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LEADERSHIP of Lviv Development Forum 2019

DEAR APPLICANT, If you are reading this that probably means you are interested in embarking on this peculiar journey with us. Wow, I couldn't possibly be more excited right now - I was longing for this moment and to finally reach out to you - there are so many things to talk about, to prepare, to create, to envision! This session will be whatever you want it to be, and we will collectively shape it so that it meets your own personal goals. Together with lovely and unique Bilenko sisters, we will be working on the session that will gather around 200 participants, for almost 10 days, in the beautiful gem of Ukraine - Lviv! Once again, thank you for showing interest!

Sincerely Yours, Maciej Kryński

President of the Lviv Development Forum 2019 — International Forum of EYP Ukraine

CONCEPT FOR THE FORUM The phenomenon of EYP spirit, inspires to the extent of wanting to share it with others. Lviv Development Forum would be a session we can take advantage from in order to become a better person and, moreover, to help and inspire people. I believe that high standards of this session will make it possible to contribute to the personal development of our eager participants. We intend to build a session where all the participants can discover Lviv - a fascinating city; can discover something about themselves and learn from others at the session. Having known the fact that organisers are looking to make the city of Lviv, “the old city, with new traditions”, an integral part of the session, I am deeply

convinced that this particular session, in city that blends rich history with modernity and innovation, is the best place to discover and to immerse in. Being aware about the relations between the extent of challenge one has to face, and the adjustments that take place in one’s mindset, dealing with highly demanding issues, and confronting the most urgent problems, this session would be the most educational way to develop abilities and skills, and explore the beauty of Ukraine. BUILDING BLOCKS OF VISION FOR THE FORUM • • • •

happiness engagement advancement transformation

HAPPINESS Lviv Development Forum will pay close attention to the wellbeing of all participants and their happiness. The Officials’ Team will commit to ensure that participants wellbeing is looked after, so everyone is able to support each other throughout the whole session. That’s why I would like to translate my professional knowledge into trainings regarding behaviourism and body language, that would help to ensure participants’ wellbeing, also by equipping Officials with tools on how to handle stress and work on patience. I see my role as President in instilling confidence and stability in the Officials’ Team so that this trickles down to the rest of the participants. In the simplest way, it is all about making people happy and appreciated. ENGAGEMENT Following EYP definition on inclusion that should be understood as an organisational practice and goal, creating equal opportunities for all members within our network, ensuring that all young participants are equally welcome and able to participate, the idea of making the ownership of the event as collective rather than individual, and engaging its participants in the various ways are the key factors for the success of the forum.

ADVANCEMENT EYP in its nature is essentially about seeking for opportunity to grow and develop variety of skills. The freedom of the Forum will allow participants to individually define and work on their objectives and interactions, providing the possibility to shape their own personal development strategy, work on it, and execute it. EYP as an initiative is a twofold experience. On the one hand, it is about collaboration, but on the other – is indeed about self-development. I think that the condition sine qua non of successful self-growth is a constant giving back. I believe that everyone brings their own experience to the EYP and shapes the experiences of others. TRANSFORMATION The past has been there all along, reminding us: This time-maybe, hopefully, against all odds, we will get it right. There are times in our lives when we have to realise our past is precisely what it is, and we cannot change it. But we can change the narratives we tell ourselves, and by doing that, we can change the future. We happened to live in difficult times, driven by crises and uncertainty. It may seem like we’re now busier than ever. With organisers’ motto for the session “Old city, new traditions” the concept of innovation and transformation comes to mind. The freedom of experimenting new things is one of the most valuable qualities in EYP, and I always encourage myself and my team to use it for the benefit of one another, to make each session truly unique and meaningful. In my opinion this approach is what allows to succeed in creating a safe space for exchange of ideas.

GLIMPSE AT ACADEMIC CONCEPT My academic vision for Lviv Development Forum is mostly about learning and exploring, within and outside of EYP context. To make it happen, the Board of the Forum needs to be able to empower and inspire the Chairpersons in order to foster advancement and growth. Proper academic debate and discussion also involves deep commitment where the people involved engage meaningfully with each other and with the ideas, when they are able to critically look at, defend and amend them in the spirit of collective ownership.

Moreover, Chairpersons will be allowed to craft their own topics, within fixed academic clusters resembling session theme, in order to achieve deeper understanding of the complexities of the issues. The extensive preforum preparation time will aim to go beyond the standard topic overview writing we use in EYP, to align more with research methods and experiment on its structure. Despite the fact I appreciate a more traditional approach with writing topic overviews, I observed that shifting the way of presenting information brings outstanding outcomes. Creating Topic Overviews that are more interactive and with a diverse format makes them more approachable for delegates, as well as more enjoyable to make for the Chairpersons. It might be an interesting, innovative addition to the Academic Preparation Kit. VISION FOR THE BOARD As I mentioned before, my aim for the Forum, and the biggest objective to achieve is to make it as collective experience as possible. When it comes to the Board of the Forum, I would rather say I am looking for individuals who will take up responsibility of the role more of the co-President than a Vice-President. This structure allows all members of the Board not to be overwhelmed with the unbearable amount of work as the experience must also be educative and stimulating for them. This workflow fosters the environment where all members are equal and they work on the same level, within theirs subgroups and specific portfolios, in the spirit of the collective ownership. The main focus of the Board will be planning the pre-session preparation, Chairs Academic Training and constant observation and evaluation of the Chairpersons’ performance. This will include interactive video modules and skype meetings tailored to one’s expectations. Everyone is different and the main aim should be to satisfy needs and embrace potential. Secondly, the Board will focus on individual mentoring and supporting of the Chairs’ Team during periodical Mentoring Group meetings. Each member of the Board will be responsible for a part of the Chairs’ Team, aiming to develop one to one relations so as to improve the work of the whole team through individual scheme of corrections and strategy of personal development, formulating topics and working on topic overviews.

VISION FOR THE EDITOR/S The Media Team will be given absolute freedom in conveying their ideas. As the President of the session, I hereby invite them to pursue and embrace the theme of the session alongside with the building blocks of my vision while being free to choose their own means and ways of expression. Media team members are more than welcomed to take part in academic aspects of the Forum, to be involved in creating interactive/Expanded topic overviews. Media team members and the Chairpersons can work together to maximise their committees’ session experience. The work of the Media Team is mostly based on results. It is about affecting the session community in the most progressive way. However, we encourage Editors alongside with their Journalists to challenge themselves in finding a new and innovative ways of doing so. Diversity is a good thing, and fresh points of view articulated by people who are committed to excellence is a beneficial change in the modern landscape. Moreover, the Editor/s will play a crucial role in the leadership team of the session, being invited to take part in the meetings with Head-Organisers and the President. We want them to be fully involved in shaping the whole session. This means that we will need our Editor/s to think about shaping this session on a high level. The interplay and communication between the three official’s teams will need to be high on the agenda, and the vision should reflect this. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION We are looking for 3 Vice-Presidents, who will not be chairing committees, and 1/2 Editor/s to join our Leadership Team. All Officials are expected to arrive in Lviv on the 8th of February for the CMO Training. Departures might be scheduled from evening hours on the 17th of February. Moreover, Organising Team is working on Leadership Weekend and Chairs’ Academic Training with a possible travel reimbursement. It is to be determined and discussed in the later stage of the pre-session preparation.

Lviv IF 2019. Call for Leadership  
Lviv IF 2019. Call for Leadership