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LA SOPRANO Sunday 13th November Wednesday 16th November


The Official Newspaper of the 50th International of the European Youth Parliament The Official Newspaper of theSession 50th International Session

Alcohol consumption linked to mouth cancer rise Growing alcohol use is causing a steep rise in mouth If accepted cancer bycases, Holyrood experts the new haveregulations will be fully implemented by Autumn 2009. Growing alcohol use isthe causing a steep riseofinpub mouth can-hours. Many carnage" on Scotland's streets. warned just days before planned extension opening people cer cases, have warned days the Crawford, the SNP's deputy convener, said the number of Natalya “The Steel-toed Ukranian” do not realiseexperts the Alcohol is the second just biggest risk before factor after tobaccoMr use. planned extension of pub opening hours. people discharged from Scottish general acute hospitals with antesticular alcohol-related condition rose from 36,221 in 1997/98 to Mouth cancer now kills more people in the UK than cervical cancer and Mouth cancer now -kills more people inlast theyear. UK than cervical 51,079from in 2004/05 - “Binge drinking is on the increase, alcocancer put together some 1,600 people As many as 5,000 deaths cancer and testicular put together - some 1,600 peo- yet 5.9 hol-fuelled cancer each year can becancer attributed to drinking too much alcohol, million crime is rising and now we see a rise of almost ple lastin year. Asdrink many as than 5,000 deaths from cancer daily each amounts 15,000 in the number of alcohol-related medical conditions people the UK more twice the recommended on some year can be attributed to drinking too much alcohol, yet 5.9 in seven years.” occasions. million people in the UK drink more than twice the recomGeorge Lyon, the deputy minister for finance and public serm e to n dMSPs e d to block d a i l24-hour y vices reform, said the In Scotland, UK, Nationalists have appealed opening for People are not aware alcopubs after warning it was athat recipe for "drunken carnage" Scotland'sexecutive streets. was commitamounts on on some hol is a major cause of mouth occasions. Many peoted to changing outMr Crawford, the SNP'sAlex deputy convener,ple said the number people discharged simply do notofredated licensing laws cancer - Professor Markfrom Scottish general acute hospitals with an alcohol-related rosetackling from alise that alcohol condition is and anti-social ham, Cancer Research UK's 36,221 in 1997/98 to 51,079 in 2004/05. the second biggest behaviour. cause of such cancer If accepted by Holyrood "Bingetobacco drinkinguse. is on On the increase, crime is rising a after Novemberalcohol-fuelled 24 pubs in England and and now the we newsee regulations will rise of almost in the number of alcohol-related sevenimplemented Wales, which 15,000 have successfully applied for licensesmedical will be-conditions be infully years.”free to serve customers up to 24 hours a day. In Scotcome by Autumn 2009. land, Nationalists have appealed to MSPs to block 24-hour George Lyon, the deputy minister it forwas finance and public services reform, said the opening for pubs after warning a recipe for "drunken executive was committed to changing outdated licensing laws and tackling antisocial behaviour. clared on November 9 beyond Pakistan Bombing 12 days to three months. Politicians were to debate the issue A powerful car bomb exploded outside the front entrance today. The number of cars to a KFC restaurant in the southern Pakistan city of burned – which has become a measure of the unrest Karachi early Tuesday, killing at least three people and - continued to drop and there were no overnight injuring 12 others. Previous bombings in Pakistan have clashes between youths and riot police. been linked to Islamic extremists opposed to President “The situation is getting back to normal,” PolicePervez Musharraf’s close ties to the US. Pakistan has Chief Gaudin told France-Info radio, adding that been a US ally in the war on terrorism, but as of yet the extension of a state of emergency was a nobody has claimed the attack. “necessary” measure for keeping the peace.

