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Sunday 13th November Sunday 13th November The Official Newspaper of theSession 50th International Session The Official Newspaper of the 50th International of the European Youth Parliament

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CURFEWS PROVOKE RIOTING IN LYON Just hours before a curfew was to begin in the city of Lyon, riots broke out in the centre of the city. This is the first time during two weeks of unrest in France that violence break out in a major city centre. The French news agency AFP reports of some 50 youngsters throwing stones and damaging vehicles. A great number of riot police were already in the centre as a preventative measure and they were forced to fire tear gas in order to break up groups of troublemaking youths. Most shopkeepers closed up their doors and shoppers hurried away from the area. In Paris, where a ban on all public meetings is enforced, thousands of police are patrolling to ensure it’s followed. The city of Lyon and 10 other towns around it announced the curfew as a security measure, prohibiting

unaccompanied minors to be in the streets between 22.00 and 06.00. This is after, together with Toulouse, experiencing the most unrest in France before the weekend. More that 500 cars were set on fire, two police officers were wounded and 206 people were arrested around the country. Several hundred people were demonstrating close to police headquarters in the capital on Saturday to protest against discrimination against youths in the suburbs. “What is happening today in the suburbs is true anger – a “NON” to permanent stigmatisation, to insults and daily acts of discrimination”, Mouloud Aounit, secretary general of the Movement of Struggle Against Racism, told the crowd. Karlis “the Latvian-blooded Swede”

Gifts From The Future The Mafioso reached Don’s house quite upset. He rushed into the big room and said: “Hey Boss, I got one of our spies and he told me some very interesting stuff. I don’t know where he got it from but I bet we can use it!” So he started speaking of a big company called Sony that is going to change its security policy about 80 years from now. He said that somewhere in 2005 this company will decide to suspend the production of music CDs with anti-piracy technology which can leave computers vulnerable to viruses. This technology could be used by viruses to evade detection by anti-virus programs and infect computers. The spy claimed that Sony said it had a right to stop people illegally copying music, adding though that the halt was precautionary. This will make them re-examine all aspects of their content protection initiative to be sure that it continues

to meet their “goals of security” and ease of “consumer use” “But there is even more Boss!!”, he continued. Indeed, this wasn’t the only problem Sony is to face. In the same time she will be found guilty of breaking the agreements of software and music companies, as she will use stealth techniques to hide illegalreduplication-stopping software on its CDs. But this misstep will lead her to her own nemesis, since a group of hackers is preparing payback by developing a virus that will use that socalled "root-kit" that hid itself deep inside the Windows operating system and infect the computer from deep inside! “That is what he told me and then I killed him Boss, because he knew too much!” “We will take our measures… ! Bel lavoro, figlio mio…….” Orestis “The Dirty Bang”

AFP news agency/

From Behind Closed Doors By Hakan “Quickwit” The hottest story from last night; EYP alumni raided Bari 2005 only to be “greeted” by angry journos backed by aggravated chairs and HARDworking editors. Even the journos started throwing cups of Lavazza espresso in random directions, such as their beloved laptops, they couldn’t stop the raid. Then the chairs barricaded themselves into a toilet whilst the editors locked themselves into the pressroom, leaving the poor journos in harms way. But being journos they were well equipped for the situation, attacking the alumni with their camera flashes blinded by the bright lights appearing out of nowhere, the mob and older alumni dropped their weapons and started fleeing the battle field. At this point Bubba the shrimp-killer(FRA) charged at the alumni bearing nothing whilst the journos collected everything that was left behind and carried it to the pressroom, where they were greeted by their snoring editors. When the journos looked at their loot they realised a very important fact. The alumni wasn’t there to raid the session, they were only trying to help since they had experience. This was a good lesson for all the journos and they are now sitting around me, eating and drinking from their new source of food (the greaaaaat alumni) in such a manner that if you got to close the would probably eat you as well..

