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Dear Reader, This is the last editorial, as our session is slowly coming to an end and in just several hours you will be sitting in your train back home, thinking was all of this actually worth my time? Well if you think you could have spent your time better chilling with your friends, read our article on how can eyp actually give you some experience and skills you won’t find that easy somewhere else. In few hours you will know, if you got selected or not. In case you will be one fo the lucky ones to have a possibility to attend another session abroad, congratulations from us. But in case you were not that lucky, don’t be sad, we are open to everybody, speak to one of the organisers or representatives of eyp germany and they will surely help you and keep you involved in this amazing youth project. And finally don’t miss our cover article on idealism, how we deal with it and what role idealism plays in eyp. We hope you enjoyed our newspaper, that you will take it home with you as a memory and even if this is going to be the only session you will ever attend that you remember in 1, 2 maybe 5 years all the silly games and important discussions you had in Schwerin.

Zero days left, no regrets Anar Kučera, Editor



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Partners of the 21st National Selection Conference of EYP Germany


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what came first? the chicken or the egg? by Quynh-Anh Nguyen-Xuan and Hana Láníková

Congratulations! You have almost made it through the General Assembly! Thus having experienced a session from the beginning to the end, you might have realized that there is some kind of idealism in all of us.

idealism of never facing a world war again. Having witnessed massive manslaughter and devastation, the thought behind the UN was full of optimism and the universal concept of peace. However, no ideology always has to have some positive idealism to it. Even though the creation Back in ancient Greece, notable and of the UN was more than a good idea, there had bearded men already used to ponder the ques- been similar organisations established before, tion in the title. There had been a lot of disputes but they failed. It’s hard to realize and it takes a about the so-called chicken or the egg causality lot of work to support those idealistic views of dilemma – there is even a nice Wikipedia article the world. on it, feel free to check it out - but what’s im The same is for the European Youth Parportant: No one gave up their attitude. Similarly liament, where some people see it as an option endless discussions about idealism can also be of how to present their ideas to a broader audiobserved in today’s world. We can mainly find ence and possibly achieve something in their such beliefs among young people. Although it lives. Young people’s enthusiasm is intense bemay not be fashionable to have an Aristoteles fore they eventually encounter trials and tribulabeard anymore, we seem to have a few philoso- tions. On the other hand, others might hold the phers who submitted the chicken or egg causal- opinion that EYP is merely immature “fooling ity dilemma! around” with no actual meaning for the general With increasing age there generally public. The latter idea has something important comes some kind of disappointment and their in it, but EYP strongly supports the will to come view on the world grows more critical. Some up with good and creative ideas, which is essenpeople are even proud to think that they are tial for mankind. Sometimes people need to be way more intelligent if they assume a sceptipushed, so they will bring the best out of them cal, negative position and call it realism. Taken and not squander their potential. If everyone together, it is less complicated to point at the displayed a critical attitude, we would just be facts than to try and change them. If you keep nodding to each other’s grouses all the time. standing up for your beliefs and try to preserve Idealism is important in our life; after all, them all your life, you’ll be grateful for the fact people will always disagree on this. Just like on that you have had something to live for, because the philosophical contestation of the chicken you didn’t waste your time. and the egg! Or wait, was it the egg and the The United Nations were based on the chicken?




“go big or go home” by Benjamin Eisert

of their abilities. This experience inspired me in so many fields and gave me an incredible boost You came with great expectations. You of motivation. EYP is undoubtedly worth the have felt awkward during the first teambuilding sacrifice of true dedication and sleepless nights. games. You managed to make your way through Just see yourself, evaluate once you committee work. You presented and discussed arrive back home. What did you experience? your ideas and eventually formulated a resoluWhat could you learn? Did you make the most tion that is being tested today. Regardless of of your talents? your expectations being met or exceeded (the Each session of the EYP gives everyone way it should be), the general assembly gives involved the chance to go to the limits of one’s you, the delegates, the final chance to make this capacities. The last three days, you’ve literally session unforgettable. So make up your mind been working and playing hard. Hopefully, you and passionately express your opinion. EYP have as I do, found the motivation and inspigives you the unique opportunity to do so and ration to set high aims and to achieve those to stand up for your ideals. And as a bonus, even aims, no matter how hard they might appear at greater adventures are yet ahead of you. This first. Though, I have made the experience that National Session could be just the beginning of this boost of motivation somehow loses effect your EYP journey. after a certain EYP-free time, me becoming Istanbul and Zagreb await you. It is goeven more inefficient as I already am. As I can’t ing to be legendary. Having been a delegate at manage to attend too many sessions a year, I International Session in Lillehammer, I can say, searched for more regular sources of motivation that an International Session is astonishing in all to work harder. One of them is homepage of my aspects, an experience one can never forget. I browser: ‘’ , offering could have never imagined learning that much nothing but constantly changing short memorain such a short period of time. Equally imporble sayings/maxims, reminding me of my resolutant, I was and still am amazed by the incredible tions and what I wanted to achieve. amount of fun and excitement such a session Let EYP inspire you and in a few days, offers. EYP is much more than just a debatthink about what you want to achieve very ing competition. You will meet people from all personally for yourself and how you work toaround Europe, but all sharing the motivation wards your aim. Until then, be the best delegate and enthusiasm to move forward. You will be you can be! Or let me correct the quote of captivated by this inspiring surrounding of peo- my homepage and „Go big before you go ple - each of them striving to make the very best home!“

