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brick. #02


by Martin

Sorry guys, i’ll skip this for today cause of timereasons. Hopefully next time. enjoy your GA.


brick. #02 What’s inside an orgas’ mind? by Pierre Not all of the orgas have been introduced in the Brick´s first issue! Tonight it is time to meet the Pürckhauer sisters (Lulu and Sonja), Liesa and Sebastian! The team of journos wanted to break to public knowledge what goes through the orgas´German minds. So, we simply asked them some trick questions (that´s called investigating journalism)! We asked them about the most as well as the least beautiful words in the German language. The answers gave us food for poetry! Even more enriching were the answers to the second interrogation: If you were a human right, which one would you be?

Sonja and Lulu both absolutely hate to see a Krähe eating a Zwetschge but they love to see Schmetterlinge flying in the Mondschein! (...hate to see a crow –dark spooky bird- eating a plum, but they love to see butterflies flying in the Moonlight). But Liesa is less interested in nature than the Pürckauer sisters. She is more into food! Her favorite german word is „Kekse“ (cookie). The one she likes the least is „Spinat“ (spinach)... Easy to guess that she´d answer pretty much the same if she was asked the food she likes and the one she dislikes. Sebastian can’t stand „aufstehen“ (to wake up), but on the contrary, likes hearing the word „Gleichgewicht“

(balance). It drives him absolutely crazy! So does the freedom of haircut! Curly haired Sebastian just couldn´t live under a military haircut dictatorship! Coming to question of which human right the girls all would hold the dearest: Liesa and Sonja couldn´t imagine to live without freedom of movement or freedom of expression. It´s hard to believe any of the EYPers could, as crossing half of Europe only to discuss is part of our lives. But Lulu sums it all up; her dearest right is – no kidding :) - „the right to life“... We are willing to give out five Dachoniens to the person who writes an article proving Lulu wrong!


brick. #02 Having seen the dark by Pelle After the impressive and moving visit at the Memorial Site, it was time to discuss the mood and feelings of all the delegates. What were the expectations before they went and how did everyone experience the excursion? These were the main questions during the reflection. Feelings were hard to

to imagine camp life, where most of the time you had to work in cruel conditions. As a prisoner, all your basic human rights were taken away and you became a number. They were treated like animals, which could be seen on the horrifying pictures. For everything you did, you could be

explain, because of the emotional impact the Site left. The shocking details about the numbers of prisoners and the outrageous torture methods are only some of the many frightening facts about the Memorial Site. Realising that humans were and are able to do terrible actions like this,

punished cruelly. At the SS-camp, where the ovens were, one of the most shocking things took place: the medical and chemical tests on the prisoners. Because off all this information the atmosphere during the reflection was gloomy. Many emotions were in the delegates heads and it was hard to put them in plain words. In general for some of us the visit at the Site was intimidating, others found it more a learning experience.

was a disturbing insight. At the Memorial Site itself, it was frightening that on the exact spot where you walked, corpses had lied on the ground. The empty yard filled with fog was a terrifying image. Because of that fog and the cold weather it was harsh


brick. #02 majors reception by Pelle After a day of teambuilding and sitting in trains and plains, the moment to meet the mayor came. After honest and open speeches of the mayor, the head-organize r s and our president, finally the country presentations began. They started with the Austrian presentation consisting of a beautiful slideshow and were followed by the Belgium tennis match and some energetic dances of the Netherlands, Germany and Ukraine for everybody to join (Just remember “Laurenzia”, for example). Poland challenged three volunteers from the audience to pronounce Polish words, which proved to be both difficult and entertaining. The Czech did have an amusing magic show in their presentation, using sterotypes of the beerdrinking, money stealing football fans of the Czech Republic. The three Latvians gave us a taste of their abilities to sing loud and proud. Grand! The song of the Romans – oops, I of course meant to say Italians was pretty cool as well. After all this, a delicious meal was waiting for all of us. Dinner was just in time, because the tummies of the delegates urgently needed filling. Be-

cause delicious “Leberkäs und Fleischpflanzerl” (Bavarian specialties, impossible to translate, but needless to say: they c o n tained meat) a n d beer w a s waiting for everyone. Satisfied, we all went back to the hostel, where the party went on. To top all that: at midnight t h e party people celebrated the birthday of two delegates!


