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Most people are sure: European Youth Parliament is not just a leadership program – it is a reflection of our life. And we totally agree with this statement. The device of International EYP Forum Armenia is about “Decode” – and actually, we face this process every day. We discover new places, meet new people and get new sources of knowledge. But it is not the end yet! In process of time we change our opinion about things we have already known and newly disclose them. In short, we decode the conformation of the world – and uniquely, if we even do not change the world around, we will change the world inside us, and this is already great progress. On the IEFA everything is identical – we: -Intended new variants of solution of old problems; -Presented ancient customs of our countries from the different perspective; -Looked for strings, connecting Armenia with the whole world, from Italy to Egypt – and found it! We strongly suspect: after all this none of the IEFA participant will stay the same. So, have a nice reading! Sincerely yours, editors Danara Kurmanova and Giulia Daverio


IN FOCUS Photo-story about 5 amazing days in Armenia We worked hard…

…but, anyway, we looked great

We were searching for the answers to global questions… …but also found time for fun

Sometimes we faced problems…

…but optimism, friendship and laugh helped us to solve everything

By Sophie Maytesyan and AramAramyan



Enigmatic stories of Armenia They say, future code of every country is hidden in its folk. Well, in regard to Armenia, this hypothesis absolutely works– confirmed by Princesses from national fairytales, dragons from myths and even Winston Churchill! IS LOVE ALl WE NEED? “When Vachagan, Armenian prince, fell in love with Anahit, daughter of a poor shepherd, she gave him an ultimatum: Vachagan had to learn handicraft, otherwise she would never become his wife. Charmed, the prince decided to learn how to weave carpets. When one day he was enslaved, he sent Anahit a carpet, on which had written, by using traceries, how to find him. So, craft rescued King of Armenia” “Anahit”, Armenian fairytale Armenians always knew: life is fickle. Today you are King, but tomorrow you can turn into an ordinary servant: so, that’s why you’d better empower your handicraft skills. Perhaps, that is why in Armenia art was born in the VI century B.C. – fact that leads Armenia to be considered by historians as one of the most ancient centers of world civilization. Primarily, Armenian art is famous for its carpets. But honestly, it is a crime to call a masterpiece, knitting by Armenians, just a carpet. This is a real picture – right combination of threads “draws” dragons, animals and unthinkable ornaments. Traditionally, carpets were knitted by women, and it was a nice sight – a girl in the velvet dress with silver sewing and the sash looks over the strings. If you want to dip into this aura of old-fashionable elegance, just try on the national dress in the photo-salon, or visit museum or “Carpet-knitting” event.

MEETING WITH ANGELS “In former times Zvartnots was a shelter for Angels – ordinary people could not build this miracle” Legend about Zvartnots church Armenia is compact. Only 20 minutes – and you are in Ejmiatsin, spiritual center of the country. There are situated churches of Saint Gayane and Ripsime. The first monasteries appeared in Ejmiatsin in 303 year, and atmosphere of the antiquity still is in the air.

DISCOVERY Quiet and silent, this town is hidden from modern bustle under the tree crowns and behind flower gardens. This is an ideal place for sitting and looking at Ararat – here it is seen perfectly. Near Ejmiatsin is situated Zvartnots, or Church of Heavenly Angels. In the X century it was destroyed because of the earthquake and then lived through several forays. No wonder that now Zvartnots is only ruins, but even they look amazing. Columns, decorated with the carving, and cloudless horizon impels you to think: Angels really could live here!

HERE COMES THE SUN! “When God of the Sun Mihr leaves his castle, we see the sunrise” Armenian Myth Except Christian churches, there is a pagan one in Armenia, Garni. Historians think that it was built in honor of God of the Sun Mihr. The church fell apart in 1679, but in times of the Soviet Union it was restored. Architects wanted to do it according to the several reasons. Firstly, Garni had protected Armenians from the foreign attacks more than 1000 years. Secondly, all Armenian kings liked to rest in Garni because of mild climate of this place and beautiful landscape. The territory of Garni is rounded with Azat river, and all slopes look so perfectly that seem artificial. That is why Garni slopes are called “Stone Simphony”.

