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Call for Editor and Vice Presidents Regional Sesssion MARIBOR 2019

President’s Message “All it takes is a little faith and trust.“ Returning to EYP after a year of absence, I am extremely happy to be heading Maribor 2019 with not only many new ideas in mind but also going back to the basics. I want to create a space of learning, welcoming old and new faces to EYP to show the opportunities this organization can give to you and that you can still grow and learn something new at any stage from anyone. Whether you’ve just discovered EYP or have been participating for several years, you will be welcomed. Venturing out and learning something new or staying within the boundaries of your knowledge, but making it into your own - my vision focuses on each individual’s goal for the session to concretely work together towards that. I want to emphasize on the importance of always learning and always being willing to learn more. This is why I am part of Maribor 2019, the question is will you?

Questions for VPs 1. Why do you want to be part of Maribor 2019? 2. How will you personally contribute to making Maribor 2019 a success and what along the way do you aim to be learning points for you? 3. The aim of Regional Sessions is enlarging the EYP Community and building the already existing members. Why do you want to be part of this process in EYP Slovenia?

- Stella Celine Kim (DE)

Head Organisers’ message “As Veronika started her EYP journey at the very 1st Regional Session of EYP Slovenia that happened in Maribor way back in 2015, and Maša starting her EYP journey at the 10th Regional Session of EYP Slovenia that was held in Maribor this March, we could not be more proud and excited to take on this mission of making Regional Session Maribor ’19 happen, and to struck and inspire from what we have in common and where we are diverse, just like our EYP journeys. We will embrace who we were, and together create what Regional Session Maribor ’19 will be.”

Behind the Session’s Theme As the session is energy oriented and energy smart we want our participants to acknowledge the value of energy in everyday life. By that we don’t only mean energy in its most obvious way but also the energy that every one of us possess, as the participants are the ones that will breathe life and give energy to the session. The connections that will be made, the energisers that will be played and the topics that will be discussed. In order to achieve that we wish for the the session to be relaxed as well as exciting for everyone but most of all for it to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If we translate the energy that an individual brings to the session back to the literal sense of energy it shows us how mindful we must be with it. We must protect it, nourish it and use it wisely so the future generations will still have the option to attend such events as this session. Otherwise we will destroy the planet and lose our independence.Therefore we must strategically plan and develop our daily usage of energy just like we need to plan our personal future and develop ourselves.

- Maša Adam & Veronika Šemrov

Questions for Editor 1. The aim of Regional Sessions is enlarging the EYP Community and building the already existing members. Why do you want to be part of this process in EYP Slovenia? 2. Explain your vision for the Media Team of RS Maribor 2019! 3. What does ownership mean to you and how do you want to incorporate it in your team? (max. 300 words)

Session details Regional Session Maribor 2019 presented by European Youth Parliament Slovenia will happen in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, from 12th to 14th April of 2019. The event will gather around 80 people from all around the Europe. The three day Session will include one day of Teambuilding, one day of Committee Work and one day of General Assembly where committees will present their resolutions. The CJO for all the Officials will happen one day before the session, precisely on 11th of April. The theme of the session is “Strategic Energy Usage for a Brighter Future� where the main focus will be to ensure sustainable use of energy for all the participants, so they can openly share and discuss their ideas on the future of Europe.

RS Maribor 2019 - Call for Leadership