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The Most Gobble people on the session: Thanos (Greece) Leonie (Netherlands) Katya (Ukraine)

Editorial Last night during Conference Dinner I realized how much fun we have with each other. Dancing crazy, singing the songs loudly, getting intimate with each other, freezing in the cold just for the sake of talking with friends... And of course our most Gobble picture and Mahmut Awards... I myself was quite happy that our Random Turk with his “guzel biyik” was selected because Neven and I made a bet on that. I was for Gobble 3 and Neven for Gobble 1. Now he is going to polish my shoes – be sure that we will have pictures of him polishing my shoes on the next issue. For Mahmut Awards I hope that everyone is satisfied with the results. For the best committee award I want to emphasize that each committee in this session rocks and every one of them is a best committee in one field. Your editors love you all. Have fun.

a f o e f i l d Har

.. . o n jour

Nehir (Turkey) Baris (Turkey) Alca (Turkey) Seda (Turkey) Sarah (Bulgaria) Jacob (Sweden) VelimiC (Serbia)

Nif, nif... The sound of journo

Happy birthday to: Emma Parviainen from Finland Random Güzel biyik! of the day

Adam (Czechlands) Ipek (Turkey) Neven (Croatia)

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008

This detail show us the wonderful moustache on a female delegate... In a land such as Turkey nothing can surprise us any more.


Interview With DEPUTY Head-Orgas 1.

Ogulcan: Send all male officials home and replace them with females. Jakob is an exception. Rafet:Where shall I begin.. Long story...

How did you sleep last night?

9. What do you think of Murat the Technician?

Aysu: It was noisy Rafet: I didn’t Ogulcan: Until 5 AM on the floor, after 5 AM in the bed.

Aysu: Sexy because of his chest hair. Ogulcan: We should appreciate that he is working his ass off for us. Rafet: I’d like to meet him personally.

2. Who do you feel like kicking at the moment? Aysu: Wojtek Rafet: (glancing at the playing-with-a-stick-weird-Orga) RahmiOrhonPak! Ogulcan: Irem (AFCO), no actually I feel like beating her up. 3. If you were a vampire which orga would you bite and why? Aysu: Ece, because she’s the smallest therefore I can bite her and swallow her the easiest way. Rafet: I’d bite Ece, because she’s the most promising one. She’s fresh meat. Ogulcan: Rafet and Aysu, so I can be the only Head Orga. 4. Which chair would you most like to invite to your bed? Aysu: I already share the same bed with Ceyda and Barbaros so I don’t think that I need another one. Ogulcan: Most of them are male, that’s the problem. Rafet: Buser Say. We already share the same bed. 5. In what ways do you think Ogulcan’s chest hair improves him? Aysu: It makes him seem wilder. Rafet: It’s like a passport, it proves his identity. Ogulcan: It makes me a unique Turkish man. 6.

What’s your fetish?

Aysu: Chest hair and uniforms. Ogulcan: Editor’s comment - Too inappropriate for publication Rafet: Sexy journos! 7. What’s your latest fantasy/dream about Bentley? Aysu: Getting the walkie-talkies really close to each other and making a disturbing sound. Rafet: Fishing near the shores of Miami together. Imagine the rest... Ogulcan: Editor’s comment - Too inappropriate for publication 8. What’s the first thing you’ll do if you overthrow the board?

10. How would you reproduce if you were a dragon? Aysu: I’d like to use Orgas as baby carriers. Ogulcan: Through sexual intercourse. Rafet:I’d make love to the board. 11. Tell us something you don’t want to be published. Aysu: ?! Ogulcan: I don’t have any secrets. Rafet: ... 12. far?

What is your most embarrassing moment so

Aysu: Seeing Buser running down the corridor and dancing with only towel this morning. Ogulcan: The Romanian delegation was arriving, my voice was still normal, and I was talking to their teacher on the phone when suddenly my voice was gone. So I sounded like I was sobbing and the teacher couldn’t understand me and thought that I was making fun of her. Rafet: Shouting at Ece when she was the last one to deserve it. 13.

Who’s the hottest same sex official?

Aysu: Ceren Ogulcan: Tony (AFET1) Rafet: Martin. 14. What’s the first thing you’ll do after the session? Aysu: Sleep! Ogulcan: Die, if it doesn’t happen during the session. That’s most likely. Rafet: Get a good night’s sleep and watch a documentary about Rolling Stones. 15.

