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Joseph and I would like to take a moment to congratulate the students who will graduate as part of the 2012 Class of Independence County. These students have worked diligently for the past thirteen years pursuing not only their own goals, but the goals their parents and teachers placed for them as well. Graduation is the reward for a job well done. It is a time mixed with relief and anxiety, joy and fear, for while one goal has been obtained a brand new one stands in its place. Whatever life may hold for you pursue it with all your heart and soul. Remember, while everyone’s goals are different each one is worth reaching. The journey may not always be easy, but it is the journey that makes the arriving worthwhile.

Cover Note: The students who grace our cover are the top students among their peers and are to be congratulated. At the time of the cover shoot each of these students held GPA’s that put them in the running for Valedictorian at their respective schools. We wish them all the best. From Batesville: Lauren Gunderman, Danielle Fair, Russ Hughes, and Natasha Bray From Cedar Ridge: Jordan Steele From Midland: Austin Pearson and Emma Sellers From Southside: Zachary Branscum, Alexandrya Burroughs, and Jamie Young

Cover Photography: Robert O. Seat Cover Design: Robert O. Seat

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Eye On Independence is a publication of MeadowLand Media, Incorporated. Editorial, advertising and general business information can be obtained by calling (870) 503-1150 or emailing Kimberlee Thomas at admin@meadowlandmedia.com. Mailing address: P. O. Box 196, Grubbs, AR 72431. Opinions expressed in articles or advertisements, unless otherwise noted, do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher or the staff. Every effort has been made to ensure that all information presented in this issue is accurate and neither MeadowLand Media or it any of its staff is responsible for omissions or information that has been misrepresented to the magazine. Copyright © 2010 MeadowLand Media, Incorporated. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system, without the permission in writing from the Publisher. All pictorial material reproduced in this book has been accepted on the condition that it is reproduced with the knowledge and prior consent of the photographer concerned. As such, MeadowLand Media, Incorporated, is not responsible for any infringement of copyright or otherwise arising out of publication thereof.


ss a l rC


s r e c i Off

Lauren Cambias, Vice-President / Wendy Miya, President / Hallie Mossman, Secretary

Sergio N. Aguilar

Jonathan P. Allen

Cindy Y. Alvarez

Dillon Anglum

Kegan J. Armstrong

Diana C. Baca

Cameron B. Bailey

Zachary Bailey

Timothy I. Baker

Kristine A. Barnes

There is a good reason they call these ceremonies “commencement exercises.” Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning. ~Orrin Hatch

Spencer C. Barnes

Samuel A. Beary

Maggie E. Beshears

Logan M. Bishop

Crist S. Blackwell, JR

Jordan A. Blue

Natasha K. Bray

Shi-Ann N. Breedlove

Brandon Briesmeister

Nikki L. Bristow

At commencement you wear your square-shaped mortarboards. My hope is that from time to time you will let your minds be bold, and wear sombreros. ~Paul Freund

870-793-8287 2401 Harrison Street, Batesville

Kimberly G. Brown

Whitley J. Butler

Lauren A. Cambias

Kristi L. Canard

Kelli L. Carter

Charles W. Casady

William D. Casady

Brener Castillo

Shelby D. Chism

Alexandra Chunn

I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. ~Author Unknown

Bread of Life Bookstore , Educational & Nutrition Center

1215 E. Main Street, Batesville 870-612-7323

Inspirational Gifts for Every Graduate on Your List

of s s 2012 Cla

   

