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Concept Paper

◤ Why? Some thoughts on our shared vision. EYP Greece has been continuously committed to developing its training culture. Training courses are an investment in EYP’s human resources, offering an opportunity for EYPers to gain in depth insight into a field they are interested in in a different setting than the usual sessions, offering a new challenge and opportunity for development. Through the tracks of this training, the course aims to also have a multiplying effect, as participants will also reflect on how to share the skills, knowledge and attitudes developed at the event with other EYPers in different contexts. As such, the event will benefit the entire EYP network and reflects EYP Greece’s strategic decision towards long-term development and sustainability. It will be an opportunity for interaction beyond the confines of our sessions or borders. Making that opportunity available to every EYPer is a choice reflecting our pledge to outreach and a celebration that much like sessions, a training should know no borders and appeal to every interested party equally, regardless of geography, nationality, age or experience.

◣ What? The 1st International Training Course will be held in Athens between 4th - 6th of May 2018 under the theme “​Investing in the individuals of the future’​’. ​Here you can find a summary of the content. It will welcome approximately 30 participants from the EYP network, divided between four tracks. Participants will discuss in-depth the concepts of chairing (1), media (2) and organising (3) in three different tracks, as well as reflect on ways in which they can share their knowledge in these fields with others, be it through training, taking a leadership position in a session or offering peer support. On these three tracks we welcome participants who have gained some experience in chairing/media/organising and want to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and methods, as well as to develop or improve their ability to share their knowledge and experience with others. An additional track (4) will be targeted towards EYPers who are enthusiastic about EYP and wish to learn more about the different ways in which they can advance and develop through

our organisation. Through this track, participants will discuss the basic concepts related to chairing, media and organising, as well as developing general skills one can gain through different EYP experiences and that are useful in any and all roles (e.g. leadership, project management, team-work, feedback etc.) Each track will have 1 - 2 trainers. The precise content of all tracks will be defined by the trainers, based on the needs the selected participants outlined. Both participants and trainers will be selected through an open call.

â—Ľ Who? Welcoming words from the people behind the session.

Head-Trainer: Maria Manolescu (RO) has been passionately committed to developing trainings in EYP for 8 years. She has worked in the Training and Members Council (and its predecessors) for 7 years and has trained in over 40 trainings throughout the network, including 4 Trainings for EYP Trainers. She has recently presided the International Session in Trondheim & Roros (2017) and is now chairing the Governing Body of EYP. She is passionate about empowering people, self-development, and improving efficiency and cooperation in teams and projects. She will be supporting the trainers of the event, both in the lead up to the course and throughout. She will be training the trainers on the day before the course and also deliver individual modules for participants throughout the weekend.

Head-Organiser: Nikos-Pavlos Kotzias has been actively involved in EYP since 2015. For him, this event is an opportunity to reflect on all the things that make our network special, the notion that empowering individuals is an investment into the future. He has been passionately working on this project since December not only to deliver from an organisational standpoint, but to ensure the legacy of the event. He and his team will ensure the smoothness of the session, whilst also being responsible for turning ideas into reality.

National Committee: EYP Greece has been organising events for more than 23 years. With over 6 International Events and 36 National Sessions, our National Committee has been welcoming international EYP alumni to its high quality sessions and is aspiring to do so once again. Having organised one International Training on Outreach several years ago, we are now organising our 1st International Training of general interest, aiming to support EYPers from all National Committees in their personal development. With Maria as Head Trainer and Nikos-Pavlos as Head Organiser, EYP Greece is more than certain that this event will be of high content quality and wonderful organisational quality. Therefore, observing the lack of international training events in our network, we cannot help but encourage you to apply to this stellar event and be present in this defining moment for EYP Greece.

We cannot wait to see you in Athens and wish you all the best! Sincerely, Maria, Nikos-Pavlos and EYP Greece

Concept paper - 1st International Training of EYP Greece  
Concept paper - 1st International Training of EYP Greece