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T E H P O R P DAILY Issue 2 4th November, 2012

Inside this issue: Presentation of the Organizing Team


Committee Time— AFET 1


Committee Time— LIBE 1


Committee Time— AFET 2


Committee Time— LIBE 2


Committee Time— DROI


History of EYP




November 5th, 2012

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Daily Prophet

They are ORGAS! Informator Preferred to Stay Incognito Ani Meskhidze. What?! Presenting Ani Meskhidze ?! Versatile, vast fantasy, devoted to her job, hectic lifestyle. In my opinion this person doesn’t need any kind of presentation, maybe she can put in a word for me but I can’t. Hey, amateur delegates! You have no chance to fascinate her, she dreams about only an experienced guy from EYP. So, don’t lose your time… You’d better write your resolution and accumulate experience. Maybe one day your dream justifies. Sopo Ivanishvili. Sophie - I call her “Ma Bro”. We have so much in common that sometimes I think we’re twins. I can say for sure that when you see her, you’ll immediately fall in love with her. She has positive, lovely, adorable and very kind personality. Her dream is to live in Dublin, Ireland and she thinks happiness is only real, when it’s shared. Her soul is so full of moonlight, that it started to bleed from out her soul.

Mariam Maisuradze. EYP should give her a big amount of money. Her devotion to her job is extremely high. I’m really dazzled by her, she is helping her organizing team and she’s ready to work until the last resources are exhausted. There’s something she fears most. Dadaamm… This is DEATH ! Mariam needs someone who will help her to overcame this fear. However, she doesn’t know that the death waits for her. HAHA :D

Salome Kandelaki Believe me this girl is personification of kindness. I wonder if she thinks about bad things generally. Unfortunately her second-half, Sopho is on board so she feels sad sometimes. They call each-other TWIXes. You should see her when she’s drunk, sitting on the chair with a bright smile and shining eyes. Her extra-curricular activities are enormous. As I know she has connections all over the NGOs and she’s desired every corner in Georgia. I have no idea how she pass ahead this pile of jobs. She is ex-

ample of success ! Lasha Vashakidze Who knows why but I call him Vasha Lashakidze. He is the perfect example for everyone who dreams about being an EYP spirit. He’s not like others guys thinking only about farewell parties and coffee breaks. He never falls back when it comes to do a “blackjob”, e.g. making a super tasty hamburgers. I can share the receipt : a few garlic and onion, ketchup with some bean and the main ingredient is roast kitten meat without a fat. By the way he has an invisible friend Johny who helps him to lead in life. Everyone needs even 1 person like to change things positively.

Tamta Lomtadze Wait ? WHAT ?! Tell me WHY ?! Nobel prize ?? For what ?! You think you deserve it ?! Okay, let’s pretend you deserve it. Than why you hate all the animals, snow, flowers and macaroni? Tmata please don’t drive me crazy, you still love watching animations with your big Teddy Bear ?! Finally something common

Page 3 habit appears. Yeey… We both nearly sunk in the see while we were laughing for no

Daily Prophet “When I know that she’s in my team, I feel safe”.

reason. Nini Danelia

Niniko Lekishvili

Firstly, I can’t leave her hair without any attention. It’s

Addicted on soap operas.

glamorous, fascinating,

She spends at least 3

CURLEY. I’m absolutely sure

hour watching them every

that guys will be shocked

day! When I checked out

when they see her amazing

her FB, I found out that

hair. She’s very diligent, de-

one of her favorite bands

termined, has very strong

is Gun’s N’ Roses. Hmm,

personality and does her job

I think I have a present

at very high quality. If you

for her. Let’s conceal it

try to tell her a joke, be

because it’s surprise.

careful she might laugh all day without stopping. Nini loves taking photos everywhere. Her friends laugh at her all the time – “Go ahead take a photo with that cactus it’s so cute”.

