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. . . YP

The most LIBErtarian Committee

The most extraordinary and active committee is my beloved LIBE. Lovers of both academic and fun activities, the members of the committee are absolutely unique and outstanding

Nodar Kuntselidze describes himself as an extremely progressive,

One of the most intelligent members of the commit-

open-minded and creative person. However what kind of a biased

tee is the amazing Temo Paghava . Actually, he and

journalist should have I been had I not checked these statements.

his friends have outdone many leading teams in in-

Guess what? It’s all true! He is a big advocate of freedom and personal

tellectual games. Not only is he intellectual, but also

and national independence are absolutely crucial to him. Thus, he is

a vigorous fan of football. But he is not a mere fan, he

open-minded. He also anticipates the inevitability of the process of

has made it his aim and wish to finally improve the

globalization and embraces it, this proves his progressiveness. His

quality of the national football team so that they

creativity has been shown all through the committee work and GA.

shall prevail over all the other teams of the world.

So, considered all these points, he is unbiased at self-assessment. Girls, He would do anything to achieve this, which we readily believe, given how persevering and diligent grasp t this chance! he is in his committee.

Elene Partenadze is not only very diligent during the session but also at school and because she is so very well educated, she wants to study abroad. We really hope she manages that! She’s an advocate of both peoples’ and animals’ rights. She wants to study law to successfully reach her dreams and maybe see Utopia once. She also wants to study government management so maybe we’ll be seeing her in quite high positions in the future.

Let’s congratulate Soso Jorjoliani on matriculating to an outstanding university in the USA! Swell isn’t it? He’s extremely determined and has fought his way up to successfully passing extremely complex exams. It is his 9 th EYP Session! One more and we’ll be celebrating a round number here! He’s our future businessman and politician and with his savvy he will definitely be very successful in these. We really hope that will not forget us here as he leaves, though. Once an EYPer, always an EYPer!


Mamuka Tavdgiridze is the future diplomat of ours. He’s pretty good at foreign languages which in his opinion would ensure his success in the career. Hope it will be so! What is staggering about him is that he is one of the few Georgians who actually admit that they good are unpunctual, really good job, Mamuka! we admire you for that. He is a prospective warrior for the welfare of the world. Villains beware! He will not let you thrive.

Izik Kikava is the strictest and harshest delegate of LIBE. Imagine it! He believes in and advocates death penalty. Quite courageous a deed it is to admit that, right? (we really hope, though,


that, given a chance, he would not bring it back). Being a native Batumi dweller, it is of no surprise that his attention and sight have been drown to the implacable sea with all its mysteries, thus nor is it astounding that the wishes to become a seaman. As diligent and sociable as he is in his committee, he will definitely be good at his chosen path.

Already locally renowned football player, Saba

Inasaridze is an extremely motivated delegate. He’s really multi-talented; he has already won one football competition, taken a second place in a writing competition and is definitely one of the most active delegates of my beloved LIBE. He also views time as a rather relative concept and believes that it would be useful if past and present would connect (though it’s a bit unclear exactly what he means). Sounds a bit mystic hah! No wonder that one of his dreams is ability to teleport. I guess he’s pragmatic as well, imagine how much time it would save!

Stella Mirzoeva is a big philanthropist and you should not be surprised if you would see her as a volunteer

Another delegate, Natia Bajelidze, was only able to attend the

in South Africa and later an owner

first day of the session, but I want to mention that she was ex-

of a big charity organization and

tremely active and enthusiastic delegate and we really hope that

maybe once poverty in that region

she will have will and possibility to attend another session of

will be out rooted. What’s equally

EYP and she will be as in love with it as the rest of the dele-

interesting about her is that she


plans o become a journalist (Press Team is extremely happy, btw). She’s tired with the biased media and wants to become an attorney of truth and truth only.

By Tamri Matiashvili 3

When I arrived in Batumi I found myself in Droi,

un , deux, DROI, quatre, cinq......

