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Wanna Rock?

By Schweizer Katze

Want to be cool? Want to dress so that people would think you’re fashionable, but you’ve no idea about the latest tips in fashion? No more watching the Fashion channel, no more reading Cosmopolitan or searching around the internet. This supplement is for you, out there, who dear to challange themselves for the position as the paper’s hottest EYPer. Just follow our advices and you will have the chance to be amongst THE fashionable at this session. Just for the record, we’ve opened our own clothe store. Everything for 1.50 euros, everything as fashionableas it gets and as


trendy as your heart can imagine. Don’t hesitate to be modern, don’t hesitate to envy the others of being modern and maybe you’ll even broaden your taste.

MEGAZINE! We’ve noticed that guys with long hair are no longer something rare- on the contrary in fact, it has become very, very fashionable.

By Mausal So if you, dear reader, are tired of your old haircut, here’s what we suggest: “ Hair wide open” – Be wild, be powerful- grow your hair the Polish way. Though it seems that the owner of this haircut is obsessively stuck in the early nineties, we praise you and we’re proud. However, if you feel that it is still too much- you could may be tie it up and get a slight ‘Three Musketeer look’ going on - Everlastingly classical, we think. But of course, there are other ways to look hot, modern and cool even when the hair is not endlessly long. For example, you could go for the sexy bun at the back of your hair... or, you can wear it in the very common and extremely attractive football player’s way However- if this is still not what you’re looking for, then you can just wear a hator do it in the Gucci Boy’s way- this should never let you down :)




By Bobby Schinen

Here at Germanifesto Towers, we have our finger very much on the fashion pulse. Ever keen to keep up with the varying trends, we realised that there was a veritable feast of European fashions on our hostel doorstep. Never ones to miss out on a feature, we trekked out and about during coffee breaks and lunch times interrogating the delegates, country by country, on what’s hot and what’s most definitely not. So here it is, your indispensable fashion guide, country by country.


– Orginality is a beautiful thing as the Austrians well know. A certain Austrian delegate is currently demonstrating admirable creativity with her green hair do. Here at The Germanifesto Towers fashion HQ we’re all for being unique and different – we like it!

Belarus – I have one word for

the trends the youths of Belarus are wearing these days – biazarre. Paperclips worn as earrings, leaves worn as hair accessories and yellow socks are all at the height of fashion in Minsk so get down to your local stationary supplier, buy the shiniest


paper clips you can find and head to Belarus to be in with the ‘in crowd’ .

Belgium – Previewed at the country presentations after Eurovillage, miniskirts are the item of clothing to be seen in. Mini being the operative word, the Belgian delegation proved they they know how to work it when it counts, teaming it with a cheerleading song for added ‘oomph’. Bulgaria – Clearly there’s only one thing you need to posess to be in

MEGAZINE! fashion in Bulgaria and that’s incredible beauty. Seriously, do you grow ‘em different over there? You’re all stunners. Ever useful Eva (BGH) gave me a speedy history lesson on Bulgaria’s fashion fortunes - did you know that just five years ago Bulgaria’s fashion scene was way behind the times, only getting the “latest” trends 12 months after they first appeared? This time delay between what was walking down the catwalks in London to what was walking down the streets of Sofia has now been rectified – you only have to look at the Bulgarian delegation to see that the Bulgarian Beauties know where it’s at. Not only do they have the looks but they have the clothes to match, grrr…

Cyprus – Now, you may be thinking ‘Cyprus? That’s easy – bikinis and shorts all round’, but noooo, there’s only one word anyone needs to know for what’s currently in fashion in Cyprus, what has always been in fashion in Cyprus and what always will be in fashion in Cyprus - that word is CYPRUS-BOB (with the addition of a hyphen for convienience).

“Respect Cyprus Bob.”

Croatia – Girls, I’d like you to join me in applauding the Croats for being the first to see sense…our feet will be singing from the hills – round-toed footwear is back – in a BIG way. So give your toes the space to breathe, let the balls of your feet sigh with relief as you wave goodbye to your crippling ‘pointy’ styles. Let’s give a big ‘Woo!’ for Croatia! And, if you really want to dazzle the Croats with your indepth knowledge of all things cool, listen to Albina (HRV), who informed me that brown is definitely the new pink - you heard it here first.

Look to Bob as your style guru, whether it be an expensive suit or 347 European Parliament stickers, he knows what works for him. Respect Cyprus Bob. Catch him if you can for lifestyle tips and advice on how to live your life as close as you can to Bob’s. You may copy his inimitable style but you’ll never be as cool as Bob, never.

