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Custom -Built Nashotah Farms Contemporary N33W33184 MAPLEWOOD ROAD, NASHOTAH Breathtaking custom-built Contemporary, all brick home in the highly sought after Nashotah Farms Subdivision! Exposed lower level with daylight windows, theater room, and flex room. 2 in-home offices, expandable and walk-up attic. Phenomenal conservancy in backyard. There are approximately 2 miles of natural walking paths to enjoy within Nashotah Farms. Asphalt shingles and asphalt gutter guards. Bedrooms 2 & 3 include a Jack-N-Jill bath. Natural fireplace. Spectacular kitchen with tons of natural light and stainless steel GE Profile appliances throughout. Double oven and range. 4-car garage. Tons of storage throughout. Handsome hardwood floors. This home has many well appointed features that make it move-in ready! $999,900




Condominium 1400 Wilderness Trail Delafield | $449,000

251 E. Laurel Circle Delafield | $896,000

126 S. Laurel Circle Delafield | $750,000




125 S. Laurel Circle Delafield | $685,000

121 S. Laurel Circle Delafield | $675,000

530 Oakwood Drive Delafield | $400,000




E XC LU S I V E LY YO U R S M AGA Z I N E J U LY 2 0 2 1 VO LU M E 74 I S S U E 9

Sterling silver pendants made with pieces of Ancient Roman Glass vessels dating from the 1st to 6th centuries A.D. and excavated in the Holy Lands.

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Ruby Rose Gallery This show-stopping quartz crystal from Brazil is the perfect addition to any art collector’s space. Standing23" tall by 12" wide, this high-end curated piece is showcased on a rotating black 18" by 18" base with wheels for easy movement. This semi-opaque quartz weighs 85 Kilos (roughly 187 lbs) and stands just under 5' tall with the stand. Call Ruby Rose Gallery at 920-475-2925 for more details! www.rubyrosegallery.com

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River’s End Gallery This beautiful art glass, flat vase was created by Bryce Dimitruk who has worked on projects for Disney, museums and art galleries. Each glass piece begins with molten glass and then is carefully decorated with colored glass shards or chips, which are melted onto the surface and manipulated with various hand tools and hand signed. The River’s End Gallery, 380 W. Main St., Waukesha, has a small collection of pieces in various colors. www.RiversEndGallery.com. 262-780-1191.

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5, 23 The Gallery Browse offerings from a few of our area’s finest shops and businesses.

6 Cool & Cozy For Fall Fall colors are on the way with fashions from The Garment Shop in Cambridge, Wisconsin.

8 The Character Of George Washington It could be said that there were two qualities of George Washington’s character. The first is persistence. The second quality of Washington’s character was the ability to let go and knowing when to let go. By Richard Brookhiser

11 Grilling To Fit your Style Whether you’re ready for a grilling marathon or want an easy way to elevate each meal, there’s an outdoor grill to fit your style.

13 Grilling With Plant-Based Sides This summer consider adding a vegan twist to those classic veggie sides like grilled corn on the cob or crunchy coleslaw with the help of Vegan Cheese. By adding a vegan cheese to these recipes, you can spice them up or make them sweet and colorful and plant-based.

20 Immaculate Luxury, European Style Northcote Estate, located at 7141 North State Road 83 in Chenequa, Wisconsin, offers a rare combination of immaculate European-style beauty, luxury, and countless amenities in a gated natural setting. By Anne Kaiser

25 Garden Enthusiasm Gardening enthusiasm is surging thanks to our increased time at home–whether on a small-space patio or in a larger backyard.

27 Unforgettable Fashions When you shop at Hamilton’s Ladies Apparel, of Ripon and Berlin WI, you’re not only discovering the latest in upcoming fall fachions, you’re also experiencing the expertise that comes from a family of five generations of retailers.

29 A Contemporary Custom-Built Gem A Breathtaking custom-built, all brick, contemporary home in the highly sought after Nashotah Farms Subdivision.

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By Gertrude M. Puelicher





IT COULD BE SAID that there were two qualities of George Washington’s character. The first is persistence. There’s a line in the song “America the Beautiful”: “Thine alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears.” It means that the cities of America, unlike those of Europe, have not been torn and destroyed by war. That’s not quite right. New York, has been attacked twice in American history. The first attack was in the summer of 1776, and George Washington, commander-in-chief of the American army, was responsible for the city’s defense. The Declaration of Independence had been read for the first time in New York on July 9. That very week, Americans on Long Island saw a British fleet moving toward New York Harbor. The British, who made camp on Staten Island,

The American story, still young, is already the greatest story ever written by human hands and minds. It is a story of freedom the likes of which the world has never seen. It is endlessly interesting and instructive and will continue unfolding in word and deed as long as there are Americans. The stories that I think are most important are those about what it is that makes America beautiful, what it is that makes America good and therefore worthy of love. Only in this light can we see clearly what it is that might make America better and more beautiful.

b y R i c ha rd B rookhi ser


had at their command ten ships of the line, dozens of other ships, and 32,000 professional soldiers (including Hessians). To oppose this force, Washington had no navy, no ships, and 19,000 soldiers, most of them militia and most of them untrained. Over the next few months, he and his men fought two battles: the Battle of Long Island, in what is now Brooklyn, and the Battle of White Plains north of the city. They lost both. The second attack on New York was on September 11, 2001. New York lost 3,000 men and women on 9/11, far more than the several hundred American soldiers who were killed in the battles of 1776. But for the rest of the Revolutionary War, the

