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k c i K y l i a D

Mission for a key: Dear people. since last night, chair Maxim is missing his key. He asked us, to help him, by asking you. The key was at a blue lanyard. This is printed with ‚‘. The lock is made out of metall and there are different keys in. If you have found the key, please contact either Maxim or somebody of the organiser. Thank you for your help!

„Read it, it‘s worth it“ David Hasslehoff

Whats inside? Kicked.................................................2 Eurovillage .........................................3 All about how to build a team......4-6 and much more !!!


by Birgit Prinz and the Lama Rijkaard Dear Audience, what a first day and night. Now you all know where and how German students live.


To know something important about football and why EYP is useful for people to lose all prejudices and hatred towards others peoples have a look at the counter-example from the tiny little country that already went home. But we won‘t tell you which country it is...

Editorial 2 by Petr Cech So, the first official Issue of our wonderful papers are out and you have something to read while enjoying the barbecue (well maybe not, depends on if we stick to our timetable). So enjoy and if there id anything you want us to put into the papers, just tell your journo. EYPsychotest by Thierry Henry

Since the beginning of the session, how many : 1.hours of sleep a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10 2. persons kissed a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

3. rabbits seen a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

6. flags signed a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

4. bikes bumped into a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

7. cups of coffee drunk a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

5. beers drunk a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

8. songs sung a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

9. bananas eaten a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10 10. people kicked a) 0-1 b) 2-5 c) 6-10

most a): You need to give all the best to get fully integrated to the session. Have a beer, sing the frog song or the Zulu dance, have a banana for coffee break, French-kiss a cutie one and kick your EYP spirit !!!!! most b): You’ve got the EYP spirit that makes no doubt at all. You truly know how to have fun and take the most of a session. But you still can do better: who said that human beings need to sleep at night and that an average consumption of 78 cups of coffee/24 hours was excessive? You can kick it even harder!!!! most c): You obviously are an EYP-addict and you never ever miss any opportunity to enjoy every single part of a session and have as much fun as much can. You already forgot what sleeping was about and you have more or less 3grams of blood/litre of coffee in your veins. So keep on having loads of fun and kick it!!!!



by Thierry Henry Agents: Mc100 and LB000 Their mission: taste all the food and drinks and to make a country top 3 Goal: reached After spending so much time standing in front of each table with high heels and having a glass of each and every kind of drink delegates offered them, our two agents finally succeeded in coming out with a top 3 of the countries offering the best drinks like absinth and becherovka. First come Czech Republic, these lovely red-football-shirted creatures seduced Mc100 and LB000 with an outstanding diversity of beers and other delicious typical drinks. They obviously fell in love with the red creatures and the insane amount of drinks they had. Czech Republic, you rocked the Eurovillage ! Then comes Ukraine, with their Horylka red pepper honey drink lovely Ukrainians succeeded in charming Mc100 and LB000, so much that going on walking around with heels became such a conceptual task for the two agents. Congratulations Ukraine ! And last but not least we have the Netherlands, the agents truly loved the tiny cups with very sweet orange Willems liquor, as colourful and effervescent as

the Dutch are. Bravo the Netherlands !

Kick (it in) your tummy by Diego Maradonna

Ooooh, groan, our stomachs... Special mission agents Mc001 and LB1000 are still complaining of horrible pains in their bellies and have been doing so since last night. We had so much to eat, thank you for providing such a variety of tasty national delicacies. After a while of thinking though we have come up with the top 5 foods so here is the 2006 Kick It Like EYP Forum TOP 5 food list: Nr.1 Nr.2 Nr.3 Nr.4 Nr.5

Dutch Stroopwafels Estonian Smoked cheese Swedish meatballs Belgian waffels Czech potato salad

Daily Kick

(in-)dependent newspaper of the Kick-It-Like-EYP session 2006 in Münster. Editors: Anar Kucera, Hadrien Segond

SOS CALL Some people in this session truly suffer from a big lack of coffee, therefore become violent, depressed or even more annoying for organisers. Please stop the massacre and get journos some coffee as soon as possible.

Journos: Lelde Benke, Marie Cauzard, Martin Hoffmann, Maryna Huz, Marko Kopplimaa, Anne Moral, Gill O‘Halloran, Münster, Germany, June 2006


Crime & Punishment

scaring her with one of his homebread geckos and Rita (PT) tried to succeed in robbing a bank on horseback. The last crime was committed by Francesca (DE) who deliberately threw a volleyball into her coach’s face after finding out some bad news about him. Punishment methods used by the experienced Miss Voynarovska included various name, trust and puzzle-solving games, the convicts also spent some time singing the infamous Frog Song, which some admit to have been the most horrid ordeal faced during the long day of punishments.

