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These papers were brought to Ladies and gentlemen, you are now holding in your hands the biggest issue we, as the you by

editors, have seen since the beginning of our EYP experience. We believe that we are going to break a “Gobble Guinness Record� with this issue. Our journos are really enthusiastic to write about every single detail you do, you say, and you see. Considering the thickness of our 2nd issue booklet, we are certain that every person in this session has a huge EYPness! Thank you all for giving our journos the sparkle for fruitfulness and creativity. We are expecting your full participation in our Journo-slave Competition!

The Most AMAZING people The perfect day of a journo on the session: Thanos (Greece) Leonie (Netherlands) Katya (Ukraine) Nehir (Turkey) Baris (Turkey) Alca (Turkey) Seda (Turkey) Sarah (Bulgaria)

04:05 Gobble Gobble... 04:45 Gobble Gobble... 05:00 Wake up scared and realise that I am not lost in Istanbul trying to communicate! 05:00:35 Fall asleep again... 07:50 Dreaming that I hear my alarm... 07:55 Dreaming that I speak with an organizer telling me to get up... 08:27 Realising that I should be on the bus, it was true finally... 08:40 The organizer tells me in a very polite way to get on the bus... 08:41 I found myself with the luggage

09:47 Lost in the jungle of Robert College 11:15 Going to the journo meeting which was a quarter ago 12:26 Having lunch before everyone... hehe... 14:55 Oh, f*** I should write my articles! 15:20 Still in the first sentence... 16:00 In the committee sleeping... eh sorry, watching! 16:50 Back in the press room finishing the last article 17:00 Making fun of the editors who have to make the newspaper 19:00 lost in a land that nobody knows 22:00 Back in the hotel trying to find my room 22:30 In the shower... 23:30 Under the shower... 00:49 Drinking in the lobby and laugh at anyone who passes 01:00 Glu glu glu... 01:34 more glu glu glu... 03:49 Everyone else laughs at me. By Thanos

Random prayer of the day

Jacob (Sweden) VelimiC (Serbia) Adam (Czechlands) Ipek (Turkey) Neven (Croatia)

In this detail we can see the true devotion to the higher Being. Absolute belief in the magic power of the Being fills the sole of believer with amaze and joy. The mind empties so both body and sole are ready for a trip to transcendental world!

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


VICE VICE BABY! 1. Have you ever had your shoes polished in Istanbul? What was the consequence? Begüm: “Yes. I got trafficked afterwards.” Ceyda: “Fortunately not”. 2. Who’s your favourite orga? Journo? Begüm: “Orgas- I love them all. Journos - Velimic Ilic and Sarah, my journo. Ceyda: “Orgas - Furkan…<3; Journos - Katya” 3. Did you hear the dragons still exist? Have you heard anything about that it? Begüm: “I’m hiding a dragon in my hotel room.” Ceyda: “Yes, I have.” Ceyda: “I consider our work the same.” 4. If you were a dragon, how would you reproduce? Begüm: “With Neven! He looks like a dragon so we wouldn’t have mutant babies.” Ceyda: “By jumping” (Unfortunately, Ceyda didn’t have enough time to demonstrate the process.) 5. What is the most annoying characteristic of your co-chair? Begüm: “Sometimes, Tony’s teasing too much. Also he gets sun burns.” Ceyda: “Edward eats babies!” 6. Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray or Besiktas? Begüm: “Galatasaray!” Ceyda: “Galatasaray, of course!”