British kept all their American prisoners on ships in the East River, where they were not well fed, had no good air, and were given barely any water. Every morning the British would say, “Rebels, throw out your dead,” and corpses would be pitched overboard. Eleven thousand men died on those ships, and for years people in Brooklyn found skeletons on the waterfront. Two Trade Towers were lost on 9/11, along with several smaller buildings. George Washington lost the entire city, which the British occupied for the remainder of the war. The American Revolution lasted eight-and-ahalf years. It was the longest American war until Vietnam—longer than the Civil War and our part in World War II put together. America ha s had tough times, but in some ways Washington’s were worse: America was much weaker then, and the enemy it faced was much stronger. Washington’s persistence through the Revolutionary War was remarkable. But it didn’t end there. When the war was over and he retired to private life, he was called upon to serve again. He presided over the Constitutional Convention in 1787, was inaugurated as the first president in 1789, and served as president for two terms. So the full time of his service—including the war, the Constitutional Convention and his eight years as president—was 17 years. Franklin Roosevelt served 12 years as president and died a month after his fourth inauguration. Jefferson, Wilson and Reagan each served eight years as president. Lincoln served four years as president and was murdered a month after his second inauguration. Washington served 17 years at the center of American life—a record that has not been matched. Washington’s mother is supposed to have said, when told of one of his Revolutionary War victories, “George generally completes what he undertakes.” He certainly did, and he did so through a lifetime of public service. The second quality of Washington’s character was the ability to let go and knowing when to let go. This quality, in a way, contradicted Washington’s persistence, and largely for that reason it is even more remarkable. It is more remarkable because it was a new thing at the time. Nowadays, we know that in a republic, the military power serves the civilian power. We know that elected officials serve for set terms, and that if they


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George Washington

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don’t win reelection, they have to go home. But in George Washington’s lifetime, these were new ideas. Most of the rulers in the world were kings or monarchs of some sort. Holland and the Swiss Cantons were exceptions, but all of the major countries and most of the small ones were ruled by people who ruled them for life. Washington lived in a time when royal rule began to be shaken. During his lifetime, the King of France was deposed and executed, and other monarchs would follow that path. But the new rulers who took their places did not, generally speaking, believe in letting go. Napoleon Bonaparte was a Corsican artillery officer who became first consul of France, then first consul for life, then emperor. His career as emperor was eventually ended, but it took a world war to end it. And that pattern has been repeated over and over again around the world. Thus, at the end of the Revolutionary War, when Washington returned his commission to Congress, it was something very new. It was similarly new when, at the end of his second presidential term, he announced that he would not run a third time. These actions touch on a paradox of republican leadership. The paradox is this: If you are a leader, there are times when you must simply take charge and be superior to the people you lead. This is most common in military situations, but it happens in peacetime as well: A leader must use his charisma or some other transrational force to get his way, and if he doesn’t, things will fall apart. Every leader understands this. But a leader in a republic must also understand that those times are temporary, that their term of leadership will pass, and that they must then pass from the scene. And the reason they have to pass from the scene is that the people they are leading are in fact their equals. Washington kept both of those thoughts in mind throughout his career, which explains a feature of his rhetoric that comes up again and again. This feature is so common in his letters and speeches that I think of it as the “turn” in his rhetoric: it occurs when Washington takes the attention and the adulation that comes to him, and turns it back to his audience. He does this to remind himself, as well as them, that he is a temporary leader of equals. We can see this in his Farewell Address, where he starts off by saying, “My friends and fellow citizens,” and goes on to say that he has succeeded as president only because of the help the people gave him during his administration. We see it also in the last message that he wrote as

commander-in-chief, where he said that the future happiness of America would depend on the people themselves—that their government was a good government, but that its survival was up to them. One of the most striking instances of Washington turning attention from himself to others is what may be to be the only authentic utterance we have from him on a battlefield. Of course, after he died, old veterans remembered a lot of things he said in battle. But much of this was embroidered: There was a General Scott, for instance, who remembered Washington at the battle of Monmouth cursing at General Charles Lee. “He swore like an angel from Heaven,” Scott recalled. “He swore ’til the leaves shook on the trees. Never in my life have I heard such wonderful swearing.” The problem is, General Scott at the time was two miles away, so unless he had bionic ears, he didn’t hear anything. There is one phrase, however, that comes up over and over again in the accounts of many different people, for which reason I suspect it’s a real quote. It’s a phrase Washington used to address his troops—“my brave fellows.” At the battle of Princeton, Washington is reported to have said, “Parade with me, my brave fellows. We will have them soon.” Before the battle of Trenton, when he was trying to get the troops to re-enlist, he said: “My brave fellows, you have done more than could be expected of you. But I’m asking you to do this one more thing and re-enlist.” Time and again he uses this phrase. And in doing so, of course, he’s asserting what remains to be seen: The soldiers, at the moment he addresses them, are not necessarily showing bravery. They may be confused. They may not know what is expected of them. They may be on the point of panic or fear. But he addresses them as “my brave fellows” to motivate them. This is not the only way to motivate troops. Other generals have done it differently. Frederick the Great would say to his troops, “Do you dogs want to live forever?” That’s one way to do it. But Washington’s way was to say, “my brave fellows,” which means, “My fellows, be brave.” This leads to a final point about Washington’s character, which is that it’s unfinished. It’s not completed, and I think that’s by design. Washington made a bet with his life that the American people could bear the burden and responsibility of living in freedom. That bet is on the table in every generation. The completion of Washington’s character, then, always rests with us. n © Imprimis, Hillsdale College. E X C L U S I V E LY Y O U R S



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WHETHER YOU’RE READY for a grilling marathon or want an easy way to elevate each meal, there’s an outdoor grill to fit your style. Beyond your eating habits and schedule, understanding the many styles of outdoor grills and the benefits of each is crucial to choosing the right one for you. Get started on your next grilling adventure with advice and tips from chef Jason Morse, Ace Hardware grilling expert and owner and executive chef of 5280 Culinary, about some of the most popular options that can help you turn up the heat. The Everyday Grill If you’re always on the go and looking for fast and easy meals that go from prep to plate within 30 minutes, a gas grill may be perfect for you. Gas grills offer fast heat up times, higher temperatures and faster cooking. You can prepare your proteins while the grill heats up and have dinner on the table in next to no time. Even if you’re still a grill master-in-training, natural and propane gas grills are practically foolproof. They’re quick to

ignite, require less cleanup after cooking and they’re versatile enough to allow for searing, smoking, plank, rotisserie and indirect grilling. Temperature control knobs offer heat control for even cooking and many models also include built-in thermometers to help ensure your food is perfectly cooked every time.Hot and fast is what a gas grill delivers, and an option like the Weber Genesis II E-325 Liquid Propane Grill features an exclusive grilling engine, three powerful burners, a grill handle light, enclosed grill cabinet for storage and smart technology compatibility. Time for Wood-Fired Fun Wood-fired flavor takes time to create, but you can slice a little off the wait time with a wood pellet grill. These grills have shorter heat up times, medium-to-high temperatures and enhance the food with wood flavor. Wood pellet grills are also good add-on choices for pit bosses and first-timers alike since they can be used to reverse sear or add smoke prior to searing. 11


n n n

Pellet grills cook foods a bit differently than other types of grills. They use wood pellets as fuel, which adds a distinct flavor profile to your foods. Adjusting the type of hardwood pellets (such as apple, hickory, mesquite or oak) allows you to create a range of different flavors.

