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TERM 03 Announcement of new Principal, #eyviewadelaide Photography Competition, National Chemistry Results, Creative Kudos, Mentor Program, Student Convention.

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National Chemistry Results


Student Convention


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#eyviewadelaide Photography Competition


Mentor goes full power


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Front Cover: Instagram @ebonyjadedj Award Winning Photograph ‘Sky views,’ from the #eyviewadelaide Photography Competition. Right: Instagram @bekkasmethlab ‘French views in Adelaide,’ from the #eyviewadelaide Photography Competition. Submissions: To make a submission to the next edition of Eynesbury Times please contact Alice Bonnin,

Photograph: Sophie Chen for the CBD Grid Artwork Project.


Term 3 is always a busy term, especially for our Year 12s who are coming up to the end of their senior schooling year.

and will step into the position from her current role as Associate Principal: Quality Learning and Teaching.

Amongst the many activities this term we had our August Open Day and it was wonderful to welcome back old scholars and meet many new faces.

She will continue to work closely with Aldo Longobardi, who will take up the new position of Associate Principal.

Our students have had a very strong academic term, performing extremely well on the National Level in Chemistry, and many have also won prizes for Creative Writing. Also annouced recently is the appointment of Claire Flenley as the new Principal of Eynesbury Senior College. Claire has 26 years of experience, and has spent the last 16 years at Eynesbury. Claire has held several leadership roles at Eynesbury

Eynesbury is one of Adelaide’s oldest senior secondary colleges and is coming into its 25th year. I have every confidence that Claire will continue to honour the College’s history and celebrate the achievements of our dedicated students and the wider Eynesbury community. I invite you to join me in welcoming Claire to the role of Principal which she will begin in 2015. John Warren

03 T /03 2014

CLAIRE FLENLEY Q and As with Claire, Eynesbury’s incoming Principal.

What are your beliefs about education? I have a quotation on my wall from Malala Yousafzai, this year’s joint Nobel Peace Prize winner, reminding us that ‘one child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world.’ I believe that education at its best is a transformative experience, and I am humbled by the passion and drive so many people have shown throughout history to fight for this fundamental human right. I love seeing the energy and enthusiasm of a student who drops into my office to share their experiences of a teacher who has encouraged them to see the world in a different way. It happens gratifyingly often at Eynesbury. Were you a good student at school? What was your favourite subject? I was, though I struggled with procrastination, and I can

empathise with students today who experience the same thing. It shouldn’t surprise too many to know that my favourite subject was Classical Studies! I also found Asian and Modern History fascinating, loved Biology and English, and enjoyed the problemsolving challenges of Maths Studies as a break from writing essays. What is the most memorable moment in your teaching career? I am bad at choosing the ‘most’ anything moment, but those moments of transformation for students I alluded to earlier are powerful, and go straight to my mental pool room. Sometimes they are obvious, like a student who really struggles with anxiety, but manages to hang in there and sustain their learning, with the grace and support of their teachers and parents. You might only know the impact of other moments

Eynesbury teaching staff at the Formal (left to right) Sara Kennedy, Claire Flenley, Fiona Thompson, Janine Campbell, Aldo Longobardi, Mel Smith, Dina Turner, Silvana Jenkins, Jackie Robinson, Louise Phillips, Margaret Ann-Copeland.

years later when you meet former students on the street and they let you know how their experiences at school changed their lives. John’s puppies, Zelda and Scotty, were a bit of a mascot at Eynesbury. What will be the replacement mascot? They are gorgeous and will be missed! I invite suggestions from the Eynesbury community about potential replacements…. What do you enjoy to do in your spare time? I really enjoy the flow experiences of dance fitness and yoga classes. I am partial to a good market for a spot of retail therapy, and Adelaide is blessed with some great ones. I also love an afternoon catching up with friends and family, or curled up on the couch with a good book.

Claire with student Greg Oh who was highly commended in 2014 Governor’s International Student of the Year Awards and Jackie Robinson

You enjoy books, movies and theatre. Do you have a favourite title or performance amongst these? Too many books are favourites to single one out – you wouldn’t ask a parent about their favourite child, would you!? While not an all-time favourite movie, I have just seen and really enjoyed ‘Pride’. The message of unlikely solidarity, the strong performances, and the nostalgia of mid 80s music had me thoroughly hooked. I love Adelaide’s glorious Mad March! This year I managed 20 shows, with Denis O’Hare’s one man version of ‘Homer’s Iliad’ being a personal favourite.

