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Dacryocystitis Simplified for the layman When tear ducts get blocked, the resulting condition is known as Dacryocystitis. It is characterized by inflammation and may be even infection. Like many other eye disorders, this too is characterized by pain, redness and swelling, along with increased sensitivity to light. In extreme cases, fever is also observed. A bit more about this condition: 

The obstruction or blockage maybe due to unknown cause or following an injury or infection. As a result of this blockage, tears get dammed and this leads to infection and inflammation.

Diagnosis includes blood tests, CT scans and other relevant tests to investigate the condition and the cause.

It is most common in newborns and the elderly. In case of infants it can also lead to severe complications if this is not controlled.

Treatment and management: 

As opposed to most other eye disorder, Dacryocystitis is something dangerous and can even be fatal. Thus, one has to proceed with caution where this is concerned.

Thus, if you experience sudden unexplained pain in your eyes, accompanied by redness and tearing, then rush to the doctor immediately. Sooner the treatment is started, better will be the prognosis.

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics based on the results of his diagnosis. Follow the dose and method of intake for best results.

Use of warm compresses is known to accelerate healing, so this is a very common practice. This reduces symptoms and also removes blockage.

In some cases, surgical intervention may be required to drain out the blockage.

Dacryocystitis should never be taken lightly, as it does not heal by itself (again, a difference from many other eye conditions. Get help from an expert ophthalmologist who will make the correct diagnosis and suggest the proper approach to treatment and management.

Dacryocystitis Simplified for the layman