Held’s Meat Market of Slinger recomends their Bourbon Brats which pair very well with an Old Fashioned cocktail with beer battered cheese curds on the side. An option like the Traeger Ironwood 885 with Pellet Sensor can take your craft to the next level. This grill features a drivetrain designed for fast heating along with a super smoke mode, large capacity (10 chickens, seven racks of ribs or nine pork butts) and technology that lets you keep track of progress without standing over the grill. Weekend Warrior Charcoal Charcoal can add depth to the flavors brought about by grilling your food. While this grill type takes a little more time to get the fire established, it is a practical choice for large groups and ideal for an afternoon to kick back and enjoy the process. Charcoal grills are some

of the most economical options, but still provide a traditional grilling experience perfect for classics like juicy steaks or backyard favorites like burgers and dogs with flavors that can make nearly everyone happy. Charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal provide the fuel, heat and smoky flavor this kind of grilling is known for by cooking low and slow or on high heat for searing. While there are plenty of different charcoal grills to choose from, one popular option is The Big Green Egg XL. It’s a high-quality, versatile and easy-to-use outdoor cooker, offering a variety of cooking methods from traditional grilling and smoking to baking and roasting as well as precise temperature control and an efficient design to make lighting the charcoal simple. With its selection of gas, charcoal and smoker grills and grilling accessories that can help turn your cooker into a wood-fired pizza oven, charcoal wok station or smashburger grill, a retailer like Ace Hardware is a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor cooking needs. You can also up your grilling game with rib racks, chicken thrones, Planchas (griddles) and more. Visit acehardware.com or your local store to find the perfect grill and accessories. n Family Features

The Ottoman Society A Fine Furniture Consignment Shop

We invite you to a unique buying and selling experience in our bright and welcoming store. Find exceptional consignment items or bring us your treasures, Monday thru Saturday. Jill Wightman & Jennifer Morales

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Bink Steinbach Over 20 years of Real Estate experience in and around the Washington County area. Lifetime resident of Washington County ~ Lake home specialist ~ Dedicated to serving your needs

262-707-1155 ~ www.BinkSteinbach.firstweber.com ~ bsteinbach@firstweber.com Extraordinary custom home on 33 acres of beautiful diverse land. This West Bend gem has under gone a remodeling of kitchen which now creates a open floor plan. Pastures, stables for 3 horses, woods and ponds for hunting of deer, duck, and birds. There is a remote park’ for nature camping. A resort sized in-ground pool, spa room with a gas fireplace, sauna, screened grill room, and expansive lower level rec room with bar, all combine to make entertaining on any scale effortless. 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a 5th bedroom is in a guest suite with its own kitchen and private entrance. Formal dining room, a wonderful eat in kitchen, warm and inviting main floor family room, along with 2 natural fireplaces and 2 gas fireplaces make this a home for all seasons. Extensive use of hardwood floors, custom birch cabinets and woodwork, granite and tile. Plus a 48' x 72' outbuilding. $1,399,000 pin #45958





Grilling gives summertime a special meaning for many people–especially when it comes to food. Those savory whiffs of barbecuing might call to mind burgers and drumsticks, but don’t forget the sweet smell of seared, steamed or skewered garden-fresh vegetables to make those colorful, flavorful side dishes too. n n n

THIS SUMMER CONSIDER adding a vegan twist to those classic veggie sides like grilled corn on the cob or crunchy coleslaw with the help of Violife 100% Vegan Cheese. By adding a vegan cheese to these recipes, you can spice them up or make them sweet and colorful–and plant-based. They’re sure to go hand-in-hand with your summer menus and satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The corn on the cob in this creamy Grilled Corn with Garlic and Herbs recipe can be grilled alongside your main protein and is an easy way to add healthy veggies without the dairy. Or try this Sweet and Spicy Vegan Coleslaw recipe that puts a plant-based spin on a classic and asks for just 10 minutes of prep time in the kitchen. By using Violife 100% Vegan Cheeses in your favorite summer recipes, you won’t be sacrificing taste or texture with your meal. Each option is non-GMO and free from dairy, soy, nuts, gluten, preservatives and lactose. Made from the goodness of plants and available in shreds, slices, wedges, blocks or as a cream cheese alternative, these vegan cheeses melt,

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Plant-Based Sides

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stretch and are perfect for including as part of any plant-forward summer menu. To find more summer recipe ideas, visit violifefoods.com. Grilled Corn with Garlic and Herbs Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Servings: 6 1 pack Violife Just Like Cream Cheese Original 1 garlic clove, crushed 1 tablespoon parsley, chopped 1 tablespoon oregano, chopped salt, to taste freshly ground pepper, to taste 6 corn cobs pink pepper, to taste lime Preheat oven to 350 F or heat grill to medium. Mix cream cheese substitute, chopped garlic, parsley and oregano. Season with salt and pepper, to taste, and place on baking sheet. Twist sides and refrigerate 1 hour. Grill corn or bake 30-35 minutes, or until tender. Remove cream cheese mixture from baking sheet and cut into slices. Place on top of each

corn cob. Sprinkle with pink pepper, to taste, and serve with lime. Sweet and Spicy Vegan Coleslaw Prep time: 10 minutes Servings: 4 1 carrot, grated 10 Brussels sprouts, finely sliced 1 small red cabbage, grated 1 cup peas 3 spring onions, sliced diagonally 1 cup coriander, chopped Dressing: 1 pack Violife Just Like Cream Cheese Original 1 garlic clove, finely minced 3 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 cup wine vinegar 3 tablespoons agave 1 tablespoon ginger, finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon chili flakes or chili paste toasted sesame seeds (optional) Toss carrot, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, peas, onions and coriander; mix thoroughly. In small bowl, whisk cream cheese substitute, garlic, olive oil, wine vinegar, agave, ginger and chili flakes, if desired. Pour dressing into salad and toss well. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds, if desired. n Family Features