7. Which side of Turkey rocks the most, European or Asian? Begüm: “European.” Ceyda: “European.”

9. What is your room number at the hotel? Begüm: “101” Ceyda: “101”

10. What do you think of Murat the technician? Begüm: “He should overthrow Mahmut and preside the session.” Ceyda: “He’s hot!” 11. Tell us some gossip about Ezgi. Begüm: “Mahmut has an illegitimate brother.” Ceyda: “2380. Do you know SAT?” 12. Tell us some gossip about Ogulcan. Begüm: “He’s fond of Bentley.” Ceyda: “DEPUTY” 13. Share with us! Begüm: “My room number’s 101. There are three of us in the room and there are four beds. I have the double one.” Ceyda: “Concentrate!” (In-house joke from Dublin)

14. How’d you like the interview? Begüm: “Very nice!” Ceyda: “Adam rocks!”

15. Any final words? Begüm: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” Ceyda: “Vice vice baby.

8. Do you feel like a better vice president than Ceyda/Begüm? Begüm: “No.”

By Adam & Velimi


Dragons in Istanbul Dragons live! Our press team witnessed some of them in back streets of Istanbul. But don’t be fooled - they don’t look like regular dragons from fairytales. They walk in a new disguise – as shoe polishers. The dragon uses this very effective tactic for getting his food, which are euros. After catching a sight of a group of tourists, he “loses” his brush (“loses” means loses on purpose) and when the stupid foreigners call him back, he starts to polish shoes of one of them. This is also the way how dragons reproduce – other dragons begin to appear literally out of nowhere and begin to polish shoes of the remaining tourists. City council waged a war against them ages ago, but without success. We call on our delegates – don’t be seduced by them and do not contribute to their reproduction.

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008



In the small and friendly family of EYP, after an Sausage and intensive day of playing games in committees, the pirogues. time has come for sharing the most important Simple and thing of all – the national food. Keeping in mind effortless. The that most of the countries have really common slippery cheese dishes with some small differences, we did manage and rice to find some extremely unique tastes. pirogues. Excellent taste! The sausages with horse radish were really good too, a little bit like wasabi in our opinion.

Bulgaria Bulgaria had truly searched deep in their country’s cuisine for some outstanding goat cheese but foremost: homemade yoghurt with homemade honey. Our gastronomic experts’ cold, professional appearance melted when they tried mixing both of these together. Anyone who missed this experience should feel ashamed. Like really ashamed.

Ukraine The Ukrainian table was set with different kinds of interesting crackers.


Pretzels, gummy bears, pretzels, (unopened) beers, pretzels, clay and pretzels. Basically this is the first impression of the German table. There are pretzels, or Pretzels as you would write it in German all over the place. However the brightly coloured ones are not edible, mind you. These pretzels are the work of passers by who were indulged in true German culture: Pretzel making! With blue, yellow, red and green playdough, EYP’ers are challenged to make the most pretzel-like pretzel they can. For those of you who think it is easy, think again. There is more to it, there is an actual pretzel making technique. You have to sling, swing, twirl, swirl and do all kinds of silly movements and then, voila, magically a pretzel appears! For details on this technique, or pretzel making lessons, we recommend to find Lukas. He is your guy when it comes to allGerman pretzelling. Pretzel word count: 14.

United Kingdom

Russia Russian Girls in glittering dresses in every corner of the hall… To some strange reason Russians were almost the only delegation in national clothes and there was a great difference in attitude towards Russian food: some people could not swallow a single piece of it, whereas others missed vodka to make the feast perfect.

Eu ro


lla g


To the sound of Pendulum (note: an Australian ba lured nd) delegates and others wondering around are to the UK table. Like many, we were unsure what to expect on the English table. Fish and chips maybe? No someth ing better, something warmer, something less fattening, someth ing less salty… TEA! Accompanied by a massive tank of hot water, the lads from the UK served their concoction according to an ancient recipe: Sugar + milk + tea pads + hot water = English tea. Unfortunately those requesting for a cuppa were soon rejected as the British delegation had ran out of cups. Later the tables turned as it were the tea bags that ran out of stock, when there were cups available again. But no sweat, there is always shortbread! This Scottish delight is made from butter, plain flower and white sugar and some other magic ingredients. Tastes great, but you do need a drink with it…

V o r u E

Sinterklaas! Who? Have you seen the Dutch girl running all over the place in a red dress? Than you have seen Sinterklaas…kind of that. In fact he was a very generous man giving clothes to little children, and now children are waiting for presents which Sinterklaas puts in their stockings. Talking about food, Drops are the strangest sweets I’ve ever seen or tasted.


