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WELCOME ISSUE inside • welcome by president and head-organiser • what are you facing? • persons to deal with • beautiful Lille • and much more...

French and German Friendship – It is not a Blow Jak się masz, Salut, Moin, Ciao, Hej, Góđan Daginn, Cześć, Moi, Grüß Gott, Here we are now, in Lille. The global warming provides us with a lot of rain and wind but no snow and no cold feet. The weathermen have forecasted an even stronger warming for Lille and also the region of Bremen in Germany for the next days. People from here and there gather here and there and today, they, sorry, we gather here, in Lille. To make one thing clear. This is not Belgium, although it looks like it. This is France, country of red wine, cheese, lovers ... good lovers. The reason, why we are all here is the Franco-German friendship that lasts for almost 34 years now, since General de Gaulle warmly hugged Konrad Adenauer and thereby squeezed this poor man in a moment he was thinking of completely different things. » Does the French beer taste as well as German beer? « To tell the truth: NO. Poor Konrad Adenauer was pretty surprised when the much taller General took him into his arms, with his strong, army steeled muscles. The German was not used to be embraced and also kissed by another man. That was something completely unusual for a German. It is still, today, but people in Germany tend to be more internationally influenced by French people coming over for school exchanges and football matches and so they learned that kissing another man must not immediately mean to be from the dark side. Also, women started to kiss each other on the cheek to say hello. A French thing. Some twenty years later, Helmut Kohl and Francois Mittérand were standing hand in hand in Verdun. This time, the German was much taller than the French and both looked quite funny, standing there in the rain like brothers. True friendship, but no kisses. A couple of years ago, same scenery, Gerhard Schröder and Jacques Chirac. Again the French tremendously strong and tall hugging and kissing the German, not thin thin but as always great looking, seemed pleased and less surprised. So, French and Germans came closer to each other throughout all those years. Even the kissing and hugging thing became more and more normal for both. Even kissing each other. That is what I would call deep and intense friendship. As a great symbol of their friendship, EYP France and Germany organised this session in cooperation. One of many, but definitely the best, projects organised by people from both countries. This session is, as a matter of fact, much more international than originally planned, as we have Romanians, Swedes, Finns, Icelanders, Italians, Bavarians, Poles and Bulgarians. Europe is more than two countries. It is 25, no, soon 27 and cannot work without one of them. Each of those needs the 26 others, and the 26 need every single one. Even Bavaria. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the First Franco-German Forum of the EYP, enjoy your stay and have the time of your life. Europe rocks the World, let us rock Europe! Dziękuję. Your President Hadrien

Welcome by the Chief-Orga Dear delegates, teachers, chairs and organisers, the work of several months has come to its culmination! I am very happy that we are finally all meeting in Lille. I hope you all had a pleasant, funny and exciting trip to Lille. For some that might be truer, for other‘s less, right? :-D Believe me, we, the organisers and chairs, had exciting trips as well. You do not believe me? Ask those who were in the car with me! Or ask our editor Martin! You‘ll hear some great stories. When you imagined this first day during the last couple weeks, you might have been a little bit scared and probably very excited, too. Don‘t worry; I had exactly the same feelings when I attended an EYP-session for the first time. I am sure, now, in the end of this day, your worries are gone, because you have discovered your charming chair and your amazing committee members as well as the ambitious orga- team. Unfortunately there is one committee less, because your chair from Czech Republic, Anar, is sick. Let‘s have a minute of silence for him!...He is missing a great session. But you guys, you are facing a great adventure, a challenge, something that will change your life. You are becoming part of history: It‘s the first FrancoGerman Forum. ;-) and while your teachers will have some time to see the marvellous city of Lille, you will set the pace for Europe with your outrageous resolutions that will cause nothing but amazement. I hope you feel your responsibility for the Franco- German couple, for Europe and even, you might not have discovered it yet – but it‘s true, for the world. Yeah! Anyway, we want you to have fun and to enjoy EYP, your committee, our team, Lille and Bremen. Be relaxed and open, smile and get in touch with everyone here! So now, you will realise these hints during euro village and the party! And be prepared for an amazing week with loads of surprises! Liitos! Your chief, Maret.

Welcome to the spot! The Editorial Welcome So, you are done. Millions of kilometers are behind you. You have crossed borders, climbed hills and you went through valleys, on the search of the European citizenship. And what have you found? The EYP: Yeah!!!! What? Not that what you expected? Wait wait, this was just the first day of an unbelievable week, that lays right in front of you. Trust me, the following week, when you cross borders, on the map and in your mind, will give you something, that you never felt before. Most things will look wired, some people might be annoying or even scarying. But they already have it. They got infected, by the EYP-Spirit. And again, trust me, at the end of the week, when you‘ll go back home, you‘ll be one of use. *MUUUHHAAAA* So, i wish you a beautiful session, a lot of fun, and please enjoy yourself. Take care and hug me. Your Journo-Team Imprint Layout

Martin Hoffmann


Martin Hoffmann

First day has come, you have arrived. You managed Cécile Massé your travel and stepped into the EYP world like Alice Martin Hoffmann into wonderland.You enjoyed your first lunch and now Editors you are entering Europe from the culinary side. Enjoy Guest Articles Maret Petersson it, it‘s tasty. Hadrien Segond You‘ve met the first chair in your life, you can‘t side on (or at least you aren‘t supposed to ;). You met rushing people, pure chaos, and a lot of love. And of course, you met LIITOS. To give you more advice, this paper will help you. It will be with you during the session,day by day in a new custom. And every day with more information, that you need to know. So, read it, it‘s worth it.

