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TERM 04 Graduation, 2014 Results, International Student of the Year Award, National Excellence in Teaching Award, Trades Hall Lane art and more!

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Front Cover: Sabina Kohn in front of Trades Hall Lane art mural. Right: Tradel Hall Lane art mural. Submissions: To make a submission to the next edition of Eynesbury Times please contact: Alice Bonnin,


Term 4 represents the last for the year, and brings with it a time of reflection for all, particularly as it is my last as Principal.

future and that it be a source of ongoing strength.

This year, student successes continued to make their teachers and the College proud with multiple national awards, prizes and the production of published works to name but a few. This is par for the course for our school community; year on year, our high calibre of students and supportive learning environment ensure that we remain at the top of academic results.

The all important Graduation Event occurs in Term 4, recognising the hard work of the graduating class of 2014. It is customary for the Principal to make an address on this night, a closing message – a lesson – to the graduating class. In the past six years I have addressed topics as sweeping and diverse such as fame and greatness, but this year I wanted something different, an alternative approach...

Twenty five years ago Eynesbury was born of a challenge to an ageing educational tradition which so rightly warranted being challenged. Since then more than 3,000 Eynesbury graduates have made their indelible and individual marks. They have used Eynesbury as their springboard to wonderful successes. It is my hope that a small dose of Eynesbury maverick will continue to be used in each and every student’s approach to the

Students who have done well in an exam or in a particular subject they found difficult often feel gratitude for the support they have been given by their teachers, families and friends. A guiding motivation to succeed is driven in many cases by a want to give back to those who have given to you … and that’s a very worthy attitude. However, there is an alternative approach – or probably more correctly – an additional

Don’tjustpayitback– payitforward!JohnWarren.

demeanour and perhaps a way of being, if you like. And it is this – don’t just pay it back – pay it forward! As a bike rider aficionado, I was introduced to this many years ago – when I found myself on the side of the road after already having repaired two punctures, with no spare tubes left – and wondering how I was going to make the last 25 kilometers to get home. Two riders rode past me and just casually asked if I had everything I needed to keep going, and when they found out that I had exhausted my ‘gethome’ options, they each pulled out a replacement tube and gave them to me. I thanked them profusely and said, ‘Can I have a phone number or an address so I can send you back some replacements?’, and as they were riding off one of them said, ‘No – don’t pay it back – pay it forward. Get the replacements but save them for someone else you run into on the road who might need them’.

04 T /04 2014

Pictured: John Warren, looking over Adelaide.

And I never saw them again. I ride about 8,000 kilometres a year – so in the intervening time between that conversation and now I have covered about 200,000 kilometres on the bike – and I’ve never experienced another occasion where I needed to draw on someone’s assistance as I did that day … but during that time I have come across perhaps 30 or more riders who I found in need, and each time I was really pleased that I had the opportunity to pay it forward. It is such a simple act – but it makes every participant feel good. And it’s a breeder reactor – it creates community. And of course it is an approach which is easily scalable … from giving someone your seat in a café, or your car park – to doing something that has the potential to change peoples’ lives. Take your successes and look for ways to lift others – to put them back on track – in selfless and even anonymous ways. It will be an act of cultural philanthropy. And not that you will do it for this reason – but you will feel the winds of attachment and connectedness at your back when you pay it forward, and you

which she has been pivotal in generating. And critically, Claire brings to her first Principalship an emotional intelligence, a clarity of purpose, a solutionfocused approach and the collaborative demeanour of a real team player – all attributes she has been able to demonstrate in her current role as Assistant Principal: Quality Learning and Teaching.

Pictured: Hero Day, John Warren as Superman.

will make the world a better place as a result. In my first Graduation speech at Eynesbury, seven years ago, I said in closing, ‘This is my first Eynesbury Graduation ceremony. When one day I have my last – I hope I can reflect on my time at this wonderful school and be able to say with confidence that one of the greatest achievements that Eynesbury could lay claim to, is that we created some wonderful creators’.

