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EYE SPY 74 ○

“The President’s decisions are more aggressive and incur more risk than I was originally prepared to accept ○

VOLUME X NUMBER TWO (ISSUE 74) ISSN 1364 8446 publication date: June 2011

Admiral Mike Mullen on President Obama’s decision to withdraw significant US armed forces from Afghanistan

Each edition of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine is 84pp - full colour throughout. The images contained in this brief overview are low resolution

BEWARE AL-QAIDA’S 2012 UK SLEEPERS From the editor With the 2012 London Olympic Games now well and truly on the horizon, Britain’s intelligence and security services are working overtime to identify individuals and groups (some already resident in the UK) who will, I am reliably informed, try to attack Britain. There’s already much chatter emanating from al-Qaida’s hugely popular Internet ‘chat rooms’ about using the Games to avenge the killing of Osama bin-Laden. His death has raised the stakes - no doubt about that. And there is a constant theme to some of the communications being exchanged and aired on the Web - that this will be the biggest ever live television audience - about 1.5 billion - or over 20 per cent of the world’s population. No wonder then that a specialist command has been created that will utilise all of Britain’s Special Forces, including the surveillance directorate the SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment). It won’t help the folks in London to learn that dozens of jailed al-Qaida terrorists will probably be free before the Games begin. And there are quite a number of unsavoury characters. On a happier note, it’s exactly ten years ago since we embarked upon a project intended to provide the public and those who work in the intelligence and security business, with a magazine that covers all aspects of intelligence and espionage (on a government level), thus I’d like to thank our many thousands of readers for their fantastic support. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF ISSUE 74 NOW FOLLOWS

MANCHESTER TO ABBOTTABAD THREADS TO THE 2003 RICIN PLOT AND OPERATION PATHWAY? In 2009 it was rumoured Manchester’s Arndale Shopping Centre was a primary target for a terror cell - this now seems proven after a CIA discovery It was one of the most talked about security gaffes in years - one which forced MI5 and New Scotland Yard to bring forward the end game of a lengthy surveillance operation. The security services had targeted about a dozen suspected al-Qaida operatives who had managed to find work in the UK, many via bogus education postings. This was because on 8 April 2009, a photographer had captured the Downing Street briefing notes of New Scotland Yard’s (NSY) Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick. The document effectively exposed Operation Pathway and its primary locales in the heartlands of northern England. Most of the terror cell were deported, but a few individuals remain. However, it is their possible connection to a previous group in the Manchester area that suggests an al-Qaida ‘fixer’ remains in situ in the UK. This fascinating feature looks at what the CIA discovered in Abbottabad and duly handed over to MI5.



National Geographic Channel documentary reveals UK-US intelligence tensions and a top secret CIA mission that was hidden away from MI6... These were nervous times for MI5 the FBI and US Homeland Security. So too for a few political and security chiefs who were privy to the facts. All the while the CIA were watching intently, fearful that any attack could prove disastrous again for America. We are of course about the 2006 plot to blow-up passenger airliners over the Atlantic Ocean. The story of Operation Overt (MI5 codename for the investigation), is well known, but not the intense drama and conflict which was on-going, as British and US Intelligence sought to dismantle the plot. The National Geographic Channel’s portrayal of the case - called The Liquid Bomb Plot is examined in full in this fascinating and dark feature. Thought MI6, MI5 the CIA and FBI shared every secret? Think again....

Eye Spy is grateful to the National Geographic Channel for its cooperation in respect of this feature

EXTRACT: However, instead of crossing into France, as officers were convinced he would do, ******* caught a National Express coach and journeyed north. His destination was actually the Cheetham Hill district of Manchester. On 14 January 2003, Manchester counter-terrorist police were secretly working on an operation code-named ****. By sheer coincidence, they were in the process of raiding a suspected AQoccupied apartment. Eye Spy learned the force’s target was ‘Q’ he was duly arrested, but there were two other persons in the house not known to Manchester Police. One of them was of course *******. He was told to sit down but the arresting officers did not handcuff him... a mistake that would prove fatal. • A wealth of intelligence was gleaned by the US Navy SEALs in the raid on Osama bin-Laden’s compound - some as evidenced in the first class investigative report, is already proving critical.

