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The Inception

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The issue is brought to you by: Aleksandra Novakovic (Editor) David Maric (Journalist) Ana Simundja (Video Editor)

About EYP

EYP is a youth organization pleading for participation, critical thinking and youth empowerment. Founded in 1987, it presents one of the instruments and models of working with and among young people and building their awareness on public issues, their knowledge and attitudes toward society. Through its structure and methodology, it enables for many high school and university students from Serbia to meet not only each other, but also peers from different countries of Europe, coming from diverse backgrounds, having in mind their languages, beliefs, customs, manners, ideologies but also religions or skin colors… This would assure someone EYPers are those open to differences. This could also mean EYP, as a network of smart, active, young Europeans, empowers and develops tolerance thus supports multicultural society. But it does not always turns out to be completely true. Unfortunately, this could have been noticed in the defense of one of the resolutions at the EYP day. Sometimes, and not so rarely, although declaring as democrats, cosmopolites or even fighters for human rights, equality and other “European values” we can slip into opposite. Nationalistic ideology and rhetoric is rooted so strongly in our minds that we don’t even sense when it starts to come out of our mouth. And that is what this text is about. Few weeks have passed and I don’t remember sentences and expressions clearly, but what I do remember is the bitter taste in my mouth, while listening to speeches, questions, answers and the whole debate. The resolutions itself didn’t contain words of such tendency, but the course of the debate definitely did. It is interesting (meaning: scary) how being in the position of decision makers somehow determines us to rather speak from the perspective of welcoming land, than from that of an immigrant. It leads us to becoming somewhat angrier toward newcomers and try to “defend” the majority and the state. When talking about the topic, it seemed like the delegates had taken the position of German state talking to overwhelming and endangering Turkish minority coming to Germany, and had not have in mind wider picture and the needs of both sides. The most used words in that debate were “to make”, “they must”, “severe”, “oblige”, “punish”, “fees”… Having such short period of time to prepare and actually think about it deeper, together with pressure put at them, delegates probably took the common mindset just for practice debate, GA procedure and roles. And that exactly show us what this mind heritage we are dealing with is, and how difficult it is to break loose. Verbally, we are all for tolerant and multicultural society, yet we can’t cope with the difficult task of defending cultural diversity. Surely some they have not learned us that well enough, but it is also on us, young, to be careful with every single word. Be sure that being informed and aware of extreme right-wing ideology`s growth among young in our society makes me angry, frighten and ready to work harder. On the other side, what could have definitely cheered us all in and around EYP up, is the fact that very first EYP day in Serbia was, at the same time, the first time that EYP Serbia demonstrated its openness to people with disabilities and its ability to adapt in the way that those people also can more than successfully participate. I thank to head organizer and all the organizers of this event, as much as chairpersons of the committee CULT II, for giving the best example possible to all of us. Guys, you made me so proud. Tatjana Nikolić, former Member of the Board and Secretary General of EYP Serbia

Bringing about the changes It has been more than a month since we all experienced the one-day preliminary Session in Belgrade. I may say that it was a remarkable success. We have all contributed to an amazing EYP Day 2013. After a long period of time needed for the preparation and organization we saw a wonderful end which could not be possible at all without you-delegates! I would like to thank you all for the participation in the first EYP Day Session organised by the European Youth Parliament Serbia on 11th of May this year. Once again we proved how important the youth participation is; today maybe more than ever before. European Youth Parliament has been working hard during 25 years to accomplish some of its main goals: raising awareness of the European issues, contributing to personal development, fostering intercultural dialogue and promoting active European Citizenship. After another very successful year in 2012, we may say that the EYP is now the largest programme for non-formal political education of the youth on our continent. As the success of the EYP Day, none of the successes would be achieved without you-delegates. Every year tens of thousands of young people participate in more than 120 events organized throughout the whole year. The European Youth Parliament broadens your views and helps you to develop the sense of belonging to something larger-something that we all know as Europe. During the EYP sessions you will have the chance to meet a lot of people coming from different parts of our continent, to share your ideas with them, to solve the most of the problems the EU faces today, to become an active citizen willing to change and not just sit and watch the things going by, to get in touch with so many different nations and cultures and indeed taste some of the grates specialties of European countries and even further. During the EYP Day Session we discussed mostly about the current situation of culture in Serbia which is, as it seems unfortunately far from a satisfying level. It is disappointing but we have to take some action in order to have the changes happening. Thus, the topics were with regard to the problems we are facing. EYP gives you the chance to discuss about topics that maybe you would not have the chance to discuss about so profoundly. If I had to tell what EYP is in one word-I would choose The Possibility! EYP means a lot to me and once you become part of it you see how many opportunities and nice moments there are yet to be discovered! Marko Kazic The President of the Session