I am sure that the whole Eynesbury community will embrace Claire as she drives Eynesbury into its next important growth phase and a 25 year milestone – an anniversary which will be celebrated early next year to coincide with the first Open Day in Term 1, Sunday 15 March. As you all know, I am following my very talented wife to her new position as Principal of Iona College in New Zealand. Shannon followed me through several career moves, so it is time – very appropriately – to reverse that equation’s polarity. And the closer I get to that point, the more enticing is the notion of taking up the very

Claire Flenley brings to the position of Principal, a wealth of knowledge and talent as a recognised curriculum leader – and importantly, she is steeped in the Eynesbury culture and can take forward at pace many of the strategies

05 T /04 2014 Pictured: New Zealand

Pictured: John’s beloved dogs.

Pictured: Onesie Day.

Principals leave their schools – but the schools never leave their Principals …

lofty position of dogwalking ‘the pollicles’, holiday-planning, bikeriding Principal’s handbag. I go to one of the most achingly beautiful parts of the world, so afternoons reading that whole library of books I have been accumulating for just such an occasion (on my iPad of course!) – against the backdrop of the Tukituki River and the Ruahine Ranges, is a time-wasting prospect of such purity that it makes me sigh … but, I am blessed with no shortage of well-meaning and interfering individuals who believe that the

process of professional wastage I will surely suffer if I am not thoroughly immersed in a world of work, may mean my time of rest might be brief. I will hold Eynesbury and my time at our wonderful College in enormous affection. I will follow its fortunes from a distance and I will continue to follow student pathways to future successes with great interest – and I will always keep a small part of Eynesbury with me. I have committed myself now to never say goodbye – I will leave you with my new Maori farewell … Kia-ora John Warren.

PERFECT SCORE FOR STUDENT OF THE YEAR Greg Oh, Highly Commended in the Governor’s International Student of the Year Awards, achieves a perfect score of 99.95. Each year, awards are presented to exceptional international students for their academic excellence. 1.

Congratulations to Greg Oh, who was Highly Commended in the Governor’s International Student Awards. The awards were presented by His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO, Governor of South Australia at Government House.


To add another string his to bow, Greg Oh also received a perfect score of 99.95. Only a few students statewide score this SACE result. It is a truly outstanding achievement.



Pictured: 1. Greg Oh and Van Le AO, Governor of South Australia. 2. Claire Flenley, Greg Oh and Jackie Robinson. 3. International Student of the Year winners on stage. 4. The Awards ceremony.

CLASS OF 2014 SACE RESULTS For a boutique College focusing only on senior education for Years 10 to 12, Eynesbury gains enviable results which continually place our students at the top of the state. The 76 candiates in the class of 2014 achieved truly outstanding results.

Click to watch the news clip.

Star student, Rahul Malhotra, received a Governor of South Australia Commendation Award for his results. He was one of 25 students across the state to receive this prestigious award and the TV crews were at Elder Park to capture the excitement. Rahul achieved four A+ grades and Merits in Biology, Physics, Hindi (continuers) and English as a Second Language Studies.

Pictured: Rahul at Elder Park.



THE HONOUR ROLL The Honour Roll represents a list of students who achieved a score of 99.0 or better, which places them in very rare company. Greg Oh


Christian Andreotti


En-Lih Chew


Rahul Malhotra


Tyler Parsons


Chloe Kheng


Letitia Townsend


Zhicheng Li


Annelise Wood


Petrina Yap


MEDIAN ATAR 86.3 This number is often used as the basis of comparison. The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) provides students with their offers and pathways to university, and the median provides a good year-byyear comparison. On a statewide basis only 20% of candidates will score 80.0 or better - this median ATAR means that more than 50% of our students scored better than 86.3, underlining again Eynesbury’s outstanding successes.

Pictured: Greg Oh, En-Lih Chew, Sunny Mathur, John Russell, Rahul Malhotra, Jason Nikhomvan celebrating their great results!

THE MERIT ROLL THE MERIT ROLL 33 A+ grades were achieved and 27 Merits were awarded to the following 17 students.


