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Issue: May 2013 Brought to you by the National Committee of the European Youth Parliament Cyprus


Pre-selection Days 2013 Report

Results of Pre-selection Days 2013

Cypriot Delegates Abroad in 2013 – Personal Accounts

Cypriot Officials Abroad in 2013 - Interviews

Anatomy of EYP Cyprus

EYP Cyprus Committee Minutes

Introducing the 7th National Session

It is our pleasure to present to you the second issue of “Especially Your Press”, the EYP Cyprus Newsletter of 2013, brought to you by the newly elected National Committee. This issue reviews the latest EYP events that have taken place in recent months and brings you the most recent updates regarding the EYP Cyprus organisation and future EYP Cyprus events. We hope you enjoy reading!

EYP – regards, The National Committee of EYP Cyprus


Pre-selection Days 2013 On the weekend of 20-21 April EYP Cyprus organised for the 3rd consecutive year its Pre-selection Days. This year the Pre-selection event involved more than 150 young people from across Cyprus and brought them together to debate on European topics under EYP's General Assembly (GA) format at Kykkos A’ Lyceum in Nicosia. The purpose of the Pre-selection Days is primarily to select the schools which are to participate in the forthcoming National Session, but also to give an even wider number of schools and students a first taste of EYP. Each school delegation was assigned a committee topic and formed a resolution on their topic in advance. The delegations were spread over the two days and topics ranged from second generation immigrants and cybercrime to food labelling and future space missions. After an extraordinary "Sakis-themed" mock debate, the GA room sprang to life with heated debates and passionate speeches. The delegates quickly got involved in debate and grasped a firm understanding of the workings and procedures of the GA, something which was particularly evident in the frequent and often superb use of Direct Responses throughout most debates. Teambuilding games served as great energisers during GA, with Panayiotis Ataou’s legendary “Moose” performance being one of the highlights of the session.


The event would certainly not have been a reality had it not been for the amazing officials team composed of experienced EYPers. Elina Mantralli presided over the board with the assistance of four Vice-Presidents: ElenaAprillia Antoniou and Michalis Ioannou on Saturday; and Ioanna Yiallourides and Gabriel Pavlides on Sunday. The GA Organisers played a key role in guiding the committees through the difficult tasks of adjusting to the EYP debating process by providing support and helping solve any queries. Last but certainly not least, Demetra Onoufriou, Elena Papathomas and their wonderful team organised the Pre-selection Days and succeeded in running a smooth and efficient weekend. By the end of the two days, out of the eight schools attending on Saturday and eleven on Sunday, the best sixteen were selected by an independent jury to participate in the 7th National Session which will take place at the end of the summer in Larnaca. However, the Pre-selection Days 2013 served a much greater purpose: it gave a chance to young people throughout Cyprus to (maybe for the first time) express themselves in public, share their opinions, hear new ones and engage in the democratic processes of the European parliament. It brought the existing EYP family together once more, introduced new members to it and expanded its influence. More so, it served as a reminder in times when the E.U. is under heavy scrutiny that those basic ideals on which the Union is based remain solid and that they will continue to shape the European political leaders of tomorrow. By Yiannos Vakis

Pre-selection Days 2013 Results Following the Pre-selection Days the schools that will be participating at the 7th National Session of EYP Cyprus are, in no particular order, as follows:


The English School, Nicosia

The Heritage School, Limassol

Grammar School, Nicosia

Pascal English School, Nicosia

GC School of Careers, Nicosia

Dasoupoli Lyceum, Nicosia

Agios Spyridonas Lyceum, Limassol

Pascal English School, Larnaca

Falcon School, Nicosia

Forum Greek School, Nicosia

Pascal English School, Limassol

Akropoli Lyceum, Nicosia

Xenion High School

Pagkyprion Gymnasium, Nicosia

Petrou & Pavlou Lyceum, Limassol

Kykkos A’ Lyceum, Nicosia

Delegates Abroad in 2013 Personal Accounts Marios Yerou – Ghent 2013 “EYP sessions are always an amazing thing to be part of. All of them share one thing in common - the fact that you get to meet awesome, new people. Every single minute I spent in Ghent was unique because I got to spend it with people I really liked, people who soon felt like brothers and sisters, having only met them three days before.