TIME FOR DINNER “In 1945 Stalin presented Armenian cognac to Churchill. Prime-minister of the UK liked it so much that had drunk whole bottle every day. But in 1951 he mentioned that taste of cognac changed and told Stalin about it. As it turned out, technologists of Yerevan Cognac Factory were exiled to Siberia. After Churchill`s complaint they became free, and the high quality of the Armenian Cognac was redtored” Biography of Winston Churchill Contemporaries still argue: is it true or not? But one thing we know exactly: Armenian cognac is one of the best in the world, it has 125 medals of quality. It is very good to drink with national cuisine – fragrant tolma in grape`s leaves, watered with the curd product “matsun”, and biscuits with the walnut streak “gata”.

PLAYING WITH FIRE “Fire and Water were the best friends, but after the quarrel they had been struggling” Armenian fairytale You have a chance to observe this “war” in the center of Yerevan, on the Republic square, in the evening. Among the buildings, constructed from the cream tufa, the most prevalent stone in Armenia, you will find a huge fountain. In the evening illumination paints houses in golden shades, and the fountain begins to dance under the Armenian music. Shining, it blasts off up to 20 meters in height. This dance is so incendiary that people start dancing, too – the energy of fountains does not give any possibility just to stand. With the help of this performance Yerevan opens up its main secret – in any situation this city does not lose hope and optimism, and this feature helped it to survive in spite of all wars, inroads and genocide. And will help forever.

by Danara Kurmanova



Hovsep Patvakanyan: “FOLLOW ME”


President of the IEFA opens up how to change the world around yourself WHO: President of the Session, Chair of Committee on Human Rights (DROI) FAVORITE MOVIE: “Great Gatsby” FAVORITE VIEW: two villagers making wine at the sunset in the villahe of Manarola, Italy FAVORITE SONG: “Wake me up” by Avicii MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FOR HIM: Sincertiry and sense of humor PERSONAL PRIORITIES: Family, friends, personal development and sharing what he knows with others EYP for him is: a family and freedom of mind ABOUT START Throughot life we always face challenges, followed by the choices we are asked to make. And it is always hard to rationalize what is best for you and your career and future. That is probably the reason why everytime you take sides and sooner or later “what if” pops in your mind, because you are sure that have you taken other turn on various crossroads of your life it could have been better, it could have brought you to another place. 5 years ago, I could hardly imagine what it can be like to do things that can affect thousands of people. However, talking about EYP

Armenia, more than a year ago we realized: there are many active young Armenians, who do not have an opportunity to share their ideas with others. We needed a platform for the hundreds of young people to gather and speak up on a regular basis. And the EYP format was perfect because it was an effective combination of debating and fun. I think, this is the main reason of the Armenian EYP` s popularity: we had 2000 active youth engaged in our activities throughout 1 year of our operation. ABOUT IMPRESS You know, I thought I would take a flight to Sri Lanka for the World Youth Conference, which also implied missing the Closing Ceremony of the IEFA. And with the ticket already bought I made a choice that was in no way rationalized, but for which I would never regret. I would never do it because of the 200 happy faces I had a chance to glance at when I was delivering final speech: I stayed! Amazing, unique and very motivated people who have proved that at the same time can be smart and crazy, hardworking nerd and a party animal, great speaker and talented actor.

EYP Armenia is not about me, him, or her - it is about you all. ABOUT FORUM Now, looking back, I realize what a memory generator the IEFA has been. Teambuilding with people walking around us and thinking how weird we are. Amazing Cultural night. Discussion of the challenging topics and the Yerevan city tour. Pictures in traditional Armenian dresses. Incredible Intercultural Theater where we remade Armenian fairytale and a spontaneous party after it. As for General Assembly, it seemed that no funny things might have happened during it, but no! We may never forget jokes and smashing final speeches. These are all memories that only we share ans this makes us different. And yes, in some way special. Now I am reading posts of our participants about their impressions from the IEFA and it feels awesome when I understand: my team made this real and gave trigger to all those positive feelings. And we are not sad that it is over now. We are happy that it happened. Noted down by Danara Kurmanova