Rahul Malhotra


Christian Andreotti, En-Lih Chew Tyler Parsons


Chloe Kheng


Sophie Dickinson Greg Oh Beth Eichmann Heidi Grace Rebekah Hillan Sophie Chen Melanie Politis Petrina Yap Christie Siatis Alexandra Nichols Letitia Townsend Annelise Wood




10 T /04 2014

GRADE BAND DISTRIBUTION A - 35 % B - 35% C - 25% D - 3.7% E - 1%




REVIEW OF YEAR 12 Graduation Speech by Sash Krieg and Greg Oh

Sasha: If you were to compare an experience as Year 12 against what already feels like an eternity of schooling as well as our Eynesbury adventure, it all seems rather overwhelming. This is why we thought it appropriate to journey down memory lane through the wonder of the solar system. (Because why limit yourself?!)

Sasha: Eynesbury promised us much more than a place to end our schooling but a warm hug to send us into the future. As we move into the rest of our lives - shooting further from the sun, the planets we pass, represent our time at Eynesbury, and, what we take with us.

Greg: First Mercury, closest to the sun, and, as I’m sure Greg: Eynesbury: A beacon we all agree, one of the first of hopeTHE like the sun. It only things that struck you about HONOUR ROLL took us three years to realise the Eynesbury lifestyle was Thomas, there’s aEllen great bigreceived sun inone merit and the time you got during frees. an ATAR of 99.15. In herwe final year Ellen Wow, a whole two hours of the Eynesbury crest! As her workwho published in OzKids in all know,had people come time, what shall I ever do with Print, won the Lochee to Eynesbury come fromAndison Youth it? Some chose to use their all walksLiterary of life, andand forwas allannounced as time effectively, a moment of Award, sorts of Young reasons. WeWriter all felt Australian of the Year. solitude in the library pouring a little alien, especially theof the year is over an assignment – and Young Australian Writer international students who by Oz Kids inothers did not. “Score! Two a significant award offered travelled long hours to eat food and chat Print and distances is selected from a national field to studyofin this friendly more than 20,000 entries. This is the with my friends”, but not environment. Your reasons student has on Silvana, Sara and Judy’s second time an Eynesbury for choosing Eynesbury may won this award, and marks the first timewatch if you were in the be very adifferent to your library. school has won the award twice. friends’,What however there was are the key things that helped that one element that drew Sasha: Next is Venus. And you achieve your results? us all to this place, the desire as we ventured further into The support and professionalism for something different - that the galaxy, those exciting my teachers at Eynesbury Senior shining of star, the beacon of moments of achievement hope. College was a major motivator to reach built us up like shooting stars! T /01


my goals. Equally was the support of my family and friends.


You got an A+ on something, your poetry got recognised, you were commended in the Maths competition or fund-raised your heart out on one of the many student liaison groups out there and you felt like you were the goddess Venus! Maybe you solved a ridiculously tricky Physics problem that you thought would never give in. The continuous stream of individual achievements and especially the titration competition Greg: As we faced off our rivals … coming out victorious! Then back to Earth. After a wave of success and efforts sometimes a little place like home, called Earth, was all you needed to ground you. Slumping home after a rough day, battling against the notorious Adelaide Metro transport system to reach that little slice of solitude. And whether it was your family or friends, you had people there to keep you focused on the realities of the world. Often enough, a reality check was just what you needed to prevent you from giving up. Sasha: And who can forget Mars. The little red planet just like home and represented by your fellow friends and classmates. Each step of the way we were all comforted by the fact that there were people just like us going through exactly the same thing.

12 T /04 2014

Pictured: Greg Oh and Sasha Krieg on stage at Graduation.

Coming into Eynesbury we all felt like little green Martians, aliens of the universe. However, we bonded over many things, mainly food… countless scabs on level three, not naming any names – we were all guilty. After all, a Mars a day – work, rest and play.



