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End Time Current Events: 10-29-11 The Internet Blacklist Legislation is back and it’s worse than ever Introduced today, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) seeks to authorize both the executive branch and private parties to conduct slash-and-burn campaigns against websites that allegedly host – or even link to – content that infringes on intellectual property rights. This would “disappear” whole domain names, fundamentally undermining Internet security, and/or choke off their financial support. The Internet Blacklist Legislation puts more sites than ever at risk, effectively upending the DMCA safe harbors that, while imperfect, have been crucial to the growth of Internet innovation and creativity. Email your members of Congress now and tell them to reject the Internet Blacklist Legislation. Protecting Your Online Privacy Last Friday, October 21, marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). This law is hopelessly outdated and fails to protect your online privacy from government snooping. That is why many have sent the following letter using's Hands Off the Internet campaign. The hard-wired message says, "Please oppose any attempts to undermine Internet freedom." Obama Administration Bans the Truth About Islam and Jihad

RAPE = JUST BEING PLAYFUL In U.S. Military! Congresswoman Jackie Speier New Website a listener put up:

10/25/2011 -- Global Earthquake Overview -- 192 earthquakes 6.0M or greater this year !

Good privacy information for you and your family...This video details why you should turn off the GPS feature on your smartphone: Get Pulled Over-Get Your Phones Content Checked!!!! NO WARRANT, Apparently, some agencies have already had extracting devices that can download your entire phones contents!! Facebook Tracks Your Every Move, Even After Logging Out

OnStar Begins Spying On Customers' GPS Location For Profit/Response From Police Officer Steve Quayle Listener: I'm a police officer. Steve the On Star customer who canceled his subscription is not enough. As long as the device is in the car, it can be remotely turned on. They (On Star) can locate your car at any time and listen in on what you are saying in the car and you will have no idea the device has been activated. We the police, can simple present exigent circumstances not even reasonable suspicion, or probable cause to request this information. The complete archive of Dr Scott A. Johnson’s teachings from Contending for Truth Every teaching since Contending for Truth first started back in 2006 Includes all the audios as well as the corresponding documentation Please Note: Some of the very early recordings did not come with documentation Below is the link to the eBay Store Click on “Items for Sale” on the left hand side and select one to purchase. • More than 617 separate recordings totally over 690 hours of audio!! • All audios are in MP3 Format • All documentation is in PDF Format • Also includes FREE Bonus Material – solely for research, study, review, criticism and news reporting purposes (under Australian Copyright Amendment Bill 2006 "Fair Dealing") This will come to you on a 16Gb Thumb Drive, which you can re-use again and again for data transfer once you’ve copied the teachings onto your computer AU$49.50 (around US$51.58) which includes delivery to anywhere in the world

All funds received go directly back into either purchasing more USB Thumb Drives or to Scott’s ministry directly. At present I could only afford to buy 5 Thumb Drives, so if you aren’t quick enough to grab one of these, I will be making more of them, Lord willing, as funds allow. So check back on a regular basis or watch for Scott’s emails for when more are available. ANY and ALL moneys not used to buy and ship Thumb Drives will be donated directly to Contending for Truth Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved! PS: Please pray for this endeavor & Paul (the Christian brother offering this product). Notice: This USB Drive is being sold as private property with allodial title by a sovereign of Australia. All “Contending for Truth” archived recordings created by Dr Scott A. Johnson remain the property of Dr Scott A Johnson, and sold by permission, with all rights being reserved by said owner. All other data is offered for free as “Bonus Material” with no claim of ownership. By purchasing this USB Drive you hereby acknowledge and consent that payment is offered only for the USB Drive and the “Contending for Truth” recordings- any and all bonus material is offered FREE, and solely for the purpose of research, study, review, criticism, and news reporting purposes (under Australian Copyright Amendment Bill 2006 "Fair Dealing"). Dr. Johnson's Main Website at: 1st Alternate Site 2nd Alternate Site Email: Subscribe to the Free Online Newsletter at: Free Gifts: Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News! Correspondence/Donation/Mailing Address:Scott Johnson, 450 Conover Blvd. West #202, Conover, NC 28613

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End Time Current Events 10-29-2011  
End Time Current Events 10-29-2011  

PDF and Audio prepared by Dr. Scott Johnson