Version #2 And now get to know Hovsep PATVAKANYAN not as President, but as a person -When they say the EYP Armenia, the first name that come to mind is Hovsep. When you walk in the street, and see someone whom you don't know, saying: ÂŤHey, Hovsep, how are you?Âť, what would be your reaction? -I hug them, take them to pub, they buy me a beer and then I

leave. (Laughing). -Which is the maximum amount of bottles of beer that you have drunk in one night? -30 bottles. It was in Latvia, those were my Erasmus years. I was a young and wild Armenian. Was drinking a lot, not caring of anything and just

enjoying life. It was in my place. Basically, every party was coming to an end when we could have the writing of «We are cool and we are awesome» in Latvian language made of bottles, which is a very long sentence in Latvian. That's why we had to drink more then it was necessary.

- You know, I think, Hovsep Patvakanyan is a calm... sometimes strict person... -Dear journalist, please formulate your question in the format of question. The question doesn’t involve the words «You know», «I think»... - What kind of person is Hovsep Patvakanyan?

-You are a devoted fan of «How I met your mother» film series. Which is your favorite character and what similarities do you have with him?

- With nice sense of humor, SUPERfriendly and SUPERcommunicative.

-I think it's a mix of Barney and Ted, because I am always trying to stay positive about things like Barney, but I am also too much attentive to small details like Ted does. And I believe that the girl that I will marry some day, will be from EYP. So I am waiting. (Smiling). As for Barney, he always tries to give cynical jokes about his friends, and has fun with whatever they do, always tries to look at the certain event from a different perspective. That makes him different. And that's what I do with my friends as well and also during the EYP. At the GA I tried to be strict but was always trying to give some funny comments.

-Good public speakers always practice their speeches in front of mirror. What about you? -I don`t have a mirror. If I would have time and mirror, I would practice the speech. But I believe, that speeches shouldn’t be practiced at all. The best speeches are those when you are saying what you are feeling. -Now you have a chance to address a wish with someone from EYP Armenia and say something to him/her. -Dear delegate from the 9th row, the 11th place, you have a beautiful smile and it was my pleasure to get to know you, and I am sure you are a future devoted EYP-er. by Narine Daneghyan



TOP 10 MEET the best committees ever All EYP-participants are outstanding separately. Thus, gathering into groups, they form striking teams and it is impossible to choose the best one. That is why meet the top-list of IEFA committees where the numbers play only nominal meaning.

1. The most inventive committee - ECON the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

Chairperson: Davit Shindyan Delegates: Astghik Abrahamyan, Dianna Asryan, Eduard Melkonian, Grigor Ghazaryan, Gurgen Khasapetyan, Kristina Medvedeva, Lucine Alexanyan, Mariam Gabrielyan, Nazeli Aslanyan, Shake Sargsyan, Shant Kehyeian, Shushan Margaryan, Sona Badalyan, Vicrotia Pilinko, Yeranuhi Yandyan The main problem: After the start of the financial crisis EU has been facing growing competitiveness gaps within the region and became fragile. The most actual question: What should the EU stance be for the governments to build support for reforms aimed at reducing debt and fostering competitiveness? The best solution: To support direct involvement of business into education and to call for investments of more private funds in R&D, technology and infrastructure. The most active delegate: Shant Kehyeian The best moment: Constructing a tower from cups on the final speech as the demonstration how the economy of one country depends on another one.


2. The most COURAGEOUS committee - AFET the Committee on Foreign Affairs

Chairperson: Veronika Adhajanyan Delegates: Ani Baghdasaryan, Areg Badalyan, Armine Shahverdyan, Armine Tsarukyan, David Harutyunyan, Diana Abirbekyan, Elizabet Mamikonyan, Gayane Muradyan, Gayane Shabunts, Hayk Aleksanyan, Kristina Simonyan, Martina Reichmanova, Nurbek Rymbekov, Rabih Eltair, Sandra Isenburg, Satenik Davtyan, Susanna Alexanyan, Susanna Avetyan The main problem: Since Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an Association Agreement with the EU, Ukrainians have insisted on the document`s resignation. The most actual question: What would the EU do, taking into account the pressure and economic sanctions imposed from Russia on Ukraine? The best solution: To acknowledge the reality that Crimea has already been a part of Russia and to give a new breath to the relations between the EU and Russia. The most active delegates: Kristina Simonyan, Rabih Eltair and Sandra Isenburg The best moment: Discussion about Crimea, which covered not only whole General Assembly, but Twitter also! Maybe, exactly this subject showed features of real leader, who is not afraid of expression thoughts, discrepant from another opinions, and negative reaction.