I am extremely happy that i got allocated here. Majority of them are newcomers ( 10 delegates) and just one is experienced. against it if you open door in Batumi maritime academy with note Droi, you will realize that they are just energy vampires ,full of EYP spirit. In this article let me introduce the committee which had the most important case to discuss and solve it, they found the way what can be the police of Georgia government and private sector to decrease the child poverty in the country to be in accordance with EU standards.



E - he i days. W s newc hen I as omer an ked him d he ge a b t ready o ut most in the c for unfo c reative, ommitt rgettab ee his a active, le s nswer w erious, most cr o a r s i g “ i M n a E l azy guy �. I agre , cute p s in the ersons e with h world. im beca use this commit tee has

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newco VILI - she is also SH A IN Z ID B O NIN

me find most handso to s m ea dr e Sh . the committee active person in ppose y at her life. I su da st la e th m hi and kissed guy in the world ey. um Prince Charl im in m be ill w y this gu



s calm w she i e i v t s r the fi nd from has a a o o t er m is to a m e o r c d w r e S. He e is n g ROCK ILI - sh y l V l a e amon H e h S r s , s A t k l R o l a t HA ims a t she I MAC She sw ut wha . b c i t s o l u TAMR s m r talk their n, neve e with o e s r r f e l l p e f id t and and sol concer k r a P ing or Link us. ticket f Caucas n i s r e mm ten swi the top

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det as active as possible, She likes

newcomer...... Bu MARI KOCHALIDZE - again as with others. She bating and sharing different ide you with all my heart to be the


dreams about Amsterdam ,so wis

ticipant of Amsterdam most luckiest person and be par

international session.

SANDRO K AVTARADZ E- He is alwa ys in

result. Some

people want to

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live in France

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NINO BA ply fall in


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rt, if yo u are in trouble indness you can and swe call and etheart ask for h will ente elp anyt r in you ime , r heart and all w hat you have to

/24 . Her k

t Love h


huge he a

This is just words, but written with all my heart. I really really appreciate all of you, especially brilliant girl called SOPHIE SAMKHARADZE, girl with cheerful personality. I really feel happy be with you these two days and fell free. Thank you for every warm word you told me, thank you for fruitful working and the way you consider me as the best Journo‌. By Tako Sutidze


Interested in who were the guys having a time of their life in The Navy Academy and The Shota Rustaveli Batumi University during these three days? They were the delegates, chairpersons and the journo of the committee on culture and education. Within the high academic success, solving the problem of immigrants in the aspect of educational equality,


was the

committee example to express the entertainment below the cultural limits.


The committee united 9 delegates. All of them except the one are newcomers, her name is Nini Gochitashvili. She was one of the cutest persons in CULT. Needing any volunteer? Nini is always ready to express her wish. It was also her desire to lead the euro concert on the second day of the session. Ani Potelidze didn’t fall back in activeness from Nini. Despite her low age, she had answers on every questions asked and I think . she will be selected for the 7th Selection Conference. Dear Ani, hope that we will meet once again on the conference and you will take your respectable place there. Now I’m going to talk about my delegates in plural.


I think these two delegates, Lana Motskobili and Nino Khimshiashvili, won’t like if they find any differences between each other. They are like sisters, together with the acting and moving their appearance also promotes their similarities. As the most of the communicative youth, they both like chatting in facebook most, although I can say that the only thing that you should be afraid from them is to separate them.

Zura Kochadze is only 16 and has managed to originate a creative lifetime that everyone may be envious of. He writes electric music and the gift that I like the most is his talent of painting. Maybe I’m not qualified enough to judge a painter, but the fact stays the same: Zuras cultural masterpieces should be appraised.

Misha Bejhanidze, also known as Mike, gives me the impression, that he is having a regulated life. He has a typical medic character and he plans his future as a being a doctor. Nowadays Mike is presented as a colletioner that he is very proud of. Also the thing that should be said, Misha is very calm and counterpoised and it would be interesting to elucidate more about him. The next person I’m going to talk about is Khatia Zukhubaia. Differed from Misha, Her future goal is to become a professional journalist. She is as highly motivated for that as for this session, so Khatia will definitely reach that goal. On the other hand her hobby is the one that I would call weird. The thing that he loves the most is looking at the photos of David Gilmour.