What are your final words?

Aysu: Just go away! Rafet: Orhon! *!#$!#@ !!! Ogulcan: We have been working hard with the session and I’m really f**** up right now we hope you have as much fun as we and feel welcome and a part of the EYP community and we hope to see you again and blahblahblahblahblahblah [editorial comment]

Aysu: Build a swimming pool for the EYPers.

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


AFET page By Sarah & Kate AFET 1 Fairy Tale Once upon a time in a far far away Kingdom there was a Committee called AFET 1. In this kingdom was a princess with a unique beauty - Tony and a noble prince Begum. Then a disaster happened, the wizards (AFET 2) came and took away the lovely princess Tony. 11 strong warriors – dwarfs went to rescue her and get her back to the beloved Kingdom. The wizards were so angry that they tried to kill the princess’s soul mate – prince Begum. After few bloody battles the 11 dwarfs with the help of their

Hot dragon love

brave spy managed to rescue the prince. A week later the lovely couple got married and lived happily ever after. by Committee Members

AFET2: holding and dictating

from AFET2

“accidentally” dropping the paper. This was her way of skipping golden rules – she really liked Erno and Phillip. Three of them could continue the game forever, but committee work was waiting for them.

How is the committee? Active, friendly, eager to work, and trying to cooperate. Dragons exist. And they That what I said on the first day and I am are fast and furious. No ready to repeat it each time. That is the spirit of AFET: Active, Friendly, Eager, And AFET2 was carefully exploring the topic, one can see dragons discussing and finding the right way: “We only because they fly so Challenging. The result will be seen in a are transforming into DROI” (Viko), “They couple of days. However the important fast and high that a do not vote for the programs. They vote human eye cannot catch thing is the process not the result. for the people” (Viktor), “Do people have them. Dragons are very to suffer in dictatorship? - hmmm - Can During the teambuilding the committee attached to traditions someone look it up?” (Phillip), “The most that they keep living in has followed a rule “we hold hands AND important thing is to change people’s we are ready to hold other parts of the the place where their minds.” (Julia). body”. The first eye-contacts transformed (and our) ancestors into close relations in one short day! How lived thousands years But AFET2 can not only work, but have will their relation look like at the end of ago – in caves fun, too. That was seen during the somewhere deep in the the session? Something family-like…..well, committee dinner, when the delegates THAT IS the sense of EYP! mountains. The forced Edward to dance Turkish dance. mechanism of breathing Julia and Vlasta were good competitors to “Suck and blow” was a small preparation fire comes from the Gizem and Ecem who are native Turkish. to a serious work, and Ceyda was dragon’s menu – they drink only petrol from he/she’s misunderstood by Here are the answers given gas station, which leads by AFET 1: human beings. to breathing out fire. That’s why we decided to Dragons have two ask our dear committee 1. A dragon is living in members a few questions 101 (Begum’s Do you believe in fairy favorite dishes: human about dragons! room) tales? and gold. But all the Here are the questions: 2. When the dragon Do you think they’re based dragon passion can be sees Tony he/she on true stories? seen through their 1. Where do you think gets angry and Do you feel like you sexual intercourse. They sometimes live in one? they live? starts breathing have really wild and 2. How do they fire. breathe? 3. Who says that violent sex. Dragons Each and every one of us 3. Why has nobody nobody has seen would have different reproduce through fire. seen them taking them? Begum answers on these three This sexual intercourse into consideration sleeps with one. questions! What’s more really hurts and burns they exist? 4. They eat petrol and interesting is that almost in dragons from the inside. 4. What do they eat? fire. every fairy tale there is a This is the price you pay DRAGON! No matter if he/ 5. How do they 5. Begum’s dragon for passionate sex! reproduce? reproduces with she is bad or good one, Tony in 308 on the small or bigger one, or just right bed!