Paris Riot Update President Jacques Chirac has called for a collective fight against racism in response to France’s worst unrest in almost 40 years, saying discrimination poisons society. Addressing the nation, Chirac said he had asked parliament to extend a state of emergency de-

Merkel Election Development Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic party yesterday overwhelmingly approved a coalition agreement with Social Democrats that will make her Germany’s first woman chancellor. Only 3 of 116 delegates voted against the agreement. SPD members will vote on the agreement shortly. If they approve, parliament will formally elect Merkel on November 22. Newsflashes brought to you by Finn “Fingers”

K a z a k h s ta n t h r e a t e n s b o r a t ! Borat Sagdiyev, one of the British actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s character acts, was recently hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards. According to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, following his performance, Kazakhstan feels insulted. Many Kazakhs

believe that foreigners now look at Kazakhstan as a republic where they keep women in cages, and where the favourite national pastime is dog hunting. The Kazakhs have decided to consider a lawsuit. Borat Sagdiyev first appeared on Cohen’s show “Ali-G”, where he pretended to be a Kazakstani journalist conducting interviews in England and the USA. But there has been no reaction to him until his performance at the MTV show. A Kazakhstani Foreign Ministry spokesman, Yerzhan Ashykbayev, said yesterday: "We do not rule out that Mr Cohen is serving someone's political order designed to present Kazakhstan and its’ people in a derogatory way." At the show he arrived in an Air Kasakh helicopter, he introduced Madonna as a transvestite, and called an all-women band “international singing prostitutes”. There is a fine line between this kind of behaviour and common accepted ethics. However, his MTV performance was understated compared to previous acts, such as when he performed the song “Throw the Jews in the Well” in a bar in Arizona, where he received raging applause from the audience. Due to this, Cohen has been accused of being anti-Semitist by certain groups of people. Baron Cohen is Jewish. Kris “The Fist”


S O P R A N O ,



REPORT OF TASTE ! In today’s series we have the pleasure to have with us a very special person. Our guest is the worldwide famous professor Dr. Chefano de Cookingluci coming straight from his hometown in Disneyland!!! Dr. Chefano de Cookingluci is going to introduce us to one of the crucial topics of the gastronomic science. Of course this could be nothing else than the huge dilemma concerning peoples across the continents from the beginning of history:

P a g e

W h y J i l l t h e o r g a i s g l o b a l i s e d g i r l B y

t h e

D a r k



L a d y

Are you wearing Nike shoes while eating a McDonald’s hamburger and listening to Britney Spears music? Are you having a safari in Africa while drinking some Coke and talking to your friend using a Nokia phone? Don’t you have the impression that something’s a little unusual? (listening to Britney’s pop music included) Globalisation is everywhere around us, but do you really know what it is? Well, I’ll try to clarify your ideas. We can basically define globalisation as a step toward a more integrated and interdependent world economy. It has two main components: globalisation of markets (people’s tastes on a world base are becoming more and more convergent, due to mass media and new commupizza vs. pasta !!!!!! nication systems) and production (it’s cheaper for So, Dr. Chefano, over to you… big companies to move their production procGood morning ladies and gentleman, I and esses to less developped countries that can offer my belly are here today to define fact from them cheaper workers and raw materials). Even fiction and pleasure from illusion. I know if, on one hand, globalisation of production can that this specific issue needs extend knowl- decrease the price of a certain globalised product, edge of tasting and great expertise in eating, stimulate the economy of countries creating new but that is why I am here. working places, it’s also responsible for the inSo, to begin with, one of the most basic creasing percentage of child labour and decreasdifferences is that pasta definitely needs a plate in order to ing manufacturing jobs in wealthy countries. Now, let’s have a practical example of what being be consumed globalised means. Here at EYP, where people whereas pizza definitely does- from all over Europe are living together, it’s really common to have those kind of “inter-cultural n’t. One more fact is exchanges”, in which you delegates are real exthat pizza is perts; you should realise that people from different countries are having a very globalised life. much more Let’s consider, for example, Jill (LV), the international organiser. Have you ever seen such a likely to get globalised girl? She was born in Latvia, she’s lived in Holland and Switzerland, she’s got an your hands Irish boyfriend, friends in every corner of Europe, she was in Basel in July and in Bari now, dirty (especially and she cannot live without a pink shiny cowboy hat. Oh, I’m sorry Jill... You know the Jourif you don’t use nos’ mafia kidnapped it!! However, we have visual help in order to understand how “Uragano a serviette) in Jill” is now expanding herself throughout Europe trying to impose the pink hat trend.PAY ATcomparison to TENTION JILL.. JOURNO MAFIA IS WATCHING YOU.