Megi Chitanava – girl that is super duper emotions. When she is trying to decide anything even over unimportant she gets very nervous and the hesitation factor rises to the top. She says that she doesn’t love eating, but smiles at the same time, which is the point, she doesn’t obey her wishes. The committee got it very hard to find someone who could play instruments on the evening ceremony, although it happened various when we wanted to play on someone’s nerves. It appeared that

Anri Sirabidze

ikes to play on nerves although he restrained when it was connected to his committee members. Anri is 16 and as the casual Georgian boy he likes football, especially club Barcelona and of course Messi is his idol footballer.

By Giorgi Metskhvarishvili 9


Nestan Mamukashvili Super addicted fan of Batman. You should see her in the committee, active, involved and the ambitious delegate.

As I

observed, she helps people secretly. Her dream is really bizarre, because she wants everybody to be a vegetarian. Why? I don’t really know, but I guess she’s sorry for the poor animals. Bruce Nestan Wayne : “I think that Mariam Chubabria should be Aristotle after being on so much sessions.”

Shorena Kontselidze Shorena is the first time delegate, so I was wondering how did she like the session. The answer was really acceptable. EYP activities helped her to know some more information about problems that the world faces. After Shorena says something she thinks and analysis everything, then makes a really good point for the team. Her purpose is to express her opportunity, to gain experience by travelling.

Zura Giorgobiani In fact it’s a bit hard to write and not to talk about this person. He brings unlimited energy and positivity to his team. I know Zura since my first session, together we were journalists on the previous one. Everyone admits his “ultra-sexy” fashion and unfamiliar appearance. By the way there are no videos without Zura inside. During taking an Evening Activity photo he was a dog and believe me every dog would be envious to his talent.


Lasha Galogle Lasha Penguin Galogle, his purpose of life is the most bizarre, he wants to save all the penguins from being eaten by sharks. I don’t know what’s the point of this aim, but anyway RESPECT! Actually, he is very lazy and sleepy. According to this, he wishes to stop the time and sleep as long as he likes without fear of being late in school.

Albert Markaryan He is the smallest one in his team. Committee calls him Albert Einstein. He has something like a radio, in which he has music and this music cheers the team up. Albert dreams of sailing, he wants to be a sailor. Who knows, maybe someday he becomes an awesome pirate.

Tamar Kartsivadze Mm... Tamar is so sweet and generous. She gives a priority to teamwork and she found the best place for that kind of work, I know you will agree with me. Her dream is to be a successful person in her profession and to be a superman to help people. So cute!

Tamta Goradze

Tornike Toria

She is the eldest one in the committee, when I asked her for the

This guy has talent to be awesome. His contribution in

age I thought she was about 17-18, but after revealing the truth

team is too high, that’s why he was selected for the up-

it appeared her age was 21. I was astonished! Tamta wants to

coming session. Tornike has a super debating skills and I

dominate in her field, she said: “After the first day I felt that I

think his defense speech fascinated many girls. He

was better than I was before.” She felt the change in one day

wants to become a fine diplomat in the field of interna-

and imagine, there are two days and so much sessions left!

tional affairs. I’m sure he will. NO! He definitely will be the great diplomat.


Davit Sharashidze

Lela Makharadze

Hey, David! Don’t tell it to anyone, but your team members think you are too handsome and gentleman. Also, I can add that you are smart and very useful for your committee. David is astonished by the ways how people try to motivate each-others while doing work. When I asked him what he was dreaming about, he answered: “My dream is to sleep with dreams.”

I don’t know how to praise her, but I should say something about her fabulousness. Warm, cute, sweetheart and devoted to her job. She sang a song on the Euro Concert and her voice made boys cry. Her thoughts about EYP is definitely true: “After taking place in EYP activities I can say for sure that EYP is the warmest organization that’s ever existed!”