05 T /03 2014


The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) holds a National Titration Competition each year.

Congratulations to Samuel Law, Wei Jia Teo and Agnes See, who were awarded gold medals.

There are several stages to the competition school level, state level and national level.

Silver medals were awarded to: Shannon Hardin, Chloe Kheng, Victor Law, Chelsea Macauley, Hi Yon Ng and Petrina Yap.

The Eynesbury teams were highlighted at the school phase level as being one of the best performing schools. Seven teams went through to compete against the state and three teams won through to the National Competition. They performed exceptionally well, taking out gold and silver medals.

6 T /03 2014


STUDENT CONVENTION SA Secondary Schools State Constitutional Conventions have been held annually since 1995 and provide the opportunity for students to discuss significant Australian Constitutional and Governance issues.

In September each year, the State Constitutional Convention for Seconday Students is held at the House of Assembly Chamber in Parliament House. Year 11 students from across the state attend this prestigous convention and Eynesbury was well represented by Grace Ferencz, Hafiza Garipov, Samuel Borrelli, Odetta Maxwell and Alexandra Nichols. This year the topic for was ‘Should Australia Become a Republic?’, which was discussed by three knowledgeable speakers Students first heard from Dean Jaensch who gave an

Pictured: Lucy Fittock, Haifza Garipov and Christie Siatis.

Outside Parliament House: Samuel Borrelli, Grace Ferencz, Alexandra Nichols, Janine Campbell, Odetta Maxwell and Hafiza Garipov.

“The Constitution was established in the 1800s and is only 51 pages long. Is a lot left out? Does this mean it’s not up to date? Was society in the 1800s different to today?” David Jaensch.

overview of the Constitution. The renowned Australian political scientist proved to be a highlight, making the content relevant for the students through his unique sense of humour. Michael Manetta, a barrister from Villeneuve Smith Chambers, and University of South Australia’s Professor of Law and Criminal Justice, Rick Sarre, also gave informative speeches. The students enjoyed participating in group discussions and the student led debate in the House of Assembly. Good luck to the students applying to join the National Convention in Canberra.

SEMESTER 1 ACADEMIC CITATIONS Nearly 120 academic citations were awarded in recognition of Year 10 and 11 students’ hard work in Semester 1, with many students recieving multiple certificates for different subjects. Congratulations to the following high achievers.

7 Citations Jane Kim

Academic Overall, ASX, Business Studies, Drama – Film, English, Mathematics, Science.

6 Citations Nina Nguyen Nitya Sukheja Ellen Tosolini Jubilee Xu Sophie Chen Alexandra Nichols

Academic Overall, Biology, English, French, Maths Studies – Stage 2, Specialist Maths – Stage 2 Academic Overall, Chemistry – Stage 2, Physics, Preliminary Maths, Psychology, Research Project Academic Overall, Biology – Stage 1, English – Stage 1, French Continuers, PLP, Science Academic Overall, Chemistry, ESL, French Beginners, Physics, Preliminary Maths Academic Overall, Chemistry, Physics, Preliminary Maths, Research Project, Visual Arts – Art Academic Overall, Ancient Studies, English, French, Research Project, Visual Arts – Design

5 Citations Jess Hay Academic Overall, English, French Beginners, IPP, Visual Arts –Art, Service Citation for Leadership of the Study Hub Initiative Pamela Jacub Academic Overall, Chemistry, PLP, Physics, Preliminary Maths

CREATIVE KUDOS PUBLISHED IN OZKIDS IN PRINT, AUGUST EDITION. Heidi Grace Greg Oh Bekka Hillan Caroline Di Fava Nina Nguyen

THE YOUNG WRITERS AWARD 2014 Winner of Prose Gina Cameron Runner up Andie Carlson Second place for Poetry Bekka Hillan


Above: Shelda Rathmann, Andie Carlson, Gina Cameron and Bekka Hillan at The Young Writers Award ceremony. Left: Caroline Di Fava, Bekka Hillan and Nina Nguyen with their certificate of accomplishment from OzKids in Print.

05 10 /01 TT/03 2014 2014

2014 WINNING PROSE THE YOUNG WRITTERS AWARD NOT AUTHORISED TO TALK ABOUT WORDS GINA CAMERON I feel like I’m not authorised to talk about words. NO way. I couldn’t do them justice at all. Words are for the wordsmiths, those who can make them fit – who don’t seem to ‘um’ and ‘aah’ about paragraph structure and openings or topic sentences, worry about having the same descriptive used four times in their introduction or agonise over how to write a conclusion. Write, write, write. Fit under a thousand words – be brief and get to the point. Elaborate when needed. “Write drunk and edit sober”, carry a little notebook around and pour your thoughts into it on the bus. But be careful! Write only the truest sentences. Make the words fit, make them profound and true. Paint pictures, speak out. be innovative. It’s a medium anyone can grasp.