For more information, contact… 262-250-1503 | eymag@eymag.com

Hamilton’s Ladies Apparel

920.400.1057 overeasyflipping.com 220 East Mill Street, Plymouth, WI 14

Our Ripon Location Hamilton’s In Ripon 125 Watson St. Ripon, WI. 54971 920.745.2829 10-5 Monday-Saturday Our Berlin Location Hamilton’s Ladies Apparel 105 W. Huron St. Berlin, WI 54923 920.361-2829 10-5 Monday-Saturday www.hamiltonsfashions.com E X C L U S I V E LY Y O U R S

tony wendorf & Associates 262.719.0676



QUARTER ONE TOTALS: $18,451,200 in volume QUARTER TWO TOTALS: $15,272,300 in volume

TOTAL VOLUME through June: $34,030,000 ACTIVE



PEWAUKEE 6-BR, 4.5-BA, 5,600-sq.-ft. Executive home. 2008 contemporary on over an acre of private land. 20-foot vaulted ceilings with a floor to ceiling window. Well appointed woodwork throughout, chef’s kitchen with Brazilian Cherrywood flooring. Finished basement with heated tile floors, in-law suite and full kitchen and bath. Theater/exercise room. Walk-out patio with gazebo and built-in fire pit. $999,000

PEWAUKEE Open concept, 5-BR home offers many updates. Breathtaking 2-story great room with fireplace. The kitchen was fully remodeled in 2018. Main floor master bedroom with French doors leading to a first floor office. Finished basement with a full kitchen, bar, theatre room, 5th-BR and rec area. Upper level features 3-BR with two full BA. Private 1 acre lot on a quiet cul-de-sac. $829,000

HARTLAND River Reserve subdivision. Breathtaking views overlooking the conservancy from the deck or bottom level walk-out to patio with private fire pit. 2-story great room that features natural fireplace and hardwood floors. Kitchen has a center island, beautiful granite counters and 48' Viking range with double ovens. Lower level with in-law suite, 2nd kitchen, exercise room, 5th-BR and more. $729,900




JACKSON Stunning 2015 home boasts upgrades at an affordable price. First floor features gas fireplace, hardwood flooring, beautiful granite counters, center island, main floor laundry and more. The basement is stubbed for a 4th bathroom and is ready for the next owners to put their finishing touch on. Located in the Laurel Springs subdivision. Massive walk-out composite deck for grilling and entertaining. $369,900

BROOKFIELD Centrally located home with over an acre lot. Many major updates. Property includes 2 buildable lots. Bring your decorating ideas to make this 4 bedroom, 2 full bathroom your own! This 110 year old home boasts a ton of character, beautiful beamed ceilings, first floor laundry and much more. If its good bones you are looking for, your search is over. Home is being sold ‘as-is’. $299,900

OAK CREEK Move in ready Oak Creek Ranch. Great floor plan with an oversized eat-in kitchen. Spacious bedrooms all with natural hardwood floors. Basement is ready to finish so bring your creative ideas. Good size backyard makes entertaining a delight. This home is centrally located around local restaurants and shops. Opportunities for reasonable priced homes in this area don’t pop up everyday. $274,900



Now, more than ever, outdoor living is in–with homeowners across the country investing more time and money into their yards than ever before. Following are five trends that are expected to shape the outdoor living landscape in 2021. n n n

Outdoor Offices WITH WORKING FROM HOME and remote learning expected to continue well into 2021, contractors report increased interest in outdoor spaces that can accommodate professionals and students. Creating the look and feel of an outdoor room and providing shade, pergolas are in high demand, enhancing the visibility of electronic devices and offering cool relief.


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125 West Main Street, Cambridge 608~423~3740

Outdoor Living

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Expanded Elbow Room To optimize the space beneath an elevated deck, consider an under-deck drainage system, like Trex RainEscape. In addition to protecting the deck’s substructure from moisture damage, this system creates dry, usable space beneath a deck that can be outfitted with furniture, lighting, entertainment components, workout equipment or whatever might be needed to accommodate day-to-day activities that now take place at home. Take the Plunge Homeowners nationwide are taking the plunge and adding swimming pools, hot tubs and other water features to their yards. To give these additions a finished look, surround them with high-performance, low-maintenance composite decking, like Trex. Unlike wood, composite decking won’t rot, warp, stain or fade and never needs sanding, staining or sealing.

A Unique Specialty Shop for Women facebook.com/thegarmentshopcambridge

Final weeks of Summer sale!

Take advantage of our huge inventory. Oriental Rug Gallery Importers of Fine, New & Antique Rugs Retail | Clean | Repair | Appraise

Persian Rug Gallery Importers of Fine, New & Antique Rugs

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414.727.0007 www.rugsmilwaukee.com

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We are here for you. Shop local and support your local businesses. Let’s help each other out.

Luxury Staycation Fueled by the drastic decline in domestic and international travel over the past year, interest in replicating the style and comforts of luxury hotels at home continues to grow. From plush towels and plumped pillows to outdoor accents like fire tables and industrial railing, commercially inspired designs can give any home environment the essence of an extravagant staycation. Give It a Try with DIY The DIY category exploded in 2020, encouraging homeowners to roll up their sleeves and tackle even the most challenging projects. To save time and money - and earn some serious bragging rights - ambitious DIYers are turning to YouTube and sites like Decks.com for inspiration, motivation and how-to tips. n Brandpoint



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Agents Who Achieved A Million In Sales For June ~ Pending Sales Flora Cameron ~ $4,670,100 Kimberly Stark ~ $4,320,000 Kristin Kessler ~ $2,480,500 Nancy Markos ~ $2,437,000 Devin Piehl ~ $2,025,000 Erin Rogosienski ~ $1,675,000 Michael Fitzpatrick ~ $1,026,900 Tony Wendorf & Associates ~ $4,646,301 Tweeden Baranowski Team ~ $3,789,000 Ritonia-Peot/Stevens ~ $2,370,400 The Fritz Team ~ $1,666,118 Marciniak Team ~ $1,333,000

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What is going on in our communities and where you can find our agents Tasha Nicholson ~“Hiking with my dogs at Kettle Moraine state park!”