Dragon Article

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


“AFET2 dictates you!” is a slogan of THE COMMITTEE “AFET2 on maailman paras komitea”, “AFET2 je najbolji which is creating a sincere friendship during discussions. odbor na svijetu”. In case you do not speak Turkish, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Finnish or “AFET2 dunyanin en asmis komitesi!”, “AFET2 es el Croatian, it means “AFET2 is the best committee in the mejor comité del mundo”, “AFET2 a legkirályabb world. And we can fully trust these words, as they were bizottság a világon”, “AFET2 ist das beste Komittee auf said by the AFET2 members, and who can know better? der Welt”, “AFET2 é il miglior comitato del mondo”, =)

Genetically Modified Sharks Look around yourself. Everything is genetically modified. The paper you are holding, the ink on it, even the computer it has been written on. This is all by virtue of our ENVI turtles. We think of problems and solutions: there are many, many, many problems which can be solved – but we just don’t know yet how. Sometimes it was frustrating so much that delegates started to take bites out of their foam cups. Oh my!

They asked life changing questions such as “how do you possibly stay awake?” to which the answer of course is: use the Force. Yes, the green energy runs low, it is time for an energizer... and not just any energizer: the Shark Song! From boys, girls, baby sharks, English sharks and Dutch sharks, to our belly dancing Turkish shark – ENVI makes the foundations of the building shake. But one thing, where was the GMO shark? Besides getting our energy flowing, the brain needed a good wake-up too. Let’s play... the country game – again. The struggle continued but finally, yes finally, ENVI’s beloved (but sometimes rather slow) Greek chair Konstantinos “got it”, just after asking if he and a fellow Country Game Grasshopper were stupid. Hip hip hurray! And back to Committee Work again. The ENVI committee is especially fond of balloons, heart balloons to be specific. Balloons fly around the

committee room, just like the giggles at some point. During the Pass The Giggle game, the sniggers and the bellyshaking became so contagious… that the turtles were unable to successfully complete the game. But who cares? There are no losers! Just winners… and less winners. The hard workers of ENVI are true die-hards that will fight until the end. Go-go-power-ENVI’ers! You can do it, my baby sharks! And remember: “The only place where success comes before hard work is in a dictionary.” By Leonie

10 Things To Do With Ogulcan’s Chest Hair If you still haven’t met Ogulcan, you must! He’s one of the Deputy Head Organizers and he has put in a lot of hard work in this session. As for people who do know him make sure you compliment him on his work and effort. Your appreciation will keep him warm at night. BUT that’s not everything that keeps our dear organizer warm. As you might have noticed Ogulcan’s chest is abnormally hairy (Ogulcan don’t worry because most of the press team thinks it is really masculine and Neven wants you to know that the door of 510 is always opened for you.). Some of the officials have shared their ideas and here are some tips on what to use it for and how not to waste all that perfectly good hair:

Ogulcan, is your chest really that hairy?


You can use it to nit sweaters and warm clothes for homeless children. 2. You could transplant the hair and reduce the number of bald people… 3. … or just make some high quality wigs. 4. One of the chairs would rub cheese against it. (Wojtek, it’s cool! Whatever works for you but in “the country where I come from” it is not something you should say out loud.) 5. Use it as a beer opener. 6. Sleep on it, sleep in it, sleep with it… 7. Make an award-winning documentary about the jungle inside it and its wilderness. 8. Chairs be creative, I’m sure you could think of a teambuilding game with it. 9. You can leave it as it is and send Ogulcan to a Mister Masculine Beauty Contest. 10. And my personal favorite – Shave it off and use it to cover up the Mahmut. By VelimiC IliC

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


Make your juicy story Ask someone else to tell you what is mentioned between brackets. Don’t tell the story yet! When you have made a list, read the story with the new found words… You were walking to the restaurant with your fellow delegates. Oomph! What was that? A _________(piece of clothing) was blown into your face… blegh, smelly! But wait, this ___________ belongs to ______________(name of a chair)! Oh-la-la, and you happen to know that _____________(name of delegate) has a major crush on __________(name of the same chair)! This would be the perfect excuse to get the both of them ________, it would make your fellow delegate very happy! On your way to find the delegate, you bump into _________(name of a journo), for who you happen to have a juicy gossip! The gossip is the following: you saw ________(name of a delegate) and _________(name of another delegate) _______(verb) at the ______! Oh my god! Still excited about your gossip you fail to see where you are going, and then suddenly you trip over a _______(body part)! Auch, that hurt. The body part belongs to __________, who due to the lack of sleep has passed out in the middle of the restaurant. Aw! Carefully you step over his/her ________(other body part) and head to your table. But what is this? It smells like _____ in here, what could it be? You recognize it as soon as you see your plate; it is a __________(adjective) pile of _____(food). You don’t really like it and you start to feel ________, you need to get out of here! Slowly you ________ to _____(place). Pfff, now you’re here you feel a bit ________. That was some _______food! Luckily you’re near to a bar where some delegates are already having fun. You go in and order a 1,0l glass of ______. You have one more… and one more… and you’re starting to feel slightly ______. Yes, it is time for bed. Let’s go to sleep – tomorrow will be an _______ day! By Leonie