And yet we formed a community of friends, of learners and independent thinkers. Greg: Then comes Jupiter, the biggest planet, all the work that rolled in on us, however, sprinkled amongst what felt like endless school days there were little perks to pick us up! Crazy dress up days like Hero Day and Onesie Day enabled us to maybe see another side of our friends (and maybe a bit too much of the teachers). Those fitted superman costumes really were an eye opener. Hanging out at the Green Panda Cafe, chatting with Sarah Hanson-Young at the Social Justice group’s #eyviewadelaide photography exhibition, and all those little moments to break the tension and bring us together. Sasha: Oh Saturn - those all-encompassing rings to jump through like trained


dogs. SACE. Groan. That giant ringed planet in the back of our minds, persisting to draw our focus towards the end. Ian always said you’d be a fool not to read the chief examiners’ notes for your subjects, don’t worry if you haven’t, there’s still time! But nevertheless no matter how many task sheets you received or criteria you misinterpreted, somehow your assignments managed to hop through those colossal hoops and we spun out the other side. Uranus (you can have fun with this Greg!) Greg: Everyone had those bummers, those days that were a pain in the... well you get the butt of the joke... (- ha ha ha). We all experienced the hysterical breakdowns, the last minute cramming, the all-nighters and of course, the endless ongoing nature of our practicals in Visual Arts/ Design, we got there, Lindy!

13 Pictured: 1. Hero Day group shot. 2. David Sanderson, Aldo Longobardi and John Warren on Hero Day. 3. Alisha Shaitkh, Aden Ostovar-ravare and Michael Moschikis on Onesie Day.

T /04 2014



The down moment when you received a grade less than your desire... But here’s something that might make you feel better…at you least we didn’t experience the twisted fate of Christian. We know what you’ve been through, mate. Sasha: Neptune - the planet named after the God of the oceans can only be compared to the almighty and powerful teachers and staff! Some can argue Bridie’s philosophy on life – ‘Your life is not a buffet,’ and, ‘You really need to get some common sense’ - summed up the attitudes coming into Year 12. Astoundingly, after rocky waves of drafts, sometimes visiting Mel close to ten times in a panic-driven craze, the teachers still had time for us. All our teachers were there for us; their waves of support

14 T /04 2014

Pictured: 1. The Formal 2014. 2. Class of 2014 at Graduation.

reminded us we could do it and we thank you all. Greg: And finally Pluto, like the little forgotten planet, we all had those little forgotten things like tests or due dates. People we’ve lost along the way and people we’ve gained, like Gina who entered Politics in the last lesson, remind us that the passage of our schooling is met by entries and exits of important people who shape each fraction of our lives. We are reminded that the little things matter, that the little things are things we will remember, and that all those little things can lead us to great things. Sasha: And like comets zooming through the Milky Way, now we can all become what we strive to be, with that helpful nudge made by our sun, Eynesbury College.



Greg: We have gathered here to celebrate the end – for most – a three year period as the students of Eynesbury Senior College. Today marks the beginning of a new phase in our lives as we stand on the precipice of our not-so distant futures. All of us staring our individual fates and our collective futures right in the eye – preparing ourselves to indulge in the choices, opportunities and adventures that are ready for the taking. Sasha: We, on behalf of the students, want to thank the trustees, the administrators, the wonderful outgoing Principal Mr John Warren and the staff of Eynesbury for creating an institution worthy of South Australia’s ideals of educations. A place that teaches the knowledge and experience necessary to be productive in life as

well as enabling students, through the development of their independent and organisational skills, to slack off and sleep in our Physics lessons. No, to enter the rest of our lives as free-thinking, bold and ready individuals. Greg: We’d like to acknowledge all our wonderful parents — way to go for the fantastic job you’ve done — for your tireless dedication, your love, your support, and most of all, for planting a seed that has inspired us to move forward in life with enthusiastic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness. The question now is: where will that seed take root? After the intense pressures of this year, will our Eynesbury universe give birth to new stars? Sasha: And finally, to the graduating class of 2014 - we

15 Pictured: 1. Alex Cornish singing Defying Gravity from the broadway musical Wicked. 2. Craig Sinclair’s Mentor Group.

T /01 2014



have finally reached the end of the long, hard journey of Year 12. Yes, there was Uranus – the moments that challenged us, that tried to drag us down. But I am proud to say that almost everything is over and we have learnt so much and grown so much along the way! So, congratulations! For me, being part of a cohort with so much talent was an

honour, and as a group, I’m certain that we will challenge the final stage of our secondary education – the exams – with much deserved success. Greg: Here is to the class of 2014 - bright shooting stars Sasha: May we race blazingly and fearlessly into our futures.