Ciao for now. By Hakan “Quickwit”

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TRAVEL TO TEL AVIV Thousands of people arrived in Tel Aviv to pay tribute to Rabin Yitzhak 10 years after his murder. Rabin, who signed the Oslo peace deals with the Palestinians, was shot by an Israeli extremist on 4 November 1995. Mr Peres urged Israel's youth to "get into political life and with your strength carry the load of peace for the state of Israel". Amaretto

This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community in the framework of the Socrates Programme.

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MORE THAN JUST COFFEE.. Although coffee is not grown in Italy, it’s the first country that pops into your mind when you think about TRUE coffee - the latté’s, the cappucinos etc. That thought is well-founded as Italy is the country where the art of making the perfect coffee has been developed to the extreme. In Italy coffee tastes a little different everywhere you go and the same type of coffee can be served in all sorts of different ways. Usually drinking coffee is more associated with relaxing and spending hours leisuring in cafés. But the Italians treat coffee like a drug rushing in and out of a café and finishing their cup in a minute or two. You can all feel this on your day off when trying to find a quiet place to actually SIT down. Bet you can’t find a coffee shop with tables on your first 3 tries. The Italian coffee society is as complex as Italian society itself with number of rules about ordering, a wide variety of different coffees for different occasions and social disapprovals, which are frequently broken by most tourists. No need to worry about that, it’s more about the taste. Many Italian cafes make you pay for your coffee before you go to the bar to get served this is a good way for them to make sure that no one leaves without paying. When you have paid you take the reciept given to the barrista (bar owner) who will make your coffee. You’ll have to be fast to keep up with the locals, though. They will have finished their coffee before you have even had your first sip. Ellen Cousin It Murula



P a g e






As the preparation for the 50th session of the European Youth Parliament continues it seems poignant to look back on the changing face of the organisation from Fontainbleau in 1987 through to the present session in Bari. Our experienced teambuilding expert Tim, veteran of 47 sessions (and still going strong!) offered his precious time to this journalist for his views on the morphing miracle that is the EYP. From the beginning, he said, the quality of all participants has constantly been improving, mainly due to the improved selection processes and the ability of all national committee’s to learn from the mistakes of the past. When asked of the difference between his first session and this one, he noted that the teambuilding was undoubtedly more physical, involving climbing and absailing, a sentiment also expressed by Chris (chair) when he complained about not being allowed to "do the 'trust and fall off the wall' game". It is this ability to change, however, which has allowed EYP to be so successful and to reach its half-century of sessions with its future looking bright. Tim continued by asserting the often forgotten importance of the teachers and that if EYP continues to learn from its problems and mistakes it can "challenge what the future holds" with integrity and confidence. Special Sessions: Bari alumnus and their first sessions Vienna 1998: involving the refusal of German delegates by Austrian host families. Hämeenlinna 1999: with a very special setting within the grounds of a castle. Oxford 2000: originally meant to be in Dublin, but organisational problems occured. Athens 2000: organised entirely without the use of email (unthinkable in this day and age!). Stockholm 2001: accomodation on a boat with 4 showers and a frozen lake for teambuilding. Dubrovnik 2001: "the session of all sessions" according to George (Chair). Tallinn 2003: a session which ensured the rationing of its sticky-buns. Prague 2003: blessed with mountains, snow, log cabins and Czech dumplings every day. Villinus 2003: teambuilding situated in a military academy: cadets included. Durham 2004: organised by a team of 'Angels' who made the session 'heavenly'.





Here are some pretty useful expressions to improve your Italian but also, for those of you cannot even say “Hi” to people walking around us, to learn fast and efficient extremely useful expressions for everyday use! Let’s begin:

• • • • •

Buon giorno,ragazze/ragazzi ! (Good morning, girls/boys!) Come ti chiami? (What’s your name?) Mi chiamo… (My name is…) Mi vuoi sposare? (Will you marry me?)

Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te, principessa (I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, beautiful princess!)

