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w t e Plan National selection conference of EYP Germany WĂźrzburg 9.-13.6.2010

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2010 issue 1

What’s in your bag?

5 steps to ecotravelling


A welcome from the editor When setting out for a new adventure, you start by packing your bag. First it looks empty, but you slowly start filling it, with things and with expectations for your upcoming journey. Some pack light, some pack too much. When arriving at an EYP session you unpack your bag with expectations, some get fulfilled, some not. However, after unpacking your bag is empty again and your

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task is to fill it. Fill it with memories, new ideas, new friends and new experiences. Do not close your bag because it looks full, trust me, there is always room for more. It might make your bag heavy, but most importantly, they make you much stronger. After the session when you return home with your hopefully crammed suitcase, you open it and put everything in your closet and keep it.

Delegates, welcome to the 20th National Selection Conference of EYP Germany, W端rzburg 2010. Planet W is for you and to help you to fill your bags. Enjoy every second of these five days.

Hanna Ollinen

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Introducing Jamie Brown

Five simple steps

W端rz Up?




Bin there, done that

There is no Planet B

The chairs are here

Planet W | 3

Jamie Brown

- liberté, egalité, fraternité

By Rita Grant

A notable figure in EYP, Jamie Brown can be deemed nothing less of an international legend among the community. A gentleman at all times, he has been a prominent member of the EYP family for the past five years. With his British charm and sophisticated air, he will undoubtedly make this a session none of us will forget. Born and raised in the west of Ireland to English parents, Jamie considers himself the epitome of an Englishman. With enough wit and charm to make any girl swoon and the debating skills of a pro, he has definitely made an impression on the European Youth Parliament network. Beginning his EYP days all the way back in 2007 at the Irish sessions, he has since travelled far and wide. ‘[I’ve attended] 22 sessions in total! My personal favourite session was the Stockholm International Session. I was Planet W | 4

editing and we produced an amazing paper and made some hilarious videos that most people seemed to like.’ Over the course of these 22 sessions, Jamie has held many positions, from chair to editor to journo. ‘My favourite position would be as an Editor; it’s the position I’ve held more than any other for a reason. I’m a nerd all the time and a writer in my spare time and this lets me indulge in my passions for the written word, creativity and comedy.’ Rarely happy staying in the one place, Jamie has travelled extensively, pretty much visiting all corners of Europe. His latest venture was to North and South America. Having set out last October, he could be seen backpacking his way around America up until last week. He endured the ten hour flight to Germany for this very session, dedication or what?

Renowned for his unforgettable quotes, Jamie is never without something to say. His contribution to EYP has been astounding, undoubtedly inspiring many of the delegates to advance into the world of public speaking. To aid in your progression through the session, Jamie would like to offer some words of wisdom – ‘Happiness is a product of your attitude, not your circumstances. Things never go to plan. Don’t be frustrated that your vision of a perfect future never happened; just embrace the chaos of it all. Have an open mind, but don’t let your brain fall out. Question. Examine. Judge. Marvel. Enjoy. Evolve. Make the session what you want it to be. Live the joy you want to see. Expect the unexpected, seek opportunity in challenges. Be pragmatic.’ Inspirational as always.

‘Fortune favours the brave’

Planet W | 5

5 tries to being an eco-traveller By Rebecca Smith


The most environmentally friendly way to get to this session is to walk, as this does not require any fossil fuels. Energy would be provided by the fallen apples, and the worms that might be inside would even furnish some useful protein.

Planet W | 6


Another very green way to travel is by bicycle. This has some practical disadvantages, such as carrying luggage, but also some considerable health advantages.


A very glamorous way to arrive would be by horse and carriage, which also does not require any gasoline, and has minimal CO2 outputs. However, one has to consider the carbon footprint of the horse – its special accommodation and diet, water needs, and waste.


Renewable energies are an appealing choice. Unfortunately, they are not yet sufficiently developed. Options would be a car powered by solar energy, or a magic flying carpet that would use wind energy.


A friendly way to travel is to use public transportation, such as trains. They consume more energy, but pollute much less than planes and cars, and are commonly used in Germany.

