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New eAudio--End Time Current Events: 2-5-12 Table of Contents: 

Your Implantable Microchip Black Box Is Almost Ready

Scientists created bird flu superbug that could set off next global pandemic

Food Coloring & Cancer--Children‟s medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum

The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now?

Government School: Six Year Old Guilty of Sexual Assault After Playing Tag

Starbucks: Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage „Is Core to Who We Are and What We Value‟

Repost: Starbucks Perverted Goddess/Siren Coffee

Anti-God Starbucks cup has customers steaming

Monster Energy Drink 666 Warning

666 Energy Drink

X-mas card sent out from Fox News headquarters proves the media spinmasters think of their viewers as Sheeple People

Close Your Facebook Account!

Obama Defends Roe v. Wade As Way for „Our Daughters‟ to Have Same Chance As Sons to „Fulfill Their Dreams‟

Susan G. Komen Flip Flops and Resumes Receiving Funding from America‟s Main Holocaust Death Provider Planned Parenthood

Pelosi: Girl Scouts' Relationship With Planned Parenthood 'Very Valuable'

The Dark Secrets of Planned Parenthood"

Health plans ordered to cover birth control without co-pays

Wheaton College “Dialogue” Evening – Exploring “Common Ground” with Catholicism in “A Conversation on Unity”

The Vatican Office of Inquisition seeks unity of all Christians during 2012

Pope Bares Inquisition Teeth and Declares Catholic Church the Only True Church

2012: Toward A One-World Religion? Tri-Faith Project To Construct MultiMillion Dollar Interfaith Complex In America's Heartland

Islam Exposed


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End Time Current Events 2-05-2012  

Audio and PDF prepared by Dr.Scott Johnson