Ali Hansen ~ “Day on Nagawicka ended with Leduc’s!” Nancy Markos ~ “There’s nothing like a starry night at a concert on the porch at the Magic Mansion in Oconomwoc… with a preconcert Negroni and scrumptious nibbles at Sobie’s. If the sun is shining a kayak outing starting at Panga on Upper Nemahbin through the channel to the jade water of Lower Nashotah is a must!”

Tony Wendorf ~ “We love Cocos Steakhouse, Lago Su Bella and Reveres. Also love being out on the boat with family and friends on Upper Nashotah, Okauchee, Pewaukee and Nag.”

Michael Fitzpatrick ~ “Kayaking on Okauchee Lake”

Vicki Marciniak ~ “Oconomowoc farmers market-awesome flowers, veggies and baked goods!”

Nicole Stevens ~ “The Hartland Street dance has always been one of my favs since I was a kid. Now called party in the park Always a good time, great music, food, and of course meeting new faces!”

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Immaculate Luxury


If you would like more information on this property, contact Maureen Stapleton of Stapleton Realty. 262-567-8910.

by Anne Kaiser 20

NORTHCOTE ESTATE, located at 7141 North State Road 83 in Chenequa, Wisconsin, offers a rare combination of immaculate European-style beauty, luxury, and countless amenities in a gated natural setting. Located on 14.8 pristine acres on the Scenic Kettle Moraine Drive, this superb, historic Lake Country estate includes a 5,710 square foot home with five bedrooms and six full and two partial baths. In addition, the estate includes a lovely 1,000-plus square foot guest house and a 500-plus square foot carriage house. Garage spaces for six cars offer additional convenience throughout the seasons. Northcote Estate enjoys an ideal location, with a pier and 140 feet of lovely, hard-bottom lake frontage on scenic North Lake. In addition to lakebased recreation, homeowners and their guests will relish recreational moments spent enjoying the pristine in-ground swimming pool, petanque court, and tennis/pickleball court. Perfect for families, the oversized pool offers a shallow depth of six inches at one end for the youngest children to safely enjoy, with a gradual inclination toward an adult-oriented depth at the opposite end. Not far from the pool, a

tree house awaits the visits of young guests. Northcote Estate’s lovely grounds have been home for more than 25 years to over three acres of thriving vineyard, including approximately 1,000 Marquette and Seval Blanc grape vines. Homeowners will appreciate the plantings on the grounds, which also include an orchard bearing Honeycrisp apples, peonies, and a beautifully tended formal garden. Wrought iron entry gates open onto a picturesque, wooded front drive leading up to this stunning home. Immaculate lawn stretches in an expanse of green in front of the home, and is bordered by mature evergreen and deciduous trees. A pond with a fountain and a nearby gazebo offer a spot to pause and contemplate the beauty of the home and the natural surroundings. A drive of pleasing inset brick leads toward the eastern side of the home. The home’s formal front foyer also serves as a welcoming space to gather with guests. Oak wood floors complement the hardwood in decorative built-in shelves along one wall. These shelves are artfully concealed behind wood doors, E X C L U S I V E LY Y O U R S

J U LY 2021


European Style

All it takes is one Key Piece to make your house a home. Our distinctive home furnishings will surround you with warmth, style, and comfort.  We offer design and color consultations for any room.  Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5

W282 N7148 Main Street, Merton. www.keypiecesdecor.com 262-337-1728

Make your backyard dreams

a reality

Get a MAAX Spas hot tub at an unbelievable price. From physician designed Zone Therapy™ seating to our exclusive, patented Thermolock™ IV technology—just a few of the many features you’ll enjoy. Hurry in today, before they are all gone! You’ll be glad you did.

Leisure Pools & Spas Brookfield 12525 Lisbon Rd., Brookfield, WI 53005




n n n

and symmetrically fill the space on either side of a classic fireplace at the center of the wall visible upon entering the foyer or gathering room. Each of the six fireplaces in the estate’s homes are capable of burning wood, but are also equipped with remote control–operated gas starters and logs. Light neutral walls and ceiling give the foyer or gathering room an open, elegant feel, and welcome the addition of the homeowner’s favorite works of art. An elegant music room on the home’s first floor is light-filled, spacious, and welcoming. The classical design of this inviting room mirrors that of the foyer or gathering room, with light neutral walls and ceiling, oak wood floors, and white pine wood moulding around doors and the French doors on three sides of the room. White pine planted during the property’s early ownership by the Reuss family was utilized in much of the home’s lovely woodwork. One set of French doors in the music room conveniently opens onto the home’s front patio, allowing for easy movement between the two spaces. The additional sets of French doors in this room open onto the foyer and main hall. A beautiful chandelier light in the room and smaller wall sconces on either side of the windows supplement the pleasing natural light in this room. An expansive dining room adjoins the openconcept kitchen, allowing seamless movement between the two spaces. The color scheme of the dining room and kitchen are coordinated with that of the home’s main floor, with pale creamy white walls and ceiling. A pleasing tile floor in these two rooms offers durability in an attractive aesthetic. Two suspended circular chandelier-style light fixtures in the dining room as well as inset ceiling lights complement the overall aesthetic of the home. The light-filled kitchen captures the feel of this spectacular European-style vineyard estate. Dark wood beams in a vaulted ceiling match the wood of a generous central kitchen island with a black soapstone top. Contemporary, elegant suspended lights, inset circular ceiling lights, and four skylights all enhance the bountiful natural light in this culinary haven. The skylights, operable via remote control, feature an electric rain sensor that closes them automatically in case of rain. Ample granite countertops, a granite sink, and high-end appliances contribute to the ease of food preparation in this grand kitchen. Additional elegant cupboard storage, counter space, and sinks are housed in the