Pictured, photos from Graduation, 2014: 1. Academic Award recipients. 2. John Warren and Sarah Haydon. 3. Louise Phillips’ Mentor Group. 4. Silvanna Jenkins’ Mentor Group. 5. Tyler Parsons, Christian Andreotti, Greg Oh, Rahul Malhotra, John Warren. 6. Michael Salter’s Mentor Group.



12 T /01 2014 5.


LONG TAN AWARDS The Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Awards were awarded to Andie Carlson and Brandon Yeo. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards recognise students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within their school and the broader local community. At the same time, they also recognise those who display strong values, such as doing one’s best, respect for others and ‘mateship’, characteristics that are integral to Australian society. The awards are an important initiative by the Australian Government in conjunction with the ADF designed to encourage senior students – tomorrow’s leaders – to actively participate in the life of their schools and local communities. Click here for the Graduation Booklet 2014 and the full list of award recpients.

17 T /04 2014

Pictured: Brandon Yeo, Andie Carlson and Lieutenant Courtney Griffiths.

Watch Shelda’s Award submission video

NATIONAL EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD Shelda Rathmann won a NEiTA State and Territory award for Excellence in Teaching. She is now one of 36 finalists in the National Awards. More than 1000 entries were received from across Australia for the Excellence in Teaching Awards. There were 160 finalists, 60 State and Territory winners and now, it’s down to just 36 National Finalists.

Shelda has taught in a range of schools in South Australia and abroad for 36 years. She is passionate about creative writing and inspiring the next generation of authors. Shelda has had her poetry published nationally and internationally and received the William McDonald Scholarship to research Creative Writing

and Poetry publications in Canada and the USA. Earlier this year she was also awarded the Irene Bell Award for leadership in the community on International Women’s Day. “One of the most gratifying aspects of teaching is promoting student writing, and witnessing the success of students. During my time at Eynesbury, many have won awards and been published,” said Shelda. Since 2009, the national magazine Oz Kids in Print has published 27 short stories and 37 student poems. “In 2013, I had a Year 12 student win the Fortescue

Metals Literary Award for the best short story. She was also named the Bic Young Australian Writer of the Year. The same student has just been to Melbourne for the 2014 awards where she was presented with the Helen Handbury Achievement Award, while another student in the same class received the Helen Handbury Literary Award. I was jumping for joy when I heard this news!” Shelda is a worthy recipient of a National Award for Excellence in Teaching. We wish her luck and look forward to hearing the results early in 2015.

19 T /04 2014 Pictured: Creative Writing excursion to the Central Markets.

SPRING POETRY FESTIVAL Pictured: Aydan Shillabeer, Shelda Rathmann, Aldo Longobardi.

The Spring Poetry Festival launch in October saw the publication of eight creative writing pieces by students and teachers. Congratulations to Year 12 students Gina Cameron, Rebecca Hillan and Sasha Krieg. Additionally, Aydan Shillabeer was awarded the John Malone Prize for his poem. Well done to teachers Melanie Smith, Aldo Longobardi and Shelda Rathmann, who were also published. Shelda was the honoured guest poet at the launch. “There were nearly 800 entries from across the state. The 100 best poems were published. Eynesbury was one of the most published schools within this anthology, which is a fantastic achievement,� said Shelda.

JOHN MALONE PRIZE Komodo Dragon Slowly he lurks, his silver scales, encrusted jewels, corrals of flies like a pack of children, they ride the back of the lumbering bus, the dragon revs his engine, running at speed, a greyhound he cuts through the grass like a sharp sword, his blade pierces the thick brown hide, the slippy saliva droops from his mouth and falls upon blood and bone. The boar is done, the dragon won And here he eats alone. By Aydan Shillabeer

20 T /04 2014

SEMESTER 2 ACADEMIC CITATIONS Ninety-one citations were awarded in recognition of Year 10 students’ hard work in Semester 2, with many students receiving multiple certificates. There were 35 academic citations, 46 excellent effort citations and 10 citations given for service to the College. Congratulations to the following high academic achievers:

7 Citations Kellie Elmes

Academic Excellence, English, History, Science Mathematics, Stage 1 Nutrition, PLP.