Czech Republic – When interrogating the Czech delegation, talk turned to ‘neck wear’, scarves in particular (what other neckwear is there I ask?!). Veronika and Monika (CZE) informed me that it isn’t just any old scarves that the Czechs are wearing, they have to be stripey or you’ll just be laughed at, loudly. Denmark - Anton (DNK) tipped off the suit jacket as the item for men this season in Denmark. Team it with some


MEGAZINE! distressed jeans and you’re good to go. If suit jackets just aren’t your thang and you want to really get into the Danish way of doing things the only way to do it is to get yourself a pair of clogs, they’re a trend that’ll never die. Also, worryingly, there is a reported craze for wearing just one glove, if you wear two then you just aren’t cool enough. This trend does seem rather impractical however, especially when faced with German weather. Surely hypothermia is not a good look?


– When asked what Estonians consider fashionable, Heili (EST) chair simply replied - ‘Foreign Men’ . I don’t think we need to elaborate more on that trend, we’ll leave Heili to her foreign men fantasties…

Finland – Finnish fabric of the moment is suede, particularly for footwear, says Malin (FIN). The style is predominantly for


pointy-toed shoes, with small heels as a must - high heels are soooo over in Finland right now. Incidentally, any Croats reading this who still haven’t thrown out their pointy styles should hand them to a Finn ASAP.

France - A popular trend amongst

the youths of France today is to wear very loose jeans, so loose that the underwear of the wearer is on show to all. I am quite worried about this trend to be honest, you know what they say guys: it doesn’t hurt to leave something to the imagination.



- To suit the predictable British weather, patterened wellington boots are the way forward in the UK right now. Team with a sowester for ultimate shower power.

Germany – The host

delegation can be quite a stylish lot or so they’ll have you know. The buzz

MEGAZINE! word is ‘preppy’: university scarves, college sweatshirts, retro trainers. Team with a a few books as accessories and you’re good to go. Quite simply, if it’s old school, it’s über cool.

Greece – There is a strange, unexplainable phenomenon in Greece at the moment. Bizarrely, football shirts have been selling out solidly for the last three months. Almost every Greek citizen owns one and seems to wear it with pride. Once dicifering this strange trend I decided to conduct some research to see if I could explain it, perhaps there has recently been a major sporting event resulting in a victorious Greece I asked, but to no avail, my investigations uncovered nothing. I have no idea why they’re so popular. Ireland - An item making a huge comeback this year is the poncho. The common poncho is essentially a blanket with a hole in the middle, often adorned with an abundance of tassels or weird zig zagged patterns. ‘How can anyone justify charging 40 euro for such a shoddy piece of work?’ asked Chair Niamh (IRL). I quite agree, Niamh. Personally, the way we here at The Germanifesto fashion HQ see it is, if God had meant us to wear ponchos, he wouldn’t have given us arms.

Italy – The Italians are famous for their fashion know how and it would appear that the delegation at this session are no exception. Gelled hair in a trussed up style seems to be the way forward for the boys. Striped shirts over jeans with tan leather shoes

is also a good look to sport on the streets of Italy. Ladies should invest in a realistic flower corsage, sure to spice up any outfit. Look to your Vice President Irene (ITA) for tips on how to make this look work for you.


MEGAZINE! A unisex trend making its way over from Italian shores is earrings for all. From small studs for the guys to long dangly numbers for the girls, anything goes.

Latvia – If you happen to suffer

from bad hair days then move to Latvia, as head scarves are so very current. Any colour, any pattern, long or short, it’s all cool. Also, snowboarding is massive over in Latvia so don your professional snow boots, ‘Etnies’ reflective glasses and ‘Ripcurl’ puffer jackets and proceed to walk around mentioning how high your last jump was.

Lithuainia – The lovely Lithuainians are into all things natural. If you want a Lithuainian to love you, wear your hair loose, curled and flowing. For a sexy ‘up do’ use chop sticks to secure your curls, see Journo Ieva (LTU) for precise details on how to work this look and work it well. I presume one can use other cooking implements if there are no chop


sticks around. I’m sure Latvians would consider forks and spoons stuck in your hair cool too, honest.

Macedonia – The Macedonians are currently working the ‘Bling bling’ look to the max. Think superstar bad boy ‘wappers’ (rappers) Iike those music videos where everyone gets jiggy in the undergroud club. Boys, wear your pants baggy, your jackets with leather and your caps big. Laydeez, invest in some faux fur and tighter-than-tight jeans. And if you can look at your trainers without needing sunglasses then they’re not white enough. Wear these items with at least 13 gold chains of varying lengths around the neck, a ring on each finger and of course lots of diamonds. BLINGIN’!

MEGAZINE! Netherlands

- Talk turned to hairstyles as I spoke to Laura (NOL) who informed me that wearing your fringe to the side is the quickest way to make yourself instantly fashionable in The Netherlands. Clearly though, they don’t take this too seriously themselves as none were wearing their hair that way. Another trend is wearing layers, for example wear a t-shirt with a jumper over it with a cardigan over that, but then again that might just be because the weather is blimmin’ cold!

consult fashion magazines, they don’t need to listen to the designers. Fashion, for them, is all about being yourself and not giving a flying scheeeep what anyone else thinks. Currently, Polish delegates are taking inspiration from the early nineties. Rockers such as Nirvana and Pink Floyd are emblazoned across their t-shirts. Team these with a pair of über stonewashed jeans and you have instant Polish early nineties style street cred. Yeah man, rock on!