brick. #02 how to earn dachoniens by pierre The session’s auction will take place in very few days now! And there might not be enough items to buy for everyone! It’s time to collect as many Dachoniens as possible! There are lots of ways to do so: - As we said in a previous issue of Brick, you can earn money by giving the officials foot-massages... - Or by writing an article for Brick’s lazy team!

NEW! All officials can now offer you Dachoniens for your good deed! The first of the delegates’ written article!

Barbara Lucius (LIBE2) is a naughty venal delegate, she wants to make money, plenty of money! But Barbara is smart too, that´s a change! She read attentively Pelle´s article about the Dachonien new But it’s time to reveal you new ways to market and she noticed two things: „I can have the chance to become the richest Damake MONEY by writing the journos chonier ever! an article“ and „That journo re- Why don’t you create your ally is fond of massages, he own company in order to only speaks about MAScelebrate the freedom of SAGES!“ So she wrote an commerce and industry -alarticle, which is more a law most a human right- and to article than a newspaper´s make money on your comittee one, but still she earnt three mates!? Dachoniens for this! Yes, three! - Write a poem using all the german Let´s read: words that you’ll find in the „What’s on Article 1 (and only): an orga’s mind?“ (the ugly and the lovely ones), send it to Brick and you’ll earn Every journo is guaranteed freedom of masDachoniens! You can write the poem in sages. This freedom can be limited if the term any language but the obligatory words „massage“ occurs more than three times on at must be in German. least one page of the latest issue of Brick. - You can supply officials with coffees, cookies or pieces of candy. But you We´re warned ! And as, personally „feewon’t get a reward if the official doesn’t dom of massages“ is my favorite human actually eat or intend to eat what you right, I´ll obey diligently to that new rule! provide them with, so choose with care, Just so you know, Barbara-I-like-the-rules what you’re going to offer them. is German...) - Be creative! Entertain us! A smile - a Dachonien. A laugh – you’re rich!


brick. #02

have you seen... have you skimmed... have you danced... have you laughed...



brick. #02 Eurovillage by Pierre and sashka Austria: Austrian men wear skirts too Did you notice Johannes Stangl, who was wearing a kilt on the Eurovillage? Do you know whether Austrian men wear underwear or not under their kilts? The Dutch teacher got the answer as she took an under-the-skirt picture of Johannes. Let’s satisfy your curiosity; find any of the Dutch delegates and you will find out the whole truth. Ukraine: Does everybody drink that much in Ukraine? The noisiest place on the Eurovillage was without any doubt the Ukrainian table. Visitors were not only drinking vodka and eating, but also singing “Cheers!“ songs with girls in Vyshivanka shirt. So, everyone got a chance to learn some Ukrainian expressions such as “Bud’mo! – Hey!” which means “Cheers!”))) Czech Republic: Looking for company! We all know that Czech beer is one of the best beer in Europe, but we had no idea Czech people are totally unable to drink alone. They need a big noisy company to do it! Guys, we are all yours!)We proved it last night, didn’t we? Estonia: Lonely Lovely Mari “I am not alone…” Yes, you were right. The white chocolate with blueberries attracted everyone around you…Or is it your smile?))) Latvia: Beer and cigarettes Some people are addicted to cigarettes. Some people are addicted to beer. Some people are addicted to coffee. Andris, Krisjanis, Kristaps combine these three addictions)


