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INTELLIGENCE MAGAZINE ISSUE 68 JUNE•JULY 2010 Each edition of Eye Spy is 84 pages long - full colour throughout and printed on high-quality gloss paper. The images contained in this PDF are low-resolution.

Editor’s Brief Notes: It was the moment the unique tactics and activities of Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS) were thrust into public view. Thirty years ago several dark-clothed figures stormed the Iranian Embassy in London to end its occupation by a terrorist group sponsored by Iraqi Intelligence. Minutes later, the hostages were free, and all but one terrorist had been shot dead. As quickly as they arrived, the SAS soldiers disappeared in a number of civilian cars. The events had been captured and relayed live on television across the world. The Iranian Embassy siege has since been replayed in film, lecture, documentary and book, but questions remain about the legitimacy of certain aspects of the retaking of the embassy - codenamed Operation Nimrod. One former participant is ex-SAS Blue Team Leader Rusty Firmin. To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the event, Firmin decided to write what many are calling, the “definitive story ”of the SAS raid. Go! Go! Go! is about as good as it gets in respect of the retelling the story - with a plethora of new information. And what a story it is. There’s little in the way of gung ho, blood, guts and glory, instead, Firmin focuses on events inside and outside the embassy, the drama, relationships between hostage and hostage-taker, negotiators and the politicians, and of course, of the SAS who were waiting in the wings. He’s a quiet man and reflective, but Firmin granted Eye Spy an exclusive interview which appears in issue 68. Another main feature in this edition centres upon an incident which was played out in Steven Spielberg’s epic film ‘Munich’. The Europa Hotel (London) case is legendary in that no actual evidence (to my knowledge) exists to prove its legitimacy. Following the killing of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, the Mossad launched Operation Wrath of God. The organisation were given free reign to track down the sponsors of the Black September group who had claimed responsibility. In 1974, one senior terrorist, Ali Hassan Salameh had reportedly turned up in London, thus a three-man Mossad hit team travelled to the city to kill him. Staying at the Europa Hotel, one of the Mossad assassins succumbed to a mysterious female assassin. Eye Spy decided to retrace what purportedly happened, and discovered that a well known character - Carlos the Jackal, may well have been involved... terrific material and background to the case file tagged by MI5 in its archives as the Europa Hotel Incident. Mark Birdsall - Editor


In an [SAS] exercise you shoot at a ‘Carlos the Jackal’ target. There’s a difference... targets don’t bleed and do not shoot back...” ○


THE IRANIAN EMBASSY SIEGE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH EX-SAS BLUE TEAM LEADER Rusty Firmin, a former SAS soldier who played a central part in the storming of the Iranian Embassy 30 years ago, speaks to Eye Spy about what really happened when Operation Nimrod was green-lighted with the words - Go! Go! Go!

On 30 April 1980, a little over 30 years ago, six Middle East terrorists opposed to the Iranian revolution of 1979, and demanding the liberation of the Arabistan region in Khuzestan, Western Iran, stormed Iran’s UK Embassy in Princes Gate. As the men, belonging to the ‘Group of the Martyr’, approached the building, the sole police officer on patrol that day, Trevor Lock, was enjoying a cup of coffee with an embassy official. Seconds later the gunmen forced their way in backing embassy officials and other people, including two BBC news men into upstairs rooms. At that moment, an embassy official pressed a security button which alerted New Scotland Yard that something was occurring. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary six days, ending only when several SAS units stormed the building in an operation code-named Nimrod. The events outside the building were played out in full view of the television cameras, but what really happened inside has never been so accurately explained... until now. On the final day of the siege, SAS man Rusty Firmin, along with his colleagues, entered the building. What followed was an incredible series of incidents, conversation, errors, terror, and at times, organised chaos that seemed impossible to compact into just 15 minutes. When the shooting stopped, five terrorists, including their leader, Salim Towfigh, lay dead in various room and halls of the burning embassy. Then, the dark-clothed sinister-looking men who had entered the building on behalf of ‘Her Majesty’s Government’ disappeared in a variety of civilian cars just as quickly as they had appeared. It was time for a few beers, the watching of the last few frames on the World Snooker Championship and a bizarre meeting with the Iron Lady herself - Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. And then reflection....


Rusty Firmin (no gloves) with SAS colleagues storm the Iranian Embassy



A New Scotland Yard marksman provides protection at the rear of the Iranian Embassy as SAS soldiers move in



“I felt it necessary to correct a great many untruths that have been spoken about the siege...”