Jane (Taeho) Kim Academic Excellence, English, SOSE, Stage 1 subjects: Drama, Mathematical Studies, Science, Research Practices. 4 Citations Emily Cribb English, Stage 1 Research Practices, Science, SOSE. Ellen Tosolini

21 T /04 2014

Academic Excellence, English, SOSE, Science Stage 1 Nutrition, PLP.

YEAR 11 SEMESTER 2 ACADEMIC CITATIONS A total of 120 citations were awarded to students.

There were 48 academic citations, 54 excellent effort citations and 18 citations given for service to the College, with many students receiving multiple certificates for different subjects. Well done to the following high academic achievers:

6 Citations Alexandra Nichols Jubilee Xu 5 Citations Jessica Hay Odetta Maxwell Rachel Mynott Nina Nguyen Sophie Chen

Academic Excellence, English, Legal Studies, Australian & International Politics, French Continuers, Psychology. Academic Excellence, Chemistry, Mathematical Studies, French Beginners, English as a Second Language, Geometry & Trigonometry. Academic Excellence, Drama, French Beginners, Australian & International Politics, Visual Arts – Art, Academic Excellence, Australian & International Politics, English, Legal Studies, Psychology Academic Excellence, Mathematical Studies Geometry & Trigonometry, Chemistry, Biology. Academic Excellence, Chemistry, Biology, Stage 2 Subjects: Mathematical Studies, Specialist Mathematics. Academic Excellence, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematical Studies, Visual Arts - Design.

MAGISTRATE’S COURT The Legal Studies Class enjoyed an excursion to the Magistrate’s Court this Term. “It’s really beneficial to get students into the real life environment of the courts,” said Janine Campbell “They particularly loved the mock trial complete with the appropriate clothing and dress up props.” “It was really interesting hearing that there are tunnels that run from the courtrooms underneath the streets of Adelaide,” said student Odetta Maxwell. “We also got to see behind the scenes and the holding cells! “ Next year at Eynesbury we will be unveiling a specially designed moot courtroom on Level 3. It will be called the Rumpole Room.

Pictured: Front Row, Odetta Maxwell, Alex Nichols, Binh Phan, Sam Borrelli, Grace Ferencz, Cluny Fenner, Tate Cowling, Lucie Fittock. Back Row: Pamela Jacub, Hafiza Garipov, Ayla Langford, Jake Byran, Beth Marsh.

Pictured: Ayla Langford and Sam Borrelli.

Pictured: Odetta Maxwell, checking out one of the cells.

24 T /04 2014 Pictured: Behind the scenes tour of the ‘cells.’

Pictured: Hafiza Garipov.

ADELAIDE HILLS NATURAL RESOURCE CENTRE Biology students enjoyed a field trip to Mount Lofty and the Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre (AHNRC) this Term as part of studies into ecosystems. “It was a really fun excursion, I think everybody enjoyed the bush walk at Mount Lofty Summit the most,” said Ayla-Lise Langford. “It was cool seeing some native animals, including a koala, as it made what we were learning about more relevant.” “We observed that the ecosystem had a lot of introduced plants and animals,” said Daniel Williamson. “If there are no or fewer predators to the introduced species, then the numbers increase disproportionately and outcompete the native plants and animals.” “It was interesting to learn about rust, which is a fungus introduced as a biological control to attempt to control blackberries and help restore balance for the native species.”

25 T /04 2014 Pictured: ‘rust’ on leaves.

We also looked at the effect of E. coli bacterium in effluent and collected plants to assist with some of our research activities,” said Daniel.

Pictured: Joshua Jackson, Thomas Bartley, Daniel Williamson, Braden Cook, Shaye Duong, Eren Colakoglu.


Pictured: Alexandra Christie, Alisha Shaikh, Hafiza Garipov, Romana Hayes.

T /04 2014 Pictured: Various plant samples.

TRADES HALL LANE ART Pictured: Stephanie Holland being interviewed by Jodie Oddy.