home’s butler’s pantry. The butler’s pantry is conveniently connected to the family room, allowing for easy access when entertaining guests. The pantry features a dumbwaiter down to the garage, allowing groceries to be unloaded there and lifted with ease into the main home. Homeowners will enjoy spending time visiting with family and friends in the home’s welcoming family room. The design of this spacious room mirrors that of the home’s kitchen, with dark wood ceiling beams and matching accent wood around the generous windows. As elsewhere in the home’s main floor, light creamy neutral walls and ceiling enhance the expansive feeling of this space and harmonize with the owners’ selection of furniture, rugs and fine art. A centrally located fireplace on one wall serves as a visual anchor in this classic room. The home’s grand living room offers an additional space in which to gather, entertain, relax or converse. Here, dark wood ceiling beams and woodwork along the base of the wall gives the space the sense of a European country estate. Oak floors and light-colored neutral walls add to the warmth and solidity of the room, and an additional fireplace offers a welcoming hearth on winter evenings. Homeowners will appreciate the opportunity to savor pleasant summer days relaxing in the home’s three-season porch. A beautifully crafted wood ceiling and walls lined with windows create an expansive, flowing feeling in this sun-filled space. A ceiling fan circulates comfortable breezes while also providing additional lighting for evening gatherings. The porch corridor stretches along one edge of the home, offering restful views of the beautiful gardens beyond. An artful mural along one wall beautifully showcases the history of Northcote Estate, including portraits of many of the pets that frolicked there. A unique, artfully designed children’s bathroom on the main floor in this elegant home features whimsical, nature-based paintings on the walls and vanity. Everything in this fully-functional bathroom is sized to fit a child, and is a must-see for children living at or visiting the estate. A master bedroom and four additional bedrooms are comfortably situated on the home’s upper floor. The master suite features warm-toned oak floors and a lovely crystal chandelier light. Natural light from the windows of this room enhances the open feeling of the light-neutral walls and ceiling. An attached Continued on page 24 E X C L U S I V E LY Y O U R S

Key Pieces To everything there is a season. The Sid Dickens’ Collection is no exception. These tiles represent the beauty of nature through color and texture. T530 Passion, represents fluttering ebulliently, T533 Embroidery, representsdelicate meandering threads, T407 Sacred Lotus represents spiritual reflection. Stop in to see the full collection of Sid Dickens’ tiles available at Key Pieces, W282N7148 Main Street, Merton, WI. 262-337-1728. Tuesday-Saturday 10-5pm.

Riverview Antiques For your summer enjoyment a wonderful hand painted floral vase by the famed Meissen porcelain factory. Created in the mid 20th century. This and other wonderful vases for your floral arrangements can be found at Riverview Antiques, located at 2045 West St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am-5 pm and Sunday 11am-4pm. For more information call 414-278-9999, or www.RiverviewAntiqueMarket.com.

Gallery the

Back Porch Gatherings Back Porch Gatherings is a vintage home décor store in Downtown Ripon, Wisconsin. We carry vintage garden items, furniture, antique items, plants and topiaries and our own lines of soft goods and candles. We strive for excellent customer service and reset our stores often ensuring and fresh shopping experience! Back Porch Gatherings Main store. 217 Watson Street, Ripon, Wisconsin 54971. 920-707-7026. Facebook and Instagram. Back Porch Salvage Store. 220 Watson Street, Ripon, Wisconsin 54971. J U LY 2021


European Style

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completely refurbished master bath features a full wall of white and light-toned neutral ceramic tiling, a clawfoot tub, and a shower with glass doors. The additional bedrooms on the main home’s upper floor each reflect the elegant design of the home. Each features beautiful oak floors and tastefully-hued walls and ceilings, with classical central ceiling light fixtures or chandelier-style lights to supplement ample natural daylight from the windows. The second bedroom includes a striking bathroom with unique emerald green tiled arches over the toilet and shower. An additional full bath on the home’s upper floor features an appealing, spotless design with cream-colored tiling and an arched shower. Northcote Estate offers spaces for luxurious social evenings or quiet afternoons entertaining family or friends, including a unique bistro room and attached patio. Ideally situated between the main home and the guest house, the bistro room includes two large beverage centers. French doors form the outer wall of the bistro room, and may be left

open through much of the summer months. Homeowners and guests will enjoy the ambience of this vineyard retreat in a setting that blends outstanding natural beauty and superb, European-style architectural luxury. The home’s mostly-subterranean wine room includes a space to gather in addition to offering ample storage for up to 5,000 bottles of wine. A path and bluestone patio outside the main home connects the exquisite main home to an equally stunning 1,000-plus square foot guest house. The guest house design mirrors that of the main home, with a spacious great room bearing an arched ceiling with wood beams, wood floors, and light neutral-toned walls. Abundant windows allow ample natural light to enter this grand gathering space, while a fireplace along one wall creates a focal point for winter evening conversations. An arched built-in wood bookcase alongside the fireplace allows for display of books, art items, and other collected treasures. The guest house offers a welcoming, impressive kitchen as well, with warm-toned light wood floor and cabinets, a beamed ceiling, granite countertops, a Viking range, Bosch refrigerator and dishwasher, and ample natural light.

