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principal’s note

What a great start to 2014 and what

with several exclaiming how they

a jam-packed first term! The Mentor

could have listened to him all day!

Program under the new tutelage of

And our Year 12s have benefited by

Assistant Principal Aldo Longobradi has

making connections with past Eynesbury

had a number of inspiring and entertaining

students, who reflected on their

speakers with important messages.

Eynesbury experiences, their success at

All year levels were entertained

university or other pathways, and advice

by Mary Aloisi from Catch My Drift. Her sessions approached some fairly

about getting through Year 12. It was great to see new and familiar

significant issues relevant to young

faces during our first Open Day in March,

people in a realistic yet empowering

when we welcomed the largest number

way. They focus on empowering young

of people to the event since 2007.

people, understanding mental health

We open the doors again on Tuesday

issues, and suicide prevention.

13 May during a busy school day. It is

The Year 10 program had a health

uplifting to witness the looks on the faces

focus which had them looking at

of parents and prospective students as

relationships, goal setting, friendships

they are walked through the College.

and settling in to new school. Visits to

They see teachers working with students

the CBD Goodlife Gym and bowling

they know personally, operating in an

game were popular sessions.

atmosphere of mutual respect which

A highlight for Year 11s Mentor Program

provides parents with real confidence,

included Monty Pryor, an indigenous

and students often point out the personal

presenter, who spoke about intercultural

satisfaction and liberation they feel when

and indigenous understanding. Students

learning in such an environment.

were able to participate in cultural dance,

I invite you to join us for our first Open

music and discussion.

Afternoon of the year from 2pm-4pm.

Energetic and engaging speaker, Paul

Stay up to date with events,

Dillon, an expert on alcohol consumption

pictures, videos and news via our

and safe partying, returned to Eynesbury

social media pages but for now

to give our students advice on how to

happy reading, and I hope you

look out for themselves and their friends

all had a great Holiday!

at parties. The ever-popular Paul is always a sure highlight for students

John Warren

03 t /01 2014

recap on results topping the state The DUX of the College, Rose Crocker, achieved 99.85, which placed her in the top 1% of the state. She was awarded four merits, two perfect scores, for Chemistry and English Studies, and several of Rose’s artworks were also chosen for the SACE Art Show 2014. Principal John Warren said, “It’s very rare to get unscaled scores of 20, let alone two of them. A deserving DUX of the school in 2013, her results

Rose was the recipient of the Governor

are testament to Rose’s Renaissance

of South Australia Commendations

approach to her studies.”

2013 award. This award acknowledges and celebrates overall excellence in the South Australian Certificate of Education.

At the beginning of the year the results arrived for our 2013 Year 12 students. The successes speak for themselves, 19 Merits for A+ grades, 40% of students received an ATAR of over 90 and 8 students achieved a score of 99.0 or better.

It recognises excellent achievement in Year 12 subjects as well as success in developing the SACE capabilities of communication, learning, personal development, citizenship and work. Out of 13,500 students who received SACE in 2013, only 28 were selected to receive this prestigious award. “I was thrilled with my results. You work hard but I didn’t expect merits and awards,” said Rose. “Year 12 was a big year! It brought us all closer together. The pressure binds you and connects you, not only to your classmates but to your teachers, more so than ever before. Eynesbury and the specialised teaching really helped me to achieve my results.”