pasta which seems to be much safer unless you decide to eat it without a fork. But there are some more crucial factors that affect one’s choice. For example, although pasta is served in a round plate, you always know where to start eating it from: from the middle and then spread out. Pizza on the other hand has no starting point! I mean, don’t you feel really stressed when you have to choose one of the equally sized, balanced delicious pizza pieces from their position in the circle? It is a very hard decision since they are all the same. Thinking even further, pasta is soft; I mean it is more liquid than pizza which is solid, so you don’t have to cut it. On the contrary, pizza is solid (sometimes too solid actually), so you must use a knife to cut it. You may now ask what is strange about it. Well, this is where psychology mixes in the fields of gastronomy. Because the harsh action of using a knife to cut the pizza makes one release all his violent and brutal instincts that nature gifted us with, it helps release the anger and get rid of all bad thoughts and hatred. After all that, where do we conclude? We conclude with the most significant contradiction between pizza and pasta. This is the fact that after consuming pasta, you have to wash the plate; in the case of pizza though, you just use the box to put your used socks in it…isn’t that amazing???? Orestis “The Dirty Bang”

MAMMA MIA! • The first chicken infected with bird flu has been found in Italy. Supposedly a man in South-Korea found that sauerkraut can cure that sneaky disease and his chickens were saved! • The oldest animal in the world, Harriet the Turtle, celebrated her 175th birthday yesterday. • Good news for the French. The tooth of Napoleon (broken, pulled out in 1817) will be put under the hammer next week at auction. • Yesterday the world famous blind Dutch organist got locked in a church after a performance somewhere in Southern Europe. • Estonian politicians are taking action to join the capitals of Estonia and Finland within the next 10 years. • In Germany students of 3 schools can officially attend classes in their swimming suits– the heating system has taken a turn for the hot. • A newly discovered star will be named after a Bulgarian transvestite – Azisi. Congrats! • A pair of men’s underwear found on the 4th floor of the hotel. Probably the cause of World War Three. • St. Nicholas Union in Switzerland decided to forbid the Santas to place children on their lap. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! • A Hong Kong gourmet has bought an Italian truffle weighing 2.7lbs for €90,000. • A sparrow knocked over 23,000 dominoes in the Netherlands, nearly ruining a world record attempt before an exterminator shot it dead today. • An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Sclae has hit northern Japan. There are no reports of fatalities.

To bring you all the fresh news – Cousin It The chairs team mafioso and pressroom paparazzi! Turn over for the profiles..


S O P R A N O ,

I t a l y


L o v e s


P a g e

i t s

t e l e p h o n e


i n v e n t o r

by Buba the Schrimp Killer

“Antonio Meucci not Bell - invented the telephone”

“Haiduc ! Ciao ! Merhaba ! Hi ! Salut ! Hallo !” : most of EYPer’s cannot live without their cell-phones. But do they really know who they should be grateful to ? Well, the official inventor of telephone is the italian Antonio Meucci.