Why to rock GA?


interview an eyp veteran by Stella Benfatto and Benjamin Eisert




We interviewed a member of a really important group of EYPers, that are sometimes rather in the background but still more than important: The teachers. They told you about EYP, brought you here and made this possible for you!

interview ers and delegates. The experience of an International Session was truly extraordinary! What was your funniest moment at EYP? At Tromsø, we teachers went on an excursion and chased reindeers. This is actually something I never could have imagined!

Karin Urban Dalberg Gymnasium from Aschaffenburg.

Have you noticed any change in your students‘ behavior or attitude after they had come How did your EYP journey start? How back from an EYP session? does EYP work at your school? Almost 99% of the students that I My school has been participating in EYP brought to EYP continued with it. And some of for more than ten years, and since 2002 I’m in my former students are even in the officials‘ charge of the model parliament class. We used team at this session. Once the virus of EYP to spend one hour per week on it, but recently it infects them, they can hardly let go. It’s really is getting harder and harder to find a spot in the nice to see how students personally develop by students‘ timetables. Of course it takes lot more making real friends all around Europe. Their partime to properly prepare for a session, which ticipation raises their awareness on European also makes us work on weekends. But preparissues. ing for EYP is much different from my regular work as a teacher, and I thus enjoy working on What would you change about EYP? a variety of challenging subjects along with my Definitely it would be even more intereststudents. ing to have a greater attention by real politicians and institutions on the delegates’ resolutions, in Where did EYP take you until now? other words to make the resolutions visible and I personally had the possibility to attend accessible to the public, to have a greater imaround 7 National Selection Conferences. We pact. even had the chance to participate in the International Session in Tromsø last year, though it How long do you want to continue with was rather short due to the eruption of Eyjafjal- EYP? lajökull. It is always nice to meet some teachers As long as there are students at my again, at those sessions. school who are willing and prepared to put in some efforts, I wouldn’t set any deadline! How did you personally benefit from EYP? I really benefit from each new EYP ex At this occasion we would like to thank perience! You always meet new open-minded all the teachers who dedicate a lot of their people. In some aspects, EYP is similar for teach- free time to you!



the stage is yours! by Zuzana Holakovskรก



your future revealed by Karin-Liis Lahtm채e

I like EYP YES


I wear smart casual clothing


YES During GA I sleep

I wear normal clothes, duh I wake up before the wake-up call


I like teambuilding



I shower once every 2-3 days

I like writing





I like to speak

I like being in charge


I like reading



I would like to be a journalist



I sleep until late

During GA I hold the placards


I shower every day



I would like to be a delegate again




I would like to be a chair






The sessions all evolve around your well-being and you enjoying yourself. In return, you are asked to produce the most innovative, creative resolution ever.

You are responsible for getting your committee to work well together, being their mentor in time of need, and teacher when there is a need for time to add finishing touches to the resolution.

You are to observe and report everything that happens during a session mainly for the entertainment of others and sometimes for your own amusement, as well.

*test results may vary




how much have you gained during the session?

by Zuzana Holakovská

Of course we are not interested in your weight gains, but what we really want to know is how much experience you gained at this session. You may differ from your classmates a little after you return to school or maybe you already have been different. So the question is: Do you feel the same way?

is necessary that both sides respect each other. As all of you still attend a high school, often you need to face tasks such as holding a presentation in front of your classmates or delivering an oral exam. Those are great examples of situations where you can surely use your better debate skills, you learned through the EYP.

1) Behavior and personal characteristics „I have become much more spontaneous and less shy by playing all those embarrassing silly games in front of everybody and I am not shy anymore when I meet new people.” (Katharina – IMCO) When being a teenager everyone experiences huge behavioral changes. Someone becomes more shy or homesick, some may begin being mean. I can assure you, it is never too late to learn how to tolerate and respect others and keep and share your views as well. By learning how to laugh at yourself and take yourself less seriously you can ease up the atmosphere and help finding compromises.

3) Language skills „Even though, both me and my friend Katharina spent some time abroad we managed to improve our English a lot at this session.“ (Vanessa – IMCO) Most of you have neither English nor French as your mother tongue, and as only those two languages are official for any EYP session, it is more than essential for all delegates to be able to express themselves clearly in a foreign language. Of course nobody expects you to talk as if you were a native speaker, however I am sure it makes you happy and proud when you are able to have a fluent conversation with people from abroad.

