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SINCE 1947

FA M I LY B U S I N E S S A continuing series highlighting the positive impact area family businesses have on our communities. In this instance, the Hornung family has been associated with Exclusively Yours for 70 years.

SHOREWEST REALTORS Not Your Father’s Real Estate Company WHEN STARTING OUT of his Wauwatosa home in 1946, John

John A. Horning–one man

A. Horning dreamt of a successful future. His investments in

with a vision so clear. A vision of

innovation, people and his company built a strong foundation for

a real estate company based on

future achievements. But even with his foresight and ambition…

three simple ideals: better service,

could he have guessed the heights reached by his company today?

innovative marketing, personal

Consider that the average life span of a Fortune 500

recognition. So simple, his vision

company is 40 years. Or that the odds of a family-owned company

remains the cornerstone of our

making it to its third generation are next to none. It is in that

company today.

perspective that we see Shorewest is more than a family legacy. It

The company was successful

is a testament to its people, the loyalty of its customers, and the

from the start. During its first

dedication to doing the job right and doing it with integrity. From

year in business, company sales

the innovations of John A. Horning, to the expansion and growth

reached $500,000, serving

led by John E. and Donald Horning, to the technological advances

40 families. Horning sought

made today by Joseph and John P. Horning…each generation of

to provide his clients with

leadership has left its own indelible mark on the past, present

exemplary customer service that

and future success of Shorewest


extended beyond a transaction. He looked to instill a familial relationship with each customer, imparting Midwestern values of hard-work and dedication. As company sales topped $8 million in 1950, a third sales office opened its doors. After only six years in the business, Wauwatosa Realty became Wisconsin’s Largest Home Seller™, a position we’ve held ever since. By 1955, John’s vision of “the way real estate should be done” laid the groundwork for undisputed success, but it was also his adaptability and foresight that would lead us to our longevity today. The second generation of Wauwatosa Realty leadership began in 1970, when John A. Horning appointed his son, John E. and nephew, Don, to lead the company. Together, the cousins Above left: Don F. and John E. Horning are the second generation to lead the company. Together, the cousins innovated and expanded services, guiding Wauwatosa Realty into unchartered territories of industry and success. Left: Mark Reel, CL; Wendy Norem, MKT; Ted Dentice, Michele Monroe, ACCT; Joe Horning, John Inzeo, WMC; Tonya Krebs, RELO; John Horning and Casey Clickner. Shorewest is proud to be named a 2017 Top Workplace for the sixth consecutive year by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.



innovated and expanded services, guiding

the internet and the first to create a bilingual

charities that need financial help. Shorewest

Wauwatosa Realty into uncharted territories of

hotline. With up-to-date services such as our

is also one of the major sponsors of the

industry and success.

top rated website and apps, Shorewest leads in

Breast Cancer Showhouse. We also support

using technology to exceed customer service

United Way, United Performing Arts Fund,

and provide a better consumer experience.

the Salvation Army and the Red Cross during

By 1997, we had clearly grown beyond our Wauwatosa roots. The time was right for us to adopt a new name–Shorewest Realtors®. Our

Despite exponential growth, the fact

new name would become a sign that we would

remains: we're a family-owned business, and

drives and support many other causes that

continue to serve the housing needs of sellers

we act as such. Joe and John P., uphold the

make a difference in our local community.

and buyers throughout Wisconsin…from the

same values their grandfather championed

At Shorewest Realtors®, customer

shores of Lake Michigan to all points west.

from the outset.

disasters. We conduct blood drives, food

satisfaction has been a pillar of our business since the beginning. We as a family value

Joe and John P. Horning, the President and

In addition to helping families buy or

Executive Vice President respectively, represent

sell their homes, Shorewest is proud to be

teamwork, commitment and integrity above

the third generation of leadership at Shorewest,

a member of the communities they serve,

all. As a company, we are dedicated to making

having taken the reins in 2002. They joined

and contributing to their surrounding areas

sure our employees and sales associates

Shorewest after college and have since proven

is always a priority. Shorewest’s own charity

commit to these values. We believe that these

themselves as accomplished business leaders.

Christmas is for Kids (C4K) started helping

traits equate to exceptional customer service

families in need of Christmas spirit over 30

that our clients deserve and expect.

Their continual innovation led to

Shorewest is home to the most professional

Shorewest being the first Milwaukee-area real

years ago, and is now a year-round cause that

estate company to create a website, among the

they support. Shorewest’s Casual Days for a

and experienced team. Our Quarter Century

first nationwide to place all of our listings on

Cause provides added support to families and

Club recognizes 114 people who have been



S H O R E W E S T R E A LT O R S ® with the company for 25 years or more. At Shorewest, it goes without saying that our sales associates are our number-one resource. To help them achieve greater success, we provide them with all the necessary tools, services and support. We offer several training programs. The first is an intensive training program,

Decades of Service Craftsmanship Leak-proof Roofing Fair Pricing Honesty The Best Warranties s



Roofing – Commercial & Residential General Repairs – Replacement Windows, Siding & Masonry Repairs

taught by our own full-time, professional trainers. Once completed, agents are paired with their own professional coach to help refine skills and develop their business much quicker. We’re also committed to professional development and ensuring our agents stay current on the latest real estate trends. To this end, we offer a variety of comprehensive training courses, programs and seminars throughout the year. With 70 plus years of continuous growth


and a steadfast commitment to helping

Performance by craftsmen

comprises 22 sales offices and almost 1,000

Wisconsin families, the company currently sales associates. The Shorewest family of companies includes: Wisconsin Mortgage Corporation, Heritage Title Services,

The Ottoman Society

Shorewest Real Estate Institute, Shorewest Insurance Associates and My-Dwelling.

A Fine Furniture Consignment Shop

It is our intention to see the business

We invite you to a unique buying and selling experience in our newly remodeled store– more space, more exceptional consignment items and, now, Monday hours.

continue to a fourth generation of Horning’s. The 4th generation is currently high school students who work at Shorewest during summers, learning from the ground up the

Jill Wightman & Jennifer Morales

importance of teamwork and service. As we look back on 70 plus years, we keep a keen eye turned towards our future. Though

13408 Watertown Plank Road Elm Grove, WI (Located behind Great Harvest Bread)

the real estate landscape will surely change, as will the technologies that support it, some things never will. Families will always need a place to call home. Owning the home you live in will always be a good investment. And Shorewest


262-786-1786 Hours: Mon.-Sat., 10-5 pm.

Thursdays, 10-7pm. 20

will always remain a family-owned, independent company dedicated to serving the needs of area

Fall Merchandise Arriving Daily 125 West Main Street, Cambridge 608-423-3740 A Unique Specialty Shop for Women

home buyers and sellers. “Shorewest is a family company, through and through. We are a family-run company, but we are also a family of companies and coworkers, acting together to help families realize their home ownership dreams.” – Joseph A. Horning. E X C L U S I V E LY Y O U R S



Ey september shorewest editorial  
Ey september shorewest editorial