e g a l l i

Italy First impression: “Where are the delegates?” Surrounded by bread, cakes, pots of sauce and by pasta we could only discover one teacher behind the table. Next to missing the delegates, we missed the pizza! After the O.D. on pizza it was quite surprising not to find any slices at the Italian table. Then again, maybe it is good to have something else for a change. Some time passed and finally the Italian delegation returned to the crime scene. The content of the cakes (jam!) was unveiled and the goo in the jars also had a name, apparently it was peperoni sauce. Are you supposed to have it on your Italian bread? Don’t know. The bread raises an interesting point acutally, don’t be fooled by the flawless look of it – it was not bought at a bakery! Actually it was handmade by no one other than one of their teachers. The same applied for the delicious pasta, all we can say is: yum!

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


United Kingdom (second opinion)

Croatia (Hrvatska)

UK presented basic English ‘stuffs’ that always accompany a typical breakfast. So, we all tasted English Breakfast tea, which is a black tea blend usually described as full-bodied, robust, and/or rich, and blended to go well with milk and sugar, in a style traditionally associated with a hearty English breakfast. There were also some very tasty Scottish traditional cookies. The only ‘weakness’ that UK had, were the plastic caps which melted from the heat of the tea before you could drink it! Does it have to be served so hot?

It was interesting for us to find out that the first path-rice chocolate in the world, called Mikado, was invented there. The Croatian table was mostly filled with sweets – the Tortica (which I personally liked the most) and the Super chocolates, Bronhi and Kiki bonbons, the dried figs and the Orangeade, which is like Lemonade but made of oranges. Good gestures were the materials they brought for all the participants in the forum – the bags, postcards and the small maps of the beautiful town of Varazdin. Another charming thing was the “Licitarsko srce” (the Red Heart), which is made from flour, water, special painting and cream on the top (“glasur”). The original version of this special heart is bigger than the ones we’ve seen. It has a small mirror on it. Besides, instead of “Croatia”, they write different types of quotes, depending on the message they want to give.

Romania The next food that I wanted to taste, but I couldn’t due to the ‘original’ smell that it had, was the sarmale of Romania! It contained meat anyway... There were also beans and a nice cake called Cozonae! Funny name for a cake!

Spain We enjoyed also the out to be interesting was also some can’t easily

da, e yS b en ate, t t i Wr os, K an a, h T r Sa , cob a J ie n o Le

bunyols from Spain that turned with sugar on the top. There meat with a name that you understand!


FINLAND Finland actually had the “longest” table filled with different kinds of snacks and their traditional food. I’ve find out that they are famous with their extra-large tables just to make sure no one eat alone. No surprise they had such a loooong table. In addition to that, they attracted attention with their shotglasses and bottles of red and orange juice beside it. Some people even thought it might be tequila with juice in it. Well, since I’ve tasted it myself and wasn’t boozed, I can tell that they absolutely did not contain any alcohol at all. As for traditional food, they smoked fish and people were quite interested in that. So they’ve done a fascinating job presenting their cuisine and at the sme time showing the hospitality of Finn.

Greece (Hellas) The land of the 12 Gods, who liked to lie on really comfortable sofas while eating and drinking Ambrosia (the Gods’ nectar), brought us olives, lukumia and kourabies. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to try the famous “ouzo” during Eurovillage. But at least officials did in the after party they had the same night.

Turkey (Turkiye) Our dear host country with its hot (belly dancing) women is also famous with its temptingly delicious “Baklava”. Another really typical and nice dish is the so called Dolma, which is made of meat and boiled rice, covered with grape’s leaves. Ay cekirdegi – which is the sunflower seed. IF THERE IS CHOCOLATE, THEN THERE IS

CROATIA (again)

Croatia rocked the Eurovillage again! I was veery glad when I saw they got the heartshaped necklaces with Croatia written on them just like they did last year. They also had those tourist information if you wanted to have a sneak-peek to historical places, museums, opera houses, film festivals of Croatia.That’s a very effective way to attract tourist attention. I should say I’m willing to visit Croatia in sometime,so you already got me, Croatia! And you know what? I might think of moving to Croatia. They had such freakin’ delicious chocolates that could cause serious addiction. Guys, I’m serious. If you haven’t tried one of those whitemilky chocolates, you have missed the chance of your life. You could just feel endorphin leaking to every single cell of your body. Mmm, very yummy indeed.