And our distinguished volunteer—or guest orga, Koka Kapanadze. I am astonished by his will to help us incorruptibly. I would describe him as the

Keso Antelidze First of all, she is sexy and she knows it. Secondly, she is

most altruistic person attending the session. Thank you for everything Koka! See you in gossips.

pleasant person and has very encouraging aura. As a matter of fact, she loves dancing and can dance all night without having a rest. You should be lucky to see her on the dance-floor. I asked about her other organizers and they said that it’s pleasure to work with her. One of them said :

By Rezo


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Daily Prophet

AFET I It would be natural if someone asked me: “What does EYP represent, why it is so important to you? You’re spending time and a lot of energy working during this several days, so why?” It’s not that hard to answer the question. It may sound like a cliché, but EYP just gives you everything you would desire: It creates or tightens friendship bonds and gives you chance to express your personality and ideas to its fullest! That’s exactly what you’ll experience if you at least open the door and catch a brief glimpse of delegates and chairs working in the committee of AFET 1! First of all, I should mention the Chairpersons of the committee. When it comes to unlimited energy and cheerful personality, the first person who comes to my mind is definitely Nanuka Gurgenidze, who is doing her maximum in order to help her delegates write as better resolution as possible. I can just say, that delegates for whom this is the first time participating in EYP event, is very lucky to get a chance to have such a chairperson. Data Makashvili, one of the most experienced figures in EYP is another chair in this committee. Despite my few numbers of sessions, it was enough for me to understand how great chair and person is Data, who doesn’t do things just for obligation, but really wants to help the delegates and give them chance to express themselves as much as they can. OK, I think its time to tell you about delegates of AFET 1. Let’s start with Aleksandre Pantsulaia, the eldest one in our committee, who is studying in Ilia State University. He’s real name is Aleksandre, but friends just call him Tato. Tato doesn’t talk much and just listens to his partners until comes up with a good idea





The next person I’m going to write about is Mariam Begiashvili, probably the most cheerful delegate in the committee. She actively involves in every topic and problem the committee is discussing and smiles almost always, even when her idea is being opposed. I’m sure she is smiling even now while reading this. Now, prepare to meet Giorgi Gugenishvili, one of the most active delegates in the committee. Despite the fact, that this is his first session in EYP, Giorgi’s definitely coping with his work successfully and does really great job to the committee. If I was asked which word suits him the best, I would certainly answer: “Graspy”. We’re moving on to the next delegate, Nino Papunashvili. She doesn’t really express here ideas on every issue, but she can back-up here committee when it needs it the most. Nino always improves her ideas with strong arguments, so make sure to be ready if you’re going to argue with her! Giorgi Mikelaishvili is a person with an extremely strong opinion. He discusses about every topic precisely and defends his idea no matter what. To describe it shortly, this delegate certainly has his part in the committee! If you were to talk to a joyful and clever person then you should definitely know his name too, so... welcome Nika Beselia from AFET 1! Delegate which is always trying to help the committee anyway he can, this is surely

Matte Dvalishvili By

Nika. He is always working at his limit and tries to be as beneficial for committee as possible, frankly, person with pure EYP Spirit! OK, next delegate I’m going to introduce is Giorgi Metskhvarishvili. The first thought that came up to me while attending the committee work was that this delegate had a lot of information about the topic and had done some extremely detailed research about it. Giorgi’s been very active during the work with his co-delegates and supported his committee any time it was going the fallacious way.Also, please, welcome to stage Giorgi Elisashvili. With his outrageous personality, teamwork ability and knowledge he was able to involve in committee work vigorously and this way help his partners to write a final resolution. I’m sure he’ll be quite lively during the GA and defend his resolution with success. The last one, but not least – Tamuna Patsatsia. Her knowledge & ability to speak English fluently allowed her to collaborate and work hard during these 3 days and it was obvious that she was very motivated. I’m convinced that it’s not her last session because she manages to work really fine and be fruitful. Spending these 3 days with the committee of AFET 1 persuaded me in their ability to work as a team and I’m sure that they’ll have a brilliant performance on the GA.