Puzzle section EYP mind Game If we assume that each side of the squares is a stick, then you should create 4 different squares (they don’t share any side) by removing only 2 sticks and placing them in another position (horizontally or vertically). It was a game that even the mathematician editorial assistant Adam found difficult to solve. Use your head! By Thanos

Dragons are alive and they aren’t a property of the EU. By Thanos A. Where do they live? B. How do they breathe fire? C. Why has nobody seen them? D. What do they eat? E. How do they reproduce? Cenan A. They live under the children’s beds. B. I think that their lounges are made of iron, in any other case it would hurt a lot. C. Because they live in the dark, of course. D. What else… Only the best, little children. E. By the good old-style loving.

Eyp find Game On a picture above, find out how many leaves there are... Do not get distracted....

Aysegül A. Hmm… Not something that I know. B. They have fire inside them, which is love for the others dragons. C. Since people hurt them, they don’t like them. D. Anything. . E. This is a mystery… Marijana A. In Krakow I have seen them! B. Through their stomach problems. C. I have seen thousands of them. D. They eat sweets from the coffee break! E. They don’t reproduce; they are just born from the ashes…

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


Rahul A. They exist only in my mind... B. When you puff out it is like breathing fire. C. If you puff the magic dragon you can really see them (Is this personal experience?) D. When I get the ‘munchies’ the dragon in me feeds on KFC E. Well, I can use my imagination and believe me I can reproduce millions of dragons… (Whoever had similar fetish should seriously consider signing in mental institution…) Ceren A. I don’t know… B. By their extremely bad breath… C. They live in the mountains or in volcanoes. D. They eat only princesses… Sorry, I meant soldiers that try to save the princesses. E. I can’t answer because I never had sex with dragons!

Smoking kills! Have you noticed all the cats and dogs running around Robert College? They are not only a picturesque detail but serve a far mysterious purpose… “Don’t smoke at Robert College!” is what their students have been repeating since the session started, or like Ceyda warned a delegate last year: “Don’t smoke or you’ll be expelled”. Weirdly no one refrained from smoking if the worst consequence was to be expelled from a school they don’t attend. So the school administration had to think of another way to deal with the problem. The hidden cameras in the bushes were too motionless and so they thought This little fella is of a more creative way of surveillance: canines and felines. considered a designated terrorist in The United We have learned from an anonymous source at Robert College that all cats and dogs States are equipped with secret cameras linked live to the headmistress’ office. And news from last week is that they have also begun to arm the faculty’s pets with explosive devices similar to those used by suicide bombers. The suicide belts are triggered by a remote control the headmistress always carry with her. By this, the school administration easily shortens the process which cigarettes would have caused anyhow and saves money because of the reduced detention hours the smokers otherwise would have endured. The school also saves the paper work from expelling a student and don’t have to solve the paradox of how to expel students who don’t attend the school. All in all, camera equipped suicide bombing dogs is such great investment for the school that the headmistress is willing to sacrifice a beagle or two. So next time these at a first glance friendly pets happily approaches you when you have your after lunch smoke you must… eh.. well die. By Jacob

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


A new committee has arrived! Due to trouble, most male journos (Velimir, Adam, Thanos, Jakob) have been kicked out of the press team. Instead they formed the eleventh committee. Here are the pictures of AFIN during committee work & its final result!