SAS INTELLIGENCE: An original SAS diagram showing the layout of the Iranian Embasy


Steven Spielberg’s absorbing and controversial 2005 film - ‘Munich’ candidly replayed the supposed actions of a Mossad assassination squad as they hunted down senior planners of the infamous 1972 Munich Olympics’ massacre. Eleven Israeli athletes were brutally murdered on the Games’ campus by members of the Black September terrorist group. Within weeks of the outrage, the Mossad was directed to create a small ultra-secret active service unit that was given free reign to hunt down those responsible. This often meant using unorthodox killing methFormer Europa Hotel ods, bogus documentation, a plethora of safe houses, international bank accounts, forging new identities and more importantly, operating in friendly countries right under the noses of organisations such as MI5 and MI6. It is widely believed the group also used diplomatic contacts and some underworld characters to source intelligence. The overall codename for this outrageously conceived plan was Operation Wrath of God. The film also covers a most strange and little known occurrence at the Hotel Europa, London, 1974, whereby one of the Mossad officers is himself assassinated. No body was ever recovered by the UK


Eye Spy investigates events of 1974 depicted in Steven Spielberg’s dark picture - ‘Munich’ and the Europa Hotel incident whereby a Mossad assassin is himself murdered...

A film clip from the picture ‘Munich’ shows a Mossad officer (right) and the mysterious female assassin in the Europa Hotel’s Etruscan bar

authorities, no press reports appeared, nothing exists in the archives, hotel staff seemed oblivious and today’s intelligence contacts seem devoid of any knowledge. If truth be known, the incident is legendary in the intelligence world, and seems a mixture of fact and fiction. However, Eye Spy has spent time retracing the event, and some of the other happenings in the city at that time. It is known that the terror outfit Black September was behind the Munich incident, but who killed the Mossad officer? Eye Spy focuses on the actions and presence of one man who was already being monitored by MI5 in London at the time... Illich Ramirez Sanchez - aka ‘Carlos the Jackal.... EXTRACT: At 9.00am he placed the ‘Do Not Disturb’ notice on Carl’s door. After leaving via a back door and avoiding the front exit, Avner telephoned Hans who was waiting at the safe house he simply said “the movie’s off tonight... I’ll talk to you later.” It was the codeword which signalled a situation of extreme peril. Hans fled and made haste to a pre-arranged meeting place in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Mossad team had travelled to London to meet a contact man who knew the whereabouts of primary target - Ali Hassan Salameh - senior planner of the Munich outrage

“Maybe you had Carlos walking behind you this afternoon... maybe he was nipping over to London to visit his mother” As for Avner, he contacted not his superiors at the Mossad, nor did he venture to the safety of the Israeli Embassy: he chose to call the underworld group. They explained not to worry and everything would be taken care of. What supposedly happened next explains why Fleet Street and the world’s media didn’t get their journalistic heads into a story that should at the very least, have been reported upon. Avner’s contacts arrived quickly at the Europa and removed Carl’s body through a domestic service area. The men, who attracted no attention and cleaned the room, spoke Italian - they were clearly professionals. It was vital MI5 did not get wind of the affair, and all baggage and bills were taken care of by the ‘cleaning team’. A fantastic feature and one not to be missed...

MOSSAD STATION CHIEFS SPY AGENCY’S ‘PASSPORT FACTORY’ Relations between the Mossad and MI6 are still “abrasive” as London continues to block Tel Aviv’s choice for head of its London Field Station. For several weeks Israel has tried unsuccessfully to install a senior officer; this after the former head of its UK operation was kicked out following the Mossad’s use of forged British passports in the assassination of Hamas gun runner Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, UAE. Britain’s Foreign Office is seeking assurances from Israel that its primary spy agency will never again use or clone UK passports for its active overseas operatives. Israel, for its part, does not want to agree to this demand as intelligence officials believe it will be perceived as an admission that the Mossad was truly behind the killing of Mahmoud. Eye Spy examines the continued fallout and also looks at the Mossad’s secret ‘passport factory’ which has churned out forged documentation of the highest quality for decades. There’s also interesting intelligence that could result in the exposure of some of the Mossad operatives involved in the Dubai affair as Interpol continues to investigate.

PHANTOM RAY SURVEILLANCE ART Using technology drawn from an earlier project for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other US military services, Boeing has unveiled its Phantom Ray (Technology Demonstrator - also dubbed ‘The Ray’) surveillance and reconnaissance drone. This futuristic unmanned aircraft called a UAS (unmanned airborne system) was recently rolled out at a ceremony in St Louis. Eye Spy examines the world’s most advanced drone’s genesis...