11 T /03 2014

I don’t feel authorised to talk about words – how can I? How can I when there is Shakespeare or Lennon and McCartney? When Fitzgerald and Hemingway lived what they wrote. When smart sets crusaded around the new world. When dusty poets wrote of daffodils and daydreams and thought that musing was a full time occupation. Oh in the epic epithets of the Iliad and the Odyssey, We learn of the weeping women of Troy, of glorious immortality like deathless gods, of heroes who gain eternity through fearlessness.

How can I talk about words when there are characters that became archetypes and spoke to the audience and scuttled around the stage like bottled spiders. Or met with ghosts or witches and killed better men than they for the throne. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. It’s not worthy of comparison. It’s not worthy of anything. A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing! Such large words, such grandeur. I don’t feel authorised to talk about words - when there are no more classics, when romanticism is gone and so are the movements and eras and what’s left are the judgements we make and the faux togetherness we share in instant accessibility and communication. When the most mystery we will ever get is when a plane goes missing and in the weeks it takes to find there are glorious speculations about aliens or spies. And then we find the black box and it’s actually a gruesomely horrid death for everyone on board. Gone is mystery. Gone is drama - no more snakes in baskets or things that go bump in the night. We only find epics in episodes and heroes on HBO. And when I read over my draft I am filled with venomous hatred at all the words I’ve written, at the speaker. At me. How can I talk about sadness or misfortune, when Thomas Hardy just throws everything at Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Pure misery. And what the Brontes do to their characters just seems utterly unparalleled at my own grievances. The heartache of Heathcliff and pain of plain Jane – no I’m completely unauthorised. It will totally pale in comparison. Continued.. Not authorised to talk about words Gina Cameron

12 T /03 2014

It’s not a battle, it’s a taunt it’s a leer folded into a smirk from a page from a quote. That big dazzling world presses down on top of me, luring me in and spitting me out and I’ll never write like that, and it’s blank on that black blinking line. I am not authorised to talk about words, They tumble out, Something something something something write think write think if you stop then it stops with you. My problem with words is my own self-doubt these authors leer out of book shelves, they dangle their perfect prose over my head they fling words at me, quotes, jokes. They provide tête-à-têtes with possible suitors and skirmishes with deadly foes, the imagery of pages whirring around my head while ink flies through the air, spattering onto pages in meaningless symbols,

13 T /03 2014

It’s like the net on the basketball hoop that you were never tall enough to reach. A low hanging branch that’s just high enough. Tipping toes and broken bones, sticks and stones to break the bones the words to always save you. I’m sick of wanting and jumping I want it all, I want to write. I want to be profound I want the words to fit together I want to make glorious similes. I want to be proud of my words, not forever shuffling them about at the outskirts of something good. I want to create a world, remake a world. Be innovative, glorious, speculative, magnificent! Mean something, ask the right questions, let the words flow out my head. I know they’re in there! Clear and strong and true, I feel like I’m not authorised to talk about words but words, they make me speak.

Not authorised to talk about words by Gina Cameron.

#eyviewadelaide Photography Compeition The #eyviewadelaide photography competition and exhibition was organised by the Social Justice Student Liaison Group in September. The 20 members from Years 10, 11 and 12, have spent this year raising awareness and funds to address homelessness in Adelaide. The Social Justice group became particularly passionate about the issue of youth homelessness when learning that 24.3% of homeless people in South Australia are between the ages of 12 and 24 (the same age range as Eynesbury students).

1. 2.

Organiser Andie Carlson said the idea of #eyviewadelaide was to look at the city in a different light. “#eyviewadelaide photography competition encouraged the Eynesbury Community to take a step back, and observe the city of Adelaide,” said Andie.

Pictured: 1. Instagram @ebonyjadedj Award Winning Photograph ‘Sky views.’ 2. Instagram @nikkikc7 Second Place Photograph ‘Gawler Place- Rundle Mall.


3. 4.




Pictured: 3. Bekka Hillan’s Third Place Photograph ‘Under the Bridge’. 4. Instagram @gina_cameron_ ‘Carclew building and palms.’ 5. Instagram @vlaw11 ‘Franklin Street’. 6. Instagram @em_ hawkins123 ‘Adelaide Central Markets Fruit.’ 7. Instagram @ sewandsewstoo ‘Train Station’. 8. Instagram @nikkikc7 ‘East End Cellars.’