With the ever increasing attraction between officials and delegates, how should the EYP revise its Golden Rules policy in order for the participants of sessions to become even more experienced and open-minded in the seek of the perfect lover? Will the transatlantic relations be affected by these measures? Submitted by: Adam Liska (Czech Republic), Athanasios Karagiannis (Greece). Jakob Blomqvist (Sweden), VelimiC IliC (Serbia) The European Youth Parliament, A. Alarmed by the fact that the Golden Rules policy greatly limits a true EYP experience in subsequent ways: i)

Chairs cannot have intimate relations with Delegates,

ii) Editors cannot sexually harass their journos, iii) Journos are not allowed to fulfil their desires towards Editors, Chairs and Delegates, iv) The editorial-censorship of a wide range of EYP media, resulting in decreased EYPness, B. Fully aware of the ongoing sexual tension between i)

Neven and Adam,

ii) Ipek’s and Neven’s laptops, iii) Madame President and Nikos, iv) Thanos and the blue-eyed female delegate, v) Rafet and Ogulcan’s chest, A. Noting further benefits of this co-operation such as: a)

Cultural and international exchange,


Neighbourhood stability,


Increased energy efficiency,

B. Recognising that Emre does not possess the necessary time to pay quick visits to prostitutes, C. Fully respecting the sovereignty and independence of the EU member states and neighbouring countries,


Call upon an immediate substitution of the Golden Rules policy with Violated Banana System (VBS),


Defines VBS as a policy that obliges all participants to engage in promiscuous activities,


Calls upon Poland and the Czech Republic to respect the EU treaties and their membership by not allowing the installation of the American anti-missile defence shields in their territory;

4. Urges EYPers to have sex with locals for the sake of the EYP concept, particularly with the Random Turk of the day.

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


AT SOME TIME, SOME PLACE Okay guys, maybe some of you know this game or heard it before. It’s called “Who? Where? When? Doing what?”. The things, you need for this game are basically a paper, a pencil and some creativity. We’ve asked different people to tell us an official’s name, another official’s name, a place, a time period, a piece of clothing(if any), and an action. We’ve randomly put them together and then we added the special ingredient: the journo modification. Here is the result. Have fun. · ·







· ·

Latest news: Ogulcan and Buser were caught in teacher’s office in the middle of the night exposing their EYPness, wearing absolutely nothin’ at all.Gee, very tempting indeed. Check this out: Necle Sokullu (orga) and Sebastian were cornered in orga(y) room right when orgas were in the middle of their cool-water shower. Guess what they were doing? Losing and finding Tony’s virginity, wearing a fur made of Ogulcan’s chest hair. They must have been really hot... The great duple Begum and Tony (what a coincidence, yeah, sure...) are enjoying the Polish folk strip right now in Shuai’s (delegate from U.K) suit, with Harm’s panties on them (not when clean though, uuu...). Seriously boys, you don’t want to miss that show replayed so hurry! -Spoiler- Wojtek and Irem are going to do some naughty things at stapling night in the printing facility. Really naughty I should say... They’ll lick each other’s toezzz, wearing nothin’ but blindfolds. God knows which part of them will be blindsighted... A chairperson told me that RahmiOrhonPak (da legend orga) and Mark are suckin’n blowin’ (Oh,come on! It’s the game ya know;)) whenever he goes to pee in the men’s room, wearing latex thingies. Who the hell invented contraceptives anyways? By Seda What is that? Did I hear you well? Oh, God! Martin and Buser were seen together? When did this happen? In the dark hours of the night?! In the Forum? They were playing with each other’s magic stick, wearing jeans. Imagine Ogulcan on a sandy beach of a tropical island. Can you guess what kind of underwear he’s wearing? It’s a thong. Just ask Denizz who was torn between the thong and his masculine chest and because of all the pressure and indecisiveness, her eyes burned out. The locals and the tourists at Taxim square were impressed with the boxing match between Thanos and Nikos. Instead of the usual boxer short, the reigning light-weight champion of the world in amateur street boxing Nikos wore pants and the challenger from Athens Thanos felt so sure about him winning that didn’t even bother to take off his shoes. While the others were doing the wake up call for delegates, Ceyda and Sashka had a running race in the committee room of EMPL wearing nothing but their socks and skirts. How irresponsible? At 11 pm, while nobody was around Rafet and Katya snook out of the hotel and went to RC to get busy with “jumping”. We noticed that Rafet did have his pants on, but the weird is Katya brought gloves. Kinky? By Sarah and VelimiC