Planet W | 7

WÜRZ UP? Young, charming Jens Dietrich (ECON) knows how to win a girl’s heart : As a preparation for the session, for each girl in his delegation, he bought gingerbread- hearts with their names on them. Being the only guy in this delegation, of course no one wants to miss him. For this reason, we think Jens deserves the honourable title ‘ Delegate of the Day’, because we think we need more men like him. Congratulations!

Coming Soon

EYP TV eco ideas

De l e gat of t h e e day

“There’s so much pollution in the air now that if it weren’t for our lungs there’d be no place to put it all.” Robert Orben

(left) One journo spotted a very green idea at Frankfurt train station. (right) Ryanair sells Similar smokless cigarettes. 6 € for a pack of ten. Comes in three different flavours.

Planet W | 8

Style of the day

During the delegate’s arrival in the morning, we have detected some interesting trends, especially concering male fashion . Daniel Mueller from AFET arrived with heavy a load: obviously he could not decide which clothes to bring with him, so he just took them all. Blonde, blue eyes, good-looking - No, this girl is not from Sweden, but from Germany. Thumbs up for her good taste, combining leggings, check shirt, ballerinas and a matching bag – very trendy!

The world today

The world is waiting for a solutioncon to the catatrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The spill began in April after an explosion on a BP oil rig. The consequenses are disastrous. Millions of litres of oil have been spilled, endangering the ecosystem in the area and destroying the fishermens’ business. Attempts to block the spill have been done, and the latest news from Louisiana tells that they have finally been successful. Still, the full extent of the consequenses are yet to be realized as the information is slowly unveiled. Planet W | 9

Face the chairs Name: Buser Say Country of Origin: Turkey Random fact: literally got his visa 8 hours before the session

Name: Lorenz Stree Country of Origin: Germany Memorable EYP moment: first ever closing ceremony and “Imagine“ by John Lennon being played


Name: Angelica Maier Country of Origin: Germany Random fact: really wanted to see a moose when she visited Canada

Name: Dominik Drašnar Country of Origin: Czech Republic Memorable EYP moment: getting 30 minutes of sleep after 68 hours of being awake at the Prague International

imco Name: Anar Kuchera Country of Origin: Czech Republic Random fact: doesn’t eat chocolate, because doesn’t like the taste of it

Name: Boudewijn Bisschop Country of Origin: Holland Memorable EYP moment: being woken up in the Dutch National’s GA by a car alarm going off and asking: “Is that my car?“


Name: Pia Speissmacer Country of Origin: Germany Random fact: likes the smell of kerosine aka flight fuel (suspected terrorist)

cult Planet W | 10

Name: Conor Mahon Country of Origin: Ireland Memorable EYP moment: remembers Jamie dressed in a bed sheet, sandals and with leaves around his head declaring he was Jesus first time they met.

Name: Kerstin Eckart Country of Origin: Germany Random fact: she has an identical twin sister

Name: Lars Melakoski Country of Origin: Finland Memorable EYP moment: sharing a sauna with Jamie at the Tampere regional session


Name: Merete Holmberg Country of Origin: Finland Random fact: loves watermelons and wants to be one all day every day

Name: Ulrich Völker Country of Origin: Germany Memorable EYP moment: waking up after the Adria Forum covered in lipstick, nail polish and make-up


Name: Jamie Brown Country of Origin: Ireland Random fact: suffered from the delusion that he was filmed for a TV show he couldn’t see

Name: Jim Cramer Country of Origin: Germany Memorable EYP moment: he randomly met his vacation buddy from years before at an EYP session – what a happy reunion


Name: Jonathan Maeker Country of Origin: Sweden Random fact: he loves paté, pickles and mayo in a sandwich

deve Name: Andrea Pürckhauer Country of Origin: Germany Memorable EYP moment: once drank flower water because she thought it was white wine

itre1 Name: Zahra Rhunderkamp Country of Origin: Holland Random fact: She has a secret obsession for firemen below the height of 165 centimetres Planet W | 11

What is in your bag?

