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ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF PARKS TOURISM GRANT AWARDED TO THE CITY OF BATESVILLE November 17, 2011 - The City of Batesville has tourism in our area." been awarded $10,400.00 toward conducting a During 2010 the economic impact of tourism in feasibility study for the potential development of Arkansas resulted in $285 million in state taxes and the Polk Bayou. The feasibility study will address $104 million in local taxes. The total cost of the project hydrology aspects of the bayou, the projected is $25,400. The additional funds needed to complete economic impact of the project and a conclusion as the study have been committed by local supporters of to whether or not the project is suitable for the area community development. N and able to support itself financially. The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce submitted this grant on behalf of the City of Batesville. Mayor Rick Elumbaugh said, "The city developed a nature trail and playground on the Polk Bayou in 2008. The bayou is such a unique feature to have in our own backyard. We hope that the study will prove that additional developments on the Polk Bayou would provide an economic boost for Batesville and Independence County". Crystal Johnson, Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO, said "The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to community collaboration, business growth and achieving a high quality of life in the Batesville area. If this study proves to be feasible, we will search for additional funding to develop the Polk Bayou into an eco, heritage and adventure sports tourist attraction. We hope to capture more attention from tourists and increase the positive economic impact of

Eye On Independence December 2011  

December 2011 issue of Eye On Independence

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