A light-filled sun room connects to the guest house’s great room, offering an additional inviting space in which to gather with family and friends. Windows along each side of this attractive room provide restful views of the beautiful acreage surrounding this stunning estate. A full bath in the guest house offers flawless design and luxury, with light-colored tiling and an arched shower similar to those in the main home. The bedroom in the guest house includes a beautiful wood built-in desk and shelves and decorative wood paneling above and around a fireplace. Pristine wood floors add to the warmth and relaxing quality of this room. The home’s carriage house offers over 500 square feet of additional living space, including an elegant living room alongside four garage spaces. This living room includes creamy white walls and ceiling and oak floors, for a light-filled, classical ambience. A gold chandelier light supplements the natural light that illuminates. Historic Northcote Estate at 7141 State Road 83 in Chenequa offers a rare blend of privacy, luxury, European character, beautiful craftsmanship and design, and outdoor recreation facilities, all in an outstanding natural setting. n

Our 11th Season! Come on out and Shop 2021 WEEKEND SHOPPING MARKETS

Shop from our carefully curated group of local artisans and vendors: vintage, antiques, home and garden décor, upcycled, recycled and handmade furniture, fashion accessories, jewelry, bath and body, gifts and much more from more than 50 local artisans and vendors. Each shopping market is unique and designed around the season and the theme. Join us for a weekend of shopping, delicious food and fun in a lively farm atmosphere.

Barn Market

September 10, 11, 12

Friday & Saturday (10-5) & Sunday (10-4)


October 1, 2, 3

Friday & Saturday (10-5) & Sunday (10-4)

Mixed Media Art Classes • Workshops The Art Junque Studio at Hawthorne Hill is where imagination takes wing and we gather in community to share inspiration, imagination, creativity & friendship Find us on Facebook... Art Junque Community

Great Food Available. Bus Groups Welcome! Free Admission & Parking 24

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Hawthorne Hill Farm hawthornehillfarm.com

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ENTHUSIASM Enhancing Summer Ideas

Gardening enthusiasm is surging thanks to our increased time at home–whether on a small-space patio or in a larger backyard.

n n n

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IN FACT, PEOPLE spent 42% more time gardening in 2020 than the year before, according to Axiom Marketing’s 2021 Gardening Insight Survey, and it is estimated the pandemic contributed to creating nearly 20 million new “gardeners.” Many experts agree the trend toward nurturing flowers, plants and vegetables will continue into 2021 and beyond. If you’re looking to test your new green thumb or bring this year’s garden to the next level, consider these top trends and simple ideas from the experts at Ball Horticultural Company. The year-round fresh and healthy garden Gardening can provide fresh access to produce that can help encourage healthy eating. You can feel confident knowing exactly where your food comes from and enjoy the satisfaction of growing it yourself. Plus, it doesn’t get fresher than picking something from your own garden just minutes before preparing a dish.

You don’t need an expansive garden to enjoy the many benefits of fresh, healthy vegetables and herbs. In fact, you don’t need a garden at all! Check out Kitchen Minis from PanAmerican Seed¬Æ and enjoy a variety of peppers and tomatoes that can be grown inside on a sunny windowsill, countertop or outside as patio tabletop plants. You can grow and harvest your own Kitchen Minis flavors most of the year. The multi-purpose flower and herb garden Don’t be afraid to mix your flowers and herbs. Trending in 2021 is bundling your plants together to save space and make a multi-functional showcase. Start with a tiered fruit stand, line it with coco liner cut to fit inside each bowl space, and then add soil and plants of your choice. The handle and lightness of the stand make it easy to hang as a basket or decorate a patio or table for a beautiful and functional addition wherever you garden. Be sure to select plants that have a lot to offer in a compact space. For example, herbs from Burpee Plants are ideal for small gardens, so you can enjoy fresh flavors like mint, rosemary and parsley at a moment’s notice. If you’d prefer a centerpiece or accent decor for entertaining, petunias from 25

Garden Enthusiasm

Ceiling Lights Lamps | Wall Lights Outdoor Lighting Fans | Home Accents

BBC LIGHTING 2015 W. Saint Paul Ave., Milwaukee www.shopbbclighting.com


Open everyday Mon.-Sat. 9-5; Sun. 11-4

Largest Showroom Largest Selection Lowest Prices All Major Brands Available

Riverview Antique Market





2045 W. St. Paul Ave.

Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am-5pm; Sunday, 11 am- 4 pm. Closed Monday.


414-278-9999 ~ MILWAUKEE


n n n

Wave–Petunias are low-maintenance and stunning, easily adding a punch of color to your container. The beautiful garden for a bold and colorful outdoor living space As people spend more time enjoying the outdoors from the safety and comforts of home, they are taking a new look at their exterior spaces. Colorful blooms brighten the outdoors and elevate the mood, which is why flower gardening is flourishing. However, people want this outdoor beauty without extensive maintenance, so ease is essential when planning your flower garden. When it comes to pairing beauty and simplicity, Beacon–Impatiens are a great choice, especially for those whose outdoor spaces don’t get a lot of sun. Available in bright, bold colors, you can fill baskets, window boxes, patio containers and shade landscapes with Beacon to add vivid, dramatic color to your spaces and have confidence in their performance. These impatiens are low-maintenance and have high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew, a disease that has caused plant loss in recent years. The fun family-friendly garden Having a family garden comes with many benefits. Whether it’s you and your partner at home or the entire family, gardening has proven to be a fun and safe hobby that people of all ages can do together. Enjoy spending quality time while breathing fresh air and learning important lessons from nature and the environment. Gather everyone’s input on a plan for your family garden and work together as a team to make it a success. One plant that’s particularly fun for families to include is Lavender Primavera from Darwin Perennials. The rich purple color is visually stunning, plus lavender attracts pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, so you’re enhancing the natural world around you. Additionally, you’re sure to enjoy the relaxing scent wafting in the breeze, and you can harvest your lavender to use in DIY craft projects around the house or as gifts to loved ones. Start growing today The ability to explore interests like gardening and plant care is a silver lining of spending more time at home. Gardening is a healthy activity for anyone, and there are many resources - from your local gardening store to online blogs and videos–to help you be successful. 2021 is your chance to dig in and grow! n E X C L U S I V E LY Y O U R S



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Hamilton’s Ladies Apparel When you shop at Hamilton’s Ladies Apparel, you’re not only discovering the latest in upcoming fall fachions, you’re also experiencing the expertise that comes from a family of five generations of retailers. Hamilton’s In Ripon 125 Watson St., Ripon, WI. 54971 920.745.2829 n 10-5 Monday-Saturday Hamilton’s Ladies Apparel 105 W. Huron St., Berlin, WI 54923 920.361-2829 n 10-5 Monday-Saturday www.hamiltonsfashions.com


After the Game Head for Held’s Held’s maintains an uncompromising dedication to quality. We believe in taking the time and effort necessary to open-fire smoke our meat. Gift boxes, online ordering and shipping available nationwide.