“Year 12 was a big year! The pressure binds you and connects you, not only to your classmates but to your teachers, more so than ever before. Eynesbury and the specialised teaching really helped me to achieve my results.” Rose Crocker

“I came to Eynesbury in Year 11,

There is much discussion around

and felt encouraged to contribute to

the release of methane gas into the

the areas I am interested in, which

atmosphere and its effect on global

was different to my former view of

warming possibly contributing more

education and schooling. This support

than CO2. I am interested in these

and encouragement has grown my

double edged issues,” said Rose.

passion. I don’t just want to do science

Rose is doing a double degree in

research, I really want to help people,

Science and Arts at the University

the environment and make a difference.”

of Adelaide and will look to focus on

“I was part of Eynesbury’s GreenTeam in 2013, the school’s environmental group. We created a café in the school

environmental science and climate change issues. “Combining Science and the Arts,

grounds to raise funds for environmental

I hope to become a mediator between

issues such as deforestation resulting

the two, someone who knows and

from the expansion of the palm oil

understands the science, but is also

industry and highlight the importance

able to communicate it. There are a lot

of fair trade. I realised by being part

of ethical and moral issues surrounding

of this team that I enjoyed not only

environmental problems and I think

studying science but advocating for

healthy communication between

the issues surrounding science and

scientists and the public will be really

the environment.”

important in the future.”

“Chemistry was one of my favourite subjects and gaining a perfect score for it was really rewarding for all the hard work I put in throughout Year 12. I particularly enjoyed researching topical subjects, including hydraulic fracturing or fracking. This is a technique used to extract minerals through using a pressurised liquid to fracture rocks.

Pictured: 2013 DUX of the College, Rose Crocker. Image credit: Messenger Newspaper.

05 t /01 2014


Results at a glance ATAR > 99.00

Achieving the Merits

9.3% of our students achieved a score which places them in the top 1% of the state.

Congratulations on becoming the top 1% in the state. How did you stay focused to achieve such great results? Apart from the support of those close to me, being focused, organised

ATAR > 95.00

and working hard enabled me to achieve

27.9% of our students achieved a score which places them in the top 5% of the state.

College also played a major role in

my ATAR of 99.40. Eynesbury Senior allowing me to reach my goal, with its emphasis on independent learning in a pre-university environment, along with its highly trained specialist teachers.

ATAR > 80.00 62.8% of our students achieved a score which places them in the top 10% of the state.

What was your favourite subject? My Research Project became an interesting and fulfilling personal journey as I investigated the key factors influencing the final decision on the controversial Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan. I achieved 9.9 out of 10 and a Merit for the project,

Median ATAR 86.00 This number is often used as the basis of comparison. The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) provides students with their offers and pathways to university, and the median provides a good year-byyear comparison. On a statewide basis only 20% of candidates will score 80.0 or better - this median ATAR means that more than 50% of our students scored better than 86.00, underlining again Eynesbury’s outstanding successes.

but most importantly developed my research skills which will help me at Uni. University life after school - what was your first preferences? I have always been interested in Psychology due to the research possibilities in the field of Social Psychology. My ideal career would as an Organisational Psychologist. I was thrilled to be accepted into my first university preference, a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at ANU. The ANU School of Psychology has a strong focus on research and wellestablished links to overseas study.

“Eynesbury Senior College played a major role in allowing me to reach my goal, with its emphasis on independent learning in a pre-university environment, along with its highly trained specialist teachers.� Libby Bellchambers 2 Pictured: 1 Libby and her parents at the awards ceremony. Libby received three merits and 99.4 ATAR. 2 Ellen and her Writer of the Year Award.

What course did you want to study at Uni? My first choice was a Bachelor of Business (Management), combined with a degree in International Studies at Flinders University. A degree I hope will open possibilities through its wide range of job prospects. I chose this degree over the many others as it will provide me the chance to complete a diploma in language, as well as the opportunity

The Honour Roll

to take part in the Advanced Leadership courses.

Ellen Thomas, received one merit and

How did you feel about being accepted

an ATAR of 99.15. In her final year Ellen

into your first choice at University?

had her work published in OzKids in

I felt a real sense of accomplishment as

Print, won the Lochee Andison Youth

well as a solid sense of direction. I began

Literary Award, and was announced as

my last year of education at Eynesbury

Young Australian Writer of the Year.

with the knowledge that if I worked to

Young Australian Writer of the year is

the best of my abilities I would reap

a significant award offered by Oz Kids in

the benefits. It is a satisfying feeling to

Print and is selected from a national field

know that hard work really does pay off.

of more than 20,000 entries. This is the

I feel excited by the new opportunities

second time an Eynesbury student has

that will soon become available to me to

won this award, and marks the first time

further achieve and excel.

a school has won the award twice. What are the key things that helped you achieve your results? The support and professionalism of my teachers at Eynesbury Senior College was a major motivator to reach my goals. Equally was the support of my family and friends.

