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“So what if the delegates have arrived...” - Ogulcan Torun, DEPUTY Head Organizer (TUR) well as possible, since the friendships made are one’s most valuable treasure. I am sure you’ll hear many interesting and betterbe-kept-secret facts about me in the days to come as the organizers and my fellow chairs seem very enthusiastic about such revelations. Early warning: don’t believe everything you hear!

Welcome! For the 3rd or the 4th (or maybe even the 5th, and I promise not the last) time I’d like to give you a big and warm welcome to Turkey, to Istanbul, to Robert College and to the 3rd Istanbul Youth Forum. I am very excited about what is happening at the moment since I have witnessed all the hard work put into organizing this conference. I can even say that I am in utter disbelief that you are finally here, after the organizers’ having gone through long lists of your names, made interminable phone calls for organizing the venues, and lost themselves in imposing checklists of to-do’s. I have already undertaken multiple trials of introducing myself, but nevertheless I’ll repeat my short introduction once more. I am going to be your session president for the next 5 days. (Yes, I am 19 years old, but, despite the murmurs about its implications, don’t take it to mean anything else than a simple statement of my age) I hope to meet each one of you individually and advise all participants to get to know each other as



You should be counting yourself as the luckiest among all because you actually are now in Turkey, in a land of myth, a cradle of various civilizations, a canvas of nature’s most aesthetic bounties and a confluence of varied streams of culture... Turkey boasts of a spicy mingling of oriental and modern, East and West, splendour and sleekness, which makes diversity its other name. It is a place where every visitor can find something for himself. The world-class cuisine, vibrant market places, warm hospitality of the Turkish people, recreational facilities, architectural splendour of the mosques and castles and a natural beauty make Turkey an invincible tourist attraction and answer the question of your wonder-lusting heart ,“why go to Turkey?” During the days you’ll spend here with us, you’ll really gather an experience to treasure for your life time in this Mediterranean country with an ancient charm nestled in a magnificent natural surrounding, which combines with the extremely gracious and warm welcome from the locals. Ready to be charmed by this unique and alluring country?

You’ll be hearing from me very often and in extensive volumes in the following days, so I don’t want to keep this welcome-note too long. But please underline the next sentence, as it is the most important thing I want to say at this time of the session: I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy every second of the time you spend here and crown the experience with unforgettable memories. With Love, Ezgi Bereketli. Your session president. You are indeed very lucky again because you’ll get a chance to see Istanbul which is the most crowded, most lively city with its historical backgrounds and historical places. Throughout the ages under whatever name, Istanbul has never lost its mysticism and beauty. With its twenty million people the city is alive in all aspects. It invites you, it excites you. The city inhales and exhales. It truly breathes and the people are the blood that’s pumping through her veins and gigantic heart. After you actually experienced it, you will come to recognise that Istanbul is a city to discover and never to forget. So by all means: go out and walk the streets where crusaders marched long ago. Bargain in the bazaar district and wander amongst the most tremendous buildings in the world with your mouth wide open, making you unable to speak for quite some time. Cross the Galata bridge which is like a city all on its own and meet the most interesting, friendly and hospitable people of the city here. Take for a breathtaking walk along the Bosporus. Get in a steamboat and cross to Anatolian side with the accompaniment of relaxing sound of sea gulls. And last but not least: every once in a while, just sit back with a cup of “Kahve”(Turkish coffee) with a “Lokum”(Turkish delight) beside it and watch Istanbul pass by.

Here are some Turkish phrases to communicate with the local Istanbullus which might come in handy: Ø

Merhaba = Hello


Lütfen= Please


Tesekkür ederim= Thank you


Ne kadar? = How much?


Güzel = Nice


Naber? = How is it going?


Nasilsin? =How are you?


Güzel biyik = Beautiful moustache

So now you have some information about Turkey and Istanbul if you haven’t had already. We hope you enjoy the days you’ll spend in our country and depart delightfully with memories that you won’t forget in a lifetime. We are very pleased to host you. Enjoy your time!