3. The most BEAUTIFUL committee - ENVI the Committee on environment, food, security and public health




Chairperson: Margarita Gevorgyan Delegates: Aghavni Avetisyan, Ana Mirianshvili, Anahit Yeprikyan, David Alaverdyan, Durek Babakhanian, Elena Shishkina, Elya Ghiasyan, Fredrik Svensson, Henrike Wenger, Irina Muradyan, Lusine Snkchyan, Nare Vardanyan, Natalie Sahakyan, Rusudan Mamutchadze, Svetlana Hovhannisyan, Tigran Bazarchyan, Vardges Shahmenedyan The main problem: Air pollution. Air pollutants released in one country may be transported in the atmosphere. In Europe emission of many air pollutants has decreased over the past decades. The most actual question: What new mechanisms or non-tariff barriers can the EU apply for reducing the pollution? The best solution: To make public transport more affordable and comfortable in order to reduce the number of vehicles, to use cars that run on the electricity and to install traffic lights with buttons which can stop the traffic for passengers. The most active delegates: Fredrik Svensson and Rusudan Mamutchadze The best moment: Real “Flower Power� by Rusudan Mamutchadze, who demonstrated the impact of pollution on the flower in the pot.


The most CREATIVE committee - EMPL


Chairperson: Anna Mamyan Delegates: Anna Leidig, Anna Shahinyan, Isabel Shatoyan, Karen Smbatyan, Karen Melkomyan, Karlen Martirosyan, Mariam Davtyan, Mariam Meyronyan, Mariam Tumanyan, Margarita Mnatsakanyan, Mikayel Melikyan, Narine Khachatryan, Nataliya Boris, Paruyr Danielian, Rim Bassem Mikhail, Tatevik Margaryan, Teona Gelashvili, Zina Hovhanisyan The main problem: Youth unemployment in Europe stands at 23,5% consequently, every 4th young European is unemployed now. The most actual question: Which program can reverse the joblessness? The best solution: To call upon Member States, organizing professional orientation sessions to different type of organizations and give young Europeans possibility to study different languages. The most active delegate: Karen Melkomyan The best moment: Focuses with paper and debates on Facebook.



The most ENERGETIC committee - ITRE

the Committee on industry, research and energy

Chairpersons: Karapet Gyumjibashyan and Lara Leither Delegates: Ganna Kondratiuk, Manish Parashar, Mohammadreza Hatamzadeh Esfahani, Alexandrina Vasilichi, Giorgi Mosiashvili, Arman Gasparian, Hrachya Tandilyan, tatevik Torosyan, Eduard Babayan, Ani Hayrapetyan, Marine Baghdasaryan, Anna Hovhannisyan, Ani Mkrtchyan, Yeva Harutyunyan, Ani Makaryan, Sirun Sheloyan The main problem: The EU ails to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 to enable cutting greenhouse emissions and make it less dependent on imported energy. But the stability of European electricity is at risk from the warped market structure, caused by skyrocketing renewable energy subsidies. The most actual question: what trade-off the EU should come up with to address the current issue? The best solution: to create international committee for political advice and experience and to find new sources to diversify energy import and stabilize the prices. The most active delegates: Manish Parashar and Arman Gasparian The best moment: Slide-show. It is amazing, if in the reality garbage will turn into something beautiful, like things from pictures.




