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Widest ever collection of prescription sunglasses Virtually our entire 2013 sunglass collection can now be made with prescription lenses, including the very latest designs from the world’s top sunglass brands. Come in to Eyesite and take a look. One of our favourite collections this year comes from Bollé, which offers the widest prescription range for sunglasses of any brand in the world. Bollé also specialises in making lenses that are thinner and lighter than ever before. With new technology, prescription sunglass lenses can now be made in wraparound styles, which is great news for sports enthusiasts who require all-round eye protection.

Eyesite supports charity bike ride with Bollé sunglasses Long-standing Eyesite Reading customer Tony Price is taking part in a 2013 London to Paris bike ride and we are delighted to be supporting him with a superb pair of Bollé prescription varifocal sunglasses.

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge” said Tony. “Wearing a pair of Bollé sunglasses that are designed specifically for a sport such as cycling with the invaluable addition of varifocal lenses is going to make the journey that much easier.”

Not only does Tony need to see the road ahead clearly and protect his eyes from the sun, he also needs to be able to regularly check his map and bike monitor without having to swap to reading glasses. The combination of Bollé’s high performance varifocal sunglass lenses and specialist sports frames will make Tony’s journey both safer and more comfortable. Tony is raising money for Action Medical Research, a charity that does extremely valuable work to help improve the health of babies and children in the UK. To find out how his exciting trip is progressing, visit

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Curious about contact lenses? Here at Eyesite, we encourage all our patients to try contact lenses. Contact lens technology is advancing all the time, meaning that modern contact lenses are available for every prescription and in a wide range of options that suit all lifestyles and budgets. Many contact lenses are manufactured by medical companies who use biocompatible technology to make lenses more and more comfortable and healthy for your eyes.

To find out how contact lenses can change your life, simply ask for a Contact Lens Comfort Trial, free of charge with your eye examination.

Our staff recently attended the British Contact Lens Association exhibition where the latest innovation, Clariti Multifocal, won an award for product of the year. This lens is a daily disposable lens designed to work for people who wear reading glasses or varifocals, focussing for both distance and reading. If you do not wear contact lenses, the chances are that you are missing out on the benefits, especially if you wish to enjoy sports or an active lifestyle, or simply as an alternative to your glasses.


Advanced GOLD Eye exams – your eyes deserve the best Some people think that because they can see well, they do not have anything wrong with their eyes. This could not be further from the truth since many eye conditions do not affect your vision and can only be detected by examining your retinas (the back of your eye). Eyesite is one of just a handful of opticians in the UK who have invested in both the OCT and the Daytona Optomap eye scanners in their practices. This technology allows us to examine your eyes in greater detail than with standard equipment. By using these instruments we can digitally check the widest area of your retina AND look deep into the layers of your retina. These are the areas which we need to see to make sure your eyes are healthy. What is more, the images and scans we take are stored for future reference so that each time you come and see us, we can compare the images and detect the smallest possible change.

Catherine Freeman, Eyesite Optometrist

The benefit to you is that if or when you do develop eye health issues, we will have picked it up at the earliest possible opportunity. As with most medical situations, early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.

To benefit from both eye scans, as well as all the other thorough aspects of our eye examination, please choose an Advanced GOLD Eye Examination at your next visit.


Eyesite launches specialist help for dry eye problems If you suffer from dry eye problems you’ll know how very uncomfortable this can be, sometimes even intolerable. It’s a problem that’s on the increase, so we have launched the Eyesite Dry Eye Management programme to help our patients find a solution that will provide the most effective long-term relief for them personally.

We use newly developed techniques to give you an in-depth assessment of your dry eye problems, identify the underlying causes and work with you to help relieve the symptoms and manage the problem as effectively as possible. There’s no need to suffer with gritty, scratchy eyes – if you need help with alleviating your symptoms, contact your Eyesite practice today to make an appointment with our dry eye specialist.

“Many people suffer from dry eye conditions unnecessarily because they do not realise help is available. Here at Eyesite we are delighted to have specially trained selected practitioners to assess and help patients to manage their dry eye conditions effectively,” said David Samuel, Eyesite Managing Director.



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Dry eyes can occur simply because the eyes do not produce enough tears, but there are also other reasons why someone may suffer from this problem.


Widest ever collection of prescription sunglasses