By Rezo Chanishvili 12

Frankly speaking, my committee overcame my expectations. I thought that as it was the first session for most of the delegates, they won’t be active and maybe some of them will fear to express their opinions, but fortunately, everything went vice versa...They caught the EYP spirit from the very first minutes of the session and kept it till the end, discussed a lot and always reached consesus. They were so good at everything they did, that I was pleasantly surprised and amazed. So, meet the very friendly, easy-going, active, intelligent, funny and musical delegates of the committee on women’s rights and gender equality



Nini resulidze and Nini Doborjginidze are like siamese twins, they were always together, wore clothes of one style and colors, are approximately of one height and weight and even have one common dream-to become journalists. Ani also wants to open a cozy and cute cafe with delicious menu and good service. As for Nini, she wants to have her own TV company and broadcast good movies, chat shows (but not only with famous people) and cartoons, especially Disney ones.

Talking abo ut Mariam Morchadze it’s impossib , le not to un d e rl ine her wonderful voice. It’s a s b e autiful and tender as s he is. Maria m ’s dream is to travel aro und the wo rld and not only travel, but also to know cultu and short h re istory of ev e ry c o untry she visits. S he also told m e that is going to lea rn to play a s m any musical instrum ents as pos s ib le (she already plays the piano a nd the guit and dreams ar) about creati n g h er group someday. I really hope th a t Mariam will turn all her dreams in to reality. <3

14 14

When I first saw Giorgi Mgeladze, I thought I was looking at Bruce Lee and imagine how delighted I was when he told me that does karate lessons:))) Giorgi is very funny, easy-going and sporty. Besides karate, he enjoys playing and watching football, as it turned out he supports an English club-Manchester United. So, guys, now you’ll have a topic to discuss with Giorgi :D

Ruska Ninidze is in 11th grade and has already decided what she wants to do in future. She sais that likes teaching others, but doesn’t want to become a teacher. In fact, she’s planning to study international relations in Caucasus University (in Tbilisi) and if she won’t be able to enroll there (but I’m sure she will) ,then in Black Sea University. Ruska describes herself as a stubborn person, but to be honest, during the committee works she was a quiet and cute girl who never opposed anyone.

to say s had something ay w al e H e. te it r comm like t active guys in ou ball, but doesn’t et os m sk e ba th g in of e ch at on w was life aying and Vano Lebanidze ly planet where eful. Vano likes pl on e us th ry t ve no s is ay h w rt al as that the Ea guess and his opinion w me). He believes e and prove it. I d ac se Sp ri in rp el su av ly tr al re to hat ve a chance football at all (w someday he’ll ha if y pp ha ry ’s right : ) ve be knows, maybe he ho exists and would w e, se d an t ing, so let’s wai it’s very interest erica m is to go to Am ea dr er H s. ea id interesting r favorite ry cute smile and ve a h it w out Mari is that he rl ab gi g a in is th y ze nn ad fu m e h this. Th Mari Malak u’re trying her good luck wit xia. So boys, if yo h is sh w ta I Tu d a an at m D ra rcharacte r and by FLEX prog of Ashton Kutche d a favourite book re an tu r ix he m tc e th Ku n is to g” nce charmin film star is Ash ber, that her “pri em m re t, ar he conquer Mari’s );) Data Tutashxia: ))


Ani Mumladze is a typical example of a FEMM delegate. Active, determined ,intelligent and a very beautiful girl who’s always defending women’s rights. Despite of not feeling well and missing the 2nd day of the committee works, Ani is very active at GA and has a very important role-the sum up speech. She told me that she’s not sure about her profession yet, but I’m sure that no matter which field she chooses, she’ll be very successful everywhere. Tatia Turmanidze is a very cheerful and communicative person. She likes reading very much, but unfortunately has no time for it, during the year. She enjoys watching comedies and her favorite comedy movie is “the Hangover”. Her dream is “to wake up in a city that never sleeps” (New York) and live there for a while. The thing Tatia can’t stand about her is that she delays everything for the very last day. Tatia, trust me, I understand you, because I feel exactly the same about this quality of mine. Let’s hope that someday we’ll learn to do everything in advance : ))))