07 t /01 2014

The Write Stuff Two of the three finalists for the

Written Portraits, National Creative Writing Competition

National Somerset Poetry Prize came

for a short story between 800 and 1200 words that

from Eynesbury Senior College.

encompasses the 2014 theme, People, Places and

What an achievement! Congratulations

Things that Inspire Me. Entries close on 9 May.

to Rose Crocker for her poem Light and

The Young Writers Award 2014 for poetry or prose

Damon Liebenberg for his poem Brittle

up to 1000 words on a free topic due by 23 May.

Boned Red Riding Hood in receiving top

The Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards is the oldest

recognition for the Senior Category.

and largest poetry competition in Australia with more

Eynesbury students always do very well in competitions and coming up there are a number that we encourage students to enter including:

than 10,000 poems submitted nationally. The deadline for submissions is 30 June. Winning awards not only gives students great personal accomplishment but also looks good on their resumés and University or other pathway applications.

Light | by Rose Crocker I cannot capture you. No, you elude, effusive quantum beast, you, flickering flame in great men’s hands. Particle-wave duality!

At a just-so angle to what was. You, star-child, youthful blue twinkle. Redshift Grandfather of the universe, these past wavelengths, how they do return!

As if that would explicate, a moon’s green glow, a sun’s splintering beams! My eyes filter, in-comprehending.

What form dare you take? incandescent, fluorescent, basking all in gaudy neon, a falsity transmitted? Frequency, emittance.

One velocity in a vacuum neat little number, no wonder, you entrap wayward insects, Large eyed intellectual flies.

Such complex interference dark fringes; heart’s absences. Evading blackness, diverting substance, yet such a clear-cut picture.

Wielding lenses in the dark, Eerie luminescence, translucent, ethereal. So Hooke’s tongue stuttered, ‘Luminiferous Ether’.

And at times, how you blind me! Spectral patterns sketch my lids. Then you weaken, wan and dim, romantic and disturbing.

I brandished diamond prism. Refracted this refined ray. Splintered the spectrum, infra-red and ultra-violet. Still you remain a mirror’s glint,

But I am blind. A molish-creature perhaps, and this but a tunnel. Light at the end, and you my telescope of the earth.

Brittle Boned Riding Hood | By Damon Liebenberg

My bones are fragile, frail. If I leave my house I may fold. Fall. Fail. Grandma’s cottage, though two doors down, seems vague and misted with distance

New Interactive Career’s Room

my weak muscles could never travel. If I leave my house my red coat would surely

Career and tertiary information is essential reading for Eynesbury Senior

be too heavy to wear.

College students and from Year 10 on, for

A cross my

future career and employment prospects.

osteogenesis imperfecta-plagued body could not bear. If I leave my house I will snap. My knees will crumble.

As providers of professional education services universities and their courses are integral to this research. Eynesbury students choose their school subjects after weighing up their interests, academic achievements, available subject options and career aspirations.

It would take

Providing up-to-date and relevant

less than

information is critical and over the last

a wolf

couple of years John Miller, Counsellor


has been busy developing a central hub


for careers. The new Careers Room can


be found in our Library and provides an

To tear me to shreds.

easily accessible collection of resources

If I leave my house my bones may snap

for our students. The room provides a quiet place where students can sit and explore any of this material.

and rip through

The room has information displayed

my pale,

on the walls from universities all over


Australia with multiple copies for


students. A permanently set up iPad

Oh, what

provides an important career service


with quick and easy access to online


material with links to all universities in


Australia. It is good to see an increasing

I have.

number of our students taking advantage of this area.