Meucci was an Italian emigrant who left his native Florence in 1835 for the New World, never to return to Europe. In his young age, Meucci was admitted to the "Accademia di Belle Arti" on 27 November 1821, and remained in the Academy six years, following the schools of Chemistry and Mechanics. From 1823 to 1835 he was first employed as customs officer at the gates of Florence and then worked as a stage designer and technician in various theaters, including the reknown Teatro della Pergola. Absolutely fascinated by scientific research of any kind, Meucci read every scientific tract he could get his hands on, and spent all his spare time in Havana on research, inventing a new method of galvanizing metals which he applied to military equipment for the Cuban government; at the same time, he continued his work in the theater and pursued his endless experiments. When he arrived in New York in 1850 and became a friend there of Giuseppe Garibaldi, later the unifier of Italy. He lived on Staten Island until his death in poverty at the age of 81. A prolific inventor but a failure as a businessman, Meucci invented a device he called the telectrophone for communicating with his handicaped wife from his workshop. He patented his invention in 1871 but failed to find someome to sell it . Five years later a Scots-born American, Alexander Graham Bell, successfully patented the instrument we now know as the telephone. But as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s scientist Nicholas Negroponte comments : "Bell died a pauper. He may have patented it but he certainly didn't get wealthy. It's not like some of the other inventions that netted a great deal of fortune for the heirs." In june 2003, Italy issued a postage stamp to mark the official recognition of Meucci as the inventor of the telephone and President Ciampi honoured him at a ceremony at the telecommunication ministry, commenting that both the telephone and radio were invented by Italians. Grazi Italians!


Before I start this article I would like to mention that all of the male chairs except Kostas surveyed refused to share their MOST memorable experience(!).

Kostas: Was swimming in the fountains in Basel 05 with 40 other people. On a more serious note, I would say that it wasseeing my committee for the first time at my first session (Stavanger).

Nemenja: At my first international session we went to a Thai restauarant as a comittee. We all ordered the same soup, but when we tasted the soup, it was so spicy that we all made a weird sound(“uaghhhh”) at the same time.

Nas: My most memorable experience would be six people staying in a room arranged for two at Bialystok, Poland(October05). Bent: Errrrr... my most memorable experience would be watching the Greek pianist Vasilis fiddling (!) around with a piano in the Hämeenlinna ‘99 Euroconcert.

Michel: Wait I need to think about it.......................................... You’ve been waiting for enough time, now let’s see... I guess it would have to be making an ambassador speech in Prague (2003). Tara: (Note from author: being one of the BEST chairs she answered immediatelyJ) İt would certainly be performing at Euroconcert in Stavanger 05. Kair: Ummmm. I guess it would be being constantly ecstatic after the bonfire in Tabor 04, due to some mischief... Philipp: In Weimar ‘99 the trip to Buchenwald (a concentration camp) was certainly a once in a lifetime experience but last night was great! Chris: Some of my best experiences would be singing Vettae olet Voimaa (Semmarit) at (unofficial) Euroconcert in Berlin ‘04, dancing for the first time in my life at Vienna ‘98, getting kissed by a random Polish girl for guarding her purse in Rome ‘99 and in Dubrovnik ‘01 I went swimming in the ocean with 4 Belgian women at 11PM. Thomas: The moment i metThe Thechairs Godfather, teamobviously. mafioso and pressroom paparazzi! Turn over for the profiles..


S O P R A N O ,



P a g e


Hey, Lorna! What’s up?” Something extremely awkward happened to me yesterday on the way back to the hotel; I was sitting at the back of the bus, leaning over the window and trying to keep my eyes open as the bus driver made anything humanly possible to get us all “bus” sick, when eyes met the figure of a familiar person sitting right across the corridor. There was something strange about the face, something unusual that I had never noticed before. That strange look on her face got stuck in my head. I knew I had seen that look before, I was sure about it, I could almost recognise it. And then came the revelation... It was so obvious, right in front of my eyes, how could I not have noticed before? How come no one else has seen it? It was her. Yes, undoubtedly it was HER. The one, the only, the most famous of all, the mysterious, the precious one. La Mona Lisa! When Leonardo da Vinci, the Florentine artist who was also celebrated as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist, painted her, back in 1500, he was already one of the great masters of High Renaissance. According to experts, the painting is a portrait of Mona or Monna (short for Madonna) Lisa, who was born in Florence in 1479 and in 1495 married the Marguese del Giocondo, a Florentine of some standing - hence the painting’s name, “La Gioconda”. The portrait was a request from her husband, as Leonardo was one of his acquaintances. Leonardo da Vinci made this portrait using two of his well known techniques, sfumato and chiaroscuro, a fact that has contributed for Mona Lisa to become his most famous work and to be considered the prototype of the Renaissance portrait. It became even more famous in 1911, when it was stolen from the Salle Carrée on 21 August 1911 by Vicenzo Perrugia, an Italian workman. In 1913 it was found in Florence, exhibited at the Uffizi, then in Rome and Milan, and brought back to Paris on 31 December in the same year, where it is still exhibited. It is said that Mona Lisa’s face was painted that way so as to fit perfectly into a golden rectangle (that is a rectangle with angles of 222.5 degrees each) and to allow the artist to structure the rest of the painting around similar rectangles. This figure of a woman, dressed in the Florentine fashion of her day and seated in a visionary, mountainous landscape is well known for its mastery of technical innovations as for the mysteriousness of its legendary smiling subject. The Mona Lisa's enigmatic expression, which seems both alluring and aloof, has given the portrait universal fame. Poetry has been written about this small masterpiece by Leonardo, and the gentle woman who is its subject has been adapted in turn as an aesthetic, philosophical and even as an advertising symbol, subject of Hollywood movies and best sellers, such as the recent “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. After the spontanious flash-back into the history of Art in the Renaissance, I regained consciousness and whispered, still trembling: “Hey, Lorna! What’s up?” Signorina in Black

