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Join Bio Bio Expeditions on a Multi Sport Adventure on the Futaleufu River in the heart of Northern Patagonia Chile!

Activities include whitewater rafting the Calss II-V Futaleufu River, hiking and horseback riding, world class flyfishing, daily yoga classes, and mountain biking! Stay at our deluxe riverside adventure camp with hot tubs, sunset bar, massage, wine tasting, and more!

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Call 1.800.246.7238 for more information - AP R I L 2 01 3   •   3 Other destinations include: Peru, Africa, India, Bhutan and more.

Surrounded by friends. You can be one, too. Adopt-A-Manatee® Today

Experience and preserve the REAL Florida! From October to March each year, Paddle Florida visits each of Florida's five water management districts with 3- to 6-day trips on the state’s most scenic rivers and coastal environments. Supported trips showcase Florida's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage while promoting the non-profit’s mission of water conservation, wildlife preservation, springs restoration, and waterways protection.

Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) Photo © David Schrichte

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From daily meals to nightly entertainment, Paddle Florida takes care of everything but the actual paddling on their trips!

Visit us at:

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10 Days Starting at $4290

9 Days Starting at $3450

4-5 Days Starting at $995

Machu Picchu Unbound

Galapagos Unbound

Lewis & Clark Unbound

Highlights & Activities Include: • Archaeological sites • Astronomical & religious wonders • Fine Peruvian cuisine • Local boutique hotels • Taquile & Amantani islands • Peruvian Paso horse demonstration • Kayaking, hiking & optional biking

Highlights & Activities Include: • Land-based Galapagos tour • Two-nights camping on the Islands • Exclusive & untouched kayaking routes • Swimming with sea lions • Hike to the world’s second largest caldera • Bird watching galore • Snorkeling paradise

Highlights & Activities Include: • Visit the very camps of Lewis & Clark • Expert historical interpretation • See Indian tipi rings and pioneer homesteads • Paddle in a 34-foot voyageur canoe or, paddle two-person 17’ canoes. • Exquisite dutch oven cooking • See the White Cliffs and hike to Hole-in-the-Wall

In these artfully created Unbound itineraries we blend iconic Machu Picchu with the Sacred Valley of Urubamba,the city of Cusco and kayaking deep-blue Lake Titicaca.

Hells Canyon Unbound More than just a rafting trip, Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in the US and home of one of the world’s most iconic white water rivers.

4-6 Days Starting at $1275 6   •   E ye E x p lor e

The one that started it all, this revolutionary land-based trip to the famous archipelago was the birth of the Unbound concept. Darwin himself would be proud.

Highlights & Activities Include

• Class III & IV whitewater action

• Warm water and comfortable camping • Pioneer homesteads and Indian rock art • Superlative meals • Camp and kitchen set up done for you • Big horn sheep viewing • Incredible guided hikes

If rivers could talk, the Missouri would tell a story few other rivers could match. Upon its waters was played the drama of every major theme of the Western Plains.


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of life to explore the unexpected, contribute to the global community and commit to responsible

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stewardship of the earth

Southwestern 40 montaNA

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Contact us at In general, it is not the policy of Eye Explore Media to accept unsolicitied pitches from freelance writers; however, you may send an introduction email to and we will

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add you to our list of writers for possible assignments.

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HOLLAND Originating from the Ottoman Empire and indigenous

Museum, located in the Jordaan, is a must. The museum

to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other parts of

details Holland’s fascinating horticultural story and for

central Asia, the tulip first gained popularity in Holland in

more tulip experiences a visit to Keukenhof, located in

1593 when Carolus Clusius became the Head Botanist at

the bollenstreek (the buldbgrowers regions, is also a

the University of Leiden. He was previously stationed in


Vienna, which was just next door to the Ottoman Empire, but once he moved to Leiden, Carolus wasted no time in planting the first tulip bulbs. The fame of this beautiful bloom spread rapidly and the flower was immediately popular with the upper classes. If you want to get a better feeling for what all the

High season for tip-toeing through the tulips is mid-

The tulip, which means “turban” is one of the most enduring symbols of the Netherlands and Amsterdam.