International Women’s DaY AWARDS This year two women in the Eynesbury community were awarded International Women’s Day Awards at the luncheon event at the Convention Centre. Eynesbury focuses on fostering

English and Creative Writing teacher,

independent learning and leadership

Shelda Rathmann, won the Irene Bell

qualities in each and every one of

Award, which is the namesake award

our students. We have a number of

for Irene, a long-standing member of the

outstanding young female students,

International Women’s Day Committee

and teachers, in support of this and on

and a committed individual, raising the

International Women’s Day, Eynesbury

status of women in the community for

often hosts a table at the breakfast

more than 35 years.

which is attended by over 2,000 people

Both Nina and Shelda were thrilled to

in celebration of this international event.

be the recipients of these awards, and be

This year two women in the Eynesbury

recognised for the work they do in their

community were awarded International

local community.

Women’s Day Awards at the luncheon event at the Convention Centre. Year 11 Student, Nina Nguyen won

The awards celebrate the following attributes: Community involvement in South Australia; Participation in

the South Australian Young Women’s

community activities; Achievements

Community and Spirit Award for

in community work, education and

International Women’s Day. The award

work; Leadership in women’s and youth

recognises, values and commends

groups; Volunteer work with women,

young women aged 12 to 30.

individuals and other groups mentoring individuals and providing support to individuals and groups.

10 t /01 2014

Pictured: Year 11 student, Nina Nguygen and English and Creative Writing teacher Shelda Rathmann with their awards.

Pictured: Nina being photographed by the Messenger newspaper for a story about her achievement and Nina with her award.

Nina is an active member of both her college and local community. She explains that volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. “I may not be able to vote just yet, but by volunteering in my community, I get to vote every day about the kind of community I want to live in,” said Nina. Nina has knitted blankets for the Saint Vincent de Paul’s ‘Blankets of Love’ appeal which provides blankets for new immigrants to South Australia. As second generation Vietnamese, she assists her family, family friends and local community with English. Nina volunteers at her local nursing home, Ananda, where she plays a range of piano music. Nina has volunteered and fundraised for a number of organisations, including the Zonta Birthing Kits Foundation, through selling cards to family, friends and door-knocking to build up a budget to assemble Birthing Kits to assist women who don’t have access to hospitals.

A famous quote by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” epitomises the belief of Shelda Rathmann. Shelda is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who believes that teaching is a vocation. Teaching for over 30 years in South Africa, Zimbabwe, the UK and both state and private schools in South Australia, she has worked tirelessly mentoring students and giving back to the community. Shelda offered her skills to manage a number of Creative Writing workshops at the homeless women’s shelter, Catherine House. Shelda provided mentorship, support and advice to the women at the shelter inspiring them with her passion for poetry. As Albert Einstien said, “It is the

12 t /01 2014

supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Shelda really does inspire everyone who is lucky enough to be taught or mentored by her.

Pictured: Shelda on stage, receiving her award from Maggie Beer.

“Shelda coordinated and edited the work of the ladies at Catherine House into a book called Oasis…a stage in journey... The book has now raised almost $20,000 for the homeless shelter.” Shelda coordinated and edited the work

Shelda has contributed to the

of the ladies at Catherine House into a

community via volunteering in a number

book called Oasis…a stage in journey.

of different ways and has produced

“The published book is a celebration

anthologies about Port Adelaide and

of the women’s gifts and a tribute to

Hans Heysen to ensure their historical

their personal journeys. The greatest

legacy for generations to come.

reward was witnessing the positive

Eynesbury Senior College is lucky

impact that the project had on the

to have Shelda amongst its talented

women, it increased their self-esteem,

teaching staff, and this award is just

self-fulfilment and gave them hope for

another feather on Shelda’s already

the future,” said Shelda.

impressive resumé boasting a number

The book has now raised almost $20,000 for the homeless shelter. In 2013 at Eynesbury Senior College, she created and edited a zine entitled,

of awards, international and national publishing and her own book called Pundemonium. Congratulations to both women on

Frog Cakes, Fritz and FruChocs . . . a

well-deserved awards and keep up the

slice of South Australia which celebrates

good work.

the South Australian community and showcases the students’ poetry, prose and art. Over 500 zine copies were distributed free to cafes throughout the city, Victoria Square and the Central Market as part of a community service.