Eynesbury Senior College students have made a splash on social media and on Channel 10 News with their new mural and ball in Trades Hall Lane. Trades Hall Lane is located on the west side of the Eynesbury Senior College building. “The project was managed by the Adelaide City Council’s City Activation Programme and Splash Adelaide. It was really fantastic that they involved Eynesbury,” said Lindy Neilson. “By giving students the opportunity to add their own ‘splash’ of colour to the city environment, it has contributed to a sense of ownership and pride in their part of the city.” “It also shows the students that the City Council is interested in the ideas of young people,” said Lindy. The design was a collaborative effort, with a number of students involved. Year 11 students Jess Hay, Sophie Chen and Sabina Kohn took the lead on the design, with Stephanie Holland, Leilani Maldari, Sabina Kohn and teacher Lindy Neilson providing assistance on site. “The brief was to design new imagery for the ball which would complement new

Pictured: Lindy Neilson (back), Leilani Maldari, Sabina Kohn (front).

Pictured: Sabina Kohn, Leilani Maldari, Alice Bonnin, Stephanie Holland, Lucy Bonnin.

Click to play

artwork on the wall as well,” explained Sophie. “As the ball is round, we were advised that a simple design would work best.” “We were inspired to use triangles as the base of the design by the the geometric building façade of the Eynesbury College building.” “This year, the geometric façade celebrates 55 years since it was installed by South Australian architect pioneer John Singleton Chappel,” said Sophie, who finalised the design of the ball. “The five colours, including the white background,

replicate the colours found on the flags of all nations and represents South Australia’s multiculturalism,” said Jess Hay. “It is cheerful and colourful mural. The triangles on the wall filter down to form a map of South Australia and you can even see Kangaroo Island!” said Jess. “The wall mural also includes some paste ups of iconic locations in the Adelaide CBD which create a great eye level feature,” said Sabina Kohn. “As South Australia is known as the ‘festival state,’ the paste ups feature festive pop art elements.”

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“My favourite paste up is the Malls Balls image where I added a cupcake patty pan, icing and a candle on top,” said Sabina. “I love street art and want to go on to study a Visual Arts Degree, so working on a large outdoor art mural has been really inspiring.” “It was also great to work with young South Australian artist Lucy Bonnin. It gives me hope that one day I might be able to work full time as an artist as well,” said Sabina. The mural is seven metres high and 14 metres long. The inflatable ball will remain in place for the next few months.


At the end of this year we have a number of staff who are retiring from their positions at Eynebsury. They have been generous contributors and tireless in their dedication to the students and the College. Best wishes for the future to Science Laboratory Assistant – Tony Wilkins, Library Assistant – Judy Sangster, Library Assistant – Sara Kennedy, Accounting and Business Studies teacher – Michael Jarrett, Student Counsellor – John Miller, Library Coordinator – Silvana Jenkins, and Sunita Narayan. Every one of these people has played a vital role in creating Eynesbury’s unique educational environment and will be missed. Their longevity at the College is indicative of the wonderful working and learning community they have helped to create.

Special mention goes to Sunita Narayan, who has maintained a number of positions at Eynesbury since its inception 25 years ago. Sara, who has been in the Library for 19 years, is practically part of the furniture, as is Silvana! Thank you for everything you have done for the Eynesbury community over the years. We look forward to seeing you again as welcome visitors and wish you every happiness in your retirement.

Pictured: 1. Michael Jarrett, Sara Kennedy, John Warren, Silvana Jenkins and John Miller. 2. The lovely library ladies, Sara Kennedy and Silvana Jenkins being presented with artwork by student Bekka Hillan as a thank you and goodbye present.

30 T /04 2014

SILVER JUBILEE EVENT 25 YEAR CELEBRATION Eynesbury Old Scholars, staff, students and the wider Eynesbury community are invited to celebrate the 25 Year Anniversary of the College at our Jubilee Event. The event will occur after the Open Day on Sunday 15 March between 4-6pm. Join us for canapes and drinks on the terrace at Level 2. Please RSVP as places are limited. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with the Eynesbury community.

31 T /04 2014



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eynesburyseniorcollege Some of the stunning Year 12 Art and Design pieces. Arrange a time with Lindy to collect yours.






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Scholarship Application Deadline



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WK 2


Scholarship outcomes mailed this week.

WK 1


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32 T /04 2014

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