Although there was only one delegate from Sweden, Sweden just competed with the other countries with the delicious candies and interesting dishes. We should admit that it is not an easy job to present your country individually but the Swedish delegate did her best and surrounded her table with delicious traditional food of Sweden. I heard the mumbles of people eating them and they seemed so amazed and delighted. Aweseome job, Sweden!

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


COUNTRY PRESENTETATION (Journos can’t spell very well.) We have all experienced the weirdness of EYP (or if you prefer the weird “eypness”) before and two nights ago we experienced it again. It seems that the participating countries will first have your stomachs full and introduce themselves afterwards. So in that manner the country presentations came right after the Eurovillage. All of the 16 countries introduced themselves, taught us about their heritage, danced for us, made us laugh and even gave presents to us. The wonderful gesture of the Bulgarian delegation presented us the traditional “martenicas”, symbolizing the fertility of the on-going spring season. With this, the lovely Bulgarians wished all the participants good luck and fruitful work during the upcoming days of committee work and GA. If you have forgotten your tie, you better found someone from the Croatian delegation. All you had to do was tie a tie and get a tie. Italy and Ukraine had video presentations with the Italians giving us a good sense of where they come from and what their life’s like and the Ukranians using the Eurovision video with the final message “COME VISIT UKRAINE!”. Poland did a very nice quiz... among other things. The Netherlands gave us some lessons in Dutch. Can everybody say “SCHEVENINGEN”? We were also energised by Sweden performance of “Waterloo”, the Spanish “Macarena” dance and finally with the host country’s presentation. Turkish delegation performed some sort of a greekish dance to arabic music and at the very end we all had fun dancing to “Oynama þýkýdým þýkýdým...”. To conclude, it was a fun night. Begüm, you were a wonderful host. Tony, we can’t say the same thing for you. Alca & Velimi (Ilic)

“My precious EYP” After a long day of teambuilding, the committees were on their own to prepare their presentations. Although the delegates were really tired, they were still creative. One of the committees had a plane crash and one of them even sent the 1st European space shuttle to outer space. Some of the examples of interesting presentations: CULT imitated the movie lines such as “Cult! I’m your father!”, “My precious CULT”, “My name’s CULT, James CULT.”, and last but not least “To CULT or not to CULT”. ENVI members turned into GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). They turned into Ninja turtles and they sang a song in the end on how they saw the modified mighty turtles. AFET1 gave examples on the EU problems in each delegate’s language. They confused UK with Ireland. They also presented the cultural differences between countries. For instance, the Turkish guy starting his sentence with “Sağol ablacım beaa!” or the Turkish girl simply wanting to be an EU citizen because she saw the hot European guys and wanted the Europeans to share the guys with Turkish girls. In the end, the committee presentations were as colourful and fun as they could ever be. The committees were creative and did a really good job on representing their committees, showing what they are trying to solve and entertaining the audience at the same time. Alca

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


A deeper look in the delegates’ soul A. How would you describe yourself in few words? B. What do you plan to do after school? C. If you had the opportunity to change the world what would you do? D. Tell us something about your everyday life that would be unique for a person from another country. E. What are you afraid of? F. How much do you love journos and how far would you go to prove it? G. Up to now do you think that you’re interested in anyone? Names please... Hannah (ESP) A. Mmm... I don’t like to describe myself B. I am studying science in school, but I haven’t decided yet. C. No plan for saving the world yet. D. Sometimes I sleep after lunch and eat late at night E. The future because it’s unpredictable, but it has to be that way. F. Very far! I will kiss the journos and some of the chairs. G. Yes... some chairs and organisers... Olga (RUS) A. I am from Russia, I like reading and writing stories, poems and literature in general. B. I am studying law. (intellectual property) C. Many things have to be changed but it depends on people. D. There is nothing special. E. War. F. When I was younger I was dreaming to become a journo. G. There isn’t anyone.