13 t /01 2014

UN International Women’s Day Breakfast write up

“The sentence that stood out in her speech and that remains in mind is ‘I am a feminist because I still need to be,’ because it summarises how our generation of women must be independent and understand the challenges we may face in adulthood.”

The UN International Women’s Day

Senator Penny Wong’s contributions

Breakfast on 7 March, featured South

to the Women’s Day Breakfast has

Australian born Dr Gill Hicks, one of

also impacted on us greatly. She spoke

the many victims of the 2005 London

powerfully when addressing the issues

bombings, as guest speaker.

that modern women face in today’s

With Senator Penny Wong hosting

workplace and society. Senator Wong

the event of over 2000, the breakfast

outlined ideas that had never occurred

promoted women’s rights, both in

to us before that day, but that we found

politics and everyday life. Hearing

inspirational. The sentence that stood out

Dr Hicks’ story and current approach

in her speech and that remains in mind

to life was both enlightening and

is “I am a feminist because I still need

confronting. Her strength through

to be,” this is because it summarises

adversity is inspiring, and standing

how our generation of women must

out most was her grace towards

be independent and understand the

those involved in the bombings.

challenges we may face in adulthood.

She spoke of her mother and the influence of such a female role model in her life, and the family quote of,

Andie Carlson and Odetta Maxwell

“Someone, somewhere is feeling the effects of something you have said or

14 t /01 2014

done and this is a great responsibility.” Hearing Dr Hicks and Senator Wong speak was thought-provoking about women’s place in the world, and encouraging as to what women can achieve.

Pictured: Andie Carlson and Odetta Maxwell with Senator Penny Wong at the UN International Women’s Day Breakfast.

Social Justice Group

Hero Day Wednesday 21 May

Come dressed as your favourite hero or join us to enjoy some tasty treats! All funds raised go to the Hutt Street Centre.

leading the way Watch the inspirational 10,000 ideas video from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre which features Eynesbury student Andie Carlson.

Students from Eynesbury Senior

“I was thrilled to be one of the senior

College were among the next generation

leaders nominated to attend this year.

of young leaders who gathered at the

I attended a couple of years ago and

Adelaide Entertainment Centre in late

found it really interesting. Each speaker

March to celebrate National Young

brought their unique life experience

Leaders Day.

to the platform. I found it insightful,

Across Australia the event attracts

encouraging, and learnt that anyone can

over 20,000 students with guest

be a good leader and make a difference

speakers in Adelaide including: former

in the world around them if they have the

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard; Social

right motivation,” said Laura.

Entrepreneur, Daniel Flynn, and Everest Mountaineer, Katie Sarah. Four Year 12 students Laura Thomas,

“I was most looking forward to hearing Julia Gillard and Daniel Flynn speak. It was interesting to hear Ms Gillard’s

Chelsea Macauley, Hannah Lambert

perspective as Australia’s first female

and Andie Carlson attended and were

Prime Minister and also hear from Daniel

nominated for their leadership potential.

who started Thankyou Water when he was only 19. He started that company when he was a teenager and it makes me think, if he did it - I could too!”