By Jo Susann Graff and Sini Ventelä

Organiser Tim Lock opens up and tery dies. Also, I have all notes on my lets two of our journalists see what he computer. That helps me to be more packed in his bag to Würzburg. eco-friendly: you don´t need any paper.’ ‘I packed my bag in half an hour, right before I left for the National Selection Before closing up his bag again, Tim Conference, so I was really surprised picks up his secret weapon, his shamthat I didn´t forget anything. Well, poo. I got basic things with me like shirts ‘I got this great power shampoo recand pants, but I guess my notebook ommended by Yogi Löw for the upand my cell phone charger are most coming soccer championship.’ Tim important to me. They are really nec- explains with a smile on his face, essary when organizing a session, you while heading back to the orga room. don´t get far if your cell phone bat-

Planet W | 12

Tim Lock Male Organiser German 22 years

Bin there, done that By Rebecca Smith A year ago, I was an organiser for the French National Session. During teambuilding, a regrettable incident happened: one of the delegates, from the Caribbean, cold, jetlagged, and very shy, peed in his pants. But this unfortunate delegate is not the focus of my story. As the session was close to an end, a high placed board member of EYP France started inquiring on the happenings of those peed pants. All we could remember was that the delegate had put them in a clean garbage bag. The board member insisted that we find them. As brave organisers, we did not shy away from any task. So, during GA, the head organisers and their team of orgas, all formally dressed up, went through the trash - all of it. The many magic sticks, underused during team-building, became useful probes to study each bag of garbage, as we emptied its contents into dumpsters. We never found the pants. We highly suspect that the board member misunderstood the delegate’s shy nod meaning “I have my trousers” as “I’d like you guys to find them”. You never know what strange activity you’ll be doing at an EYP session. And please delegates, be careful about what you throw out! It could be reusable, toxic, or someone might have to go and get it. Planet W | 13

There is no planet B

Planet W | 14

By Rebecca Smith High atmospheric CO2, rising temperatures and sea levels, rapid extinctions of species, spread of disease, and precariousness of resources are all clues that something is wrong, very wrong, in the way we live on our planet. Scientists believe that we are currently using up 1.4 worlds in terms of our ecological footprint, an expenditure that none of us can afford. The omnipresent and controversial topic of climate change is the first sign of our effect on planet Earth. If we disturb the fragile eco-

logical balance, what will happen? Can the Earth still support us? We have learned quite a lot about our universe and developed very powerful observing tools. However, we have still not found another planet with life, have not even the technology to go to all the places we see, and stay there. Our nearest planets, those in our solar systems, are hardly welcoming. We don’t have an alternative to planet Earth. Curiously, mankind seems to be quite unaware of this. Instead of using our resources wisely, we deplete

them with a growing appetite, trying to get the most out of it while we still can: Hardly a sustainable attitude. There is no planet B, so we better take very good care of the only planet we have. And fast. We have gathered in order to discuss this complex issue. Politicians failed, so fire up your grey cells, be openminded, and do better than them.

Planet W | 15

The Würzburg poem Würzburg – that’s the city we gather in, a city to which a lot of you yet haven’t been. But against all expectation of yours, This is not Germany, but even worse: The GA is located in the Free State of Bavaria, to many, this is a highly dangerous area. Dirndl, Lederhosen, sausages and beer are beside a funny accent, very present in here. Want to learn more about your upcoming activities? Discussions, dancing, big fat ponies! At Eurovillage, delicious food will be served, traditional costumes and tipsy delegates can be observed. There is no planet B is what we’ll talk about, there’s no doubt: a solution has to be found! So, the press team welcomes you! We’ll follow you the whole week through, gossip and other news is what we like, be sure: There’s no secret you can hide!

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Bosch Rexroth GlaxoSmithKline Sparkassenstiftung f端r die Stadt W端rzburg

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The Press Room 100% femme fatale

Sini ventel채 Finland

Rebecca smith France

Mimi Bonev Germany

Karin-Liis lahtm채e Estonia


Jo Susann Graff Germany

Rita grant Ireland

hanna ollinen Finland Planet W | 19

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What’s in your bag? steps to ecotravelling 5 2010 National selection conference of EYP Germany Würzburg 9.-13.6.2010 issue 1 Hanna Ollinen D...