• • • •

Scusi, dov’é il bagno? (Excuse me, where is the bathroom?) Basta pizza.. la odio!! (I hate pizzaaaa!) ♥Amore, dimmi che /kæ/ mi ami! (Honey, tell me that you love me!) Ti amo ma non posso sorridere. (I love you but I can’t smile.)

And don’t forget to thank the orgas, whenever they do something nice for you, just by saying “Grazie mille”!

by Bubba the Shrimp killer There is nothing more precious than good clear elocution to make yourself understood by the other delegates. Indeed, if during the committee work, you find that you can’t get your tongue around twisters, it is probable that you won’t feel at ease when you will come to the time of debating your ideas… To avoid you being on the first page of La Baritone the next morning, we are willing to Faffing is a real art. The best EYP faffers are definitely the ones who are ruling the GA in every kind of way. If you manage to have a word with the lovely Jill (orga, LAT) or Michel (chair, SWI) you will realise how talking style added to fashion clothes creates a strong faffer’s personnality. Now, it’s your turn to exercise at the SOPRANO’s faffing golden sentence by repeating without the text the sentence : « Articulatry agility is the desirable ability for the dexterity of your tong at the EYP session of Bari, Italy » As soon as you manage to tell that sentence correctly, you can be proud of yourself : Thomass (chair, GRE) didn’t manage to do it until the third time ! So from now on, please pronounce that if you wish and to speak with paparazzi! any gangster Thesentence chairs team mafioso pressroom Turn journo.

over for the profiles..

L a

s o p r a n o ,

i s s ue


P a g e

Cola Cola, also known as the Chicken, IL Cucu, il Galletto and what not…

The survey on the Bari 2005 Session intriguing LOGO

by “The Steel-Toed Ukrainian”

Thursday, November 10th 2005 when discovering the charming city of Matera, we saw a restaurant sign “Cola Cola” and eventually had our first Italian dinner there. Inside we saw a little bird in the wall above us, I said “Oh, and that must be the COLA COLA!!!”, everyone laughed. Friday, November 11th 2005 I saw the session banner AND finally realized there actually was that BIRD on the logo. What is it? Why is it on the logo? These were the questions I asked most orgas today and here’s what I’ve heard:


“It’s Cola Cola (!!!J) the black and white bird which was coloured to attract people’s, mostly tourists’ attention.”

2. “It’s a GALO, the chief chicken, (Eng.: rooster/cock) which is a symbol of the Bari football team, they actually bring the live roosters and throw them on the field before the match for good luck.” 3.

“Il Cucú, the whistle typical of the Bari area, made of fired clay (info also proved by the booklet we got last night on Matera).”


“It’s the chicken, which is symbol of Gravina/Matera/Bari and what not...” “Have NO IDEA why it’s there! Must be a local mafia family symbol, they really like to show off this way.” ATTENTION! If you can see a clear and FUN connection between the above facts/ideas and the 50th EYP Session, let us know! You’ll be amazed at the prize you can get for the sharpest LOGO reasoning. Be CREATIVE! Stay cool! Look for the BOX, bring your ideas in, WIN THE PRIZE!

MATERA – THE EYP MAFIA HIDEOUT FOR THE WEEKEND Mystical whitewashed town, perched high on a mountaintop and towering above ancient olive groves; gloomy stones with small passages between them – Matera is the perfect place for more than 200 EYP mafia members to hide from the rest of the world for a couple of days. As you are up to your daily criminal actions, this will help you to improve your strategies. Matera di Sassi is the best surviving and most complete example of rock–cut settlement in the Mediterranean region. It has a rich history which dates back as far as the Punic wars, Matera being founded in 251 B.C. by a Roman consul. Nobody can say for sure where the name of the town comes from, but one of the most probable theories is that it derived from “Mata”, which means “heaps of rocks”. From the 17th century on this area was left to the poor, who at first lived in bare caves, which were afterwards developed into house-like structures. People lived in the caves until 1952, when they were evacuated by law because of the extremely poor hygienic circumstances. Nowadays everything is different – the Sassi is known for recreation, beautiful sights and friendly dogs. Sassi di Matera was added to Unesco’s World Heritage list in 1993.As you can see now, Matera di Sassi has changed a lot with time. I hope you used the advantages the city provided you with for satisfying your interests (whatever they might be – luring one of the cute delegates into a dark passage, spending some time on you own, getting to know the local people, etc). Jail Bird (Linda)


