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SiFat Truck-Driving Simulator Safety on roads is an ever current topic and is increasingly important considering the country’s growing traffic density. The Firma Sicherheit und Fahrtraining (SiFat) has, in partnership with eyevis, installed a truck-driving simulator in Berlin for further and better training of truck-drivers.

realistic external noises. Comparative tests of acceptance, accessibility of the vehicle‘s controls and intuitiveness of use, as well as of ergonomics and the interior design can be carried out in the driving simulator. You can therefore test, amongst others, how acoustic, optical and haptic warnings are perceived and how they lead to intuitive reactions.

The simulator is composed of a standard truck cabin mounted on a moving platform by means of support cylinders. The platform carries out the pitching and rolling motions of the cabin as well as slight longitudinal and lateral acceleration as realistically and as near the respective driving conditions as possible. Through the front and side windows, the driver looks out onto a 210° projection surface with a photographic representation of the area through which the vehicle is currently „driving“. The projected image changes synchronized with the direction and speed of the truck. The rear view mirrors are replaced by TFT screens. An image generator makes different traffic routes available such as inner-city driving, highways or motorways.

There are four projectors from the eyevis ESP series installed in the simulator. The ESP-SXT-150-0.6 has a SXGA+ resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels. All projectors components are specified for continuous use and have proven their reliability in numerous installations around the world. The robust construction with a stable metal enclosure allows the use of highly vibratory environments and simulations of movement. Furthermore, the simulator has four openWARP2 channels. With the successful second generation of eyevis warping, blending and colour correction technology, it is possible to project any image content on any surface using any projector. The driving simulator presents scenes based on the principle of rear projection, which means that the projection beam hits the canvas from the side averted from the viewer. The 210° viewing angle is arranged asymmetrically around the cabin, which allows the driver to both look over their shoulder and see out of the right-hand cabin window. The database software can be programmed for different weather and light conditions, autopilot and stressors in the simulated environment. In addition to the visual impressions, noise simulations can also be generated for motor and tyre noise, airstreams and other

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INSTALLED PRODUCTS 4× ESP-SXT-150-0,6 (DLP® projector with LED technology and SXGA+ resolution) 4x openWARP² (Image processing unit for real-time image correction for projections)

Sifat truck driving simulator en eyevis casestudy  
Sifat truck driving simulator en eyevis casestudy