first thing you notice about Krakow is its medieval spirit. The city is full of legends; its tiny buildings and narrow streets are pure beauty. If you ever hear anybody telling you about some snobbish Polish guy, never believe – it’s a lie! These people are far from being critical, reserved or restrained. Only at Polish session you may see people doing somersault right on the GA! Or a shark-toy taking part in the Teambuilding… There is one good thing about being Ukrainian at a Polish session – on the last day of the event you can understand Polish language almost perfectly. English+Ukrainian+a couple of days spent there=intermediate Polish speaker!

Romania National Selection Conference in Transilvania by Olga Popovyvh

Romania – the land of vampires. Although none of them were found, this land is still full of history, castles, beautiful hills, mountains and meadows. You can spend the whole day exploring Romanian cities, but that obviously would not be enough. Although Romania is the neighbour of Ukraine, the two countries differ a lot. “Most time of the trip we were trying to find out some similarities. And we did! Who knew that the most pronounced word “Yes” is the same in Romanian and Russian, while all the other words sound completely different from any Slavic language! When trying various dishes of Romanian national cuisine, we also found out that “sarmale” are actually our “golubtsi”. And this list goes on!”. What also amazed us a lot is the hospitality of Romanian people: no matter whether you are EYPer or not, familiar person or stranger - everybody was trying to help us and guide us around. Overall, this was definitely an experience that is worth repeating!

Turkey Istanbul International Forum

From words of Ianovytska Anastasiia

As it is widely known, Istanbul is a city of contrasts. Only here a church may face a skyscraper, the buildings standing on different sides of the road. Not only do the buildings vary here, but people also represent different cultures, pray to different Gods, their social backgrounds are also not the same. Nevertheless, they all can coexist peacefully. Istanbul welcomes everyone. Ukrainian EYPers are not exclusion – the organizers of Turkish sessions treat their guests perfectly well. Apart from well-known delicious desserts (Turkish delight, pakhlava etc), their cuisine may offer you a great variety of meat dishes. Have you ever been dreaming of getting to another continent? Never been to Asia? Then you don’t have to go far – Istanbul session is the best option for you because it is the only city that is placed on two continents simultaneously.


Young Europeans say: More Integration is the Answer to the Euro-Crisis Press Release The German Chancellor backs away from her pro-European positions, the French President supports her, and in Finland a party opposing European help for Greece wins elections: While national reflexes seem to be a common reaction to the Euro-crisis, the youth in Europe take a clear stand for more Europe in times of turmoil. This is the result of the first European Youth Poll by the European Youth Parliament in cooperation with Stiftung Mercator. An overwhelming majority of young Europeans under 27 demand more European efforts: 90.9 % say the crisis should lead to closer cooperation between European countries in financial and economic policy. Even financial transfers from stronger to weaker economies are welcomed by 73.8 % as part of European solidarity. 1213 people from 35 European countries participated in the first European Youth Poll conducted by the European Youth Parliament among its alumni. Regardless of difficult news on their common currency, the young Europeans do not think the Euro is in serious danger: Over two thirds agreed with the sentence “I trust in the stability of the Euro”, a majority in non-Euro countries (65.7 %) as well as in Eurozone countries (74.0 %). “I´m convinced that, with closer “Do you trust in the stability of the Euro?” cooperation, we could have curtailed the impact of the current crisis”, says 19-year-old Céline Vermeire from Belgium, one person who took the poll. However, the young people identified “national interest” as by far the most dominant theme in national debates. “I’m happy to see so clear a commitment of the youth to the EU, especially in times of growing Euroscepticism and populism with nationalist slogans”, Rebecca Harms, President of the Greens - Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament. While a big majority calls for deeper European integration, there is skepticism regarding further enlargement: Respondents inside current EU member states were split Céline Vermeire (19) from Belgium: “I´m convinced that, with closer cooperation, we could over this topic, with a slight majority have curtailed the impact of the current crisis” of 51.6 % opposing further enlargement and 44.0 % in favour of it. The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a non-partisan and independent educational organization active since 1989. Today it is one of the largest European platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, political educational work and the exchange of ideas among young people in Europe. The EYP consists of a network of 35 European associations in which thousands of young people from diverse backgrounds are active in a voluntary capacity.\

For more Information please contact: Jacob Düringer Project Manager Sophienstraße 28-29 10178 Berlin Germany +49.30.28095146

This project is supported by Stiftung Mercator

For complete results and additional information, please visit


The EYPigeon is grateful to all those who contributed to the Newletter making process. Chief editor/layout designer: Zhenia Melekhovets Press team: Korchak Oksana, Suprunenko Anna, Popovych Olga, Gipsh Sasha Proofreading: Vynogradova Katya Interviews: Cherednichenko Valeria, Ianovytska Anastasiia, Tarasevych Nata, Honcharenko Dmytro, Rusin Jinrich

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