„It will be good. It is not the size that is important.“

Organizational Stuff We are all so happy, that you made it. No complications, no acciedents, no death people...that means in our world success. But unfortunately we already had to change some points in the timetable for the next days. So, to get you on the current point of knowledge, this is new newest of the new versions available...and you get it for free. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the organisers.

Are you scared? Do you feel alone? Are you lost und you don‘t know the way back to the youth hostel? Don‘t worry...For urgent emergencies (this does not include a lack of coffee) you can call +33 67 55 80 309 There you can reach the beautiful and magnificent organisers. Rules of the house Ash, the really cool guy at the reception, asked me to transfer a message to you, to make your stay here in Lille as much as comfortable as possible. Please stick to those rules: • No smoking inside the house! • Past 12 p.m. silcence to let others sleep! • Please leave the key, whenever you leave the house! • Hug him, whenever you see him!

What to f**k is EYP? Well, this is basically the question of today. And well, honestly, there is no real answer. Some say „it is hard to describe, but fantastic to live.“ Others just say: „just join“. Well, as there is no real description for the way what we do and how we do it, this paper will introduce during the week to people, who have already experienced the unexperienced. Who have been at the end of the universe. What did they bring back? We asked: EYP is unique, because... Oana: - there is Hadrien - of the Zulu Dance - of the less of sleep (we don‘t need any sleep) - we can visite Lille and the weather is great here, is not raining and is not cold





Alex: ...the persons, who are „working“ at EYP; by the atEYP is something unique, definitely. Here you will meet people from all over Europe. (Did you know that there is also an EYP in Azererbaijan?) All of you, who have arrived today, all of the delegates, are the new greenhorns in our mighty Zulu-circle. Some of us have come a long way so far, done a lot of sessions and a lot of jobs, but are surprised again, how people can enjoy EYP for the first time. People like you do. But what must be done in EYP? For these very specific and various tasks there are special task-forces. With the main aim, to be there for you. These forces are: The Orga(nisers): These are the people, you won‘t really recognize. Maybe when you arrived and they picked you up today. And you might get shocked tomorrow morning, when you will hear sounds, that aren‘t really familiar to you. More like your deepest nightmares from hell. But during the most of the time, they will be more like a haze at the horizont. They‘ll care about you. They will give you a tissue or a coffee, what ever you need. They care about that you will get something to eat, something to drink and a bed. So these people are your cereals for the upcoming week, cause they will give you what you need. They‘ve done a great job so far, organising this unparalleled session, and will do an even greater job during the next days. So, keep them up. Now they are like a small but enthusiastic plant. Help them to become a huge and marvellous tree. Coffee is their manure, and hugging their wind. The Chairs: Crazy, lazy, cool, smoky...there are many adjectives that can describe your chairs. But there is only one that fits for all of them: unique. This group of random people, that came from all over Europe. From Iceland, Poland, Finland, Germany, France, Italy and even Popetown. They came here, because of you. Because they expected people with potential, enthusiasm, ideas, dreams and Guuudde Lauunne. And they found you! You chair will be your main benchmark for the next week. They will be with you most of the time (if you are nice to them, they might be with you ALL the time ;) and you will be with them. So treat him or her like your sister or your brother. They deserve it. And if not: who told you that you are always nice to you siblings? The Journos: Well. The famous and influential press team. What was planned as a democratic triumvirat ended up in a one-person-killer-command. And here I‘am. My name is Editor. The Editor. Better known as The Journo, the Photographer or the beer-anihilation-machine. I‘ll be the one, tat comments the week. While you are holding the first issue in your hands, I‘m still watching you. Looking for you behaviour, your jokes, your quotes and silly smils. So, IMPRESS THE PRESS. Become famous and get your front page photo. Rock on!!!!

Name: Bea Zapf Birthday: 20.04.1985 Where did you came from: Homburg (saarland) What will you do during the session: Keep things running Your EYP spots so far: I started in 2002, since then various national & international forums & sessions Three words to describe the session-president: unverschämt, vorlaut, French Your personal survival-guide for this week: Enough sleep, EYP-Spirit & group hugging Last hint for the delis: Forget everything you thought to know before & just enjoy EYP! Name: Cécile Massé Birthday: 04.10.89 Where did you came from: Berlin What will you do during the session: organizer, take care for the teachers ;) Your EYP spots so far: German National Selection 2006 in Berlin Three words to describe the session-president: Hmm... Cigarettes... nice. Your personal survival-guide for this week: Orange juice, orange juice and tissues. Try to forget that I‘m tired. Last hint for the delis: Get the EYP-virus and enjoy your illness! Name: Alexandra B. Posner Birthday: 23.02.1989 Where did you came from: Bulgaria (originly) now from Germany What will you do during the session: Orga Your EYP spots so far: German National Session 2006 Three words to describe the session-president: always hungry, funny, motivated Your personal survival-guide for this

week: Coffee!!! Last hint for the delis: Don‘t loose your chair! [Edit: Our is it lose ;)]

Quotes and Rumores: Kristbjörg: „I like it hard“ Asia: „I like it wet! Do it harder please.“ Nathalie: „Ich bin ein Staubsauger!“ Ferdiand to Nathalie: „I have a got vision between your legs.“ Asia: „Could you please call me. I can‘t find me“ Random chairs: „Yes, and Kristbjörg is living in a 5-star igloo.“ Some might say... ...that Maret internalized the EYP-motto „It is not about the money“ ...some German journos mixed Lille with Lillehammer ...Finish people also stumble without spirit

This place is for you. If you have anything to contribute to the session, please hand it in to the box.

Liitos - Issue 1  

• welcome by president and head-organiser • what are you facing? • persons to deal with • beautiful Lille • and much more... WELCOME ISSUE i...

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