I consider myself really lucky to have been to an international session and I am fairly sure no one will ever regret going to an international session” Paris Petrallis – Ghent 2013 “Ghent2013 - I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was not expecting much prior to the session but the minute I stepped out of the plane in Belgium and met the organizers and other delegates everything changed in an instant. The atmosphere and the whole ambiance of the session truly made me feel like home.

Also, through various conversations with fellow delegates, we got to discover each other's culture which really helped battle taboos and clarify my thoughts. Most importantly, however, I acquired a small understanding of others’ perceptions while getting a chance to share my ideas and find like- minded people.

The session taught me to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness that defines us as individuals and helped me understand many issues that I knew little about. It made me appreciate Europe and the European Union more and through it I understood that only united we can actually achieve something beneficial. I changed many of my views on some issues by 180 degrees.

Moreover, the fact that this session was held at a city completely unknown to us, with a considerable historical background really made it worth exploring.

It was a life changing experience and it was worth all the hard work and commitment. I am more than glad that I got the chance to be part of it”.

Tim Ikramov – Munich 2013 “First of all, at Munich I felt like I was a part of a family. My Committee did in fact turn into my family and from them I learnt what it truly is to be a part of a team. They've also greatly helped me broaden my views and store of information. In fact, they've helped in creating a 'new me'. Concerning Zurich, I have great expectations for the session because there is going to be a bit of the old and a bit of the new, but both will further help me in developing as a person”.

Cypriot Officials Abroad 2013 Interviews with Arriana Yiallourides and Valentina Mina What have you learned from your recent experience abroad that you are able to carry forward into future sessions, particularly our next national? Arriana: My first experience as an International official was truly amazing. Being part of an incredibly diverse and versatile Media Team was a great opportunity for me to develop as an official. Observing the various techniques employed by ‘The Source’ Media Team which established a strong presence at the session whilst providing the participants with a great media product, gives me great inspiration as an Editor at our Nationals. Valentina: Chairing at an International Session is a great learning experience and a place to stretch and challenge ones chairing skills. Everyone on the Chairs Team were very experienced, each one of them with their own individual approach to chairing. I learned a lot from them, and particularly the Board, that I can carry into future sessions. But you always learn a lot from your committee too as every chairing experience is different.

What was your proudest moment? Arriana: My proudest moment came during the Closing Ceremony. Watching the final video was a true highlight for me because it featured my personal project (credits also go to Toni Kerridge, my photobooth partner) for the session called ‘Faces of Munich’ which included a series of funny portraits of hundreds of participants! Valentina: Proudest moment would be watching my delegates playing the Abigail Story game for 2.5 hours, determined to find common ground and finally communicating! We definitely broke a record with that one. What is the biggest tip you can give to aspiring EYP Cyprus officials? Arriana: Be bold and apply to sessions...everywhere! They’re the best of what EYP has to offer. Whether in Cyprus or abroad taking part in sessions is what EYP is all about. Send your applications, every session is unique, that be a regional, national or international. There is always something to learn in any Officials Team so take your chance and apply! Valentina: Nothing more than what Arriana said above...there are over fifty sessions organised across Europe every year, and each one of them, whether a ten day or a two day session, is a unique experience in itself, so take your pick and APPLY!


Anatomy of the National Committee of EYP Cyprus Aaron Miles Coatsworth, Secretary: Aaron is primarily responsible for ensuring that accurate and adequate documentation exists to meet legal requirements, and to enable authorized individuals to determine when, how, and by whom the committee’s work was conducted. To fulfill these responsibilities, the Secretary records meeting minutes, ensuring their accuracy and availability in doing so. He is also largely responsible for preparing promotional materials such as newsletters and press-releases. Maria Pashi, National Coordinator: Maria has the responsibility for ensuring communication with EYP Cyprus alumni in regards to EYP Cyprus related events. Crucially, she is also responsible for maintaining co-ordination with other EYP National Committees and the Board of National Committees, thus ensuring that EYP Cyprus is continuously in touch with the latest EYP International developments. Arriana Yiallourides, Public Relations Officer: Panayiotis Ataou, VicePresident:

Ioanna Yiallourides, Treasurer:

As Vice-President, Panayioti is largely responsible for acting in the absence of the President. He is also responsible for assisting the duties and tasks of the President and other committee members, thus ensuring that all jobs are carried out effectively.

Ioanna plays a vital role in improving and maintaining the financial standing of EYP Cyprus. She is responsible for determining financial strategy and policy, thus ensuring that EYP Cyprus has the cash and liquidity to meet its obligations. She is also responsible for overseeing the EYP Cyprus annual budget and ensuring that proper records are kept and financial procedures are maintained.