“I think it’s great that Thankyou Water

“Going forwards, I hope to continue my

exists for the sole purpose of funding

learning, experience and knowledge of

safe water projects in developing

leadership in a practical way. I appreciate

nations. Over the last five years, the

those who stand up for what they believe

company has funded over 100 projects

in, and help others in the community,

in many different countries assisting over

which is why I can imagine having a

56,000 people. Access to safe water is

career in politics. However, right now, I

one of the most important fundamentals

am also hoping these leaders can also

for a community as it underpins health,

give me some good tips in balancing

education and livelihood. Living in

study, social engagements and managing

Australia, we often forget how lucky we

stress, as I finish my final schooling

are to have access to clean, safe drinking

years,” said Laura.

water when millions of people do not,”

insights from Daniel Flynn about how he

“I learnt that anyone can... make a difference in the world around them if they have the right motivation.”

made his socially conscious company a

Laura Thomas

said Laura. “It’s really important to give back to your community whether it be at school, in your neighbourhood or contributing to a charity. I look forward to learning some


Image: Halogen Australia.

17 t /01 2014

Pictured: 1 Speaker Daniel Flynn from Thankyou Water. 2 Leadership Day morning at the Entertainment Centre. 3 The auditorium. 4 Daniel Flynn speaks with the students. 5 Student’s hold up the statement ‘I am somebody’. 6 Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivers her speech. Image credits: Chameleon Photography and Halogen Australia.



18 t /01 2014 3


Student Well being Group

5 Image credits: Chameleon Photography and Halogen Australia.

Another year has begun and with that the Student Wellbeing Group has been formed and is now in the process of putting together a number of initiatives. The students in this group: Odetta Maxwell, Sasha Kreig, Andie Carlson, Tyler Parsons, Keedan Moat, Matt Davies and Counsellor John Miller are available as the first point of call if you are an Eynesbury student and are in need of any assistance‌ the issues might include: stress or social/study related problems we are willing to lend a hand! We are all contactable via email or you can just approach us in person. We are here to help! Thanks Odetta Maxwell 6

Behind the scenes at Australia’s largest Youth Science Forum Rahul Malhotra was one of only ten

and meet the scientists and technologists

South Australians to attend the

to gain an appreciation of the importance

prestigious National Youth Science

of both science and science-based

Forum (NYSF).

industry to Australia’s future. NYSF aims

“I have always loved all sciences but

to increase students’ awareness of their

biology and chemistry are my favourites.

own potential, both for leadership and

When my teacher at Eynesbury Senior

teamwork, as well as in the areas of

College suggested I apply for the NYSF,

science and technology.

I thought, ‘Why not’? And I am so glad

“The whole NYSF program exceeded

that I did, it was a once in a lifetime

my expectations and I will never forget


the memorable scientific experience,

“Over 100 people applied from SA,

especially the eye-opening forums on

so it was a real honour to be chosen.

climate change, nanotechnology and

The process was pretty intense. There

science and culture. I learnt so many

were two stages: the first, a one hour

things, for example, I never realised there

interview at a Rotary Club, and if you

was a course in immunology!”

made it onto the second stage, you had

“I also enjoyed visiting the Questacon

to do an impromptu speech, debate and

at the National Science and Technology

a panel interview with three different

Centre. They have a telecom to

interviewers. It took about four hours!

communicate with other science centres

It was tough but a good learning

around the world. On the day we visited,


we had a live video conference with

Over 150 Year 11 students from around

CERN, the European Organization for

Australia, NZ, Germany and Canada

Nuclear Research. The physicists and

attended the forum at the Australian

engineers there are looking at the

National University, Canberra.

fundamental structure of the universe

The NSFC is a 12 day, intensive program which involves students in the latest developments in science and

and CERN is also the birthplace of the world-wide-web which is pretty cool! “The live video conference was with

technology. They visit state of the art

CERN Doctor Rolf Landua in Switzerland.

facilities, laboratories and institutions

He has worked on Anti-proton Accelerators

“The whole NYSF program exceeded my expectations and I will never forget the memorable scientific experience” Rahul Malhotra

Pictured: Rahul at the medical research centre at the NYSF and the lucky group of Year 11 students from Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Canada who attended the forum.

