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End Time Current Events: 11-18-11 Amazing Video Series--Billy Graham: Forerunner to the Antichrist: ++Also see Scott Johnson’s teaching: Billy Graham, Homosexuals, Catholics & Apostasy An Epidemic of Apostasy – Christian Seminaries Must Incorporate “Spiritual Formation” to Become Accredited Video: Eat Your Last Meal!!! EBT, WIC,& FOOD STAMPS TO END in exchange for MICROCHIPPING TO BEGIN!!.wmv Stop Sopa, Save The Internet: Google knows it. Viacom knows it. The Chamber of Commerce knows it. Internet democracy groups know it. BoingBoing knows it. But, the Internet hasn't been told yet -- we're going to get blown away by the end of the year. The worst bill in Internet history is about to become law. Law is very real here in the United States and legal language is often different than stated intentions -this law would give government and corporations the power to block sites like BoingBoing over infringing links on at least one webpage posted by their users. more The “Chuck Missler Silence” Among The Money Making Ministries & Are the Vatican and Calvary Chapel Connected: ++Also see Scott Johnson’s teaching: Chuck Missler & Council for National Policy Warning–Part 1 Chuck Missler & Council for National Policy Warning–Part 2 Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands: Gun owners who have historically been able to use public lands for target practice would be barred from potentially millions of acres under new rules drafted by the Interior Department, the first major move by the Obama administration to impose limits on firearms. Officials say the administration is concerned about the potential clash between gun owners and encroaching urban populations who like to use same land for hiking and dog walking. more Important Video--Government Invasion of your Parental Rights The doctor...The principal...The judge...YOU are the parent. So why do THEY make all of the decisions? See the gripping 35minute online docudrama that reveals real dangers to your own family. See why we must act and how you can help. Visit: Resources: Audio/Radio

Images Print Materials Video The Child Trailer Constitutional Literacy Order "Overruled" on DVD Volunteer Toolbox Gay weddings coming to? - Senate voting on repeal of 'one man, one woman' marriage S. 598 now goes to the full Senate, where YOUR Senators can stop it dead in its tracks. November 15, 2011--Late last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and force to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. If passed by the full Senate, the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act" (S. 598) will repeal DOMA and give federal recognition to two homosexuals who wish to be "married." S. 598 shows anything but respect for the sanctity of marriage. Urge your Senators to stop this bill! The repercussions are enormous:

States laws protecting marriage as between "one man, one woman" will become null and void - including the 31 states who have voted on constitutional amendments.

The military will be thrown into complete chaos and disarray, as Department of Defense leaders try to figure out housing, benefits, and "same-sex spouse" sensitivity training regimens.

Churches will come under firefrom radical homosexual activists. Ministers and churches will be sued for "religious discrimination" for refusing to perform or allow gay "marriages."

Public schools will be forced to indoctrinate our children, teaching them that homosexual marriage is both natural and acceptable.

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End Time Current Events 11-18-2011  
End Time Current Events 11-18-2011  

PDF and Audio prepared by Dr. Scott Johnson