Arriana is primarily responsible for planning, implementing and managing public relations strategies. By monitoring EYP Cyprus publicity she is able to use multiple communication channels, media platforms and network capabilities to promote the EYP Cyprus image. Mikaela Kantor, President: Mikaela ensures that the committee members of EYP Cyprus understand their jobs and are able to fulfill expectations. By providing a thorough orientation and education for new members while overseeing board development, she is able to make sure that members have the skills that they need to complete their tasks, monitoring their performance and intervening when necessary. She is also responsible for presiding over committee meetings, setting agendas and ensuring minutes are kept and reviewed. Maya Athanatou, Alumni Officer (absent): As the Alumni Officer, Maya is responsible for keeping EYP Cyprus alumni informed about news and new initiatives of EYP Cyprus as well as working with the committee to address any systemic issues alumni have identified.

EYP Cyprus National Committee Meeting Minutes The EYP Cyprus National Committee is committed to maintaining transparency with its alumni in regards to its decision-making process. Thus, a summary below of key points and decisions made during recent committee meeting minutes is designed to give information on the running of the organisation and the measures we take to maintain high quality standards in our annual events. 1. Following the recent financial turmoil in Cyprus, finding sponsors for our annual events is becoming an increasingly challenging task. Accordingly, the President of the National Committee recently attended a Fundraising Summit, organised by EYP International. The key purpose of the summit was to discuss and structure new fundraising strategies to assist and support the various sessions that take place annually across the European continent. As a result, EYP Cyprus has also adopted a new approach strategy which has been carefully designed and employed to present the EYP concept to potential sponsors in a persuasive and appealing manner in order to maximise our sponsorship opportunities during this period of economic disorder. 2. In this context of financial turmoil, our National Committee is also seeking to minimize costs as much as possible. It has therefore made another key decision in that it will no longer finance the expenses of Committee members who attend the Board of National Committees meetings across Europe, which act as forums of knowledge by issuing recommendations to National Committees. 3. Following the 2013 Pre-selection Days, the National Committee has also set a new trend in revealing the Jury of the session to school teachers. The purpose of this move is to ensure greater transparency between EYP Cyprus officials and school teachers. In doing so, it also re-assures teachers of the credibility of the jurors and why they are suitable for the position they have been given. However, it must be stressed that this policy has only been applied to the Pre-selection events and will not be the case for the EYP Cyprus National Sessions for the foreseeable future given the differences in context of the two events. 4. With preparations already underway for the 7 th National Session of EYP Cyprus, the National Committee has also decided to include a ‘Euro-village’ event for one of the social nights of the session. The ‘Euro-village’ is designed to promote the cultural diversity of the European Union and break barriers of xenophobia by allowing delegates to represent a particular country and its associated foods and traditions. We believe this move gives the opportunity to delegates who may not attend sessions abroad a taster of the wider European family is all about.


Introducing the 7th National Session With the 2013 Pre-selection event over and summer only around the corner, preparations for the 7 th National Session of EYP Cyprus are beginning to heat up and our organisers are working around the clock to ensure that this year’s session will be one to remember. Over four sun-soaked but also sleep-deprived days, delegates from across the island will have their first full EYP experience, where they will come together to debate contemporary international and European issues, providing the solutions to the problems of today for the generations of today and tomorrow . In doing so they will create new memories, break social barriers and make new friends in their life journey. Themed ‘Defy Indifference, Shape Tomorrow’, this National Session will also be pivotal in reminding attending delegates of the merits of multi-culturalism in the context of euro-scepticism. It promises to remind that the youth of Cyprus can empower itself through its voice, ‘defying indifference’ while also taking hold of its future, ‘thus shaping tomorrow’. Set to take place from the 29 August to 1 September 2013 at the Pascal English School, Larnaca, this National Session is also expected to be of the highest quality following the highly successful 2013 Pre-selection Days. We are therefore looking forward to hearing what the youth of Cyprus has to offer to current European and international issues and we challenge delegates to be innovative and creative in their approach to this session on a personal and professional level. Accordingly, we cannot wait until this session takes place and we hope neither can you!


European Youth Parliament Cyprus P.O. Box 42253, 6532 Larnaca, Cyprus Email: Web:

Especially Your Press May 2013  

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