One time experience They say that the best things happened unexpected. This story approves that theory. Story begins with one phone call. Call from Jelena Petrovic with proposition to apply for 15th NSC of EYP CZ. After couple of days of thinking, I started with writing my application. It’s strange how everything was arranged in that speed. At one moment I am thinking about journalism and at the other moment I’m having drink in café where you have your drink delivered by little train, visiting most beautiful castles and bridges in Prague and eating traditional meals in the city center. Considering that I am not experienced EYPer like a lot of alumni in Serbia, I can freely say that this experience was absolutely unforgettable. Because of the bus schedule, we had to stay in Prague three days before session started. Imagine that-three days in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe ,after that, EYP session and after that, one more day in magical Prague. Seeing all important monuments of this capital with EYPers who live there and poses huge amount of knowledge for every corner of the city was brilliant. Could this trip be more perfect? Of course it could and of course it was. Firstly, before arriving to Rakovnik, the place where session was held, I was terribly afraid of how my editor is going to be. Is he going to be too harsh, too required, too strict , absolutely workaholic and not flexible at all about deadlines? Lucky for me and for whole media team, person whose impression we were afraid of the most was the person who made that session memorable as it was. On the other hand, Jelena was curious about her team as much as I was about mine, and then we met the rest of the official’s and all prejudices that she had disappeared even more quickly than mines. Evening events that had been organized by great orga team contributed to quality of the session even more. Eurovillage, parties and all kind of entertainment programs brought and fulfilled the maximum of real EYP spirit. Picture before the last one-It’s the day of GA. Everyone has resolution booklet at one hand and huge cup of strong coffee in the other one, nice suit and head full of sleepless night. But no, that is not the last time I’ve seen that faces with I of course did not had enough time to spend. And ‘Imagine’ wasn’t the last time we all cried. Just a couple of hours later we went to the traditional place in CZ where everyone goes before leaving-Pizza in Prague. That was the last picture, the one with realizing that who knows when are you going to see all these faces that became more than memorable and that you became more than comfortable with. The one that reminds you of the fact that there is no strangers in EYP, only people you haven’t met yet and the one that reminds you of united and unique world that every session creates. But ,after all, that is the magic of EYP. There is no pace in the Earth where you will be able to have breakfast with Poland ,Latvia and Czech Republic ,have coffee with Germany and at the end of the day you are with Serbia again. Milica Simeunovic

Brain drain Serbia is facing challenge of keeping tallented young adults from going abroad in search for better future. During last twenty years a great number of young, well-educated people have left Serbia and the Serbian labor marker is now facing shortage of well-educated work force. Every year number of youngsters who want to leave Serbia and go to the countries of European Union is increasing. A poll, conducted by the Student Union of Serbia, showed that in 2010, twenty seven per cent of Serbian students ere planning to leave the country permanently after graduating, with two thirds of them citing job opportunities as their key motive. At present, Serbia is trying as hard as possible to pervent any more young and educaterd people from going away. The existing braing gain programs focus on creating better working conditions for the highly qualified people, scolarship and mobility programs and cooperation with the professional Dispora and other forms of support for returnees. Hough the subject has been widely discussed, little has been done to stem brain drain. Accession to the EU is not a magic word that will solve the brain drain of young educated Serbian people to other coutries. Andjelija Pavlović

United by diversity Main idea of European Union. Here in committee on LIBE we are discussing about ways that this idea could be preserved, so that every citizen of EU has total freedom of movement, integration to new society, and that everyone and each has same rights as the others, but in addition to that, we need solutions that wouldn’t effect diversity of people who are immigrating or seeking for asylum. Despite all the current bodies and funds in place, views toward immigrants within the EU remains negative and levels of discrimination and inequality are still high. Over a third of Europeans have witnessed or heard of someone suffering discrimination or harassment based on ethnic origin in 2012. How can we make sure that basic Human Rights aren’t endangered, and how to keep both EU and immigrants satisfied? Luka Stevandić

Interview with the delegates During the day, delegates were interviewed by the journo team, to gather some info and find out what their opinions about EYP Day are. The delegates were all quite lovely and willing to help and speak out.

Marija Stanojevic, Emilija Jeremic (DEVE) Journo team: How was your day here? Marija: It was a very interesting experience, not really something that happens every day. Emilija: I had a lovely time, I showed my creativity and I expressed my opinions. Journo team: Do you have any plans for tonight, darlin’? Marija: Not really, I’ll just be at home, resting.

Luka Milovancevic (LIBE) Journo team: Did you have a good time today? Luka: Oh yes, very dynamic, I found out a lot of things. Journo team: Did you find sweet, sweet love at the session? Luka: Quite possibly, yes...

My EYP experience My experiences in EYP: I’ve been in EYP for about 2 years now, and already I have met so many people I will never forget. And I already have so much dear memories. That goes to show that EYP is a wonderful organization. Not only will you improve your english, but you will learn a lot about current problems and events. Besides that, you get a chance to travel and experience other cultures. At first, all of those fun teambuilding games seemed odd to me, but then, I realized that it was an essential part of making a strong comittee. It’s a fact that EYP is both a very serious organization and an organization that provides delegates with a very fun experience. In conclusion: you should definitely give EYP a chance because you won’t regret it. David Marić Margita Rajovic, Nikola Petrovic (CULT II) Journo team: What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “EYP”? Nikola: Good organization, preparing for the actual European parliament, great people. Margita: discussion about serious problems, fun, political future. Journo team: Will you continue with EYP? Nikola: Definitely, I wouldn’t miss this sort of fun for anything. Margita: Definitely, I agree with Nikola. Journo team: Thank you, carry on!

The inception  

Official newspaper of 1st EYP Day of EYP Serbia

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