How to Repair Broken Metal Eyeglass Frames with Soldering?

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How to Repair Broken Metal Eyeglass Frames with Soldering?

Overview Sometimes because of pressure while traveling or careless handling eyewear frames and even lenses tend to break or get scratched. Frames get loose over time by rigorous use. Metal eyeglass frames are heavy, stronger, more rigid and less flexible and bendable in comparison to plastic, nylon or other materials. And hence, they bend beyond repair sometimes which makes it really uncomfortable and annoying to use.

Overview However, if the glasses are mildly damaged that does not mean it needs to be replaced. Small scratches, loosened nose pads and arms of the glasses, bent or broken frames, etc. can be replaced or repaired without spending much money or having to go to the clinic with some simple easy and affordable tricks without burning a hole in your pocket.

Repair Metal Frame with Soldering Here are some tips to repair a broken metal eyeglass frame with soldering. Material Required  Short piece from an old pair of glasses or a metal bobby pin, piano wire, or any other flat piece of spring steel, may be used  Some silver core solder, flux, and a lighter  A two-inch piece of 24-gauge copper wire.

Steps to Follow  Unscrew the side-arm, remove the lenses and plastic earpiece carefully  Clean both edges with sandpaper  Cut some diagonal grooves on the inside face of the small reinforcing piece. So the solder can flow between them and act as a glue.  Clamp the reinforcing piece using small alligator clips and wrap the copper wire around both pieces

Steps to Follow  Apply the lead-free silver solder and the flux to the joint with a high temperature torch.  Use the gold solder for gold-plated metal eyeglass frame  Heat the assembly for about 1 second, touching solder to the top part  The solder will be melted by the metal and will be sucked between the pieces

Steps to Follow  Make sure the entire piece is covered with solder, if not, remove the copper wire, clamp the piece and add more flux and apply the flame again  Remove any rough edges or leftover copper wire with a file  Sand the metal with sandpaper  Polish the end of the eyeglass arm so the plastic earpiece easily slides back

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