480 Kettle Moraine Dr N, Slinger, WI 53086 262.644.5135 www.heldsmarket.com

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A Contemporary


If you would like more information on this property, contact Eric Marshall of The Marshall Team of First Weber Realtors® 262-719-4975.

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A BREATHTAKING CUSTOM-BUILT, all brick, contemporary home in the highly sought after Nashotah Farms Subdivision! Featured in this gem is an exposed lower level with daylight windows, a theater room, plus a flex room. Also inluded are 2 in-home offices, an expandable, walk-up attic and handsome hardwood floors throughout. This beautiful home features a spectacular kitchen with tons of natural light and stainless steel GE Profile appliances, plus a double oven and range. Second and third bedrooms include a Jack-N-Jill bath and a natural fireplace. A spacious backyard includes a phenomenal conservancy. In addition there are approximately 2 miles of natural walking paths to enjoy within Nashotah Farms. Incuded are new asphalt shingles and asphalt gutter guards. A 4-car garage and tons of storage throughout. This home has many well appointed features that make it move-in ready! n




by Ger trude M. Puelicher

ONE OF THE most beautiful figures of speech in the Bible, as well as one of the most poignant of laments, is found in the twenty-third chapter of Matthew, verse 37: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathered her chickens under her wings, and ye would not.” The Nazarene carpenter loved Jerusalem. It was not only a beautiful city, but it possessed the historical background of great prophets like Isaiah who had foretold the coming of the Savior. He had come, he had taught them all he knew, he had been violently angry at the desecration of the temple by the moneychangers, but above everything, he longed to gather the Jewish people into the kingdom of God. There is desolation in that final cry “and ye would not.” Have you ever had the feeling that you would like to gather our country into your arms and protect it from itself? That which we cherish, we would protect; and who of us does not cherish this wonderfully magnetic country of which each of us is a vital and integral part? Love of the fatherland is eons old, and the more love we pour

into it, the more loyalty we give it, the more enduring will it become, and the greater will be the benefits to all who have sought its refuge. Always there will be those who dissent and protest. On the screen and over the air dissenters and protesters seem to number into the thousands. When we find ourselves appalled, discouraged, fearful even, let us remember the advice of the Nazarene carpenter, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” Are we not too often inclined to judge by what we see or hear at the moment, without a careful analysis of the situation? Patriotism, genuine love of country cannot die. America will be as vibrant and robust as she has ever been when we shake off the negativism that has permeated our thinking and adopt the philosophy of a former president to the effect that it is not what our country can do for us but what can we do for our country. Loyalty and love find ways of building up strength, or restoring harmony, or solving national problems intelligently. Let no one ever be able to lament over us as did the Nazarene carpenter over Jerusalem—“I would have gathered you together, but you would not.” n E X C L U S I V E LY Y O U R S

Pat Bolger knows how to navigate an ever-changing real estate market. With 20 years of experience and over $50 million in sales in 2020. Pat’s a trusted advisor for your every real estate need.


LAC LA BELLE Built in 2019 this stunning home is a masterpiece! At just over 4,400-sq.-ft. and featuring 5 bedrooms and 6 baths. Casual elegance for lake living, walls of windows featuring extraordinary lake views, high volume ceilings, dramatic floor coverings, fabulous high end kitchen with custom quartz top island and walk in pantry. Main bedroom with spa quality bath. Fnished lower level features a theater room, bar room and guest bedroom. 100' of lake frontage. $2,875,000


UPPER GENESEE LAKE Situated directly across the lake from the old Pabst Summer Mansion. This idyllic setting on 280-feet of beautiful shoreline on just under 10 acres filled with Pine, Oak and Walnut trees. You enter on a long drive through towering Pines. This home features 3 natural fireplaces, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths and walk-out lower level. Built in the 1960s with the charm and comfort often associated with lake homes. $1,250,000

DELAFIELD Executive Retreat. Private 1.5acre hilltop overlooking the Arbors Subdivision. Kitchen equipped with all Viking appliances along plus a SubZero refrigerator. Another full kitchen is in the lower level. Great room features soaring ceilings with double crown moldings. Main Bedroom is complimented by a huge walk-in closet plus main bath with marble floors. Fnished lower level offers a lounge with pub. $1,150,000


262.313.8797 HARTLAND-BRISTLECONE PINES Executive Ranch home set in the Legends Golf Club in the heart of Lake Country. More than 4,000-sq.ft of living space with 14 rooms, 4-bedrooms, 3.5-baths and a 3.5-car garage. The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining. High volume ceilings throughout, chef’s kitchen, great room with gas fireplace, cherry floors, finished walkout lower level with family room, wet bar, office, 2 bedrooms and bath. $730,000

HARTLAND Hard to find side by side Ranch home in the Arrowhead School District. Recently updated both units are in move in condition. Both have natural fireplaces. Updates include, new carpet and floors, new refrigerators and stoves and new iron filter. Set on a large lot across the street from Lake Keesus and the Lake Keesus boat launch. This perfect for an investor or live in one side and rent out the other. $395,000

PatBolgerHomes.com pat@pbrrealty.com

Lake Country

Summer Travel is Here at Uptown Lincoln the

2021 lincoln nautilus black label Our ultimate expression of design and personal service. The Lincoln Nautilus Black Label. Our Ultimate expression of design and personal service. Uptown will make your ownership easy with complementary Lincoln pickup and delivery service. We offer 4 years of premium maintenance, as well as provide a loaner Lincoln until service is comleted. You will also have access to the Lincoln Concierge to handle any concerns. It’s luxury exemplified, inside and out. Explore the superior services and curated interiors afforded to each Lincoln Black Label member. Order your new Lincoln Nautilus Black Label at Uptown Lincoln today.



Our Ultimate expression of design and personal service

UPTOWN LINCOLN 2111 N. Mayfair Rd. 414.771.9000 visit our website: Uptownmotorslincoln.com

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