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WEBSITE LOCATION Barcelona SECTOR Public sector - Culture PLATFORM USERS The first phase is for 19 municipal councils in the province of Barcelona. In a second phase, the platform will be available to all municipal councils in the province.

BACKGROUND Barcelona provincial council needed to provide the municipal councils with a solution designed to comply with the Spanish law 11/2007 on electronic access to public services The platform needed to be able to centralize access from workstations to all resources, both in terms of applications, information systems and files. The framework had to be able to allow applications developed by different vendors to be integrated optimally and easily. The infrastructure had to allow central support and maintenance for all municipal councils. SOLUTION eyeOS 2.3, incorporating the provincial council’s existing applications



Barcelona provincial council is part of the local government. It is a supra-municipal body whose main mission is to promote the progress and welfare of the citizens in its territory, as well as to provide technical, economic and technological support to the 311 municipal councils in the province of Barcelona.

Considering the multi-vendor and multi-entity nature of the project and the specific context of the end customer, the requirements were:

Currently one of the main challenges facing the public administrations is the digitization of both their services and procedures, and their back-office. Apart from the challenge that society’s development in this area presents, there is a very demanding legislative framework that governs its application, notably the Spanish law 11/2007 of 27 June, on citizens’ electronic access to public services, colloquially known as the e-government law. Along this line, the Barcelona provincial council aims to open an e-government support hotline, providing municipal councils with a number of resources for managing this e-government process.

1. Enhance user experience by providing access from a single interface through a single validation. 2. Facilitate process re-engineering by integrating business applications: electronic system to record incoming and outgoing documents, an administrative record or final file manager 3. Provide a technical architecture that would allow reporting services and an electronic signature platform for both documents and applications to be integrated.

SOLUTION e-Dibam is the electronic management solution based on eyeOS desktop that the Barcelona provincial council has created for the municipal councils of the province of Barcelona. The logic model designed responds both to the requirements of interoperability and the need for integration of existing applications. The platform lets users work in the cloud with content management systems, document management, and procedures and integrated web services. The collaborative capability of eyeOS enables the departmental units of the organization, as well as committees and processes involving members from

Dashboard para el proyecto e-Dibam de la Diputació de Barcelona

different departments, to be replicated in the platform. eyeOS technology has allowed the public administration’s own back-office applications, an electronic system for registering incoming and outgoing documents, and an administrative records or a final file manager to be integrated in the final solution. Thus, civil servants in these municipal councils now have centralized access to their workstations, applications and files.



• Support and maintenance costs of the provincial local councils reduced

eyeOS invented the Web desktop 6 years ago and today it is the leading cloud-desktop provider.

Furthermore, using the power of eyeOS multidevice, all employees, even those frequently on the move, can access all the information from any device connected to the Internet.

• Productivity improved through a centralized workspace, both in employees and the organizations as a whole.

eyeOS means that as many entities (town councils) as required can be created in a single instance in the platform, with the subsequent savings that this means in the economies of scale. All this, in a private cloud, an innovative technology that allows information to be stored permanently and securely on Barcelona provincial council’s servers.

• Infrastructure costs for municipal councils reduced • Organization processes optimized by defining new workflows

With headquarters in Barcelona, eyeOS is one of the largest open-source projects in Europe with more than 1 million downloads and communities across the globe. IBM selected eyeOS as its preferred Open-Source Cloud Platform in 2010 and has signed a global partnership with the company. Gartner highlighted eyeOS in its Cool Vendor in IT Operations Management in 2011.


Electronic platformthat includes a series of actionsaimed at developing the mostadvanced e-government in thetown councils of the Barcelonadi...

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