This page has been brought to you

By Thanos

Melisa (TR) A. Curly, easygoing and cheerful B. In 2 years from now I will be studying film making. C. Change the policy on the nuclear issue and stop wars! D. Wake up every day at 05:30! E. Be left alone from friends… F. I love them and think that they have the best position in EYP because they have a lot of fun! G. ...Mark from Netherlands... Loukas (DEU) A. I am 18 years old from South Germany, openminded and feeling European! B. Studying physics and theology. C. If you want to save the world, save nature. D. The autobahn that has no speed limits... E. High speed without control like in a roller coaster, tiny rooms. F. I am also a journo in my school magazine so I will kiss every girl from the journo team G. Chair Sashka and many anonymous from Finland and Spain Joaquým (ESP) A. Lazy but I want to meet people from Europe and share opinions. B. 1 year before university, I would like to become a businessman in the field of people trafficking! C. Eliminate 2-3 countries, make these people slaves and that’s it! D. Having dinner at 10:00! E. Sharks and mad girls. F. A lot, you will see... G. I have a girlfriend in Spain but I think there is the 3000 km distance...

Have you ever wondered what the characteristics of ‘good’ delegates are? When you participate for the first time in an eyp session everything seems strange... There are too many people with different roles, cooperating with each other in order to make a session gorgeous. The most important part of a session is delegates. As we all know when you are a delegate you have to be very energetic if you want to survive throughout the session! During the teambuilding everyone is eager to find his/her physical limits. For sure, humour and the ability to laugh all the time without any breath is necessary when you play games such as zip zap zop , honey tell me that you love me etc. Moreover, committee work is the absolute test where you can find out how open-minded you are, willing to hear others opinions and ‘feed the committee’ with fresh ideas. High communication skills, the ability to persuade others with the right arguments and deep knowledge of the topic are also required. Furthermore, the best characteristic that a delegate can have is to be really motivated by the topic and be in the mood that he/she wants to change the world for the best! As he/she will defend it as a true warrior in the battlefield of GA.... he/she should feel ready. And now the most interesting part, which is the journos point of view of course... You should behave in a very certain way... Firstly, you are obliged to reveal all your secrets to us, because we care about you and we know how to keep them... In the same way, you shouldn’t be scared when we take embarrassing photos of you. Whenever you meet journos, treat them as the kings of this session because they deserve it.

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


Zzzzzz. The sound of session

FROM COMPLETE STRANGERS TO COOPERATIVE COMRADES Well guys, I’m extremely proud to present my comittee, to the D, to the R, to the O, to the I, yeah that’s DROI! Since two days ago, the members of DROI were no more than total strangers. Although they barely know each other still, it was unbelievable that they cooperated and built a team-spirit of their own. As it was the first day that the committees slowly started to discuss their topics, the lovely chairs of DROI, Mark and Zeynep, decided that it was best to start off with a game to gain some energy and warm-up. Yeah, I can hear you saying “let’s just mix those fruits up”, just the game for taking a time-out and gaining energy, fruit salad. Although Zeynep always complained about being in the middle, there were always some gentlemen to give their places to her. As usual during fruit salad, there was a complete chaos in the room. I could see some crazy bananas trying to take each other’s seats and struggling not to stand in the middle and share the destiny of Zeynep:) Right after the game, Zeynep introduced us with Dogan, the mascot. (p.s.: It’s a cute toy puppy don’t get confused) But I can’t say Dogan was pleased because no one gave attention to him since they were so busy discussing. The people were quiet at the beginning, however as they started to share their experiences that they