“We also visited the AIS. I found the research they do on the sports players fascinating. I liked learning how they work out the best exercise regimes for different sports and athletes. I also liked visiting Deep Space Station 46, where they coordinated the Mars Rover.” “We learnt about the different science careers and fields of scientific research, how to get into university to pursue these different types of careers. Neuroscience and medicine are the two I am most interested in.” and the Hadron Collider which is the

“My other favourite parts were the

world’s largest particle accelerator at 27km

random chants our group made up, fun

long which collides protons or lead ions at

stuff like eating ice cream late at night

energies approaching the speed of light.”

and gaining 150 new like-minded friends.

“Another amazing part of the forum was the Forensic Science seminar by Professor Shari Forbes. Her research

It was the best two weeks of my life!” Rahul is one young scientist to watch with a bright future.

focuses on assisting police canine units to improve their training methodologies for detection dogs deployed to forensic and mass disaster investigations. Her seminar was informative and full of suspense.”

21 t /01 2014

Stand out from the crowd February and Mad March are busy in Adelaide with the Fringe, Adelaide Festival, Clipsal, Womad, Big Day Out and Soundwave to name just a few events, which nearly two million people attended. The location of these events, being either the CBD or nearby, led to the purchase of advertising on an Adelaide tram which is the first time a school has done what’s called a mega-side. The tram advertisement, running from February to early May, features our new 2014 slogan Grab Life. The Grab Life Campaign is the creation of our new marketing manager Alice Bonnin, “the use of simple eye-catching imagery has had excellent feedback from staff, students and the wider community. The tram advertisement may also appear in the Outdoor Media Associations book OPEN. This prestigious advertising book published later this year, features the most creative campaigns from Australia and abroad.” The Grab Life campaign will continue throughout the year in local magazines, newspapers and on Adelaide’s most popular radio station NOVA 91.9.

@eynesbury senior college Eynesbury has a channel on YouTube which will soon feature a behind the scenes making of the Tram ad so be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the link. Also follow us on Instagram @EYNESBURYSENIORCOLLEGE for weekly pictures, video and don’t forget to @ us in any of your uploads.

Pictured: The Grab Life Tram Wrap



It’s a wrap! 4

Sasha Krieg, 17, performed for her third year at the Fringe. Although undertaking Year 12, Sasha maintains that having a hobby and learning to manage a work/ life balance is extremely important. “A lot of people get pulled down in Year 11 and especially in Year 12, if they don’t have an outlet to escape to. You can’t study all the time and being a part of theatre plays helps my confidence, keeps me positive and helps to put the pressure of study into perspective,” said Sasha. Sasha is an aficionado for the arts and has been a part of Black Cat Theatre for the last four years. In 2012, Sasha received rave reviews for Fringe play Under Milk Wood and following that success, Sasha and Black Cat Theatre performed a new play this year, called Arlecchino and Friends. “Arlecchino and Friends was a collection of Commedia plays. Commedia

24 t /01 2014

is a form of theatre which began in Italy Pictured: 1 Sasha Krieg, 17. 2 Sasha with fellow members of the cast. 3 Poster for After School starring Vendanth Malladi, 16. 4 Poster for Arlecchino and Friends.

in the 16th Century and created the base for improvised performances based on scenarios,” said Sasha.


“There were nine actors and a musician in this play with an age range of 14 to mid-30s. It’s great to be able to act with a range of people from all walks of life. We practised for five months and even if it was little exhausting after all the performances, my teachers were really supportive and encouraging.” “My favourite play within the quirky collection was the namesake play, Dr Arlecchino. This play was so much fun! My role was the young servant character called Columbina, who was a smart girl who included the audience while picking on her Master, Il Dottore, and her lover, Arlecchino. Involving the audience meant that each night was slightly different which kept it exciting each night,” said Sasha. Sasha has not ruled out performing in the Fringe next year, but is looking forward to getting back to concentrating on her studies and Year 12 now that the March madness is over.