Norway - Halldor and Svein (NOR)

ever so cool in Portugal right now. The more you have running up your arm the better. If you don’t have that many friends then maybe you could give them to yourself but that would just be silly…a bit like this article.

said the biggest trend in Norway was showing as much skin as possible - well they would, wouldn’t they?! The Norwegian laydeez however, have spotted a more worrying trend for ‘moonbooots’. If you don’t know, these are large boots covered in fluff. Quite simply it looks like you’re wearing two dead animals on your feet. Just don’t go there. Also, worn out clothes are highly fashionable in Norway. Now, I don’t mean to be rude but I think Norway need to get with it. Great Britain has been working the distressed ‘I’ve just spent a day doing outdoor pursuits in my best jeans’ look for eons. Er, hello!

Poland – The Polish are cooler







Portugal – Friendship bracelets are

Romania – Tweed is the word on the street in Romania. Teamed with some classy pearls, it gives you instant lady-like chic. Boys, this trend works for you too, so I’m told. Russia – Quite simply, the Russians are diggin’ the colour purple right now. Wear anything, jackets, scarves, shirts, even leg warmers, anything goes…just as long as it’s purple.

Serbia and Montenegro Branko and Filip (SCG) endeavoured to


MEGAZINE! describe the Serbian laydeez in great detail for this piece. A Serbian girl likes her make up, lilac eyeshadow being the hue of the moment. Team this with a short skirt and a pair of heels and you’re good to go, although I got the distinct impression that this may not actually reflect the taste preferences of girls from Serbia and Montenegro but rather those of Branko and Filip!

Slovenia – Apparently, everyone in Slovenia is wearing snakeskin coats teamed with a trilby hat and a pair of cowboy boots. A rather strange combination I think you’ll agree, almost like the Journo had made it up…but believe me, it’s true. Spain

– The Spanish delegation reported a trend revival currently ripping through sunny Espanol. They were seen on John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever in the Seventies and now they’re making a comeback. Guys…prepare to dig out your parents’ flares because they’re back in fashion. Everyone who’s anyone in Spain is wearing them, the wider the better. There’s even exciting rumours


of introducing an annual ‘National Flare Leg Width Championship’ (N.F.L.W.C), where natives compete for the widest-legged flares. Exciting stuff.

Switzerland - The youths of Switzerland are all wearing their hair long. I‘m not sure what the cut off (geddit?!) age is, when wearing lengthy hair is no

MEGAZINE! longer cool and you have to get it cut. The Swiss didn’t specify but I’m sure there’ll be some official governmental policy guidelines somewhere. Apparently there is also a crazy use of primary colours over there. No one sticks to trusty black anymore - the Swiss are branching out to hues of yellows, reds and blues... together. Not sure about that one.

Turkey - Take a step back in time

to Turkey to revisit a very disturbing trend if you will. A trend I thought had long since bitten the dust, just like leggings and the shell suit did. Welcome, my friends to the return of the low buttoned shirt. Men all over Turkey are wearing their shirts buttoned three, sometimes even just two buttons up, revealing a thoroughly unattractive m a l e cleavage.

This is sick and it is wrong and I think there should be a committee writing a resolution on it during each session - it sucks. I just hope Ezgi, Ali, Hakan and Gizem (TUR) do not advocate this style, because I think once you become a low shirt wearer (L.S.W) then it´s very hard to give up.

Ukraine – Due to their incredible

success at Eurovision this year, the Ukraine have followed in the fashion footsteps of the musical legend, Roslana, taking their cue from her fashion expertise. They’re all sporting skimpy, leather cave woman / Viking type things and dancing around humming the world wide known tune of ‘Wild Dancers’. Genius.



Pish Pash Posh Special guest report from fashion stylist to the stars: Piammy Versace. FOR HER: Notice the form of the quintesential holywood look. Straight lines, vibrant colour, subtley revealing a vivacious, passionate and spontaneous inner self. She transcends traditional barriers with a contemporary chique and raw look. How does she do it? Pash power… FOR HIM: Sporting camel-coloured imported silk pash with snappy sports-casual trouser stripe combo, Ian strikes back at traditional naked neck fanatics everywhere - boys’ neckware is back – and this time it’s pash-onal! You too could achieve a fresh cutting-edge look with the canny application of some carefully selcted accesories – namely the pashmina – a trully versatile and integral part of any self-respecting EYPer’s wardrobe. Be inventive. Be stylish. Most of all, be a pish pash posh!


Megazine - Issue 3