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EYE LUST 2 THE SEQUEL the follow-up, the next chapter the hotdog in the sandwich of 1 and 3


a chance to put a picture of pandas. convergence of media has happened people have been killed for tv content. we are still here , still looking enjoy R.Megawhat Editor

cover photo F.H. Simkin(the model is believed to have erased her own face)



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ROCK AND STROLL words and art work from LX Paterson- The Orb

In conversation with R.Megawhat about science fiction, lost knowledge, the future and the past

R. “A huge ever pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld” is the title of one of your early tracks, was it intended as a description of the (then future) internet? Lx. No ones said that before but I guess its kind of obvious, but it wasn’t intentional ,no. I guess the connection is that the fans we were attracting were geeks in that sense , we were one of the first bands to have our music fileshared , our fans were into electronic music and the whole electronic world and the internet came along and made all


that more powerful. Now its happenning across the music industry. R. Your new album “Bagdad Batteries” refers to ancient electric devices ,lost knowledge, do you think that we’ll loose the knowledge we have now . Lx . So many things are lost so yes, thats a scifi book in itself . we’re almost living in a Philip K Dick word anyway were jumping here from lost knowledge to the future. R. its all the same no? Lx. there is a loop yeah. I’ve just finished reading a book called ‘Who Built the Moon’- the synopsis there is that people from the future came back into the past and built the moon for us to survive

and therefore we’re all living in a quantum space... everything is happenning at the same time I’m working on a piece that looks at that and at the Mayan Prophesies. There are only five manuscripts left from the Mayan’s civilisation . One of these deals with the earth and the sun being on a cyclical wobble and the prediction of the ‘giant wobble’ in 2012. We know for a fact that there will be a lot of solar flares in 2012. The last time there were a lot of solar flares was 1904 when modern communications had only just started and that year there were alot of commnication blackouts because of the protons in the flares hitting the earth’s atmosphere. Now this is going to happen again , but on a much

much grander scale R. And we are so much more reliant on our communications now. Lx. Its much more feasible to me to understand that the solar system we live in is travelling through space, we’re not travelling in a straight line, we’re travelling with a little wobble , so thats what creates meteor showers etc. There’s a much bigger plan than just our year we live in . It’s an infinite time, -time doesn’t exist out there. There is so much knowledge thats been lost, and the great white scholars of the western world have often been dismissive of ancient cultures. There’s an underwater pyramid off the coast of

above illustration : alex paterson: taken from the first page of his primary school book.

japan that they reckon may be 15,000 years old. There’s all the knowledge of the Rama civilization, the Sumerians , so much In my early days I was hanging out with killing joke who are basically a bunch of occultists , they believe that civilisations are repeat,repeat,repeat and this explains oopahs , objects out of time and place. For example the sea of green glass in the egyptian desert,which can only have been created by thermonuclear explosion, but its been there for thousands of years. R. Do you believe there is life other than on this planet at the present time? Lx. Blimey yeah , there’s got to be , the thing’s infinite, we could well be an x file just an experimen-

tation , quite easily. R. Back to earth now, I was wondering if you have experimented with mind control using sound during your gigs? Lx. Not really, I have experimented with the effect you get from a jet plane flying over. It works if you have four speakers and you pan the noise from the back to the front. I’ve had american’s diving thinking a plane was coming in, thats the sort of thing I enjoy doing at gigs. The Orb is all about chilling out, making love and being peaceful really, its quite simple. We began creating music because we wanted something new to chill out to we got fed up of listening to other records so we made something new.


photo: lx paterson




seduction comes with a warning

the media will drive you to sado masochism

the little prince faces maturity



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