‘ G r a n d e B y

M a r k

M a g o ’

‘ M a d

R u n

D o g ’

R i o t

M c D a i d

With their red tops and and Italian accents it would have been hard for anyone to miss the Grande Mago. For the past few days they have been causing a huge ruckuss about the city of Bari performing such haenous acts as: Spelling ‘We love Orga’s’ with cherry and coffee sweets. Adding an ‘m’ and an ‘s’ to the above word. Chasing and tying up all the male International Organisers. Verbally and physically abusing journalist’s at random. Creating lewd and uncouth shapes with food. Distinguished by their strange and frightening ritual of performing a trick with an object and then shouting “Grande Maaaago!” the gang has been known to act specifically during coffee breaks and lunch time, while plotting in between. Weapons of choice include ‘Pocket Coffee’, ‘Mon Chéri’ and some eniticng doughnuts. Recently the gang has been employing more obscure tactics to confuse and then abuse their enemies. They have, according to our sources, employed an invisible leopard named ‘ Marco’, a fearsome beast who prowls about during coffee break. The gang has not been challenged very assertively by anyone, partly due to these tactics and otherwise due to the monopoly over food and room numbers which the gang holds in their crime-ridden hands. What can be done with so powerful a bunch? Will Bari have it’s knight in shining GA suit, to save us from this peril? Only time will tell.


S O P R A N O ,



P a g e

O u r B y

F a v o u r i t e

C a r o l e


I t a l i a n s !

“ A m a r e t t o ”

We are all cultivated, we all know who Leonardo da Vinci (after the da Vinci code he could be considered a popstar) is, but do we know the exceptional weird details or tiny little facts about these famous Italians? In order to combine culture with a bit of fun, did you know … That in the thomb of Laura de Noves, the woman Petrarca loved according to some sources, they found a medal with a sonnet of him inside? But if she was real, it is unknown if they ever spoke, or if she ever knew of his feelings for her. That Leonardo Da Vinci had 17 half sisters and brothers, and that in addition of probably being the smartest person ever, Leonardo would’ve been a handsome man with a nice singing voice, that he was a vegetarian and he loved animals so much that he would even buy caged animals at the market just to set them free? That Frederico Fellini debuted as an actor with blonde hair and a beard, as a tramp who is thought to be Saint Joseph, that he directed a “Campari” and “Banca di Roma” commercial and that he was booed and insulted by the non-paying audience at the premiere of "La Dolce Vita" in Milan in the same year he won the Golden Palm in Cannes for "La Dolce Vita"? That Roberto Benigni, the director and actor of “La vita e bella” used to be a very introvert boy and almost became a priest? That aside from being the first real discoverer of America, Amerigo Vespucci studied under Michaelangelo and that his letters sent to Europe were more popular than Columbus’ diaries because he described the sexual, marriage and childbirth practices of the indigenous people? That Monica Bellucci has refused to move to Hollywood to further her acting career, because she hates how women are treated by the American film industry? That Luciano Pavarotti raised $8.2 million for the war children of Bosnia in 1997? That Francesco Totti handpicked his favorite jokes about himself for a book of which the sales go to UNICEF?