April through May and you will want to book your visit several months in advance. For more information on this and other Amsterdam experiences, visit

hype was about, then a visit to the Amsterdam Tulip

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Images courtesy of I Amsterdam/Amsterdam Marketing

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W H E R E T O S TAY T h e dyl an am st e r dam

Known as one of Amsterdam’s most intimate and stylish luxury hotels, The Dylan, located in a 17th century landmark, offers guests a unique historical setting as a backdrop to a refined, modern decor that is matched by a dedicated, personal service. Each of the hotel’s 40 rooms and suites are individually designed to provide the ideal blend of color, texture and atmosphere. The hotel’s contemporary design carries through every detail, including customized bicycles from Johnny Loco. The Dylan Amsterdam is also the home to one of Amsterdam’s select Michelin Star restaurants, Vinkeles. Situated directly on the “Keizersgracht,” one of Amsterdam’s most famois and picturesque canals, The Dylan is located in the center of the trendy shopping district “de negen straatjes” (the nine streets) featuring galleries, antique shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants. Only a stroll away from the city’s main attractions, The Dylan makes it easy for guests to discover historic and cultural venues such as the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage and the famous Flower Market. For more information or reservations visit www.dylanamsterdam. com, Keizersgracht 384, 1016 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1 6   •   E ye E x p lor e, +31(0)20 530 2010 Images courtesy of The Dylan Amsterdam

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M O a B U TA H

Moab Adventure Center

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Images courtesy of Moab Adventure Center

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Moab, Utah is one of the most beautiful areas to

In addition to mountain biking, other land

visit in the United States and Moab Adventure Center

excursions include Hummer safaris, rock climbing

hub in this epicenter of outdoor recreation that’s also

how you plan to explore the breathtaking Red Rock

is a shopping, activites, reservations and information known as “the mountain biking capital of the world.”

and capture stunning images to remember your visit.

Moab Adventure Center was established in 2004

and canyoneering and horseback riding. No matter

and was once again honored in 2012 as “Best of State”

Canyonlands of Utah , be sure to bring your camera

Recognition and Awards Program. The company is the

in the adventure travel ategory through Utah’s Premer

largest single tour porivder in Moab, Utah with outdoor programs available fromMarch to October.

For more information and reservations visit

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Moab Adventure Center was established in 2004 and was once again honored in 2012 as "Best of State" in the adventure travel category through Utah's Premier Recognition and Awards Program. The company is the largest single tour provider in Moab, Utah with outdoor progams available from March to October. For information and reservatons visit

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Northern T e r r i tory Au s t r a l i a From iconic Uluru/Ayers Rock in Australia’s vast Red Centre, to Darwin and World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park in the tropical Top End, the Northern Territory is both timeless and as ever-changing as the seasons. For more information visit

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Images courtesy of Tourism NT

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Southwest Montana

It’s all a scenic turnout in Southwest Montana, land of worst-kept secrets On a warm spring afternoon in 1863, a group of six

a fraction of the crowds that cram the famous parks.

trail-weary prospectors set up camp next to a tiny creek

Backcountry hikers can find themselves alone with their

in the Northern Rockies. Hoping to find a little gold to

thoughts for days in the breathtaking Anaconda-Pintler

buy tobacco, they dipped their pans in the stream —

Wilderness or the towering Tobacco Root Mountains.

and pulled up the first, luminous flakes of what would

Road-trippers won’t be disappointed by a visit to spots

become one of the richest gold strikes in American

like Crystal Park, a high-mountain meadow with stunning

history. Determined to keep their find a secret, the men

views of the Pioneer Mountains.

headed back to town for provisions. But their grins gave them away.

The secret is out: The Montana you have in mind is the one you will find in Southwest Montana. Whether

It has been 150 years since that fateful day. The gold

you seek heart-pounding adventure or enveloping

rush came and went long ago. But Southwest Montana

quietude, authentic old-West history or 21st century

remains the land of worst-kept secrets.

cowboy culture, you will find it in this swath of mountains,

This is, after all, the region of Montana sandwiched between the snow-crowned peaks of Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the north, and the geological marvels of Yellowstone National Park to

valleys, forests and towns that we humbly claim holds the best of what Montana is about. To plan your trip, visit or call 800-879-1159 for a free travel planner.

the southeast. Here you will find similar beauty with just

Images Courtesy oflor Southwest Montana Tourism 40 • E ye E x p e

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W H E R E T O S TAY TRIple creek ranch