gathered in other international/national sessions, they began to come up with ideas and some strategies that they should follow. For example, Ala said in Potsdam, they put their left hand up to make others calm down and the right hand to tell something. Everyone came up with some strategies and some rules that they are going to consider during the discussions and they called their table of regulation, The Great Five: 1) Let everyone speak 2) Time! 3) Act square-like (this committee is surely a fan of the square game) 4) Let’s listen 5) Find the balance between fun and seriousness I think they made a great start by determining the strategy that they’ll act accordingly so that they’ll have everyone contribute, listen to one another, adjust their time and make sure they don't get distracted and spoil the dosage of fun. Since they finished doing those, they moved on to discussing minority rights. Well I should say it’s a highly controversial issue and it is no mean feat to discuss it and come up with a common agreement. However as the time passed, I was getting convinced that this committee will achieve that. Really guys, I should say there was a serious brainstorming going around there. They kept on running out of huge papers because there was so much to write about. At some point, Zeynep and Mark just couldn’t catch up with the delegates. Believe me, those follows are thinking really fast. They’re working like a bunch of anDROIds, as if they were designed and programmed to do this job. So as far as I can tell, they made a magnificent job for the first day. Go on DROI, you’ll rock the GA!

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008

By Seda


Edward and Anthony the Afets’ war

AFCO Let’s ruuuuule the session!

Isn’t it surprising that both of them are English, both of them are chairing AFET and both of them are co-chairing with lovely Vice-Presidents.

After a long panel session in the morning, AFCO was 1. How did your parents happy to be sitting and eating in the cafeteria call you when you were again. Well, they were expected to a more 5-year-old boy? challenging mission: the committee work. They Ed: Woody had a lost delegate, but the strong AFCO Tony: Baby Junior recovered quite soon. They almost jumped on to the maze to feel some energy coming up! Two 2. If you share one room teambuilding games were eagerly embraced with Ed/Tony what there before the committee work. would you expect from Here we goooo with the big fat pooony... him? Oops! That’s over. We’re off to committee Ed: To strip all the time! work... now! Tony: A very neat and tidy A room, but also lost of brainstorming naughty ongoings(!) exercise was the start for AFCO; they 3. Don’t you think that - 1 stands for looked at an innocent recycle box the leaders and - 2 for the loosers? and tried to find different uses of it. Different and abnormal. Ed: NO! It was very interesting 4. Do you think that that looking - 1 stands for the at the same best committee? blue plastic Tony: Yes. It’s mostly box, Annika (DEU) suggested catching like the FIRST to butterflies with it while Canberk (a.k.a make a difference. Osmeyn, TR) assured everyone that the box would be a perfect platform on which a 5. Do you think you speaker could make his speech. And he was look cuter than certain the speaker would have the total Tony/Edward? power(!) on the floor! Check out his attack Ed: It’s not me who speeches in the G.A., I have a strong feeling has to say that. that they’ll rock! Won’t they, Tony: No, I can be… Osmeeeeeeeeeyn? but I’m not as cute as That’s all, for today. AFCO can’t wait to rule the session! Ed. 6.

Now we would like to ask you to show us your warrior face!

With lots of kisses, j-ourno

by Katya and Sarah

The delegate goes : “Alele Kita Ponga” I am sure you are all familiar with Gobble Gobble – The sound of Turkey. Still, even though Turkish people are wonderful host, we, the journos feel responsible to teach you guys the gobble gobble ways of the rest of the world. In normal conditions, I believe you would never need these expressions but being that this is EYP and you do need to communicate with Wojtek here are some: The ROOSTER goes _______ (in): - ü—ürü—üüüü (Turkish) (The hen sounds a lot more interesting and it’s “gıt gıt - kikeriki (German and Italian) - ku-ka-re-ku (Russian and Ukrainian) (…and the hen goes “ko-ko-ko”) - kikiriku (Greek) - kukuluku (Dutch) (…and the hen goes “tok! tok!”) 3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008



(continued from page 10.) The PIG goes _______ (in): grok! grok! (Croatian and Serbian) gruh! gruh! (Bulgarian) hru! hru! (Ukrainian) knor! knor! (Dutch) oink! oink! (Turkish) chro! chro! (Czech) nöf! nöf! (Swedish)

