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The Eastern Partnership was launched at a summit in Prague in 2009 having as one of the aims to develop a deeper cooperation and economic integration between the EU and the Eastern Partnership. Since then the EaP markets have become hot spot for foreign direct investments from the EU, and even though, the capital intense sectors of the economy differ across the countries the latter became strong competitors in terms of developing the business environment, better fiscal policy and less barriers for entering the market. 5 potential investors from Sweden, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, France are arriving to Yerevan on February 15 to participate in the summit on developing the business environment in the Eastern Partnership Countries. In the scope of the summit, the investors will also be contemplating making the investment in only one of the EaP countries. Unfortunately, the investment resources are limited and can be provided for only 1 country which is to be determined at the conference. Thus, 15 days before the arrival of the potential investors, 5 working groups will be created each representing one of the EaP countries: Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova. The Conference brings together those 5 potential investors and 65working groups (each representing one of the above mentioned countries).

15 days before the arrival of the potential investors, 5 working groups will be created to represent the countries of the EaP: Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova. Each group comprises 5 members who will be working closely with the assigned mentor. Your task is to prepare a presentation on the business environment of the country you represent for the potential investors. You have to be as impressive as possible to persuade the investors that your country and not any other has the best business environment and, thus, deserves the monetary inflows the most. The presentation should be made in a creative way and not copied from the investment promoting pages. Be unique, daring and innovative; prove that the country you are assigned to is the one to get the funding from the potential investors!


Each of the working groups will make the prepared presentation to the potential investors and after rendering the presentation, the floor will be opened for the questions from other working groups and potential investors. Each country’s business environment representation will be closed by the respective final speech. The whole procedure will be conducted for all the 5 groups followed by the voting of the investors and the participants concerning the country with the best business environment and to which the investments will be made.

30 Armenian participants (Majoring in Business, Economics, Marketing, MBA) from Yerevan and regions, 5 foreign participants. The Winner working group representing certain country will be granted participation right at the International European Youth Parliament Forum that will take place in Armenia, April 18-22 without a preliminary selection procedure.


Information package of the EYP BuS 2014  

It is our great pleasure to inform you that European Youth Parliament (EYP) – Armenia in cooperation with American University in Armenia (AU...

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