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008



“So what if the delegates have arrived...” - Ogulcan Torun, DEPUTY Head Organizer (TUR)

Random Turk of the day Our journo team is dedicated to bringing you the best and the most handsome random Turks of Istanbul. Our first contender has a seducing smile and a wonderful skin tan.

Zoomed in detail - Güzel biyik! don’t you think?

EYP SPIRIT.... The addictive EYP spirit is coming up again! And it is you guys who bring it here. Well, first of all, we once again welcome all the delegations to another wonderful IYF (check it out from the former IYF attendants!). But this is stuff you all know about. And hey, there are serious (!) rules you must follow: First of all, you must show respect to the president unless you want to be thrown out in a perfectly harsh way. You will find out about it later on...Second, you must also show respect to the Vice Vice Babies. After all, they are the (and cheeky) vices of the session... Third, just have fun and lots of it! And the delegations, I urge you to be amazed by the excellent view of the Bosphorus, the historical places that you probably have been shown and the “big” Istanbul that welcomes you most hospitably! We as the journo team hope you’ll find the areas offered by Robert College quite friendly, meaning you’ll find IYF quite surprisingly suitable to make new friends, maybe romances, too. Don’t hesitate, anyway. People who have turned “broke” in order to attend the session will not regret it, and that’s for sure! What’s more, it is the duty of a delegate, and a chair, and even a journalist to be friendly with the ORGA team for they are the ones responsible for our survival during the session, giving us coffee and supplying needs when necessary. So don’t be cross with them ever, or the consequences might hit you harsh! I strictly avoid talking about secret bushes or so, it is better for you to discover and bear the difficulties yourself. Otherwise there’s nothing we’ll be able to make fun of... (Don’t be scared, though, it happens to every young gentlewomen...and men.) And the last of all make sure you tell every little or huge thing you spot to a journalist, because that’s another must. You must, must and must share every secret with at least one from the journo team. And just wait until you laugh your head off See you where it all begins! Nehir

t to e g s chair single r u Yo er a answ stion!!! que If you were someone from the opposite sex for one day, what would you do? Konstantinos: I wouldn’t have breast implants, as a girl I would be perfect! No, I would make lots of girlfriends and then the next day, when I’m a guy again, I would have a lot of female friends! Bennu: Well I would eat lots of food, because guys just don’t get fat.

What would you do if you were stuck in a cupboard with Ezgi? Irem: I would use her presidential powers (and Mahmut) to get us out.

What would you do if you were stuck in a cupboard with Neven? Wojtek: I would use Neven to smash the cupboard.

“So what if the delegates have arrived...” - Ogulcan Torun, DEPUTY Head Organizer (TUR)

L ether? B&T AL ain tog Why ag thony: n A d n a Begum Y! A W E H T

Which color is your underwear? Derin: navy blue Sebastian: white They said they’d wear something interesting tomorrow!

If you c ould be a piece clothing of w ha t w o uld it be Harm: ? my und erwear!

Why? Edward: because I am English. Ceyda: because I feel like it.

Ezgi I’ve been told to ask you what Mahmut is? Ezgi: Whenever I laugh really hard there is a vein that appears on my forehead and last year Bentley decided to name it Mahmut.

If you were going to tie a chair/ journo/orga to bed, who would she/ he be? Mark: Jacob – then he will find me a bed. Zeynep:?

What does EYP mean to you? Emre:Well! I can tell that those who have a huge “eypenises” have all the power to change those things which aren’t the way they should be, in the world. And eyp means love and friendship to me. Sashka:EYP? Big part of my life!

Guys, why didn’t you answer any question? Martin&Buser: Oh, we guess you forgot to ask us anything.

If you would have been a fantasy animal what would you have been and why? Nicos: Pegasus, because he is white Deniz: unicorn, love them formerly past life French princess, unicorn are princesses.

3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Robert College, Istanbul, April 2008


Gobble, gobble! - Issue 1  

Newspaper of the 3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Istanbul 2008, editors Neven Caplar & Ipek

Gobble, gobble! - Issue 1  

Newspaper of the 3rd Istanbul Youth Forum, Istanbul 2008, editors Neven Caplar & Ipek