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Daily Prophet

LIBE I The most LIBErtarian committee! The committee on Liberty, Justice and Home Affairs 1 – The Presidential committee is… The most lovely and hard-working committee that has ever existed, with the most intelligent chairs and diligent delegates: It’s Salome Tarkhnishvili’s third time in EYP, she’s extremely active and contributes a lot to the committee work and is really motivated and original. She also has the most peculiar dream I have ever heard: To dig deep down into the center of Earth and see what it is like… Good luck Salome, maybe she’ll become the first person to disclose this century-lasting secret! Giorgi Mamaladze tends to have his own creative idea about everything, which makes him an absolutely outstanding delegate. He also is a great patriot and if he had control over wind he’d blow each and every enemy of Georgia off Earth. Beka’s biggest dream is to know everything about everything… to be the First Brain of The World… Sorry Beqa, this is not achievable just yet for any human being, but the creativity and pragmatic thinking you possess will take you far on your way to success. Omar Omarov is a peculiarly creative person whose idea fascinated and confused me at the same time… he wants to be able to teleport to future and change it… Is it possible that we have a descendant of Nostradamus in our committee? Hmm… Atuka Patartidze stands out with his fascinating logical reasoning and talent of persuasion. He’s also a romantic type of a guy with nostalgia of the past times, especially the 18 th centuries.. Omar, maybe, if you go back to that time, you’ll meet him in his previous life as some great conqueror? (maybe Napoleon?)

Tamri Matiashvili

Mamuka Iarganashvili is our passionate patriot who, if given possibility, would go back to 1783 Georgia and abrogate (check the word J )Georgievski treaty with Russia.


Nino Basilaia dreams of flying, flying around the world… with her own wings… but besides being so imaginative she is really interested in the subject and contributes to the work with all her force. Kate Khutsishvili would like to paraglide and skydive more than anything in her life… ( I guess this committee is full of people wanting to get off the Earth and find the LIBErty). She’s really gregarious and friendly, a very pleasant person to speak with. We also have a person who is really deft and eager to participate at the same time being very jocular… Joseph Jorjoliani is a really talented and smart guy. He added the spirit to the work extent of which is inexplicable.

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Daily Prophet

LIBE II active, so she is highly appreciated in our team.

I am extremely happy that I got allocated in LIBE II! And do you know why? Because they are unique energy vampires with a fascinating capacity of knowledge. If you are looking for a group, for which the committee work is another challenge to overcome with pleasure and teamwork, you should visit us! We have ten delegates, and as I think, that all of them deserve to be mentioned, here I go: Let’s start with the funniest delegate in our committee – Zura. He has a great sense of homour and “ultra-sexy” fashion. His dream is having big breast, don’t ask me why. Zura says that his curly hair needs to be washed by “Fairy”. Without any doubts, an interesting person to know. Tatuli likes teamwork and sharing ideas with her committee members, she always helps the group to come up with solutions effectively. Tatuli is friendly, nice and

When I asked her to answer my questions about herself, Nini wrote, that she is one of the most inchoate person in her committee. I would like to say that this was just demonstrating of her humbleness. She was one of the reasons, why our team reached a perfect resolution. Malkhaz is the positive current of our team. He is the most talkative delegate, perfect guitar player and addicted to ACDC. These days taught me, that time spent with him is never spent with vain. Anano is adorable, lovely and sweetheart. She helps her committee with her passion and emotion. LIBE 2 loves her, because she is extremely cute and positive..And what’s the most important, she is good at passing those emotions to whole group. Aslan is the only person in our committee who comes from Batumi. And also, the oldest one, that’s why I think that all the delegates think he is wise. Maybe because he is handsome and girls are fascinated by him, but he really is a wise person. Ani’s biggest dream is to study in Hogwarts. She reckons that it’s possible. It’s approximately 9 years after

joining Georgian National Ballet. Our committee boys are so fascinated by her, that they sometimes lose control … It was an outrageous fact, when I heard Mari was 23 years old, are you kidding me? It’s impossible but thefact is a fact. She is crazy about travelling and her dream is to have a trip around the world and she is a super ballet dancer. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years she will have to travel across the globe while having her ballet performances. Tamri: She is very involved in hot debates and has very strong personality, and fights to defend her opinion till the very end. Consequently, she loves debating and is really good at it. Ia is extremely diligent and devoted to her work. During these days she proved to me, that her eloquence is one of the highest levels. She is just tremendously beneficial for our committee, and plus.. we all love her cheeks..! That’s what we – the Amazing LIBEmen are. I would like to wish them all the best on the GA. We are sure, that with the guidance of our experienced chairs, our committee will rock the GA! I love you, my dear delies.. : ) By Rezo