6. The most TALKATIVE committee - DROI the Committee on Human rights

Chairperson: Hovsep Patvakanyan Delegates: Amalya Fljyan, Andranik Shirinyan, Ani Hakobyan, Ani Varderesyan, Arman Melikyan, Armine Mosiyan, Kasmik Karapetyan, Henrik Harutyunyan, Igor Gralczyk, Lewis Emmerton, Magdalena Karkulak, Minas Shahinian, Petya Yankova, Rima Kharatyan, Shoghig Keoshkerian, Sona Ignatosyan, Tatev Derzyan, Vilmante Lokcokaite The main problem: The law banning Holocaust denial has been adopted in most EU countries. In recent years, the Armenian Genocide denial law has been brought on the agenda of several European superpowers and since then become a very disputable issue. The most actual question: What should the EU`s stance be on the matter, given its strong ties with Turkey? The best solution: to invite Turkey to a dialogue with Armenia and to endorse the establishment of more youth programs, aiming at the Armenian-Turkish cultural exchange, including the creation of the common history books with the supervision of the academicians from the Armenian and Turkish Universities. The most active delegate: Magdalena Karkulak The best moment: Whole discussion. The subject of Genocide even inspired foreign delegates to go to its monument on one of the breaks.


The most inspiring committee - sede

the Committee on security and defence


SEDE Chairpersons: Inna Shcherbyna, Tatev Hayrapetyan Delegates: Alik Sargsyan, Anano Basilaia, Ani Papyan, Armine Gabrielyan, Bill Sandstorm, Diana Nikoghosyan, Diana Torosyan, Hagop Kachatrian, Louise Poghosyan, Lusine Minasyan, Mohamed Ghazy, Nina Kankanyan, Nune Hayrapetyan, Roksolana Yusypchuk, Shogher Sahakyan, Sos Avetisyan The main problem: Political violence escalation in Egypt started last summer, and the EU Foreign Affairs Council has declared the actions of the Egyptian security forces disproportionate, suspended the export to Egypt of any equipment which might be used for internal repression. The most actual question: In which way the EU should reassess its export of military equipment and review its security assistance to Egypt? The best solution: To create the platform for peaceful exchange of ideas and raising concerns between the opposing parties and proclaim the establishing of Human Rights Office in Egypt. The most active delegates: Mohamed Ghazy, Nune Hayrapetyan and Ani Papyan. The best moment: “I am Mohamed and I am from Egypt” This phrase collapsed mind of people – really, personal example inspires us most of all.




8. The most EMOTIONAL committee - LIBE the Committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs

Chairperson: Rima Sargsyan Delegates: Amalia Kamalian, Armine Khamoyan, Christian Michels, Edgar Andriasyan, Grigor Janikyan, Hanna Huryna, Hmayak Manukyan, Katarzyna Budzinska, Lilit Gizharyan, Lusine Grigoryan, Mary Mesropyan, Mate Tevzadze, Mikayel Arzumanyan, Nazeli Tovmasyan, Olga Cojocariu, Silva Vardanyan, Yerazik Alexian The main problem: Burqa Ban Law. Many European countries have adopted the laws banning wearing clothes that constitute religious symbol in the public places. Mainly, it refers to the hijab, veil and burqa. Supporters of the law justify it as a measure to ensure the secularism, and opponents criticize it emphasizing the violation of basic human rights. The most actual question: Should the Burqa Ban Law take a pan-European level or should be reconsidered given the high rate of Muslim population in the EU? The best solution: To organize more intercultural events, empowering tolerance in the EU and to condemn wearing face-covering clothing in schools in order to exclude the impact of the strong religious symbolism over forming minds of minors. The most active delegates: Armine Khamoyan and Christian Michels The best moment: Debates even inside the committee. It became clear how differently people understand the meaning of burqa. Someone considers it a kind of traditional dresses, another one sees in the burqa the discrimination of women.

