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79 spring 2011 type special

Eye 79 Spring 2011 Type special

Modern method Kerry William Purcell interviews Wim Crouwel, the Total Design co-founder

Raise the bar Uncompromising posters for the ThÊâtre NanterreAmandiers in Paris

ThéâTre NaNTerre amaNdiers

Je T’appel de paris du 9 JaNvier au 14 février 2010 TexTe eT mise eN scèNe moussa saNou


In the thick of it Morag Myerscough puts an eclectic graphic sensibility into public spaces

Allan Fleming The man who branded a nation – with stamps, books, ads, logos and big civic projects

Mr Mistral New discoveries about Roger Excoffon’s virtuoso typefaces for Fonderie Olive

Reputations Type designer Kris Sowersby, of New Zealand foundry Klim

The food, the type, the art director and his client Les Mason artdirected Australian magazine Epicurean as an expressive gallery for adventurous graphic design

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Eye Before You Buy  

A sample of issue 79

Eye Before You Buy  

A sample of issue 79