2) Debate skills (rhetorical ability) “I learned how to have an argument and tolerate others at the same time, I am definitely going to use this skills when I talk to my parent.“ (Jana – FEMM) I am sure every single one of you has at some point in your life experienced an argument either with your relatives or somebody in your school. In order to be heard it

Most of you couldn’t wait for this session to finally begin, and surely no one wants it to end. Sadly everything has its ending and not everybody can be selected to represent EYP Germany abroad. But the good thing is that it´s only up to you, dear delegates, what you yourself do with the possibilities given to you. Before you leave Schwerin think what you already gained during the past five days.




secrets of the question box by Stella Benfatto

Throughout the session we offered you a great possibility to ask questions or write us comments on anything that come to your mind. Now we opened the box and read through all of your contributions, lets just say it took us quite sometime, but here are the some of those we found in there. Especially for the Danish Delegation: The question was “y u no speak Danish? ” Here is my answer: Jeg taler ikke dansk her ved sessionen, fardi jeg kun er tilladt at snakke let aften timerne, det siger mar selv!

Since there are people still asking who Anar is… Well he’s the Asian looking guy, who’s editing the wonderful newspapers that you received! What was first thing to appear on Earth: an egg or a chicken? We all know that there was a huge dinosaur egg from where a funky chicken hatched. Where is my unicorn? Look into your closet!

What would be the perfect way of killing someone? Why everyone hated Justin Bieber so much at the improvisation theater? Try to kiss him or her on the neck! Well, thats hard to answer as there are many How do the ghosts reproduce? different reasons different people may have, but one we know, all of them are quite jealous... Ask Dieter! I would like to thank you, for all the What does Dieter do during spare time? weird, random challenging questions that have been asked! I’m really sorry if we haven’t been Tries to sleep able to put all of them into the newspaper. However, if you really need or want to get an answer Did the Danish male delegate playing a woman to your special questions, you can approach the turn any of you on? press team in person! Someone as artistic as him is always turning the press team on!

P.S: Yes, Benjamin (Journo) is indeed single at the moment.




WE WANT YOUR OPINION!!!!! 1. What was your favourite Teambuilding game?

2. Which of the informal activities did you like most?  RegioVillage  Welcome Party  Improtheatre  Cultural Programme

it’s all about you!

 Photo Hunt  Bonfire/Cellar

3. Who was the . . . official? most smiling ______________________________________ most helpful ______________________________________ funniest ______________________________________ coolest ______________________________________ most inspiring ______________________________________ smartest ______________________________________ 4. Do you even know who Anar is?  yes  no  kind of  Is Anar male or female?  other: ______________________________________

by Quynh-Anh Nguyen-Xuan and Hana Láníková

Do you remember those two stressed out journos sitting in the entrance hall??? That’s us! First of all, we want to apologize to those whose faces temporarily got lost in the chaos. You know who you are. And now to the important things! We have the results from the survey! Most of you put a lot of thoughts into filling out forms and we have to thank you for that. And after we processed all of the answers here we have the results! It was really fascinating to see how much you appreciated cooperation games as well as extremely demanding energizers. The first places in our poll were taken by the spider’s web and street fighter. Hadouken to that! We, the journos, are more than honoured you enjoyed the games we prepared for you with the organisers. Together we have done our best to make the session somewhat exceptional. As for the officials, our little survey showed that surprisingly both the most smiling and most inspiring official is Maria. Who would have thought that! She has positive energy all around her most of the time, lightening up every delegate’s day. Throughout the session, the persons you found most helpful and caring were Benjamin and Ugis. Thank God they came to the session. However


5. Were you satisfied with your committee topic?  definitely  no  I don’t know  I don’t care  other: ______________________________________ 6. How would you describe the session in one word?

7. Did EYP change your views on different issues?  yes  no  I can’t tell yet  I don’t know  other: ______________________________________ 8. Could you imagine participating in EYP again?  When is the next session?  Er, no.  other: ______________________________________

 maybe

With lots of love, your journos Hana and Quynh-Anh

Please hand it back to us as soon as possible! 

if you need a laugh, just go and see Karin, because she’s officially the funniest official around. That’s how Estonians rule! You agreed that Yann and Max (only we don’t know which one) deserve to be called the masters of coolness. Also, our masterly know-it-all Dimitris managed to trick you into believing he is the smartest guy. And apparently, our lovely editor is doing his work professionally, because the overwhelming majority of delegates didn’t even know his face. The organizers did a really good job with picking the topics, most of you were quite satisfied with the discussed issues. Even though you were not able to decide whether being at the session actually changed your views or not, a large number of you can’t wait until the next session. That makes us want to dance ecstatically, because it means we are going to meet you again! Thank you for the supportive feedback you gave us. You were truly inspiring. Thanks to you, we feel we’ve become better journos now!

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