W h a t ’ s B y

B e h i n d

K a r l i s ” T h e

t h e

M a g i c ?

L a t v i a n - B l o o d e d

S w e d e ”

Imagine a regular week back home. Maybe you go to school, do some work, meet friends. There are weeks when you are more or less in the same mood the whole time, maybe a bit depressed in the autumn. When you come to an EYP-session, it is all different. You leave your country, all excited, come to place you probably haven’t been to, you’re greeted by people you’ve never seen before and are taken somewhere, normally to the middle of nowhere, to get to know a bunch of unknown people. You see strange faces; hear people talking languages you didn’t know existed. But at the end of the session you can’t really grasp that you didn’t know your fellow delegates just ten days ago. You look around and feel like in a big family. So what lead to that? I believe that it is the great mix of emotions, feelings and states of mind that is the “magic of the EYP”, words you so often hear. In just one week (or even one day!) you can feel exited, nervous, strange, at ease, happy, sad, depressed, exhausted, useless, useful, unique, frustrated, empty, full of emotions, tired and in some cases even in love. All these contrasts contribute to the special feeling you go home with. You get to know yourself better; you see how well you interact with other people, strange and odd situations, conflicts. And as if the emotional part wasn’t enough, you also change appearances during just a few days. Starting in baggy and sporty clothes you suddenly enter a world of national costumes. Next morning, waken up without pity you jump out your pyjamas and head of to the official part, all dressed up formally. In just a few hours you are suddenly thrown back to the 1920ies, mingling with feather-dressed “society-persons” and so it goes on throughout the week. Serious work mixed with funny games, chairs going crazy, journos fooling around, orgas dancing and just being everywhere at every hour. I guess that the lack of sleep also is behind the “dreamy” atmosphere of the EYP, at the end of the week you don’t know if you actually were at Euroconcert of just dreamed about it. So, don’t be surprised when you close the door to your room back at home, you’ll guaranteed feel strange. Lying down on the bed, thoughts will spin around in your head, the world around you’ll seem so quiet and you’ll fall asleep for a looong time, waking up, facing a period of PED – Post-EYP-


Made in Italy -

By Heidi “Capone”

Fashion and style is getting more and more relaxed it seems. There are absolutely no rules or commands in fashion anymore. Mixing colours and blending everything together is not “hippie” anymore it’s “hip”. Everybody wants to create their own personal style and be different. Old clothes and ripped, dirty jeans with a chlorine-washed T-shirt are the perfect outfit for a fashionista. There is no doubt that Italy is well- known for its high-fashion. Here you can find the biggest names in the fashion world such as Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada , Armani, and Versace. All of those famous for their luxurious accessories and clothes and they all have top designers working for them. Fashion shows are common among those big names and are always a popular event with lots of posh people and photographers. For a fashion show you should go to Milan or Rome where model agencies are also everywhere. There are many good Fashion & Designer schools around Italy, most of them in Rome, Milan and Florence. In EYP we have our own perfect sample for real Italian fashion and style, Danny Vannucchi. If you look at his style and clothing you will see what I mean!