SELLING US SECRETS FBI and NCIS thwart navy intel specialist as he sought liaison with ‘Chinese spy handler’ US Navy Petty Officer (Reservist) 2nd Class Bryan Minkyu Martin, 22, a navy intelligence specialist, has been given a 34 year prison sentence for attempted espionage. Martin pleaded guilty to four charges. Eye Spy examines the background of yet another classic FBI sting operation

eye spy salutes three intelligence heroes CODE-BREAKING LEGENDS As the historic WWII codebreaking centre at Bletchley Park continues to thrive and develop, Eye Spy honours two of the centre’s most famous codebreakers. We also feature the late great Dr Bruce Cooper, an MI6-Naval intelligence man whose remarkable bravery may see him honoured in a new Hollywood movie. The story of Gibraltar’s Operation Tracer. MI6 communications room Station-X

UNIVERSITIES AND TERRORISTS OVER 40 UK PLACES OF LEARNING INFILTRATED EXTRACT: UK security officials fear that al-Qaida’s almost forgotten programme to place recruiters and future agents inside many of the country’s universities and colleges, is growing apace. Extremism has been an on-going problem for those charged with tackling acts of Islamist radicalisation on Britain’s campuses, and despite a major liaison programme between universities and MI5, al-Qaida and those who support its wider goals, are still operating....

THE MOSSAD’S KENSINGTON TROJAN LONDON ASSASSINATION OPERATION EXPOSED It’s true to say that the Mossad have a permanent presence in London, but then so to do many other foreign intelligence services. However, accusations levelled at the Israeli organisation’s under-thecounter activities, are only matched by those plying a similar trade for Moscow - especially in the rather murky field of assassination. Standing on MI5’s parade is not really a wise move, but few outfits in the world can match the Mossad when it comes to daring performances in places far away from home. Indeed, the ‘Institute’ as it is known in the intelligence world, is feared for its prowess and ability to succeed where others would not even tread. Chillingly, its “eye-for-an-eye” mentality means it is no respecter of borders, and only the security of Israel counts. But that’s not always gone down well with its many partners in the West and elsewhere. Following Mossad’s “Frederick Forsyth” scripted killing of Hamas agent and gun runner Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last year, Mossad has been keen to rebuild relations with its counterparts - especially those in London. However, Eye Spy examines another assassination incident which could damage relations again - this in connection with Syria’s secret nuclear liaison with Iran and North Korea. We also take a look at a couple of highly secret Mossad directorates that allegedly participated in the operation.

CODEWORD: ‘SUNATRA - DEPLOYED’ MI6-SAS OPERATIONS IN LIBYA Eye Spy’s communications editor Paul Beaumont examines an MI6-SAS operation in Libya and the type of equipment used... but not everything is as it seems! MI6 and British Special Forces have been engaged in a secret and complex underground operation to provide assistance to opposition forces in Libya, Eye Spy examines one such venture that didn’t go exactly to plan. This feature should have appeared in Eye Spy 73, but for security considerations ESPL decided to postpone its publication. EXTRACT ONE: The rebels tapped the username and passwords into the confiscated computers and a system opened with a screen that read ‘Sunatra Deployed’ - believed to be a gateway to a secure UK military network. Whether the diplomats were MI6 officers or not is no longer conjecture; many nations have diplomats in their embassies who are intelligence officers and titled as second secretaries, etc. However, the false passports complete with one single image might present a clue!

EXTRACT TWO: THE LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER AND MI6-SPECIAL FORCES EQUIPMENT So what of the equipment? The satellite phones kept the team in contact with the UK and for general conversation to other operatives on the ground; of course it’s also relatively easy, I’m told, to modify the operating system to utilise bespoke encryption at the press of a button sequence. The shortwave radios would allow users to keep an ear on the international scene as well as receive number messages in the event of the failure of other equipment. It’s worth noting that the known number station E03 that has been attributed to Britain’s MI6, also termed the ‘Lincolnshire Poacher’ because of its use of the old British folk song used as a tuning signal. It ceased operation, apparently from its operating base in Cyprus, some years ago.

The confiscated MI6 and SAS passwords probably led to nowhere...