By Diego Maradonna

Muenster, a hot summer’s day at the Aasee park. 10 young Europeans have gathered under the control of Miss Natalya Voynarovska of Ukraine to complete their punishment for various crimes committed throughout the last year. Sveta (RU) is here to gain a clean conscience after brutally injuring a fellow player in a game of tennis, Asha (PL) needs to earn a forgiving for doing serious, highheels-to-blame damage to a young man’s foot while showing off on a dancefloor and Julia (DE) must serve a punishment for hitting a colleague on the head with her clarinet. More bodily harm has also been done by Olga (UKR) who managed to knock a man unconscious during a boxing match, Mirte (NL) who dropped her sports bag out of a window and hit an old lady on the head and by Caroline (SE) whose language skills were turned into violent spoken abuse combined with a little physical abuse after a late night out with friends. Laila (NL) woke her neighbours one too many times during the night due to her extremely loud laughter, Jo (DE) caused an old aged pensioner to faint after


by Bastian Schweinsteiger Do you know what the real necessity of nature is? The Evolution. That is at least what the Committee on Environment learned by their chair Sebastian right in the beginning of teambuilding, by going through their different steps as rabbit and cow. It hasn‘t been easy for them, as they also soon realised, that their balls are to small to play with them and that not everybody in the committee partiality for adorable girls, kneeing right in front of you. But committee on environment has already done something, that the other committees will proof during committee work earliest: the presented their self as a team! Led by Isabella, they walked felt thousand miles through mud and bushes, without losing any team member. Respect for this, Environment!

Quotes: Célia (delegate, FR): - I want a piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink balloon !!! Maximilian (Head-Organiser, DE) to Marie (Journo, FR): - Would you give me a hug for one second ? (less that one second hug) - Ok, thank you, bye, see you later. Sebastian (Chair, DE): Oh, this won‘t work with this balls. Martin, do you have bigger balls? Civil Rights II: !!! Stop pulling on that !!!


The Pool of Love (By Diego Maradonna)

A strong magnet suddenly pulled me towards a bunch of young Europeans playing under a tree in the Aasee park. I had never experienced this feeling before, I felt warm and fuzzy inside and my head was spinning, heart beating fast. Now I know it was love, as the Committee on ... Affairs had not taken long to jump into the pool of l’amour and were willing to accept me into it too. The first minutes of our meeting passed by playing the Coin Game (can you imagine, they only met a few hours ago – true love!) where special interest in the opposite sex was expressed by Zach while Ilya and Julian were more than happy to stick to their own gender company. The next games on chair Nathalie’s agenda were Honey, Tell Me That You Love Me and the Spider’s Web, both involving a certain amount of physical and in some cases mental contact. Many a good quote was produced throughout the day and loads of giggles were heard mostly coming from the seven lovely ladies of the committee – Jana, Diana, Cinderella, Nille, Anna, Klarissa and Solveig. Be sure – never before has a committee bonded so well in such a short period of time. Prepare yourselves for strong opposition during the GA, these guys are a real close-knit team meaning wonderful cooperation and a united view on things.

least during the teambuilding, even the female touch did not solve the Gordian knot on its own. Frustrated screaming and complete concentration mixed but finally Lot found a solution, everybody could agree on ;) At the end, to keep the session topic alive, they really kicked the committee on environment during wizard, dwarfs and giants. At the end, the all of Lots young Che‘s sit down and have been united. Such as the idea of socialism is, not depending on any ability or gender.

giving all the best in order to get to know each other as much as they could and to let their fellow delegates know how special they really are. I watched these lovely creatures write their names on pinkish-purplish balloons and their gorgeous chair, Monika from Poland, hung the balloons in a tree. They really looked like cutie angels playing in the middle of clouds. Then step by step, I found out that these little angels, being so shy at the beginning of the afternoon were letting their own personalities go free and express themselves through crazy beloved EYPish teambuilding games such as Spider Web, Magic stick, “Honey, tell me that you love me”... They were moving their bodies on a Funky Chicken song, they were mixing their bodies in a human knot while brainstorming in order to find out the solution to get away from each other, but in some way, and this is the point, they were coming closer and closer to each other.This afternoon has been a real success for the committee on Future, that’s for sure, they’ll kick it!!!

Name: The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. Chair: Maxim (DE) Sexiness rate: 200 % by Thierry Henry

Question: 3 words to describe your chair: big, tall, smoker your committee: international, funny, team Münster: bikes, old buildings, train station team building: funny, Maxim, names Michel: enthusiastic, motivating, Scooby-Doo (and girl from the French delegation wished to add sexy, nice and fun)

Social (Case)

by Bastian Schweinsteiger The revolution of the old socialism? As Lots Committee on Social Affairs has just 2 boys but 9 girls, the femininity is really dominating. Will the huge influence of estrogens have an influence on the new upcoming social theories? We hope the best. At


by Thierry Henry Their name is Future, they are very special, they know it and they show it. They did not waste one single minute of this afternoon, they kept on


Civil Rights 2 by Roy Keane

The President‘s committee were in full swing yesterday afternoon playing games with eachother and against other committees and embarrassing themselves to the fullest! During the chaos energy balls were thrown, balloons were burst and mouths had to hold water without swallowing for a long time! Some interesting facts were learned along the way too...someone was lost in the forest with friends for 2 day with only water, another revealed their love of spiders and the stories of many bodily scars and wounds were shared. While it did take a VERY long time to make the circular rope into a perfect square, especially since Catarina was caught rapped up for most of it! However, despite some mishaps, there guys proved that they make a great teamand are well able for the chaos ahead of them here at Kick-It!