A Cultural Disaster After spending quite a lot of time thinking of what to write about, I decided to try to give an overview of what culture actually is. Not that I think you readers don’t know anything about the subject. Don’t get me wrong - this will not be a lecture. We all know that in one culture, people act similarly, like for instance the Scots who wear their kilts and eat haggis every day. A couple of the Scots may have heard of pasta, which was invented in Italy by the god Jupiter some 2300 years ago. A few hundred years after this, his people invented the pizza, which I personally had never heard of before I got to this place as I am Norwegian, thus a Viking who doesn’t eat. We don’t have time for that due to our tight schedule of raiding French and English churches. The churches are rather spectacular, as they actually appear in more than one culture. They were originally built in Greece, which is also the cradle of the Acropolis architecture and the style in which, of course, all Greek cities are built. Kris “The Fist”

A BIT OF MAFIA HISTORY Mafia, or La Cosa Nostra, began in Medieval times in Palermo in order to protect estates when Landlords were not there. They wanted to change the underdevelopment of Sicilian agriculture and make Palermo the centre of trade, commerce and politics – it was then the Mafia meant something beautiful, bold and self-confident. In the 1800’s, the Mafia, organized as a group, became criminal and violent. They created the Omerta, which was a strict code that all members had to follow - if they broke them they were killed by other Mafia. In the next century they had great influence in society and began to have important political positions. Thanks to that, they were able to influence police forces and gain access to weapons. Italy now has more than just the Sicilian Mafia. They are organised in to cosche (clans), such as the Ngragheta in Calabria, Sacra Corona unita in Apulia, Camorra in Naples and Mala del Brenta in the Veneto. The mafia have always used revenge as a form of expression. They think that revenge returns to them the honour and respect that they have lost. Revenge is used when someone insults one member of their group. This insult can even be something trivial, and there are no criteria to know when they have lost their honour. Revenge and murder become something elegant and consummated where corpses are symbolic acts. Two famous Mafioso were Al Anselmi and John Scalise, famous for trying to kill Al Capone. Born in Italy, they moved to USA because of legal problems in Italy. They created one of the most famous murder techniques in Mafia history: rubbing garlic on bullets. This makes sure that if the victim does not die from the shot, then they will die of gangrene. Today the Mafia exists not only in Italy but also in USA, Japan, Mexico and many Eastern countries countries as well.

Carla Thefor Heartbreaker The chairs team mafioso and pressroom paparazzi! Turn over the profiles..



A Day in the Life of: An Organiser 06:00 – Wake up, feeling optimistic at the prospect of a fun and stress-free day. 06:01 – Remember where I am… 06:15 – Get into shower. Still crying from 06:01 realisation. 06:15 – Orga meeting starts, have found shoulder to cry on. 07:00 – Wake delegates – this bit´s fun! Issue 2 07:10 – Wake delegates again… 07:20 – And again… silly lazy smelegates… The Official Newspaper 07:30-21:00 – Fill place of pack mule that died of exhaustion carrying boxes, moving pianos, translating for Italians, dancing to amuse Lorna… etc etc ad infinitum. 12:30 – I´m flying above the clouds, with not a care in the world.. 12:31 – Woken from power-nap by phone; delegates are missing, presumed scared. 13:00 – Growling of stomach becomes audible; replace food with coffee, cigs, expresso, laughter at delegates silly questions, cappucino, latte, orange mocha-chip frappacino… 15:30 – Woken up from caffeine induced coma by journo demanding interview. Silly lazy journo… 17:30 – Bring Lorna coffee as attempted bribe to improve working conditions… plan backfires, must now fill out all missing delegates forms in triplicate and get them signed by Silvio Burlesconi. 19:00 – Delegate sick in hallway… silly lazy chair gets cushy job of comforting delegate leaving me to clean up. 04:00 – Finish cleaning up; time for bed. Organisers, you are all incurable optimists and professional masochists – we salute you!!

of the

that Italy…

• •

Became a nation-state quite lately, in 1861?

