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MI6-GCHQ cyber and electronic analyst Gareth Williams was “probably murdered” hen Eye Spy learned of the death of Gareth Williams, 31, a GCHQ man seconded to MI6 for a special operation, we were naturally interested. Our London contacts were at the scene immediately, and it soon became clear this was no ordinary event. We were baffled by the obvious early manipulation of the media. Our early opinion that Williams’ death looked suspicious has never changed - and the evidence gleaned from inside flat 4, 36 Alderney Street, seems to support this: the environment faced by investigative detectives seemed staged.


We were informed by an intelligence contact man that Gareth was a “weirdo.” Eye Spy didn’t believe it then and we do not believe it today. Private lifestyle is an easy excuse for happenings, but it does not always explain the truth. The likable, but very private Welsh GCHQ analyst was probably murdered at his Pimlico flat and squeezed into a sports bag. A complex lock and zipper arrangement meant that even if he was still alive, escape was unlikely. Two keys (which could have opened the lock) were found inside the bag with him. This was considered a nasty and vindictive act. But had Williams climbed inside the bag himself carrying the keys and managed to lock it? Some intelligence experts believe that a person or persons placed the keys under the buttocks of

Gareth with the intention of making detectives believe he carried the keys inside as an escape route. Was it suicide, murder or a sexual act that went badly wrong? That the bag was found in the bath has become a contentious issue and one that is examined later. Army veteran Jim Fetherstonhaugh, 49, discovered how to lock the bag from inside, and

he even filmed his daughter Izzy, testing the theory. It worked and Jim immediately contacted New Scotland Yard. More on Jim’s excellent research later, but however important, it does not explain the wider evidence. Our sources maintain the bag was placed in the bath by a third party. And why was the heating turned on fully, despite the pleasant weather outside? New Scotland Yard may be tempted to examine the data from the electric company noting when the electric meter dial surged. If this coincides with the 16th of August, then it is relevant. Subtle manipulation of evidence was occurring. It’s one reason why Williams’ solicitor said at the inquest, “dark arts were in play.” We were given case examples by British agents who had worked in the “darkest of operations,” from undercover MI5 and MI6 ops, to bomb building and deaths in Northern Ireland. Not one contact believed, despite sordid reports about Williams lifestyle being published in the press, that Gareth had accidentally killed himself.



he inquest heard from 40 or so witnesses and enabled the correction of many unclear issues. New information about various aspects of Gareth’s life and death also afforded an insight into how the New Scotland Yard investigation was conducted. There were mistakes, as we shall learn.

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MI6 GCHQ - Gareth Williams was 'probably murdered'. Murder, assassination, accident, cover-up?