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Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada continues to stand out for her colourist creations and her habitual optimistic attitude, a true revolution against the establishment with her characteristic brushstroke of humour. Agatha’s new collection of sunglasses for 2011 is dominated by large rounded lenses, for both metal and plastic models. A sixties style designed for daring and uninhibited women. The collection is characterised by frames in colours with much energy and freshness, with decoration on the fronts and sides true to the designer’s iconic personality. Some models have organic textures or some more considered details. Agatha continues using colour down to the last detail for her sunglasses, thus reflecting her primitive universe in a cheerful play of colours and shapes. Optim designs, manufactures and distributes this collection in the Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada shops and in the best opticians in Spain and at international level, bringing the designer closer to her more varied public around the world.


AR 21208 col.553 Acetate sunglasses of pop inspiration and original colours, with colour contrast details on front and sides to give them an amusing touch. Available in other colours. AR 21206 col.592 Sunglasses of sixties inspiration with acetate frame and original metal decoration on the sides, with Agatha’s classic heart symbol decorated in filigree. Available in other colours. AR 21210 col.554 Acetate sunglasses with a heart-shaped detail on the side, coloured with epoxy, which divides in two on folding the glasses. Available in other colours. AR 21214 col.541 Sunglasses of rounded shape with striking print and original sides with relief designs. Detail of a plaque with the logo inserted on the front. Available in other colours. AR 21228 col.553 Injection sunglasses with very striking colours and decorated with silkscreen printed floral motifs which extend from the corners of the eyes and all along the sides. Available in other colours. AR 21220 col.518 Rounded metal sunglasses, with lateral half rims and striking colours with decoration in lines and dots on the sides made by laser. Available in other colours.