THE THIRD MAN AL-QAIDA’S “FIXER” REVEALED Eye Spy reveals the identity of the CIA’s most wanted and the man who controls a network of terror gangs from Pakistan to America. This after MI5 decoded e-mails to the “fixer” responsible for managing terror attacks, including the Times Square operation and the aborted operation in Manchester...

New York subway bomber Najibullah Zazi is brought to book by the FBI

Two al-Qaida operatives who planned a major terrorist attack in the UK, and were liaising with one of Osama bin-Laden’s most senior commanders (the “fixer”), have astonishingly won the right to stay in Britain, this despite a court ruling they were both dangerous and guilty of planning an attack. Abid Naseer, 24, and Ahmad Faraz Khan, 26, belonged to an active AQ terror cell who travelled to Britain in 2006 to supposedly further their education. Using bogus documentation tied in with illegal colleges, UK-based contact men, the terrorists sought to plan an attack in the UK, and possibly elsewhere.

EXTRACT ONE: MI5’s Operation Pathway was launched to snare the entire gang, but was badly compromised by an innocent blunder by Bob Quick, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and a senior counter-terrorist police officer. He was photographed on his way to brief the Prime Minister about the case. Unfortunately, some of the documents he carried were captured by a photographer and revealed the extent of the operation. MI5 and CounterTerrorism Command (CTC) were forced to react. Within a few hours a dozen or so suspects were in detention, amongst them Naseer and Khan. EXTRACT TWO: The surveillance operation had been running for some time, though the breakthrough came on 3 April 2009, when Naseer was monitored entering an ‘Internet Cafe’ in the Cheetham Hill district of Manchester. It didn’t take GCHQ too long to recover his writings which were sent to an account in Pakistan that was already under observance. Within hours, MI5 code analysts concluded that the e-mails were written in a fashion that clearly revealed passages that discussed bomb-making materials, locations and more importantly, dates. MI5’s hierarchy believed they were left with no option but to put an end to the cell’s ambitions... EXTRACT THREE: Afghan-born Najibullah Zazi, a former Queens, New York resident, was a key alQaida operative and central to the plot to attack three New York City Subway train stations. A skilled weapons and explosives man, Zazi has pleaded guilty to various terrorist charges. According to Eye Spy police sources in New York, Zazi may well have known Naseer and Khan through the “fixer” in Pakistan. They were also in touch with the CIA’s most wanted... who has slowly risen to prominence in Osama bin-Laden’s inner circle. He is the terror group’s main planner and guided Major Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood shooting and Detroit aeroplane bomber Farouk Abdulmutullab. Eye Spy sources say the “fixer” was in touch with a number of operatives in the Manchester terror cell, including Naseer.

“There exists evidence al-Qaida has planted a cell in readiness for an attack on America to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11...”

TIMES SQUARE ESCAPE AL-QAIDA TARGET ICONIC HEART OF NEW YORK A US-based terrorist influenced by the Taliban and supported and trained by al-Qaida, came perilously close to achieving another American land-based success for Osama bin-Laden. The events seemed to replicate the 2007 Haymarket, London, TigerTiger nightclub bombing. Though Homeland Security initially claimed a flawed car bomb attack in Times Square on 1 May was the work of a single bomber, it soon transpired the incident was far greater in scope.

Despite the arrest of the bomb carrier, Pakistan-born US national Faisal Shahzad, 30, described as a “budget analyst” from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Eye Spy understands the FBI and CIA are seeking other US-based ‘lone wolves’ trained by a known explosives’ specialist in the lawless region that straddles Afghanistan and Pakistan. Shahzad’s claim that he “acted alone”, was at first believed, perhaps because of the appearance and misconceived nature of the car bomb he had built. Eye Spy’s New York police sources provide a tantalising glimpse of what some believe, may become a regular occurrence on the US mainland...

CIA’S UNCONVENTIONAL PLANNING DEPT. THE “MISCHIEF” WING OF LANGLEY There is a unit within the CIA that is often called upon to inject “opinion” and “creativity“ into the wider endeavours of the world’s most cunning spy agency. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a “propaganda unit”, the Agency’s Covert Action Staff (Clandestine Service) will explore a variety of options once it is charged with knowing what the desired outcome or effect should be. For 50 years the ‘department’, which isn’t a permanent office as such, but draws from Langley’s senior personnel,

has developed sophisticated methods for spreading ideological messages, confusion and suspicion. Amongst its ranks are skilled sociologists, psychologists, historians, media specialists, intellectuals, and some persons with a knack for mischief. The CAS, for want of a better designation, consists of some of the Agency’s more unusual thinkers. It is most experienced in the art of “destabilisation”, and has had great success in preparing elaborate ruses to help other branches, including the powerful Operations Division.