15 T /03 2014

“Eynesbury is very inclusive, consisting of students and staff from all walks of life. It was particulary fitting to have an exhibition unique to the CBD in which our College is situated.” Andie Carlson.

“Being in the CBD, it is especially easy to get swept up in the movement of the streets, and forget those surrounding us.” “Eynesbury is an inclusive place, consisting of students and staff from all walks of life. It was fitting to have an exhibition unique to the city in which our College is situated.” said Andie.

Photo: Anniepreet Tuteja, Caroline Mosey, Kim Le and Pamela Jacub.

Entrants could submit their photos to the Eynesbury Senior College Facebook page or the Instagram account @ eynesburyseniorcollege adding the hashtag #eyviewadelaide. Over 40 people attended the exhibition opening, including Senator Sarah Hanson Young who officially launched the exhibition.

Photo: Overall winner Ebony Jade with Senator Sarah Hanson Young.

Senator Sarah Hanson Young mentioned how proud she was

16 T /03 2014 Photo: Artist Lucy Bonnin, Senator Sarah Hanson Young presenting award to Gina Cameron and John Warren.

Photo: Nikki Carlson.

to see Eynesbury students standing up for important issues in our society and helping other young South Australians. Guest artist and judge, Lucy Bonnin, was impressed with the number of entries and the calibre of the photography.

Photo: Senator Sarah Hanson Young.

Every photographer had carefully thought out the compsition, lighting and subject matter chosen in the photographs. “I hope the students run this again next year. It’s a great photography competition with an important message behind it,” said Lucy.

Photo: Lisa Hudoba, Emily Hawkins, Andie Carlson with Artist Lucy Bonnin.

Over $350 was raised for Saint Johns which will assist with the issue of homelessness in South Australia.


Photo: Andie Carlson, Bailey Williams, Lisa Hudoba and Gina Cameron.

MENTOR GOES FULL POWER This term in the Year 10 Mentor Program students participated in Empowering Youth, a program run by the Port Adelaide Football Club. Empowering Youth encourages students to take responsibility for themselves and others by making positive decisions in relation to their health, lifestyle, finances and their career paths. The Youth Programs Manager, Ross Wait, covered many topics, including what is expected of professional players, how hard they must

12 T /02 2014

Pictured: 1 Alisha Shaikh, Aden Ostover-Ravare, Michael Moschakis. 2 Emily Thomas, Charlie Kleisch, Emily Windsor. 3 Aldo Longobardi, Claire Fenley, Jackie Robinson, John Warren, Silvanna Jenkins, Lindy Nielson, Vanessa Rooke, Dogs- Scotty and Zelda.

work at training and study, the importance of resilience, and the need to ‘keep your options open and horizons broad,’ especially as the average life of a footballer is about three years. Students most enjoyed visiting the club’s headquarters and kicking a footy on Port’s Oval, as you can see! Eynesbury extends a big Thank You to Port Power for having our students involved in this beneficial program.

Photo: Jack Hornibrook, Andie Carlson, Reece Campbell and Bailey Williams.

Photo: Alisha Shaikh and Natalia Pandos. Below: Danielle Pashalidis, Caitlin Marling, Chelsea Edson and Milly Atkinson.

CASINO ROYALE FORMAL The Formal is Eynesbury’s night of nights. It was held at the Entertainment Centre on Saturday 26 July. Arriving under the coloured dome, the guys looked smooth in their tuxedos and the girls looked glamorous in their gowns. The Formal Planning Committee, consisting of Emily Hawkins, Lisa Hudoba, Stephanie Lee, Selina Nguyen, Natalia Pandos and Jessica Valenta, under the guidance of Aldo Longobardi, did a fantastic job of creating the Casino Royale Theme.

19 T /03 2014 Photo: Soph Howard and Tom Bartley.


Purple lighting was chosen to make the room more intimate and the Committee would like to thank ‘A Moment in Time’ for the chair covers and chandeliers, and for being particularly helpful. The Committee really did put in the hard yards to create this succesful event. They baked cupcakes and created the dessert table by hand. Many hours was also spent cutting, glueing and then hanging decorations. “We were really happy with the venue, decorations and the food, which was suprisingly good for function food!” said Selina. The students really enjoyed seeing a different side to their teachers, with many commenting on how carefree and bubbly they seemed.