IMPORTANT 9. The most TOLERANT committee - FEMM the Committee on WOMEN’s rights and gender equality

Chairpersons: Caterina Duca and Samson Martirosyan Delegates: Armine Tumanyan, Artyom Avagyan, Ejmin Shahbazian, Flavio de Prosperis, Hasmik Aloyan, Hripsime Zohrabyan, Judith Rosendahl, Julia Blach, Lilit Sargsyan, Lusine Yeghiazaryan, Maria Vardanyan, Marie Borisyonok, Meline Ghonyan, Suren Khachatryan, Syuzanna Smbatyan, Tatevik Mkrtumyan, Tatevik Sevoyan The main problem: A gender imbalance in three states of the South Caucasus always has been an issue. The biggest issue in these terms remain the gender based abortion and is of utmost urgency, given its potential consequences. The most actual question: In which way should the EU use its levers to combat gender based abortions in those countries? The best solution: To adopt educational projects about gender equality. The most active delegates: Ejmin Shahbazian and Judith Rosendahl The best moment: Final speech of Ejmin, who offered to imagine the world where only men live - absolute patriarchate. Sounds unreal, but terrible.

10. The most HYPERACTIVE committee - AFCO the Committee on constitutional affairs

Chairperson: Areg Kochinyan Delegates: Aleksandra Kwasniewska, Ani Avagyan, Anna Hayrapetyan, Araks Avetyan, Arevil Avoyan, Hakob Avetisyan, Lilit Gevorgyan, Manushak Kiloian, Maria Chilingaryan, Mariam Alexanyan, Monika Khloyan, Petros Arabyan, Rachel Looney, Raffi Elliot, Saba Karanadze, Sos Hakobyan, Varduhi Avanesyan The main problem: The negotiations on the EU membership with the candidate countries like Turkey and Serbia have revived, but there is territorial dispute between Serbia and Kosovo, closed Turkish-Armenian border. The most actual question: What reforms are required in this situation? The best solution: To increase cooperation to reduce regional instability. The most active delegate: Raffi Elliot The best moment: Final speech with a huge flag of the EU in Raffi’s hands, considered as a fetish. More memorable was only Areg, chair who broke a chair.




ANTIQUITY Or keep calm and feel Armenian






“All roads lead to Rome” – famous aphorism tells. But on the IEFA it can sound like: “All roads lead to Yerevan” Surprisingly, all participants have found out connection with Armenia during the forum. Relatives, friends, love, work, architecture, even music… how else does Armenia unite us? Find all answers in this article! Lewis Emmerton, UK: One of my colleagues in London is half Armenian. So, before coming here I have already known that Armenian history was rich and famous for its churches and awesome view of Ararat. I also know about Genocide. What about Armenian celebrities, the first name that comes to my mind is Kim Kardashian, but I think it is better to mention SOAD as an answer (laughs).

storytelling Ryme El Mansoury, Egypt: My mother is Armenian, and I was intrigued to come here because I have heard a lot of stories about Armenia from her. You know, it is good to be a member of Armenian community of Egypt, but it is much better to see Armenia in reality. Because before arriving here I was sure that Yerevan was a city with tiny houses, for example. But I recognized that it was very modern, even similar to Paris in some points. What about expectations from food, they did not deceive – Armenian cuisine is delicious! Michels Christian, Luxemburg: I am an EVS volunteer, and actually, I could choose a country of Western Europe. But I thought that I would always have a chance to visit this region and that it why I need to go to the East. I have chosen 5 countries, and Armenia was the fastest to reply. As you see I am here and I do not regret about it entirely. Manish Parashar, India: I have a friend in Armenia, Karapet Gyumjibashyan. We have met in Abu Dhabi a few months ago and if before this meeting I knew only basic facts about Armenia, now I know Armenian history and culture in details (smiles). But if to speak seriously, it was so interesting that I decided to come here. Nurbek Rymbek, Kazakhstan: The best friend from my childhood is Armenian. That is why when I hear about this country always remember him and funny childish occasions with his participation.