Hayden A. Cockrill

Ryan M. Coles

Cory D. Cossey

Kelsey N. Cothern

Robert C. Courtney

Meagan L. Covington

Hunter S. Cowan

Dylan K. Daniel

Andrea J. Davidson

Shaunalee K. Davis

Jacob E. Deskin

Jacob A. Diaz

William Donaldson

William R. Dowell

Nathan S. Edwards, JR

Christopher T. Elms

Kate Q. Emery

Noemi Espericueta

Danielle M. Fair

Kassie P. Foreman

Jacob B. Gaither

Kelsey B. Gammons

Kayla M. Gann

Manuel Garcia

Kayla D. Gilmer

Lizbeth Y. Gonzalez

Jacob Goodall

Randy J. Goodman

Shawn T. Gott

Rebecca E. Grant

Heather N. Green

Caryn M. Gryner

Lauren V. Gunderman

Shelby A. Hagler

Ethan A. Hamm

Laura A. Hance

Marissa B. Harvey

Patrick D. Hayes

Brittany A. Heigle

Thomas J. Hendrix

Nelson B. Heringer

Angelo R. Hernandez

Michael L. Hernandez

Escarleth M. Herrera

Spencer L. Hopper

Russ A. Hughes

Sabrina M. Humphrey

Nam Huynh

Vi Tuong Huynh

Allison Hyde

Tra A. Jackson

Dylan E. James

Kaitlyn D. Johnson

Christopher D. Johnston

Joe L. Jones

Trevor R. Jones

Alyssa F. Kelley

Rebecca A. Kelley

Tyler W. Kuykendall

Morgan J. Landis

Ngoc Bich Le

Lacey J. Lee

Elijah Z. Lewis

Sydney S. Lewis

Connor D. Lockaby

Cindy F. Long

Deaven Manley

Breanna R. Martin

Brittany M. Martin

Myles D. Massanelli

Braden A. McBride

Kaylie L. McFadden

Alma G. Medina

Whitney J. Medlock

Natalie A. Meinzer

Corey B. Melton

Linsie E. Mergy

Matthew T. Middleton

Skyler B. Mitchell

Noluthando W. Miya

Alita Mobley

Justin B. Mohlke

Patrick V. Moody

Mariquita R. Moore

Christian E. Morgado

Hallie D. Mossman

Daniel E. Neal

Daniell T. Neal

Khang Hoang Nguyen

Sean R. Parsons

Jonathan B. Pollett

Colton A. Qualls

Daniel A. Richardson

Roy M. Ring

Maria C. Rios

Sean M. Roulier

Jonathan R. Russell

Griselda V. Salas

Maximiliano Salas

Shelby C. Simpson

Quinton A. Smith

Devyn V. Stewart

Tye L. Sturgeon

Ty J. Swaim

Breanna K. Taylor

Jacob K. Taylor

Jameka N. Taylor

Mollie K. Taylor

Whitney L. Taylor

Micah D. Thatch

Ian N. Thomas

David A. Thompson

Kristen H. Tosh

Cody J. Vaughn

Fabian Velez

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

3000 Jennings lane / Pioneer Plaza Batesville, Arkansas (870)307-0111

Haley E. Vinson

Hunter T. Vinson

Open: Sunday 1:00pm-10pm Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm

Thomas E. Walton

Chelsea N. Wellman

Nicholas S. Westcott

Georgia Weygandt

Steven A. White

Angel M. Whitlow

Samuel E. Wilhite

Dylan D. Williams

Jeremy T. Willis

Alison B. Wilson

Hunter A. Wilson

Nickala S. Winkle

Not Pictured: Lindsay C. Burghart, Carson Davis, Samie Duckworth Chynna J. Farris, David S. Garner, Brian Gonzales Kymberly G. Hodges, Andrew Jeffrey, Darrian Loven Alexandra D. Martinez, Gaspar G. Medina, Johnny L. Midkiff Ai Phung Kim Nguyen, Alida Nguyen, Randy A. Price Terrance C. Robinson, Brianna K. Ross, Tephany D. Spivey Ethen White, Christian Williams

Senior Portraits Provided by: Matthew’s Photography Peter W. Wood

Mark A. Zellar 770 Saint Louis Street Batesville, AR 870-698-1566

   

  

 

Let Quiznos cater your Graduation Celebration! 870-793-4782 1009 Chaney Drive, Batesville

 

Braxton Anderson - Secretary & Tresasurer Courtney Cummings - Vice President C. J. Dye - Reporter Jordan Steele - President

Christa M. Altom

Gregory B. Anderson

Chad M. Baker

Adam M. Barber

Wesley C. Braswell

Clayton D. Butler

Jacob T. Cline

Emily M. Coles

Andy J. Crawford

Courtney N. Cummngs

Colton J. Dye

Taylor R. Easley

Jessica R. Engle

Justin D. Francis

Emily L. Grady

Joey L. Henderson

Lucas J. Henderson

Landon C. Hodges

Matthew Hudson

Devona D. Johnson

Justin W. Keller

Thomas L. Kelley

Brandon K. Lester

Joshua C. Limbaugh

Allison N. Lindsey

Justin T. Lovell

Jacob D. McClain

Cade G. McDougal

Teia M. Moore

Amber N. Morgan

Wade A. Myers

Allison E. Peer

Christopher J. Pelley

Monica C. Ross

Courtney M. Shetron

Jake Shirley

Elizabeth D. Smith

Jordan Steele

Charles P. Stephens

Millicent A. Talley

Teri J. Terrell

Maci M. Thomas

Andrew C. Tilley

Brittany K. Wammack

Nicholas S. Watts

Amber E. Whitaker

Braydon W. White

Jackson C. Wren

Not Pictured: Deshea Carter Adam D. Goodman Senior Portraits Provided by: Pinkston Photography

Miles E. Wright


Brea L. Young

201 Carter Street Tuckerman, AR 870-349-5453

 

  

Newark Pharmacy Michael L. Jeffrey, P.D.

503 Vine Street - Newark, Arkansas 870-799-3411

Congratulations on a job well done.