Tornik e Darc hia is t he is g he firs ood at t perso e v n I got erythin school to kno g. Torn subjec w in m ts, esp ike bel Georg y comm ecially ieves t ian fol l h ittee. W o a v k t e e d s ducati ances mathe nutshe hat am o a n n m ll, Torn d song is very atics, b azed m s. He h ike is a import ut bes e abou ad eve very in i a d t him i nt and es this n been teresti s that i e s veryth c o n ng per to Pola centra i n g , son an n t h e d and e’s ver d on d I rea Turkey y good lly adv o a n t cultura ise you l tours to kee . To sa p in to y in a uch wi th him :))<3

16 By Elene Eristavi

161616 16

Diagnoses: PED (Post EYP Depression) Symptoms: feeling of hollowness in the area of the stomach, constant bad mood and intense nostalgia

Effects: dangerous to health, eternal

Prescription: applying to all the EYP Sessions

I guess you can relate. This is what’s happening to you and virtually all the delegates and officials right now. The session is at an end and the question arises: what comes tomorrow? We’ll have to get up early and go to school/university/work... just the same routine, the same people, the same everything. But there’s just one thing that will not be same, and that’s us. We have changed forever. Some of us realized that they could work even after spending 8 hours at night in a train with max 2 hours’ sleep, or even none. We have learned to work in extreme situations, with 8 laptops at hand and no plug-ins at all. We have learned to write solutions to the problems which the world’s leaders face. We’ve learned how to direct people’s thoughts in the correct way, we’ve learned to deal with complex organizational issues without any real experience whatsoever. This session changed us… it changed us forever… and we’ll never be the same again. And this metamorphosis we’ve experienced is the one we’ll be the most thankful for. We can brace EYP, for EYP is long ready to brace us. By Tamri Matiashvili 17

What’s Next ??

Upcoming Sessions !!!

Bum! Bum! Bum! The session is over and the depression is right in our souls. So the EYP is planning sessions to heal our mystic feeling, don’t knowing how to calm ourselves without the full activeness as a being huge part of EYP. The nearest session that is waiting for you, is going to be hosted by the historical region of our country, Kakheti. The 1st Telavi Regional Session is planed to be held in 18-20 may. Mariam Maisuradze, the head organizer of the session, one of the most experienced organizer, has already completed her team and promises us to gift three most EYPing days ever. With the financial help of Telavi City Hall Mariam and the board of the session, which will be selected in several days, will select 80 delegates from all regions of Georgia, so, my dear readers, don’t hesitate and apply for it! Do you know the similarities of Batumi School Session and Telavi Regional one? The distinguished delegates from both of them will be selected for the 7th National Selection Conference of EYP Georgia. It is going to be held in 6-9 June, in the territory of International Black Sea University with the support of several Georgian Universities. Except the selected delegates in advance, the session will host 14 foreign delegates within the Georgian ones. The HOs, Keso Antelidze and Veriko Devidze, are working very hard to insure the attendance of foreign president and editor.

On regional and school sessions delegates are selected for the national conferences. Itself the national conference is significant for its ‘’PREsessionment’’ of IS (International Session). The three CH, Mariam CHikhladze, Tatuli CHubabria and Ani CHkhvikadze took high responsibility and with 33 person in orga team and cohabitation between the board of EYP, the first international session held by Georgian representatives, 74th International Session-Tbilisi 2013, will be introduced to the whole EYP Society and not only to it. The Session will host about 330 delegates from all over the world, so be ready that in October this year will be a large influx of foreigners in Georgia. P.S. Don’t miss any of the following sessions! It’s an order and it should be fulfilled. By Giorgi Metskhvarishvili 181618 18


,,And We Danced, And We Cried And We Laughed And Had A Really Really Really Good Time,,...

Presented by our Lovely Press Team Editors : Mate Dvalishvili & Ani Meskhidze Journalists: Tako sutidze, Giorgi Metskhvarishvili, Tamri Matiashvili, Rezo Chanishvili, Elene Eristavi

Issue 2 of the first batumi schol session  

Issue 2 of the first batumi school session