Loves football passionately and has won the Football World Cup 3 times? Signorina in Black

Has, as estimated in July 2005, a total population of 58,462,375 citizens? • Has Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in the position of the President€of Sunday 13th November 1 the Republic and Silvio Berlusconi as prime minister? 50th International the European Youth • Session Hasofwithin its territory two Parliament independent states, San Marino and the Vatican City? • Is subdivided into 20 regions, some of which enjoy special autonomous status concerning legislation on local matters? • Has one official language - Italian; however French and German are co-official languages in certain regions? • The Italian judicial system is based on Roman law modified by the Napoleonic code? • Has almost 3 million immigrants who make up 5% of the total population, although undocumented immigrants vary from 0.8 million to 2 million? • Has a capitalist economy, divided into a developed north and a less developed agricultural south, where 20% of the population is unemployed? • Is 85% Roman Catholic but has smaller firmly rooted Protestant and Jewish communities and a growing Muslim one? • More than 75% of Italian words are of Latin origin?

GOLDEN RULES TO SURVIVE IN THE ITALIAN JUNGLE BY THE DARK LADY Ok guys, let’s start with an obvious consideration: Italians everywhere are considered funny and crazy people who just eat pasta and pizza and who just want to have fun all the time. But did you ever think about how is it frustrating to come to an EYP session and be considered as a sort of circus animal?!? Luckily (and I’m talking as an Italian girl) we’re going to spend 10 days in this beautiful (and a little lazy) Mediterranean country.. Do you feel lost and confused? Here are some golden rules for becoming a true Italian delegate! Follow them and at the end of the session, after coming back to your home countries, your friends won’t recognise you. Speak loudly; don’t be afraid to scream in the street or to sing your favourite song on a bus. Always arrive at least 10 minutes late (sorry organisers!) at every meeting, it gives you power!! Don’t be afraid to interrupt someone else’s conversation, you must be free to say whatever you want, whenever you want!! (However, I suggest you not to use this rule with chairs, orgas and journalists). Wear sunglasses. If it’s raining? If it’s dark and foggy? It doesn’t matter!! Be vain. Follow the example of our fashionable Prime Minister!! Sun beds, weight lifting (I know, you’re still young, but time

The Roaring 20’s by Heidi Capone Gangsters and Dolls- A night back in the twenties. That’s the theme for the party on Monday and it’s making a really special atmosphere for the whole session. Many of you probably had no idea at all about what to wear. I didn’t have a clue and if not for the great Internet I still wouldn’t. As a preparation for the party I have made a little lists of ideas (not obligations) about what to wear and how to speak. Enjoy :

“You can get a lot more done with a kind word and a gun then with a kind word alone” (Al Capone)

Girls - Nice Dress - Pearls - Feathers - Short hair (pined up or a wig) - accesories - red lipstick - hat -gloves

Fag - a cigarette Heeler- a poor dancer A flat tire – a boring person Jeepers creepers- My word! Know one’s onion – to understand On a toot - under influence of alcohol Torpedo - a hitman You slay me ! – That’s funny I have to go see man about a dog - I have to...

Boys - Suit - Hat - Tommygun

The chairs team mafioso and pressroom paparazzi! Turn over for the profiles.. This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community in the framework of the Socrates Programme.

La Soprano - Issue 2  

unaccompanied minors to be in the streets between 22.00 and 06.00. This is after, together with Toulouse, experiencing the most unrest in Fr...

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