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Eyes on walls Art Magazine Issue 1

Exclusive Interview with LA street artist Shark Toof

New Art by Alex Cherry / Camilla D’Errico / Aaron Jasinski Hidden Moves / Ruben Ireland / Shark Toof / Lora Zombie

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On the cover: We Are Polar Bears by Shark Toof Princess of China by Alex Cherry Peaks of Paradise by Camilla D’Errico

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Lora Zombie

Blue Bird Lobotomy Art Show


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November 8th, 2012 // 7-10pm 498 Broome St, SoHo, NYC //

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Alex Cherry Princess of China by Alex Cherry Tinderbox 3 by Alex Cherry



Grasslands Goddess by Camilla D’Errico Peaks of Paradise by Camilla D’Errico



Pistol and Stamen by Aaron Jasinski Stage Presence by Aaron Jasinski



Roller Cat by Hidden Moves Ape Riot by Hidden Moves Panda No.3 by Hidden Moves



Fabric Rose by Ruben Ireland New Way Warrior by Ruben Ireland



All Dogs Go to Heaven by Lora Zombie Love Shock by Lora Zombie Red Riding Hood by Lora Zombie



Interview with L.A. street artist Shark Toof Known for his murals, stencils and wheat pastes on streets across the U.S. from New York City to Miami to Los Angeles, Shark Toof ranks among street art’s most recognizable artists.

Have you always lived in Los Angeles? Yes I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have not lived abroad.

yet light hearted. I wanted an icon and name of an animal that I could quickly spraypaint a character of. It started as really a joke but I was able to see its effectiveness and how people were connecting with the image and name.

How do you describe your artistic style?

Have you always gone by Shark Toof as an artist?

My artistic style is a layered, delicious cake of mistakes, brush strokes, color, shapes, aerosol paint, and refinement.

No. I started doing graffiti in 1984 as my very first tag Drone One. I didn’t like the letters and soon after dropped that name for Myser One. After I graduated from Art Center, I showed under my real name but was unhappy with that formality. That is actually how Shark Toof came about. 3 years of contemplation and coming up with a comfortable identity.

How did you come up with the alias Shark Toof? It was a solution to my upbringing as a graffiti artist. I needed a freshing new name that was aggressive


What are you most proud of accomplishing with your art? I would like to think that I had some hand in inspiring new, street and graffiti artists to carry the torch in Los Angeles. What was your first work of art? I didn’t have toys really growing up so the pencil was my best friend. At an early age I was drawing opposing space, moon city landscapes. The cities would then shoot rockets at each other eventually becoming a sheet of graphite swirls.


What was your experience of high school art class? I took AP art and did large charcoal drawings. I had an awesome teacher, Mr. Slattery. He let me do a graffiti piece inside one of the art rooms. It said my girlfriend’s name at the time Anne. There was also a main charachter squeezing a tube of paint on a volcanic, tropical island with some tribesmen dancing around a fire. Go figure. That was 1988. What do you want to achieve as an artist? My goal is to be in more museum shows and part of museums’ permanent collections.

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What art do you have on your walls?

Who are some artists you admire?

I have a collection of my own prints. I also have an ever growing collection of some of my favorite artists. One of my favorite pieces is by an “OP” artist Victor Vasarely from the 60’s. It’s hanging in my kitchen which probably flavors my cooking.

I am mostly inspired my artists who go off the deep end. I find most art to be safe including my own. Favorite pastime other than art? Motorcycles.

How do you want people to see your art? What are you working on at the moment? My art is meant to be participatory so I want people to discover themselves in the work.

I am currently working on new paintings for my solo show at The C.A.V.E Gallery in Venice Beach October 20th.

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“ Born and raised in Los Angeles Shark Toof started painting

graffiti in 1985 and helped shape the city’s street art scene into what it is today. His versatile work will be featured next in a solo show at C.A.V.E Gallery in Venice Beach on October 20th.

What personal experiences (if any) have inspired your art?

What drives you to be an artist? I have to make art. It’s my best friend.

Nature and learned behavior inspires my art. I believe everything we do is for two purposes, defense or procreation. What is the most memorable moment in your career so far?

What do you think makes an artist successful these days? Success is subjective. How do you define success as an artist?

The most memorable moment was doing the Street Art show at Portsmouth Museum Of Art. I painted an 80 foot wall that faces Maine. Portsmouth is beautiful and the people are down to earth. Have you ever been arrested? (or come close)

If you can eat and make art, you are successful. What annoys you in the art world? Politics.

I spent 32 hours in Jail for a sticker. Mind you, I had permission as it was applied to the front of a record store but I chose to put my sticker on a small, plastic, electrical outlet box which was part of the front of the record store. Vice jumped out of a cab and arrested me for vandalizing “State” property even though it was on the facade of the record shop with thousands of stickers covering the storefront. All charges were dropped but the damage was done. If you’re ever in jail, 3 things are clear. You are guilty before innocent, they need warm bodies to receive funds by the state, and there is no supervision. Jail is completely lawless.


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“@hiddenmoves Cheers mate, love your work and can’t wait to get some more! Keep up the great art.” @MikeBobCatKelly

Eye of the Tiger by Hidden Moves



“My Eyes On Walls print... finally gracing my kitchen wall!” – @CaitKitt via Twitter

Bride by Charmaine Olivia



“@eyesonwalls finally got my duel print framed and on the wall here@shopify HQ pic.” – @warrendunlop from Shopify

The Duel by Aaron Jasinski



“Love my posters in my room. By Lora Zombie” – @Gadget523

Zombie Love by Lora Zombie



“Face off-just hung this up on my wall” – @iharryshum from Glee

The Real You by Aaron Jasinski



“All eyes on OUR walls New art from @EyesOnWalls and @LoraZombie now on display!” – @LifeIsSuite22

Hold On by Ruben Ireland


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