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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS TRAINERS TRAINING FOR EYP TRAINERS 2014 Trainings for EYP Trainers (T4ET) are a core element in EYP’s long-term strategy, contributing to the development of our alumni and ultimately assisting the enhancement of their educational experience, increasing the quality of events and transforming EYP into a training-based organisation. After three successful T4ETs (Finland 2010, Latvia 2011 and Ukraine 2012), this year’s T4ET will take place in Estonia, in Käsmu (1,5 h ride from Tallinn) from the 17th - 24th August 2014. You can check the training venue here. Its remote location, capacity (only fitting in small groups, allowing T4ETers to be the only ones at the venue), as well as its position close to the beach (10 min walk) make it ideal for the training and offer great potential for creative methods. The project is head-organised by Anna-Helena Saarso and EYP Estonia, with the support of the Training and Alumni Development Council, as well as the EYP International Office. The trainers’ team will be coordinated by Adriana-Maria Manolescu (RO, Senior Trainer). The training will last 8 days and aim to enable 20 participants from all over Europe to competently and confidently plan, run and evaluate a high quality training course. Participants will: (i) Gain profound understanding on how groups work; (ii) Learn advanced group leading techniques (chairing/facilitation); (iii) Practice strategic use of teambuilding exercises; (iv) Explore how to enable personal growth in one’s team; (v) Creatively approach new and existing methods; (vi) Practice their leadership, training and chairing competences through self-reflection and feed back from experienced co-participants and trainers. Trainers will be involved in all steps of the content preparation, as well as the selection of participants. They will be required to arrive in Tallinn one or two days before the start of the event. Once completed, the trainers’ team will also decide on the dates for a preparation weekend to take place as soon as possible after the participants’ selection. Attendance at this weekend is mandatory. The organisers team work on ensuring trainers’ travel expenses are reimbursed. The trainers’ team will be composed of 4 - 5 trainers, including at least one external trainer (not from EYP). We invite all EYPers with training experience to apply for the event. Participation in a previous T4ET is an advantage, but not a must. The selection panel will be formed of Adriana-Maria Manolescu (trainers’ team coordinator and Council representative), Jacob Duringer (on behalf of the EYP International Office) and a representative of the NOC. All EYPers who are passionate about and experienced in trainings are invited to apply by filling in the application form and emailing it at by April 17th at 23h59 CET. For any questions or information, please contact Anna and Maria at European Youth Parliament, Sophienstraße 28-29, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

Call for trainers T4ET 2014  

Call for the trainers' team of Training for EYP Trainers 2014

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