What They Say… and What they Actually Mean Have you had your eye on somebody for the last few nights? EYP cafes are the best place where to hook up with some one. However, there are times when you don’t understand a word of what a guy is saying, or at least his actions differ a lot from what he is telling you. Therefore we have set out you some guidelines for understanding the language of rejection. The top rejection lines by guys: I think of you as a sister. (You're ugly.) I'm not attracted to you in 'that' way. (You're ugly.) My life is too complicated right now. (You're ugly.) I don't date women where I work. (You're ugly.) It's not you, it's me. (You're ugly.) I'm concentrating on my career. (You're ugly.) Let's be friends. (You're sinfully ugly.) The top lines used by girls: I think of you as a brother. (You remind me of that inbred banjo-playing geek in "Deliverance.") I'm not attracted to you in 'that' way. (You are the ugliest dork I've ever laid eyes upon.) I've got a boyfriend (who's really my male cat and a half gallon of Ben and Jerry's). I don't date men where I work. (Hey, bud, I wouldn't even date you if you were in the same 'solar system', much less the same building.) It's not you, it's me. (It's not me, it's you.) I'm concentrating on my career. (Even something as boring and unfulfilling as my job is better than dating you.) Let's be friends. (I want you to stay around so I can tell you in excruciating detail about all the other men I meet. ) By Linda ‘Jailbird’


sun picture...

with EYP. During party nights all people

The psychologists have done different stud-

dance and have fun, and it’s quite similar


ies talking about colours. They think all col-

to a Hell party. Imagine Satan dancing in

ours have a psychological relation. So, yel-

the middle of the 20’s party with crazy

low is the colour of intellectual people. It is

English guys, he’ll fit right in! So EYP is

associated with intelligence. And it’s true,

quite a hell, hell is party, is craziness.

because all people in EYP are very very very

However, yellow shows happiness. Quite

intelligent, aren’t you?

similar to stimulation, promotes closeness

Look around you, what can you see? Lots of crazy delegates? Sleepy journos? True, but also there is one more thing..

Alessandra Pepe, the organizer, has noticed

and excitement. Weren’t you all thinking

it. What’s the colour of the Session I ask her? “YELLOW!”, she answered. Right now you can find plates, napkins, folders, pens, lanyards... And also, flowers and Matera town, in general, has a yellow tone!

But the question is, why yellow? In fact, none of the orgas had planned to buy all things in yellow so maybe it’s a sign from the stars, maybe it’s destiny! Talking with the experts, yellow colour is a warm colour. It’s the colour of the light, of the sun. When anyone thinks about Yellow, the first thing that they think of is the sun, in hot temperature... Try to do it, think in yellow colour, and I’m totally sure that your brain goes to bring you a beach image, or a

At the same time, yellow has a future conno-

in yellow (excited) the day before arriving

tation. In other words, yellow causes people

in Bari?

to move on to the future, to research moder-

But you have to know one thing. Garish

nity and going to new things.

yellow is the colour of ridicule. So if you

Yellow means power, light, action; all quali-

don’t want to be ridiculed at your best

ties of young people. We are the future; we

friends party, try to avoid garish yellow!

have the power to change the world. We

To sum up, yellow is close related to good

have to act; we have to have the will of doing

humour, happiness, cheerfulness, excite-

all that we want.

ment, affection and impulsive attitude.

When you are walking along a street, you

So if you want to show to the rest of EYP

will find lots of yellow things. But now they

that you are really happy, wear a huge

will always have a positive aspect. Some-

yellow flower!

times it will express danger, arrogance, and rage, and is linked with hell because sulphur is yellow.


And thinking about hell, this is quite related

A Plague on Both Your Houses and a Kiss on Both Your Bums Dear Mafıa members,

George - Broken the Omerta

George Iosifidis has displeased the Godfather and Godmother and we demand murder by Hairy Eyeball. For those who have not yet attended the “Murder by Hairy Eyeball” course, it is a villainous look achieved by raising one eyebrow and staring intently with “Death” written in your eyes. Following these looks his will to live will wilt like a dead yellow flower. The Godparents will offer 10 Lornies for every look given to George in front of them while they are sitting in the Pressroom. HOWEVER – Should George redeem himself by declaring his undying love for the MoneyPressRoom and apologising to the Godparents, we may reconsider the Omerta. Until then, get to it – NOW. Capiche? Word.

This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community in the framework of the Socrates Programme.

La Soprano - Issue 3  

Merkel Election Development "Binge drinking is on the increase, alcohol-fuelled crime is rising and now we see a rise of almost 15,000 in th...

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