World Movie Premiere Vedanth Malladi, 16, starred in a short film After School which had its world premiere at the Mercury Cinema earlier this year. “Nearly 70 people auditioned for the role so I was lucky to get it. It is a pretty intense movie, which utilises the strength of silence to really draw the audience in,” said Vedanth. “The script was written by local producer /director Rubik Roy. It was great to work with him in this thought-provoking movie. The storyline focuses on the importance of success within Indian culture and the pressure which some parents can put on their children to succeed.” After School marks Vedanth’s second foray in film, he recently had a role in Children of Jupiter (Adelaide Short Film Festival). He has also acted in the South Australian based TV Series Sam Fox Extreme Adventures, which now plays in a number of countries worldwide.

25 t /01 2014

term 2 calendar week




mon 05 May

Yr 10/11 Parent Teacher Interview Evening


tues 13 May

Open afternoon 2-4pm


mon 19 May

Year 12 reports mailed

wed 21 May

Year 12 production Eyes To The Floor Opening Night

fri 23 May

Year 12 production Eyes To The Floor Closing Night


mon 02 june

Year 12 Parent Teacher Interview Evening


mon 09 june

Queen’s Birthday Holiday


fri 20 june

SWOT Vac Day Year 10/11


mon 23 june

Year 10/11 Exams begin

fri 27 june

New Students Orientation for Semester 2



Eynesbury Year 12 Drama Class Presents....

Eyes to the Floor Cast & Crew

Place: The Arch at Holden Street Theatres Time: 7.00pm Dates: 21 – 23 May Prices: $15 Adult $10 Concession

Daniella/Hawkins Alex Cornish Jane/Furedi/Officer1 Emma-Kate Panuccio Emma/ officer 2 Charlotte Bird Gwen Jess Valenta Fiona/friend Gina Cameron Marjorie Claire Wilson Naylor/Father Vadanth Malladi Mrs Kay Sarah Haydon Front of House Georgia Webber Stage Manager Charlotte Klose Costume Design Heidi Grace Publicity Johanna Li Director Aldo Longobardi

In Touch with Alumni/ Where are they now? What are you doing now? I chose a different pathway to University, inspired by my parents who were in the hospitality industry running the Alphutte and Lenzerheide restaurants. I have recently opened my own shop called DIY Gourmet on Grenfell Street. We provide restaurant quality ingredients in a convenient package for you to take home and cook. It means you can forget the hassle of wandering around the supermarket aisles, trying to think of what to cook for dinner - we do the legwork for you.

Nick Schadegg class of ‘02

and tested recipes which are healthy,

When did you come to Eynesbury

plenty of gluten free, dairy free and

Senior College and why?

vegetarian options to choose from with

I was at Eynesbury from 2001-2002. Making the choice to change schools

t /01 2014

don’t take long to cook, and include

pick up or delivery options. The recipes are easy to follow and all

was the best thing I did. I chose the

ingredients are portioned for the number

school because there was a lot of talk

of serves you require, so there’s no

about its adult/uni learning environment,

waste. Come say hello in store soon!

the dedication of the teachers and the


We have a seasonal menu with tried

great TER results. That’s showing my age, it’s now called ATAR! The whole package sounded great!

We love hearing what our Old Scholars are doing - so please keep in touch! Submissions always welcome for the Eynesbury Times simply email

Pictured: Nick Schadegg in front of his business ‘DIY Gourmet’ on Grenfell Street.

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eynesburyseniorcollege We love visits from old scholars! Daniel, Max, Rose, Meg and Damon (with the ever popular teacher Mel in the middle) popped in to speak with some of our Year 12s to give advice on what they can expect for their big year ahead!

eynesburyseniorcollege Chocka-block with curious new faces and there’s still time to pop in! Our open day is on til 4pm today!

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