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Daily Prophet

AFET II Here we are, the committee of foreign affairs 2, committee chairs are Mako Tirkia and Giorgi Gvenetadze (Gveto), perfect couple full of EYP spirit. Gveto encourages his group to be more active and helps them to get over the shyness. I've never seen such positive person with amazing sense of humor and creative power. Mako is the most academic chair in whole EYP Georgia, she always accents on committee topic and tries to motivate delegates to work more and more. It's a great pleasure for me to work with them.

“Mako Tirkia and Giorgi Gvenetadze (Gveto) - perfect couple full of EYP spirit”

What about our prodigious delegates ?! nine radically different person, with different ideas, I will try to tell you briefly about them. I'll start from Tinatin Maghedani-really interesting person, whose hobby is sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating and sleeping, it makes her happy. It's the first time she is here, on EYP Session. her passion in life is studying and getting useful information for her future profession. She is very active and motivated delegate with plenty of needful ideas. Now, our delegate from Azerbaijan-Milana Ibrahimova, really, really positive and educated person ever.

she is experienced delegate and tries to contribute more innovative ideas to her committee. she is very attentive and observed girl. Her favorite hobbies are playing badminton and reading interesting books. Mariam Charkviani- not experienced delegate, but as she said to me, she liked EYP very much and desires to participate in next sessions. she noted, that the teambuilding was the most entertaining and acceptable for her. she has not finished school, yet, but always tries to be involved in different kinds of activities. In AFET 2, there are only two boys, one of them is Luka, very intelligent and intellectual delegate, with deep thoughts and plans. He likes American football and listening music. The second one is Rati, person with great ideas, but all his ideas are spread in Georgian language among the delegates. He is very funny and motivated person. To my mind, he can justify his erudition and maintain, that he is very talented and diligent delegate. Here is Khatia Kobalia, whose hobby is playing on drum, theatre and driving motorcycle. Her future passion is to become government official, create unshakable team and start

changing her country. So, I wish her success :) In our committee, here is another experienced delegate, her name is Nestan. She hopes, that after this session her friendship circle will be more expanded. She noticed her great desolation about not playing Jellyfish game, but she is looking forward it soon. Nestan is really active delegate and I hope, that she will continue such an effective work. She is fond of photography, and I am really impressed by her photos. You should all check them out on FB Movies, music and sport, this is a list of Shorena Gorgadzes interests. She wants to be more involved in EYP events and improve her English skills by this way. She hopes that AFET two will be the most gracious and committee on GA. They were not easy to put into words, and they won’t be easy to be handled on GA. Go get them AFETers!