Triple Creek Ranch lies in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. A member of Relais & Chateaux, Triple Creek is for adult guests and has 23 luxurious western-style log cabins with wood burning fireplaces. Famed for its inventive cuisine, award winning wine cellar, and stellar service, Triple Creek is an Orvis-endorsed fly fishing lodge and resort. Activities range from fly fishing on the Bitterroot River to horseback riding, guided nature and birding outings, dog sledding, cross country skiing, cattle penning and roundups. For








visit 5 2   •   E ye E x p lor e

Images courtesy of Triple Creek Ranch

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Au s t i n - L e h m a n A d v e n t u r e s With a 40-year legacy, Austin-Lehman Adventures

accommodations and all-inclusive rates and services. In

provides adventure vacations on six continents building

addition to scheduled group departures, Austin-Lehman

an international reputation for small group active travel

Adventures offers customized trip planning and a

to destinations in The Americas, Europe, Africa and

money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Antarctica. The company specializes in adult and family multi-sport, hiking, and biking vacations that emphasize history, culture and nature's gifts. Smallgroup trips feature execptional regional dining,, distinctive 5 4   •   E ye E x p lor e

For more informaion on these Austin-Lehman Adventures expeditions and to explore other opportunities visit

Images courtesy of Austin-Lehman Adventures

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Yellowstone National Park

Multisport includes hiking and biking

through a scene you would expect to find on the Discovery Channel. Mountain peaks soar, reaching for the sky. Canyons, a palette of earth tomes, are peppered with geysers, funaroles, steam vents and mud pots. Rshing rivers feed crystalline lakes and mighty forests make a comforatable home for the richest diversity of wildlife this side of the Serengeti.

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   6 3

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   6 7

Hiking Havasu Canyon on the Havasupai Indian Reservation surrounded by the Grand Canyon National Park. This experience is a Grand Canyon Oasis you'll have to hike to believe! Not many people know that nestled deep in an offshoot of the Grand Canyon is a hidden treasure of cascading waterfalls, spring-fed travertine pools and lush, verdant vegetation. 6 8   •   E ye E x p lor e

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   73

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   75

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   7 7

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   7 9

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Grand Teton N at i o n a l Pa r k G r a n d T e t o n GRAND TETON 8 2   •   E ye E x p lor e


Images courtesyAP of R Wyoming I L 2 01 3Tourism  • 83

8 4   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   8 5

8 6   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   8 7

Located in northwestern Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park protects stunning mountain scenery and a diverse array of wildlife. Rising more than 7,000 feet above the valley of Jackson Hole, the Teton Range dominates the park’s skyline. Natural processes continue to shape the ecosystem against this impressive and iconic backdrop. The elevation of the park ranges from 6,400 feet on the sagebrushdominated valley floor to 13,770 feet on the windswept granite summit of the Grand Teton. Between the summit and plain, forests carpet the mountainsides. During




meadows in vivid colors. Crystalline alpine lakes fill glacial cirques, and noisy streams cascade down rocky canyons to larger lakes at the foot of the range. These lakes, impounded by glacial debris, mirror the mountains on calm days. Running north to south, the Snake River winds its way down the valley and across this amazing scene. Grand Teton National Park offers hiking,




kayaking and numerous photography opportunities. A road winds through the park, but the best way to experience the park is to take one of its shorter trails. For more information, visit

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   8 9

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   91

9 2   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   9 3

9 4   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   9 5

9 6   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   9 7

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   9 9

ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours C yc l i n g t h e wi n e a n d l a k e districts of Chile

taken to the banks of Lake Llanquihue where you'll ride along the shore and admire the perfectly cone-shaped Volcano Osorno in the distance. Stay at the hot springs

With lakes, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and

of Puyehue and explore the historic wooden churches

awesome volcanoes, Chile offers everything that an

and tranquil fjords in the colorful fishing villages on the

active traveler could possibly want. From the Atacama

island of Chiloe.

Desert -one of the most desolate yet beautiful places on earth- to the tip of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Chile offers fascinating history, breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains, and beautiful beaches that flank the 1 0 0   •   E ye E x p lor e

Travel to Chile with ExperiencePlus! and you'll be

country's world famous wine region.