Class of 2012 oals Set Life G * College * Career *Travel y *Famil

MIDWEST LIME COMPANY P.O. Box 2608 Batesville, AR 72503 870-793-2317 Mike Low, President & General Manager

Congratulations to all Independence County Class of 2012 Graduates AG-LIME INDUSTRIAL STONE CRUSHED AGGREGATES 6-MESH FERTILIZER FILLER

io n e S

ss a l rC

s r e c i Off

Kyle Martin, President / Lane Runyan, Vice-President Preston Hooper - Secretary / Austin Pearson, Treasurer

Sam Armstrong

Shawna Bailey

Danielle Beaver

Zachary Brown

Kerstie Bumpous

Lauren Carpenter

Shawnee Clark

Nicole Coe

Brittany Davis

Sarah Dunn

Marc Grammer

Preston Hooper

Keasha Johns

Cameron Knabe

David Litaker

Kyle Martin

Jacinda Melton

Darrion Muns

Austin Pearson

Laken Power

Thomas Puentez

Bethany Roberson

Isabella Rodriquez

Lane Runyan

Malie Sailor

Emma Sellers

Logan Smith

Colby Thomas

Joshua Thomas

Allen Turner

Courtney Willard

Kayla Wood

Sarah York Not Pictured: Alana Criswell

770 Saint Louis Street Batesville, AR 870-698-1566

Senior Portraits Provided by: Matthew’s Photography

s onns iio t t a a l l u u t t a a onnggrr Co C e thhe ot to t f of so ss as clla c

2012 150 Boswell Street 870-698-1030



la C r o i


er c i f f sO

President- Jordan Hicks / Vice President- Jamie Young Secretary- Colby Sutton / Treasurer- Jessica Robertson Reporter- Ashlie Tucker

Jordan R. Anderson

Shelby B. Anderson

Cody C. Baker

Tamara N. Bass

Taryn R. Beard

Jessica L. Bishop

Samantha K. Blue

Matthew B. Bostock

Madison K. Boyett

Zachary A. Branscum

Gary L. Brown

Gayla L. Brown

Alexandrya M. Burroughs

Dustin S. Caddy

Rachel R. Caldwell

Mercedes A. Canals

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Robert A. Carey

Catherine M. Carlile

Tiffani L. Carlson

Patrick W. Carter

Jessica A. Chavers

Alexia S. Clark

Teran C. Collier

Samantha L. Comer

Amy R. Cowden

Shannon L. Cox

Jeremy M. Cruz

Haylee K. Daniels

Judson N. Dickey

David S. Eaves

Mandy N. England

Devin T. England

Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference. ~Arie Pencovici

of Class 12 20 Rules!

ble Douh t e y! p Hap



tula tion to t s Cla h e ss of 2 012

Four Great Locations To Serve You SOUTHSIDE

50 STANLEY WOOD ST 870-251-3200


715 ST. LOUIS STREET 870-698-1500 2920 HARRISON STREET 870-307-0338


404W. MAIN STREET 870-283-6650 Proudly serving

7-9 a.m. and 2-4 p.m.

Zachary K. Falwell

Michael B. French

Jessica D. Fryman

Kimberly A. Garrett

Alex G. Gramling

Katosha S. Greenhaw

Mishellel C. Greenhaw

Lynnsey K. Guynes

Hannah M. Hankins

Christina R. Hatfield

Kendra E. Hawkins

Jared L. Henderson

Robert O. Hendricks

Cory A. Herndon

Ashton B. Hice-Bufford

Jordan N. Hicks

Billy W. Holder

Haley M. Hooper

Clayton E. House

Shanna D. Huffine

Dustin J. Hurst

Kevin D. Jackson

Naomie S. Jaco

Kelsie T. Jenkins

Reagan A. Johnson

Kayla L. Kellum

Matthew J. Krogen

Nicholas D. Liegel

Kayla L. Lusk

Christal L. McBride

Gaila S. McDoniel

Joshua C. McDoniel

Tandra L. McPherson

Thor Conrad A. Miller

Dora C. Morales

Chelsey N. Newcomb

Nickee T. Nguyen

Ellae J. Paul

Paul Provost II

Kay L. Rainbolt

Robert T. Roberts

Jessica D. Robertson

Nathaniel C. Rodgers

Synthia P. Sarrels

Nicholas R. Scarbrough

Tiffiny L. Semashko

Dustin K. Shockley

Layla K. Smalley

Dawn E. Staff

Allisa C. Sullivan

Colby W. Sutton

Shawna D. Tadlock

Brannen S. Tipton

Trenton N. Tosh

Ashlie M. Tucker

Allen L. Turnage

Vu Victor Cong Van

William A. Vannattan

Ashten M. Wammack

Jacob R. Weaver

James D. Wilson

Payton S. Wooldridge

Garrett W. Yeager

Jamie E. Young

Shelly A. Young

William C. Zumwalt

Not Pictured: Wilson L. Mourer Mishelle C. Sneed

Senior Portraits Provided by: Matthew’s Photography

770 Saint Louis Street Batesville, AR 870-698-1566

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Eye On Class of 2012  

Picture review of the graduating class of 2012 from the four Independence County High Schools.

Eye On Class of 2012  

Picture review of the graduating class of 2012 from the four Independence County High Schools.