Gossips (AFET 1) Shuai (UK) is a delegate in the morning and an underwearing homo at night, as he proved at the party in room 301. “I am Banana’s” - Tony (co-chair, AFET 1) Begum doesn’t want her co-chair (Tony), engaging in “interesting activities” with her delegates. Shuai broke the rules – he was chirpsing before 12 p.m. Shuai Xang (ENVI) was recently discovered in the Robert College toilet “pleasuring himself” (if you know what I mean) English Slang (age) to chirps – an attempt to sexually impress a potential mating partner (Shuai) mandem – a group of guys which can be used as back-up in a fight (pl. mandemz) gashdem – female version of mandem gash – girls brer – a person who you are acquainted with but feel no close connection with soulja boy dance – a dance craze (refer to UK delegation) HurK – to physically batter someone into oblivion “I can make it sound nicely to you!” – Scott to Evgeny (AFET 1)

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


More Gossips AFET2 Confession from Vlasta (AFET2): I want to be a dictator. (The topic of the committee is how to cope with dictatorships) Gizem (AFET2) texts her boyfriend all the time during the committee work


, T2 When Edward (AFET2 chair) goes F E m: A e in t h m, s and sits in the corner during the h l gir atc egu 5 m B committee work, he thinks of his , d y o an ed t With ngar izem s current and past girlfriends (He spends there so much time, G y d bo deci Erno Hu tia, a d 5 a m ro that it looks like he has a harem.) ets an re has rto, fro the ne Albe tor om C rd g eyda tya s o A Vik r fr dwa ir C Ka Julia (AFET2) plays “Honey, tell me that you love me� only me ith so ia w with ikto d E cha urno l V n o o with Italian boys. u J )J sta ith , a ly c Vla m w ilipp love vely e o h Ec h P His so l Viktor from Croatia loves Viktor from Hungary. (Is this feeling t wi nus: not mutual?) e bo aybForum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008 Istanbul Youth 12 m (

Even More Gossip (AFCO) -Sebastian yesterday admitted that he wouldn’t resist the idea of having sex with one of his family members. He also said he’s a big fan of ‘golden shower’. -Shuai Zhang broke the rules – flirting before lunchtime! ...with anonymous Dutch delegates.

-Wu Tang is awesome! Join the WuTang movement! -What Shuai has been up to: -Public nudity (last night party in room 301) -Chirpsing before 12 – bad! -Cheating on Paul (his boyfriend)

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


And YES.... Even more Random quotes, bloopers and gossips Elise (ENVI): “What is the weirdest animal you’ve ever kissed?” Emma (ENVI): “A sloth” Jakob (journo): “You don’t want to know how many nuts there have been in my shirt.” Sebastian (IMCO): “Harm looks like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz” Anonymous: “My banana has been used and abused” A ‘tipsy’ Sarah (journo): “I can’t open my room, can you open it for me? I tried everything.” Neven (editor): “Polish hedgehog! Niff niff niff niff niff!” Anonymous ENVI member: “Shuai looks like Bruce Lee… and Ezgi thinks his accent is hot!” Another anonymous ENVI member: “Lisanne had an unfortunate smelting accident on a delicate area. She also can’t spell her name.” Ouch! Saturday noon our beloved chair Edward James Alexander Warrillow (AFET 2) had a full-frontal encounter with one of the large glass windows of the Mitchell Hall. There is still a face mark visible. If you see this poor and wounded little bird, give him a big hug. It’s ok! Saturday night in the hotel some of our delegates shoo-ed at by a person we shall from now on refer to as Mr. S. Quoting our source Barbaros (orga) the victims in this case were told to “get the fuck out.” Of course, this called for revenge. We were told to be present at the crime scene at 4:00 sharp so we could witness the payback. But as there is this thing called “sleeping” and we would be doing it around that time, the master plan was explained to us: Step 1. Enter the room of a sleeping Mr. S, Step 2. Put shaving foam in his hands without waking him, Step 3. Tickle his nose, initiating a reaction that would result into smearing the foam in the face, Step 4. Run! If the plan was ever executed, we don’t know.

e f th no o i t i pe t on! com sessi e h e is t f th ond ture o c e es pic cam obble 1 g e bl le Gob t gobb s o m

Gender equality at its best... Girls stapling The Papers

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


Gobble, gobble! - Issue 4  
Gobble, gobble! - Issue 4  

Newspaper of the 3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Istanbul 2008, editors Neven Caplar & Ipek