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Selection Report 2nd International Forum of EYP the Netherlands The Hague 2013 Dear EYP alumni, The selection of organisers for the 2nd International Forum of EYP the Netherlands taking place in The Hague from 4-9 November 2013 has been completed. We want to thank all applicants once again for their interest in attending the session and playing an active role in the success of the session. It goes without saying that the panel had to make difficult choices between strong applicants. The panel consisted of two representatives of the Board of EYP the Netherlands, Barteld and Zahra, together with the head-organisers Dirk and Karim. The panel convened on the 24th of March, following the deadline for applications on the 20th of March. The panel received 8 applications for the core team and 24 applications for the position of organiser. There were 3 places available for members of the core team and 12 places for organisers. We hope that for those applicants that we were unable to find a place for on the team are not too disappointed and will try again in the future. EYP the Netherlands organises several session a year for which we would love to see their application once again. Taking into account that this was a forum, we favoured applicants that were already rather experienced in EYP and had proven qualities as an organiser, both within and outside EYP. Moreover, the Panel found it important to select people who they believed would go on in EYP and help EYP NL to grow in the future. We hope that those applicants who were not successful do not see this as in any way reflecting on their qualities as an EYPer. Of course, the Selection Panel had to make decisions between levels of (organisational) experience, gender and different skill sets. The fact that some applicants did not fit that picture this time does not mean that this will not be the case another time. Without further ado, the team is composed as follows:

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Core team Linda Barry Khalid El Ghoul Megan Wennekers

Organisers Bas van Leeuwen Caroline Opperman Eliane Zwart Fahad Fahad Henok Ghebrenigus Jasper Meijer Moira Lanters Myrna van Dijk Naomi Appelman Nastassia Winge Titus Verster Willem Koelewijn For any questions regarding the selection process please be in touch with Zahra Runderkamp, Board Member responsible for selection, at We congratulate the selected organisers and look forward to a successful session! Dirk, Karim, Barteld & Zahra European Youth  Parliament  The  Netherlands  |  |    

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Selection Report of organisers