TEUFELSBERG NSA FIELD STATION BERLIN The Devil’s Mountain - campaign to keep and restore iconic Cold War monument Once recognised as one of the most important National Security Agency outposts in the Cold War era, Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg (translates to ‘Devil’s Mountain’), Germany, is in danger of disappearing altogether. The defunct base has long been earmarked for redevelopment, but the German Government’s decision to raze it to the ground has been met with furious opposition. Those who served at the facility are naturally against the move and

efforts are underway on both sides of the Atlantic to turn the site into a monument that commemorates the friendship and steadfast support of the Western Allies who made German reunification possible. Historians and intel watchers alike believe it would be appropriate to save the site simply for its significance. An indepth report on this truly significant facility complete with a major overview of Berlin in respect of its relevance to the world of espionage. We also have a splendid feature showing some of the most iconic photographs of the city at the height of the Cold War, and a special report of the last “official spy casualty” of this troubling period.

CIA AND ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE BIN-LADEN INTEL WILL EVENTUALLY EXPOSE MORE TERRORISTS AND AL-QAIDA’S ‘HIDDEN HELPERS’ A FACT WHICH CONCERNS SOME OFFICIALS... Osama Bin-Laden’s flawed belief that he would never be found created an “air of invisibility” which led to a blatant lack of “home security measures”. However, the intelligence gleaned by the CIA on computers, memory sticks and cell phones retrieved by the Agency at his Pakistan safe house will provide years of work for analysts... US Senior Associate Eye Spy Kevin Coleman investigates...


New research reveals it is now possible to intercept cell phone calls without government-type technologies... and a warrant It’s becoming quite a rarity on the streets of our major towns and cities the good old fashioned public telephone or call box. Yet in respect of eavesdropping and security, it is far superior to that must have item - the all powerful cell phone. In a world increasingly besotted with gadgets, games, photos, twitter and instant communication, you very rarely hear that once polite enquiry - “could you direct me to the nearest public telephone box please?” Now - just before you learn about a new ultra-low-cost piece of eavesdropping technology, you might just want to keep the phrase ‘on tap’, especially for that most important telephone call.

Eye Spy examines the history and development of cell phone intercepts, the various types of spy soft and hardware available, and perhaps more worrying than all these elements put together, a new research programme spun together with very low cost equipment, that has allowed hackers to The Chaos Communication Club and intercept your calls conference in Berlin are now monitored mid-stream and via the by officials in the cell phone industry airways.

and the wider intelligence community

We spend billions of pounds every year on security; from house alarms, vehicle immobilisers, CCTV, computer virus blockers and removers to general insurance, yet very rarely do we consider the implications of what’s held on these tiny devices, or how important a conversation is. Eye Spy reveals the secrets of the world’s greatest hackers, and the fragility of the cell phone that providers of such gadgets and the airwaves that they use would rather you not know...

Inset: Bug placed in an old 1950s handset. Now the evolution of the cell phone and its related technologies has made hacking, tapping and interception of conversations, texts and photos possible - user beware


Intercepted communications connected to Iran’s response to the 2010 Stuxnet cyber attack against its nuclear programme, have inadvertently provided the CIA with valuable intelligence. This ultimately exposed a major attempt by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps to establish a powerful overseas spy network akin to that operated by a number of Western nations...

CIA tracking Iranian spies as Tehran seeks to build worldwide spy network EXTRACT: CIA analysts believe a decision was taken in 2008 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps to enhance its overseas spy networks. This followed the early signs of political unrest at home. The RGC trains and operates many of the country’s agents and invites selected overseas nationals to become more active in their “reporting”. To fulfil this objective, this meant placing senior diplomatic operatives in various countries and developing existing networks. One objective was to identify so-called “troublemakers” abroad (political opponents and pressure groups). However, following the August 2010 Stuxnet attack, NSA and GCHQ noticed an increase in signals traffic via Iran’s embassies and consulates. It wasn’t difficult to identify, record and secure further communications from unknown but possible intelligence operatives attached or controlled by embassy liaisons. This allowed counter-espionage elements to surveil more closely suspected agents. ○

Iranian spymaster Heidar Moslehi

Eye Spy also reports on an alleged 30-person CIA spy ring that was “broken” by Iranian Intelligence, and the plight of two American hikers arrested in 2009 close to the Iraq-Iran border. Some of the supposed CIA agents are almost certainly actors or ‘state players’. But in both cases Iran’s spy agency is mischief-making and has fabricated the evidence in a clear attempt to deflect attention away from internal problems and more importantly, its own rush towards a nuclear bomb and the establishment of powerful spy networks abroad...