Kristina Medvedeva, Kazakhstan – Russia: Yes, I represent two countries at once (laughs). I was born and grew up in Kazakhstan, but nowadays work in Moscow. And these countries are equally connected with Armenia. There are many Armenians in Kazakhstan, and I have some Armenian friends there. And in Russia my boss is Armenian. She is very clever, so, I am lucky to know a real Armenian intelligent!



storytelling Maria Chilingaryan, Russia Hey, wait, do not discuss the connection between Russia and Armenia without me! As you guess thanks to my surname, my father is Armenian. Also my beloved aunt lives in Yerevan. I like to visit her, and there is only one thing, disappointing me at her home is food. It is very tasty, but Armenians always want guests to eat as elephants, this is a feature of Armenian generosity. Really, you can call rest in Armenian house “Darling, eat more!” Roksolana Yusipchuk, Ukraine I am from Lvov – most buildings in this city were constructed by Armenian architects. There is Armenian church in Lvov. They say, it is one of the first monasteries, appeared there. If it is true, I will not be surprised: Armenians have an amazing ability to be everywhere! (laughs) Saba Karanadze, Georgia: Of course, you can say: Georgia is a neighbor of Armenia and it is small wonder that I am connected with Armenians. But I live in Avlabari, an ancient Armenian district of Tbilisi, and Armenian environment influenced on me - although when did not it? Anyway, I know Armenian language a little and like to sing Armenian folk songs. My favorite one is “Ov sirun, sirun”. Sandra Isenburg, Germany: Oh, does it mean that I have just found a neighbor? You see, now I live in Tbilisi too because of volunteer program, but my house is situated in Sololaki. It is not so far from Avlabari and it is the second Armenian part of Tbilisi: there are many Armenians here! And I like to go to Yerevan on the holidays. I have been here several times, and I adore this city!

By Narine Daneghyan, Soplhie Maytesyan and Danara Kurmanova


Say, say, say… remember the most memorable phrases from the IEFA-2014 “What the hell?” -You know, I have met a handsome guy… -Oh, was he Armenian?

“Poor Kikos!” – “I will not be born again!”

“Chair broke a chair” “Ale-Ale Kita Bonga!”

“Dear delegate, please, formulate your question!”

Dear delegates! Please, don`t start questions with “Do you think?”, “Don`t you think?”, “Do you imagine?”, “Don`t you imagine?”. Thank you.

“I am Mohamed and I am from Egypt”




FEEL THE SAME “Armenian and Italians are almost the same!” – the stereotype claims. Because both of them are well-known for their hospitality and radiant personalities. Is that true? Giulia Daverio and Danara Kurmanova tried to figure it out by interviewing one Armenian and one Italian, consequently. Areg KOCHINYAN,


coordinator at the EYP Armenia board, chair of AFCO

now living in Armenia, takes part in EVS project

3 principles of real Armenian/ Italian man? Never surrender, Love your family, go forward, play football, take care of your family. always look good. Why is it important for Armenians/Italians to be stylish? This is a reflection of yourself. Sorry, but it was one of our principles (smiles). Smell that reminds you about home is… The smell of tolma. The sea smell. Good food for you is… Armenian food, of course: tolma, Prefer food which is tasty ajapsandal, harisa… in short, good and a bit spicy at once. food for me is tasty and spicy a little. Imagine an ideal celebration for you With family. We are eating and talking. Traditional, with family. I think, it impacts on commemoration How will you behave at the first date? I will talk – think, I can do it well. I will be natural, following my If to speak seriously, the similarity of feelings, without tryings to look thoughts is important. different from what I am.


RESULTS: And “The Best Selfie” goes to… …goes to the Media Team. Yes, we are serious. Firstly, we have no prize for this competition. And secondly and mainly, we created it with one aim – to impel you to communicate with each other. And now we can say gladly: we achieved our aim. Thousands of selfies, started from: “Hey, I am X. Let’s take a photo together and post it on the IEFA page on Facebook – they say, there is a competition for the best one here”. Hundreds of meetings and remarkable impressions. All of you got the main prize – new friends. So, we think after that we can publish our selfie – selfie of people, who made this magazine. best wishes, Danara Kurmanova (editor 1), Giulia Daverio (editor 2), David Babayan (photographer and operator), Aram Aramyan (photographer), Sophie Maytesyan (photocorrespondent), Narine Daneghyan (journalist), Hayk Badalyan (designer), Gevorg Khodabakhshian (operator)




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IEFA 2014 - EYP Armenia  

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