Foreign Affiars committee. First steps. by Andrey Shevchenko Please answer the quastion: what does every session begin with? Of course with teambuilding! You dont knov what is teambuilding? Oh, you are real new-comer. Welcome to the EYP world, full of fun, possitive impressions and friendly people. Thus, this article is about teambuilding, about the team and about the committee on Foreign Affairs. This committee consists of 11 amazing personalities from every part of Europe. They are very different, but they can be a great team, sorry, they are the greatest team. One day of intense teambuilding was on the agenda and this process was


achived by the beautiful chair Magda, who manage to create a fabulous and all-ready-to-work comittee. The teambuilding process was started whith the typical „name” games. In the „name- and-adjective” game the delies introduce themselves and gives an adjective before their name. The adjective the delegate choose should stsrt with the some latter which their first name begin, so as a result of this game, we got to know that the committee consists of extraordinary and realy unique persons, i.e.: mad Magda, wild Wauter, bad Bernard, violent Violetta, exciting Eduard, jubilant Jenna, tremendous Tanya, kind Kristin, joyfull Johanna, violet Vera and handsome orangeHarm. During the next games the committee moved on towards getting to know each other more closer. They did it by devivin into pairs, spending some tome together, talking and trying to explore each others. It turned out that Jenna and Tanya are keen on reading, ther read everything and everywhere, maybe, even in theirs dreams, Wauter nd Bernard are the football fans (welcome to the world cup 2006) and Harm belive that it’s no important to like sport for being handsone. And one more game was the game named „Spider Web”, this game is proved to trustbuilding process in committee . Who did say that it is impossible to pass everyone through such tiny holes. Not the committee on Foreign Affiars! And they did it! Thus, what is the best commitee? Shure you are! So, Foreign Affiars, get ready for a long, exciting and wave journey, named committee work!

Gossip Well… where to start? At the party after eurovillage and committee presentations, everybody was forgetting their differences and the Worldcup. Dark and handsome Portuguese guys were dancing with Swedish blondes, showing off their native dance moves. But it didn’t just stayed with innocent hip swinging, no… saucy looks were being thrown around, sexy words whispered in ears and hands were secretly hold. An anonymous guy in orange was getting quite close with an unidentified blonde girl in red. There were also some random guys adding some English spirit to the party and who can resist their charm? Actually there was being a bit of a competition between The Netherlands and France, with the Dutchies taking the lead at the first half, but the Frenchy frogs won with 2-0. After the party everybody was getting back to the dorm, tired but satisfied. It seemed that everybody settled down, but looks can be deceiving. And with that I don’t only mean the parties that went on behind closed doors, but also the innocent looking blondehaired blue-eyed Swede that still has to learn you shouldn’t tell a journo everything. You’ll get away with it this time, just make sure you’ll remember your committee members names ;-)

Committee Presentations by Roy Keane and Gianluca Buffon After the amazing variety of food and especially drinks provided at Eurovillage, the stage of the hottest club in town was set for the committee presentations. In true Kick-It-Like-EYP syle football dominated the evening while our super head orga, Max and sexy Anne began the show on a high note which was continued by the committees. Opening the show were Research with ²Honey, tell me that you love me² followed by Future singing football songs. Next Foreign affaires made us guess from which country they were from and Civil Rights then composed a song using the audiences help while Environment mixed ²We will rock you² with ²Better world². Family and Health showed us how families watch football all over Europe and told us how Polish footie fans really spend their time at matches! It was subtle, but we all saw it! The President joined his committee; Civil Rights 2 on stage to show us their secret handshake followed by Social affaires who loosened us up from our head, shoulders, knees and toes! Now, even though all the committees were now finished there was still time for the editors to embarass their press team...and may I say, they did a very good job at it! Finally, the chairs embarassed themselves with their brief ²We will chair you² but the bottle blowing was quite impressive. Overall, the evening was a raging success with the Portugese showing thier patriotism while the Dutch were getting picked on, but proved their resiliance! While at first the venue seemed a bit small, it filled with bursts of laughter providing a great atmosphere and a memorable evening.


Fashion Guru by Thierry Henry

Maybe you already noticed, but there are lot‘s of new fashion trends around here and we decided to publisch what will „rock“ the summer.

Well, nobody really knows what this has to do with fashion, looks like the Thierry got overexcited by some upside down delegate<.

30´s style hat in freaky orange color together with matching orange shirt...what we have here is a perdect dutch supporter !

It`s big, pink, fluffy and a ring at the same time, what more can any girl dream of ? Some still say that it is a bunny tail


Modern tee-shirt with frontside print in Diesel style and statement in French, perfectly trendy.

Torn jeans revealing a slightly rebel personality, so sexy, so trendy, congratulations Hanna !

Daily Kick - Issue 1  

David Hasslehoff Mission for a key: Dear people. since last night, chair Maxim is missing his key. He asked us, to help him, by asking you....