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LONDON OLYMPIC TARGETS AL-QAIDA’S OWN COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN MUNICH 1972 REVISITED AS SECURITY CONCERNS ELEVATED A committee of senior intelligence, military and civilian officials established by the government to oversee security at the 2012 London Olympic Games, has been warned that al-Qaida will make a “concerted effort” to attack the event. Various UK security elements, including the SAS and SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment), have already participated in a major counter-terrorist exercise also involving New Scotland Yard’s Counterterrorism Command (CTC) and MI5. A major drill was also recently performed at the Olympic Village. This involved soldiers from the SAS and SBS who are tasked with providing security in the context of an ‘immediate response’. There is real fear that al-Qaida will try and emulate the Black September terrorist attack carried out at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, resulting in the deaths of several Israeli athletes. Eye Spy also looks at the dangers posed to the Games by al-Qaida and other terrorist outfits...



Surveillance authority Peter Jenkins continues his easy-to-follow series on the use and importance of cameras in surveillance work. Settings, terminology, dials and functions, lenses and filters... all can initially seem daunting. However, with a little patience and practise they become understandable and are an immensely invaluable surveillance tool. In part 3, Peter looks at the camera lens and provides more tips on how to capture that all important photo.

MI6 AND THE DARK ARTS PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE & GADDAFI Though NATO continues to stop Colonel Gaddafi’s armed forces from attacking Libyan rebels, MI6 has sought to ‘bring to life’ a little used weapon - psychological warfare. It’s an aspect of the spying game that is very rarely covered. However, MI6, which has a powerful spy network in Africa, is using some of its deepest and most guarded tradecraft to unnerve the Libyan leader. And it is working...



In this feature MIKE FINN examines how conventional electric currents running through your home, office and elsewhere could be used in mind control... EXTRACT: You may ask how this information can facilitate deliberate introduction of specific signals and by what method? Well, we now have to look at two other known factors, before the whole issue becomes obvious. The first is power line carrier communication (PLCC), where a transceiver device allows voice communication between two substations via the power line, which acts as a carrier wave source. Taking this a step further, there are carrier current surveillance devices. The carrier current transmitter can be hidden in almost anything within a premises and remains active with the constant electrical supply. The house wiring again being used as a carrier wave, much like the PLC principle. The carrier current receiver can operate as far away as several miles, being simply connected to the AC power line at the appropriate place relative to the property. Already on the market is a...

RUSE, COVER AND ACTION LETTER FROM FORT MEADE Chanticleer’s strange connection with intelligence The amorous exploits of ‘Commander James Bond’ aside, the intelligence community often creates strange bedfellows of the less erotic kind - one of which ‘odd-couplings’ we discussed in Eye Spy 41 when we shed light on the apparently incongruous connection between Dundee Marmalade and Codebreaking. Another is the equally unlikely link between Bletchley Park’s World War Two ULTRA secret and the rather bucolic subject of ornamental gardens, leavened with a smattering of minor royalty...

David Hamer

DR DAVID KELLY CONSPIRACY THEORY Doctors who support the murder theory in respect of the death of Dr David Kelly, a leading weapons scientist who provided background intelligence and guidance on Britain’s Iraq WMD dossier, have vowed to continue their “fight for justice”. This after an expected decision not to investigate his case further was made. Eye Spy looks at the reasons why so many people in the UK, some of them professionals, still remain unconvinced that Dr Kelly took his own life.... Dr David Kelly

THE SPIES WHO WROTE ME SECURITY AND INTEL PEOPLE WHO WRITE BOOKS “...once again a legal battle has been launched against another former member of the security services, believed to be MI5, to prevent the publishing of some possibly embarrassing facts...”

“She went to the bedroom where two computer bags sat in the corner, and carried them both to the pine desk in the sitting room. One bag held a small black machine that resembled a sleek sort of CD player; the other was a laptop computer. Connecting the two with a USB cable, she pressed a button on the black machine, and watched as it transferred to the laptop data that it had recorded in her absence. On the computer she then ran a software routine that filled the screen with numbers.”