You'll journey to the land of the Mapuche Indians. Taste Pisco (the delicious national drink of Chile) and enjoy the natural wonders that surround you in this unique destination! AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 01

Discover Northern Argentina Plus! the Ruins of Quilmes Here's another exciting bicycle touring opportunity to get a little further off the beaten path in Latin America. This tour presents irrefutable proof that there is a lot more to see and do in Argentina than visit Patagonia! You'll bicycle through areas that were once home to a thriving pre-Incan population and the archeological heritage demonstrates the prosperity that came with being located in the spectacular Rio Grande Valley. A large part of the area includes the famous Camino Inca or Inca Trail and a major trade and cultural route between Buenos Aires, Bolivia and Peru. You start with three days of glorious downhill bicycling as you come down from the 10,000 foot perch in Salta. You'll pedal on paved roads through lush valleys, stopping to explore pre-Incan ruins, deserts, cloudforest, and wine country. You ride through the twisted and dazzling geological formations of Quebrada de las Conchas, see the famous ruins at Quilmes, and stop in San Miguel de Tucuman, the city where a delegation first declared Argentina's independence in 1816.

Bicycle Tours. Launched in Italy in 1972 the Coloradobased company now offers global cycling tours immersed in local character to 20 countries on five continents. Throughout the years as the business and industry have evolved, ExperiencePlus! roots as a family business have remained strong. Authentic, experienced, selfpaced and engaging were the ethos of parents Rick and Paola Malpezzi Price which have now been passed down to their daughters and current directors Monica Price and Maria Elena Price. Standing behind their beliefs, ExperiencePlus! is the only adventure cycling company that issues a 10-point Customer’s Bill of Rights outlining what clients can and should expect while pedaling on a company tour. Their cultural cycling programs engage tour leaders who are expert cyclists and trained cultural interpreters, guiding guests on innovative routes and immersing them in off-the-beaten-path experiences. Tours in 2013 go to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic , France, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA and Vietnam. For more information visit

No North American company has been running 1 0 2   •   E ye E x p lor e

Images courtesy of Experience Plus!

European cycling tours longer than ExperiencePlus!

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 0 3

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AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 0 5

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Images courtesy of Inn by the Sea

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 0 9

I n n by t h e S e a

1 1 0   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 1 1

Inn by the Sea is Maine's premier

celebrating local people, food and culture.

luxury beach resort and only Virtuoso

It also means educating your staff, your

property, boasting dramatic Atlantic views,

suppliers and your guests."

the soft white sand of Crescent Beach, and one of the "greenest" resumes in New England.

To celebrate Earth Day 2013, Inn by the Sea is reaching out to the local community and welcoming busloads of Portland area

Earth Day on April 22 is always an

school kids to sandy Crescent Beach.

occasion at Inn by the Sea, which has Maine

While the kids are coming to help clean

DEP Green Lodging and Silver LEED®

up the beach after a long winter, Inn by

certifications and has been lauded as one

the Sea believes that educating them

of TripAdvisor's Top 10 Environmentally-

is even more important. That's why

Friendly Accommodations and a Top 10

the Inn has arranged for an Audubon

American Green Hotel by MSNBC.

spokesperson will talk to the children

"A decade ago,'green' was all about saving money," says Rauni Kew, Director of Green Programs at Inn by the Sea. "But now we think that a truly green resort is about preserving a sense of place, preserving your unique traditions, and 1 1 2   •   E ye E x p lor e

about the endangered Piping Plover, as well as the importance of protecting and preserving the sand dunes for erosion and wildlife habitat. For more information or reservations visit AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 1 3

1 1 4   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 1 5

Inn by the Sea's Green initiatives include: • Creating a "Rabbitat" for endangered New England Cottontails by removing invasive non-native species and replanting the area with indigenous shrubs. • Creating a habitat for migrating Monarch butterflies. • First hotel in Maine to build a LEED certified spa, heat with biofuel, be carbon neutral; first hotel in New England to have dual flush toilets. Click here for a detailed list. • Chef Mitchell Kaldrovich of the Inn's Sea Glass Restaurant, a leader in Portland's regionally sourced food scene, is on the steering committee of the Gulf Of Maine Research Institute's Sustainable Seafood Program. Inn by the Sea is located on a mile of sandy beach just seven miles south of Portland's chic little port city, offering guests a relaxed but elegant Maine coast experience in 61 luxuriously appointed one and two bedroom suites and now its newest line of Ocean View Beach Suites unveiled this summer. 1 1 6   •   E ye E x p lor e

AP R I L 2 01 3   •   1 1 7


1 1 8   •   E ye E x p lor e


Eye Explore Magazine- Earth Issue  

Adventure travel.