“CIA - always thinking outside the box”

In this fascinating feature, Eye Spy provides background to recent “productions” of CAS, including how the Agency thought long and hard about making a porn movie featuring Saddam Hussein - this as US and UK forces gathered for invasion. The CAS objective was to discredit Saddam, destablise Iraq and leave the armed forces and public wondering if the fight was worth it...

TOP SECRET MI5 WARNS INTELLIGENCE SECRETS AT RISK As a judge orders MI5 to reveal just what it knew about the London bombers prior to 7/7, senior intelligence officials warn the Service’s top secret intel gathering methods are at risk if exposed. Eye Spy examines just what MI5 knew about the bombers links with other terror cells already under surveillance, including the Crevis gang who planned mass murder at a shopping centre and nightclub

Undercover MI5 surveillance pictures showing heads of the Leeds-based 7/7 bomb gang liaising with members of the London al-Qaida

As relatives of those who died or were injured in the 2005 London terrorist outrage seek answers and closure to why their loved ones were attacked, all manner of secret meetings and discussions between intelligence and legal officials are taking place. This is because intelligence linked to the 7/7 gang, if released, could prove an “invaluable weapon” to those still plotting to attack the UK, according to MI5.

MI5 watchers had Crevis gang member Omar Khyam (left) under surveillance and filmed him in the company of at least two 7/7 terror plotters

EXTRACT: In 2004, Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, chief plotter of the London 7/7 bombings, was seen in the company of Omar Khyam, one of the main characters involved in the notorious fertiliser bomb plot. MI5 watchers not only knew who the terrorists were, but they also managed to bug various locations used by the group, including installing a covert camera in the gang’s lock-up near Heathrow Airport. Analysts at MI5 did not consider Khan a senior player or a leading associate. Why this was so has never been properly explained, but it is precisely because of this MI5 does not want to answer a plethora of questions from inquisitive lawyers.

AQ’S SECRET LIAISONS THREADS THAT LINKED THREE TERROR CELLS A fascinating report on the intelligence that linked at least three international terror cells... and provided MI5 with a real insight into the global operational reach of al-Qaida.

‘Even with the benefit of hindsight, it would have been impossible from the available intelligence to conclude that either Khan or Tanweer (7/7 London bombers) posed a terrorist threat to the British public’ - MI5 statement following attacks

This MI5 surveillance photo shows Crevis gang member Omar Khyam (right) meeting with a Canadian contact man (convicted terrorist) in an underground car park.

THE MOSCOW SIGNAL DIRECT TRANSMISSION Research specialist Mike Finn takes a serious and objective look at mind control and manipulation in the intelligence game... In the last article Finn examined hypnosis in relation to mind control, we saw how fragile the veil of the subconscious was, even the deepest subconscious memory became susceptible to recall with the right trigger. However, the most effective method of mind control or mind manipulation is to cause an affect that can not be detected by the five senses, an approach that is so spontaneous it can create the desired result by direct transmission... EXTRACT: The best known incident marking the dawn of mind control weapons used outside of our senses, became known as the ‘Moscow Signal’. The Russians were researching this technology as early as the 1950s, particularly within the microwave frequencies (0.1 to 10Ghz). During the next 15 or so years, the American embassy in Moscow became the target of this experiment. There was of course the earlier incident of the carved ‘Great Seal’ replica, presented to the embassy in 1946 by Soviet school children...

EYE SPY TOUR LONDON A historical guided tour of the spy haunts of Britain’s capital city... with Alan Titchard of Wizard Walks in London The trail is still warm, but we must make haste! The runaway success of spies and spycatchers prompts more delving into the murky world of espionage. On this walk we encounter the atom spy Klaus Fuchs, Gordon Lonsdale and the Rosenbergs. We see where Georgi Markov fell victim to an assassins poisoned umbrella and finally unmask the killer. See the fantastic HQ of MI6 presided over by the eccentric Capt. Mansfield-Cumming, and by popular demand, what happened to his most famous agent Sidney Reilly. You will also discover who the real Q was and where he worked...