Former MI5 D-G Dame Stella

That fascinating piece was taken from Dame Stella Rimington’s novel ‘Illegal Action’ and describes a Russian agent receiving a message from her handlers. Dame Stella, of course, was Director-General of MI5 from 1992 to 1996 and upon leaving the Service, has written one autobiography and published five novels, with a sixth soon to be with us in July 2011, part of the ‘Liz Carlyle’ series.

Carlyle is an intelligence officer and not surprisingly female, given the author’s own experiences. But exactly how much spy tradecraft has Dame Stella, and other intel operatives included in her and their interesting and entertaining pieces of fiction? This as Eye Spy examines yet another book project that has gone to court.

WARM-UP MAN ISSUES THREAT AL-QAIDA’S NEW CHIEF PLOTS REVENGE Ayman al-Zawahiri, 60, al-Qaida’s new leader known in Langley as ‘the warm-up man’, because in early AQ video tapes he always appeared before bin-Laden, has promised to avenge Osama bin-Laden’s (OBL) death and “reinvigorate” the group’s followers. Meanwhile, the CIA’s OBL Desk has switched its attention to the capture or elimination of al-Zawahiri, who is considered a pale shadow of bin-Laden.

FBI AND THE THIRD MAN AQ PLOT TO TARGET US MILITARY CENTRE Two suspected al-Qaida operatives have been charged with plotting to attack a US armed forces recruiting post in Seattle (MEPS - Military Entrance Processing Station). Abu Khalid AbdulLatif (real name Joseph Davis), 33, from Seattle, and Walli Mujahidh from Los Angeles, were arrested following a tip-off from a person the men tried to recruit. Eye Spy investigates the background to this, the eighth such al-Qaida plot targeting a US armed forces recruiting centre or base...

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif

Walli Mujahidh

END OF THE AFRICAN AQ COURIER US EMBASSY BOMBER SHOT DEAD One of the world’s most wanted terrorists has been killed at a Somali military check point by security services. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed acted as a courier in attacks on two US Embassies in Africa leaving hundreds dead. Eye Spy looks at Mohammed’s two decade long involvement in terrorism.

BEWARE A BIOTERRORIST ATTACK New evidence has emerged that al-Qaida may be planning such an attack on NATO forces in Afghanistan. Eye Spy has also learned such a warning has been issued to leading suppliers in the UK food chain.

END GAME FOR RATKO MLADIC Fugitive war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic was arrested on 26 May by Serbian security forces. The 69-yearold has been in hiding for the best part of 16 years and was wanted for questioning in connection to a massacre of up to 7,500 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995.

RED MIST: CHINESE WARNING A DEGREE IN HIGH-TECH SPYING AND CLONING Senior British businessmen and women have raised concerns about some of the 55,000 Chinese students studying in the UK. There is a general consensus that many have been sent to embark upon a career in spying - bringing home, we were told, new technologies to the “motherland”. An interesting feature on the extent of Chinese espionage and its associated dangers, and a look at a similar warning issued by outgoing Director CIA, Leon Panetta (right), who caused uproar in Beijing after saying China’s “menace to its neighbours should not be underestimated.”

SIGNAL JAMMING Paul Beaumont takes a look at historical signals jamming and a new communications interference case that has not received the attention it fully deserves, especially because it involves GCHQ and some mysterious letters...

FLEXIBLE KGB RULES Failed SVR spook Anna Chapman is in the news again, the darling of the Kremlin who just can’t put a foot wrong when it comes to business, political matters, ‘lads mags’, television and media. Now Eye Spy has spotted her again in Moscow walking with some true heroes of the Soviet Union. All will be revealed... Some KGB officials from the past say she is quite lucky to be living in today’s Russia, 30 years ago such failure (we are referring to the broken SVR spy ring in the United States), may well have resulted in a few years tenure in a Siberian gulag. But what of the other ten deported spies? Has anyone seen or heard of them again?

SECRET SERVICE AND OBAMA PICTURE SPECIAL - PRESIDENTIAL STATE VISIT - UK Eye Spy Photo Special of President Obama’s State visit to Britain, with focus on his security detail

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