...And in the spirit of this nonsense article the journos all answered a question: HOW WOULD YOU NAME YOUR PET PIGROOSTER? Sarah: “Pigooster” Katya: “Hrundel” Seda: “Roosweine” Thanos: “Jack Daniels” Jakob: “Leonie” Leonie: “Dr. Mowinkel” Adam: “Neven” Neven: “Adam” Ipek: “Pockahanda” Nehir: “Coco-Pig” Velimir: “Rocky”

LOST & FOUND (1): Lonely pair of beautiful, foxy red shoes looking for a size 8 feet! Preferably that doesn’t smell. Contact one of the journos if you want your feet to have a first date with the shoes.

(2)+(3): Would the lovers who left two pair of shoes and a lilac jacket near a hedge in one of the RC gardens collect their lost belongings at the journo room? Please be more discreet next time. At least reposition your shoes if you decide to leave them.

Alca and Baris were not available at the moment but we are sure they’d pick a name like Neven! Also, for some journo and possibly some other participants YES! A rooster IS a COCK!

(1) Lonely red shoes

(2) & (3) What happened here?

(4)Anthony’s virginty... (Unfortunately no photo available).

Velimic Ilic

Kiss on the lips The committee on Employment knows how to stall time from tackling Europe’s most crucial problems, to deal with something even more important: decoration! This committee has a distinctive taste for interior design which makes them picky, or actually not: “Do anything creative, fill the white spots of the paper” as Ilse puts it. And what should you do when you have written compliments\pick up lines in every language you speak and has drawn random little rabbits everywhere? Answer: You gently leave the sweet mark of your lips by kissing the paper. After Margarita popped the idea no one could

resist putting lipstick on and snuggle with Mr. Paper. It started out as a girls’ thing but you could see how the guys gazed desiring at them in secret. Then Andy became the first guy who confessed how much he wanted to join the unification of sticky lipstick and blank paper. Martin also joined in (who btw wears nail polish) and not even Mr. Chair Nikos himself could control himself against the attraction of the paper. If this proves that there is an atmosphere of love in EMPL they proved yesterday that there is just as much war in their blood. That’s when they crushed LIBE2 in giants, dwarves and wizards. Behind the victory were master tactics’ like Alara’s “since they lost as wizards they psychologically won’t go for it again”, or the simpler “let’s just run at them”. There are no rules in love or war, or interior decorating - Employment makes them up as they go. By Jacob

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


Gossip: Nikos gave his best shot at scoring with MME President yesterday: Nikos: “Let’s go to the bush together” Ezgi: “I don’t want to go to the bush with you” Nikos: “We can go and watch the Bushphorus” Ezgi: “Bush off” GUYS READ THIS: Wanna get lucky in Istanbul? A journo overheard two Turkish, mature aged, female teachers talking about how they want to be younger so they could hook with hot male delegates. So the next time you pass the almostokay-looking-if-you’re-50 type, discretely suggest that you could go to the bush together… Alca (journo): “I’m officially asleep while standing like they do in The Sims.” Wojtek (AFCO): “Poland is known for the plumbers, the thieves… and the panties!” Edward (AFET 2): “I’m sure Sahska’s underwear is wonderful.”

An offer that Sashka could not refuse!

Martin (LIBE 1): “My underwear in itself is just blue and boring, but it has lots of holes in it.” Nikos (EMPL): talking about the tea tank and hugging it- “It is actually warm and cozy.” (Picture) Leonie (journo): “In Holland a bunny goes snif snif” Velimir (journo): “Oh, do bunnies do coke?”

Compete and win a journo-slave for a day Be the object of the most gobble-gobble picture of the session and win a special prize. If you get the most gobble picture of the session, you will have the right to choose one member of journo team to be your slave for 24 hours and you may do whatever you want with him/her! The deadline for admissions is at 6 pm. Sunday. The winner will be announced and get his prize during the Red carpet boat ride!

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008

I want you for the most gobblegobble picture of the session! 14

Gobble, gobble! - Issue 3  

Newspaper of the 3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Istanbul 2008, editors Neven Caplar & Ipek