Beka Korshia By

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Daily Prophet

DROI The amazing committee on human rights consists of 9 hilarious delegates. Each of them is very special, so now I will try to describe all of them. We have got four experienced EYper in the committee, others are newcomers. Despite that fact they all were full of EYP spirit. As soon as the committee work started their shyness has suddenly disappeared. We started our committee work by expressing hopes and fears connected to the sessions. All of them were quite cheerful. The princess with the wings, that’s Mari Kurtanidze. She’s a newcomer in EYP and hopes to improve team working and public speaking skills But for she’s one the most active member of DROI. She is involved in committee work and tries to speak up. The next delegate is Ana Mirianashvili, who is the most experienced in our committee. I know her for a long time and she always speaks a lot. Ana tries to use all chances that life gives her. That’s why she is always very active and involved. I think she will never get tired. Next one, I would like to speak about is Nika Shengelia . It’s his first session. Despite that he tires to be involved in committee work. When I asked him to write a few words about himself Nika told me that he just can’t write. But he is very talented in drawing. Eka is a newcomer too, mostly she doesn’t like to talk a lot. Eka told me that she doesn’t want to make any speech during GA. I would like to tell her that she’s doing quite well for a newcomer and it would e very useful for her to try and speak up! Here comes Irakli meskhi. He joined EYP few months ago during National selection conference. It is his firs regional selection. Irakli plays guitar and piano so hope he will introduce his talent during EURO concert today. The most active guy in EYP. Guess who? Of course, Miko Shakhdinaryan As he told me, he tries to be memorable and special. He tries to be in every photo and not to miss anything. HeP activity in 2012 during school sessions after that he just can’t stop. Rustavi regional session is a great place for newcomers, so Merab is the one who has just started EYP activities. Merab told me that he expects the session to be very memorable special and unique. For Sally Gogotishvili, Rustavi regional session is the third one. That’s why she is in the list of experienced Eyp ers. She is very active smart and funny. I am very happy to meet her during this session, I’m sure she will continue her activities in EYP/ And the last but not the least, Tamuna is a newcomer too. I am pretty sure she is already in love with eyp. She tries to speak up, to e active and involved. That’s why i think she will become the active member of the organization. I have spend two amazing days with my committee. DROI is one of the best committees I have worked with. They have really difficult topic, which is crucially important for the European society. Topic of DROI concerns the problem that needs to be solved immediately and my committee is doing the best to write the resolutions that will help society. It doesn’t metter if the resolution will pass in GA or no, ( But I’m quite sure it will ) the most important is that you guys, worked together for two days, you did your best during committee works. Do the same during GA and everything will be OK!


Anano Mikadze

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Newsletter Title

FAQ-s of the interview—History of EYP We all have heard this stories: people postponing their exams, paying a lot of money for flight to the other side of Europe, changing their plans just to attend the session. When it all started?

“EYP Georgia was created in 2007. The organization has held 33 sessions during 5 years”

I have been a newcomer delegate, and I know how it feels, when you feel ambivalent, whether you are ready for the interview, or not. Therefore, I would like to make your pre-session life easier, and feed you with relevant information about this whole thing! In order to be a delegate in EYP, one, as you know, must answer several questions, so we decided to help you as much as we can. Here are several questions that are asked at almost every interview, which are:

1. How many countries are there in the European Union? 2. When and where was EYP founded? 3. Who is the president of the European Youth Parliament? The European Youth Parliament was founded by Bettina Carr-Allinson, initially as a school project at the Lycée François-Ier in Fontainebleau, to the south of Paris. It is there that three of the first four International Sessions were held, starting in 1988, about a year after the idea took place. EYP Georgia was created in 2007. The organization has held 33 sessions during 5 years. It all started by organizing the 1st National Selection Conference in June, 2007. Since than a lot of Georgians are addicted to it. Eyebrows rise, follow by the questioning look. Why? Most likely 99% of the answer to this dilemma include that one word: people. Take a look around you, no matter if you are a first-timer EYP or have been to the dozens of sessions, the people around you are the ones who make each session special. So people who live By Anano Mikadze with EYP end up being the quirkiest, funniest and smartest people. Next time your, friends or family ask what is so special about EYP, here is the trick to answer. EYP is NOT something to be explained, but experienced and having done that, this is why we all just keep coming for more. That’s why we just can’t get enough.


Anano Mikadze

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Newsletter Title

GOOSSSSIIIIIIPPPPP Time… Yesterday the Gossip bucket was announced. I personally announced it. Just after 3 hours from posting the bucket, I decided to check out how smoothly things were going. So here is what I found..