Below: Rahul Malhotra, En-Lih Chew, Christian Andreotti.

TEACHERS PET Rahul Malhotra LADIES’ MAN En-Lih Chew

“Everybody looked really nice and seeing the event come together so well was such a good feeling,” said Natalia. Get in touch with Aldo to join the 2015 Formal Committee.

Photo: Jess Photo: Laura Thomas, Hannah Lambert and Anneliese Valenta and Henry Coard Woods.

UK STUDY ADVENTURE In late August, Year 10 Student, Georgia Bannister, jetted off to the United Kingdom to study a semester abroad. “The exchange is for five months and was arranged through the Southern Cross Cultural Exchange,” said Georgia. “I am studying at Chepstow School in Wales and living with the Walliman family, which includes Granny Pat, Mum Linda, Dad Paul, Heidi aged 10 and James aged 13.” “I have continued my hockey here, and joined the Gwent Ladies Hockey Club!”



“Although the application process took some time, I am so glad I applied. I am really enjoying myself here and loved visiting London,” said Georgia. We wish Georgia all the best on her adventure and look forward to being kept updated.

Pictured: 1. Georgia Bannister 2. Georgia and new school friends. 3. The Wallimans’ Family. 4. Georgia in London. 5. The Walliman’s horses.




IN TOUCH WITH ALUMNI/ WHERE ARE THEY NOW? What are you doing now? I am currently undertaking my PhD in Physics at the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing at the University of Adelaide, where I am using optical fibres to create new measurement devices for applications in Cardiology.

Michelle Karvinen (Finnish Olympic hockey player) and Tessa Reynolds (on the right) in Sweden at a training camp.

I am also a member of the Australian National Women’s Ice Hockey team, so when I’m not in the lab at the University, I am hard at work training both on the ice and in the gym. This year was my first year on the team.

TESSA REYNOLDS CLASS OF ‘07 When and why did you join ESC? I started attending ESC as a Year 11 student, as I wanted to focus on my studies in a university style environment.

Pictured: Chimpaneze enclosure, photo by Monarto Zoo.

Tessa Reynolds on the ice hockey field.

CLASS OF ‘04 10 YEAR REUNION Tessa Reynolds on the ice hockey field.

After less than a year in the sport, I was lucky enough to travel to China to play in the Challenge Cup of Asia, as well as to Italy for the IIHF Division 2A World Championships. Right now I am preparing for both the start of a new season in Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League (AWIHL) with Adelaide Adrenaline, as well as the first selection camp for the national team that will compete in next year’s World Championships to be held in Spain at the beginning of March. How did education at ESC help you get to where you are now? ESC is where I fell in love with physics and it provided the opportunities to prepare me for future study at university, while also being able to balance the training load of an elite athlete.


23 T /03 2014







Stage 2 Major SACE exams begin



Year 12 Major SACE exams conclude


Year 10/11 Classes conclude


SWOT Vac Day Year 10/11


Year 10/11 Semester 2 exams begin


Year 10/11 Semester 2 exams conclude


Year 10/11 Transition interviews by invitation


Year 10/11 Transition interviews by invitation


End of Term 4




24 T /03 2014

Year 10/11 Reports mailed this week TUES 27 JAN



eynesburyseniorcollege #senatorsarahhansonyoung talking #socialjustice and #homelessness in support of our Social Justice Leadership group event

eynesburyseniorcollege Fresh off the press and almost ready! #eyviewadelaide photography competition finalists! Winners announced tomorrow at 4pm!

eynesburyseniorcollege #escformal14 decorations are ready and the countdown is on til Eynesbury’s night of nights- the Casino Royale Formal!

eynesburyseniorcollege Students enjoyed seeing the #art at the #waterhouseartprize today for a class excursion to the #samuseum in the heart of #adelaide

eynesburyseniorcollege Yr 12 end of termmaking slime! #nevertoooldforslime

eynesburyseniorcollege Reminiscing- mentor session this week #selfdefense

eynesburyseniorcollege Have you seen our eye-catching bus shelter posters along Adelaide main streets? There are over 30 up over the next few weeks! #wakefieldst #adelaide #adshel #advertising

eynesburyseniorcollege #eyviewadelaide is a Photo Competition with a difference! Coordinated by the Social Justice Leadership Group, it encourages people to take a step back and observe the city of Adelaide.

eynesburyseniorcollege ESC students enjoyed the silver mirror test today #scienceinaction #coolclass #iwantamirrorbottle

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