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THE RIGHT TO BEAR CYBER WEAPONS RETURNING “FIRE” Kevin Coleman - Eye Spy’s senior US editor investigates the implications and legality of “returning fire” in the increasingly hostile world of cyber space Much attention has been given to cyber attacks lately. The truth is, financial stability, growth and security are at risk given the increased complexity and frequency of cyber attacks. While many investigations have been unable to attribute the attacks to their source, other investigations have identified numerous extremists and activists associated with these attacks. This has led to increased concerns about the integrity of critical information infrastructures within countries around the world. There are recent reports that extremists are taking up arms including cyber arms, against their governments. Dissatisfaction with current conditions and their national leadership is said to be behind these disturbing actions.

SOME KEY FACTS 1. Current cyber weaponry has the ability to operate in 36 different attack vectors. 2. China has the most mature cyber arsenal followed by the United States and Russia. 3. Cyber attacks can lead to the disorganisation of the command and control system, reducing an enemy’s combat potential by an estimated 50% and more. 4. 2009 saw a significant rise in the number of politically motivated cyber attacks. 5. Cheap cyber weapons are seen as a neutraliser of expensive kinetic weapons systems. 6. Social networking sites have become tools used to recruit, communicate and organise, as well as prime targets for cyber attacks. 7. The cyber battlefield is the private sector infrastructure operated by commercial IT organisations. 8. Panda Labs research found that there were over 25 million new strains of malware (the most common cyber weapon) released in 2009. 9. In October 2009, the Chief of the UN telecommunications agency said that the next world war could take place in cyberspace. 10. Dave DeWalt, CEO of McAfee noted a shift from espionage and attacks on government infrastructure to an offensive on structures that are “commercial in nature” has taken place.

NSA chief Keith Alexander was recently appointed head of the newly created US Cyber Command (USCC)

THE ROSETTA STONE AT NSA MUSEUM THE CODEBREAKING CONNECTION US-based researcher David Hamer reports on a most unusual exhibit that has recently gone on display at the National Cryptologic Museum EXTRACT: Though not one of the early triumphs of the art of codebreaking - an art which goes back, according to historian and author David Kahn, over four thousand years - a cryptologic event took place in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries that was to have a worldwide impact on politics, language and history. Our story begins, as history tells us, back in the year 196 BC when the priests and rulers of ancient Egypt issued a proclamation. It was one of many of course and such proclamations were required by law to be disseminated amongst the populace by creating and mounting on temple walls for all to read the text carved into a stone tablet or ‘Stele’ - nowadays we might use the Internet for such purposes!

CIA’S FRENCH CONNECTION COLD WAR EVENTS NEGATE NO SPY DEAL WITH FRANCE CIA hierarchy out-manoeuvre Office of the Director of National Intelligence as ODNI spy chief steps down following Langley’s reluctance to engage with French Intelligence over spying The CIA’s turbulent relationship with the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), surfaced again following a clash of opinion regarding the USA’s intelligence relationship with France. ODNI chief Dennis Blair, tried to cement a “no spy pact” with France, but met with fierce opposition from the CIA an organisation which has viewed France with much suspicion for decades. EXTRACT: The CIA said that whilst relations with France are at present good, especially because its president, Nicolas Sarkozy, dubbed Sarko l’Américain (Sarkozy the American) is friendly towards Washington, this might not always be the case. “France’s intelligence services have some awkward friends,” the CIA told White House officials. It was coded talk that suggested US intelligence, if shared with Paris, “could end up with parties not on Langley’s Christmas Card list,” a CIA source said. “Having no eye on what happens in France or what France does could prove problematic in future years.”

The CIA’s mistrust of France stems back to President de Gaulle’s decision to pull his country out of NATO in the late 1950s, and remove the organisation’s presence from its territory. NATO was forced to relocate its HQ from Paris to Brussels

U-2 INCIDENT 50th ANNIVERSARY OF FAMOUS SHOOT-DOWN Gary Powers Jr, the son of CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers, has marked his father’s infamous U-2 spy mission over Russia in May 1960, by attending a number of important events in the United States and Russia. Powers Jr, who for years has championed the construction of the Cold War Museum just outside Washington DC, lectured on the dramatic events that further propelled the world into a Cold War. By recalling the incident, Powers Jr hopes

it will provide guidance to future generations on how to avoid super-power confrontation. EXTRACT: Controversy has surrounded the loss of the technology-packed U-2 spy plane for decades, with some intelligence analysts mistakenly believing Powers deliberately flew too low enabling Soviet air defences to reach him. There were even tales of a defection plan - with one mischievous report saying that just hours after his aircraft’s disappearance from radar screens, the pilot was enjoying himself in a Russian nightclub. The truth was much more sombre and chilling, though a new report could provide an insight into why so much mystery and disbelief surrounded the downing of the advanced spy plane... Eye Spy reports

STRANGERS ON A BRIDGE FAMOUS SPY EXCHANGE Eye Spy looks at one of the most famous Cold War spy exchanges which took place following the trial of Francis Gary Powers...