Nini Danelia is snoring at night in a TERRIBLE way! I am afraid of the upcoming night in advance :(( Koka Lasha and Erekle Antadze slept together last night in one bed.. Isn’t it awkward?? Actually all the male journos are GAY! Keso was naked in the room full of guys Ani meskhidze is living illegally in Georgia Keso Antelidze is secretly holding striptease lessons every weekend Inside Story Headline Erekle Chanchibadze I really like DROI Journo!! Koka Kapanadze isn’t here for volunteering. He is here because of FOOOD!! Vass loves swearing when he’s drunk.. Lasha Vashakidze has a child from hooker in Kyiv Sorry Data, no gossip for you this time.. There is no Asmat on this Session… :D :D Erekle Chanchibadze is addicted to online sex and loves posing at Chatroulette Rezo Chanishvili secretly loves Matte Dvalishvili I heard that Giorgi Metskhvarishvili is sleeping with a photo of a female sheep!! Irakli Meskhi loves Anano Mikadze!! Delegates are afraid of Erekle Chanchibadze And the chairs are afraid of Annie Mumladze! Inside Story Headline :D Hilarious, isn’t it? Wait, now I see, here is the last one..

Press team is planning a surprise for Irakli Grdzelishvili. It is a certain animal….

Seriously guys, I thought you were better.. What kind of animal? Are you trying to threaten me? You all know that I have no fears and I’, totally invincible.. Press team - Ok so you are invincible? Let us check it out…

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Daily Prophet

Life Changer... EYP changes our lives…

“EYP changes lives of everyone may they want it or not”

You have heard this phrase dozens of times, you’ve lived to believe in the truth of this phrase, but have you ever thought on where these changes cease? Frankly, the changes cannot be given any limits because effects of what people gain here are incessant and might show up in the most unexpected places. However, we can define it a bit, at least to have the slightest idea on how exactly EYP changes our humble lives. As delegates, we develop logical reasoning, we enrich our English, we learn the art of persuasion, we learn how to talk to vast audiences, we learn that our opinion and idea really matter, we learn to work in a team, we learn to appreciate others’ points of view, this list could go immensely longer, but unfortunately, our paper limit doesn’t give us the possibility. Journos! Myself being a journo I can definitely say that no activity in my life before this has helped me develop my creative writing, photographing and even playwriting skills more than journoing. I learnt to work under pressure of deadlines which approached in a blink of an eye. Being a journo gives one the possibility to see the world from another retrospect, to see the most trivial things as the most original and peculiar. Editors are actually “parents of the journos” as they call themselves, being an editor not only makes the participant more adept at video and graphical issues but also forms their writing acumen. Writing an article is much easier than making an article written by another person better, it needs a lot of effort but it makes the editor much more flexible.( Although I deeply hope we did not encumber our dearest editors with much article-correction work to do)

“By Tamri


All the organizers and the head-organizers agree that by doing their job they perfect themselves as personalities… they have to deal with a great deal of pressure and at the same time remain calm and strong when they’re on the edge of their nerves. Having these talents is, as you know, vital nowadays. ””That what does not kill you, simply makes you stronger” fits our posiion perfectly” says the experienced organizer Keso Antelidze. Organisers form kind of a family, bent strongly by the knots of the same purpose, same aim… To let all the participants be happy with the session and feel the gratitude should be extremely rewarding! it feels like contributing something to the Common Welfare by letting all the others have this life-changing experience. All the organizers are absolutely different from each other and working together lets each and every of them experience communicating and, most importantly, working with someone they may have nothing in common with. Head-organizers, besides everything mentioned above, bear the responsibility to bond the whole team together which is crucial for all the cooperation to come after the Orga Team is selected. Delegates most often think that Chairpersons are omnipotent and know everything which grants their words more reliability to the delegates than of anyone’s, and this is when they feel the responsibility for what they say and how much those words might matter. Besides this, chairing lets them understand that they inspire other people, because mostly the motivation and enthusiasm of the delegates to participate in EYP again depends on the chairs; this is when the chairpersons understand that they can inspire people to their own and ipso facto the world’s progress. EYP changes lives of everyone may they want it or not, EYP then becomes the air we breathe, the sun that lightens and warmens our insipid lives. Now when the session is over we are full of inspiration and positive feelings. I know what I will be back here soon. And you know that, too. Feels sentimental, doesn't it? So see you soon back on the road… :)

The Second Issue of the 3rd Rustavi Regional Session  
The Second Issue of the 3rd Rustavi Regional Session  

The Second Issue of the 3rd Rustavi Regional