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Notes from the Clearing A Kind Of Winter Fight

Joseph Thomas

The Winter wind clears its throat for it’s about to blow as I dare snuggle further into bed while the cooled air thinks of snow. My inner Bear comes alive and gruffs to get my way, like a child begs to sleep some more, when awoken for the school day. My Winter fur is coating me, a thick and cranky blanket to wrap my sleepy head around the thought that I might make it. The Spring is gone from my step & my heart that burned Summer bright has fallen into a slumber of sorts, it’s a kind of Winter fight. So I sleep if I must and feed my burley Bear to keep my head to right, obey the cold and hunker down ‘til the coming of the light. N FFF ntt yyy ii bbbb ii ddd hh ii CCCiss LLrr.. LLLL 2::1




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Eye On Independence December 2011  

December 2011 issue of Eye On Independence

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