brick. #02 Poland: Bizons are coming! The flag colours, white and red, are all throughout the table. “Zubrovka” is filling all the glasses. Przemyslaw, the winner of the EYP costume contest, is emptying them one by one. For many reasons –some of them would remain secret- Polish EYPers definitively broke Poland’s conservative image yesterday evening… Germany: “Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder…” Have you ever heard about Oktoberfest, which is held annually in Munich? You thought you missed it, but you didn’t. The festival has found its place on our Session. The taste of German beer which went together with salad of cucumbers and sausages made the real German atmosphere…So, lets the festival continues! Belgium: The EYP Cheese contest’s winner is…Belgium! Yahoo! Congratulations! (Sorry, Dutch…you tried ) The EYP Sex Appeal contest’s winner is Belgium! (Sorry, Polish…you tried…tried hard! ) Netherlands: “We aresterdam” Fully packed delegation with fully packed bags of applies to present their country in the best way. Is it the energy they’ve got from cannabis, which is not restricted in Holland? No, certainly not. Dutch people showed themselves in the best way rocking all the Eurovillage and after party! You are excellent dancers; we are waiting for masterclass!) Italy: Pizza, Pasta, Panini Neither nor was available in little Italy last night – mille grazie you showed us there is sooo much more to discover in a real Italian kitchen. Did you actually notice everything was linked to colour red? Red wine, tomato and once again the red dresses. The only question remaining is if underwear were red as well. Whoever solved this question can earn some Dachonians…


brick. #02 Romania: “Interview with an EYP-vampire” As we are great journalists, we braved huge dangers to inform you. We interviewed a vampire. - What saved us from your pointed teeth? How did you manage not to eat us while yesterday’s evening? - Hm…Eurovillage is such a tasty thing…you have so many options; besides people…Romanians did a great job with their cow-stomach soup. The best thing about them is Zubrovka, their national home-made alcohol drink Palinka. I think I will give up drinking people’s blood.

john lennon would be proud! by Pierre Chairs are dreamers and their dreams are weird... Nevertheless they’re all sweet naive people... well... all but one! One kinda pervert... Find out who I´m talking about! Nathalie Imagine all the people joining EYP Imagine all the delegates Giving me a hug

Lorenz Imagine all the people Experiencing EYP Imagine all the delegates Playing pilot chicken

Maria M. Barrister Imagine all the people, Who live in the orga room, Working and typing all day, But obviously that´s not Mari me! Imagine all the people Dancing Big Fat Pony Imagine all the delegates, Talking all the time, Imagine all the delis Keeping to their deadlines Giving Finn a gouse kiss on And having a whale of a each cheek time [...obviously you can only imagine this!]


brick. #02 Maria Imagine all the people jumping up and down at the same time. Would the Earth move? Andrea Imagine all the people Gathering in one GA But instead of arguing to each other Singing „Deli one more time“

haddi Imagine all the people Hearing all that jazz And swinging all night and day

Imagine all the delegates Imagine all the delis giving Finn one big group Crawling on their knees Spinning ´round like bees hug? Actually don´t imagine it... run for it.

Imagine all the delis Going sexy (like Belgian ones) Finn Imagine all the delegates, Naked... No, really!

Teambuild yourself! by Sashka and pelle

Imagine, dear delegate, you are taken by bus to Munich city centre in order “to go on the Bear hunt”. What team action would you choose: 1). “…we are not scared”; 2). EYP Teambuilding!? Yahoo!)) 3). Fun, fun, fun!!! Ready? Steady? Go! 4). “I know one more game we played on our NS :) Let me show you! :)” Congratulations! You have chosen all the variants… You are real EYPers. Keep the spirit with Giants wizards and dwarfs, the magical version of you! rock, paper, scissors. EYP goes sexy! 


brick. #02

Spider web, get everyone through alive The river game, use your imagination to and try not be last cross the item

Big fat pony, dancing with the ‘delegates’.

5 Sheep Shepherd, just concentrate on the sounds in your surroundings.


Brick - issue 2  

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