EYE SPY 68 BEST OF THE REST CHRISTMAS BOMB INTEL FAILURES A review of how the US intelligence community (IC) handled the failed Christmas bomb plot whereby a young terrorist tried to bring down a Detroit-bound airliner. A full overview of how failures in the “intel wheel” almost resulted in disaster as Farouk Abdulmutallab (right) tried to emulate previous al-Qaida operations THE SMOLENSK INCIDENT The crash of a Polish military aeroplane carrying over 50 senior intelligence, military and political officials to Russia in April, created turmoil in Poland. Now a former intel officer has stated the “hand of Russia” may be to blame. Amongst those killed on the TU-154, was the country’s most senior intelligence officer head of the BBN (National Security Bureau) - Aleksander Merek Szczglo (right) TREASON IN THE FORM OF ESPIONAGE A Pentagon intel ‘front company’ allegedly operated a spy in Moscow... THE TIITINEN LIST A top secret list of the Stasi’s Finish agents must remain secret for another 50 years... whose identity are government officials trying to protect? MOSCOW METRO BOMBING Insight into how the FSB “eliminated” three operatives who planned the March 2010 Metro bombings SECRET ORDER 55 The Russians have extended the sentence given to an alleged CIA spy for... leaving crumbs on his prison cell table CIA REMOVE AL-QAIDA NUMBER THREE An elaborate surveillance operation results in a CIA operated Predator RPV killing Shaikh Sa’id al-Masri - AQ’s “number three” THE LILLEHAMMER AFFAIR Whilst searching for those responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games massacre, a Mossad team shot dead a Moroccan waiter who they mistook for a terrorist... NEW SCOTLAND YARD’S DIPLOMATIC PROTECTION GROUP A look at the creation and history one of the most experienced firearm elements of NSY SECRET WMD SEARCH A well known spy agency has been searching via satellite an area in Syria once rumoured to house Iraq’s WMD... for what purpose? NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL CONVENED Britain has started to operate its own NSC which will consider and action security threats and support the intelligence community UNDERCOVER BOOK RELEASES All the latest espionage, intelligence and security books


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The Insider’s Guide to 150 Spy Sites in London


The Insider’s Travel Guide to 150 Spy Sites in London • intelligence service headquarters • branch locations • operations’ and planning centres • watcher surveillance residences • front companies • interrogation rooms • special spy training schools • equipment centres • spy and spy chief residences • branch locations • dead letter drops • covert agent meeting points • safe houses • notorious spy residences • spy recruitment locations • entertainment and clubs • codebreaking buildings • assassins • garages and lock-ups • honeytraps • plots • disguises • strange twists of fate • heroes

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A D V E R T I S E M E N T ○


1980 IRANIAN SIEGE PRESENTATION Rusty Firmin, a 22 SAS assault team leader who participated in the successful rescue of the Iranian Embassy hostages, has created a unique slide, video and lecture presentation, detailing the real and only definitive story of this most dramatic event.... The ‘Iranian Siege Presentation’ begins with film footage dedicated to members of the 22 SAS assault team, including John McAleese, Pete Winner, Tommy Palmer and Rusty Firmin. The video is a mixture of live television footage and expert commentary that sets the scene for people who are old enough to remember the siege and for younger people unfamiliar with this pivotal moment in SAS and counter-terrorist operations.

•unique pictures •exclusive film footage •indepth commentary •the definitive story Working with ‘Bankie’ Williams, a former 22 SAS instructor, Rusty has shaped the presentation so that it has a broad appeal and interest to the intelligence, security, corporate and business community. Clients already include Vistage International, Goodyear Dunlop and visiting counter-terrorist teams to the UK. Earlier this year over 200 people attended the event at HMS Caledonia in Scotland. Firmin’s detailed account is shortly to be delivered to a leading global defence business; a government department with defence interests and a global engineering organisation. The ‘Iranian Siege Presentation’, is an absolute must for anyone associated with security. As an overview of the Iranian Embassy siege it is superb, but as an educational tool it is essential in business development and understanding the indepth planning and crisis management required to counter incidents of this nature. Available worldwide.

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