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2015 Accessories Supplement



AVAILABLE IN OVER 250 FRAME AND LENS COMBINATIONS! Choose from seven patented frame designs available in seven supple Soft Touch® fnishes with a choice of Polaré® polarized amber, copper, gray, yellow, blue mirror, or green mirror lenses.


Second to none, Cocoons polarized ftover sunglasses incorporate numerous features that make them the ideal sunwear accessory to any prescription eyewear. The patented collection comfortably fts over 99% of all prescription eyewear styles, delivering instant protection from damaging UV light and blinding glare.

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Accessories 2015 Adding value for patients to help beneft your practice Compiled by Lynnette Blanton

OPTISOURCE —OptiPets and OptiNoses are the creative, collectible, and fun-to-use eyeglass holder. Each hand-painted piece has a cradle designed to hold folded frame temples. Originally introduced to spice up storefronts and frame counters, OptiPets have quickly become an incredibly popular accessory item that sells itself. OptiPets have become the go-to gift item for the hardest to shop for men, women, and children.

Readers OptiSource Introduces Kodak Lens Folding Reading Glasses

OptiSource International has launched a new breed of folding reading glasses that combines quality and style under the trusted Kodak Lens brand. The compact folding reading glasses feature patented telescoping temples, resilient spring hinges, and comfortable built-in nose pads. The design technology allows the glasses to easily fold into the size of a Zippo® lighter and carried inside a stylish and durable Kodak Lens branded case. These are the only folding reading glasses in the market that can bear the name and lens technology of one of the world’s most trusted consumer brands. “Kodak represents over 100 years of quality, innovation, and integrity” states Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “Our Kodak Lens Folding Reading Glasses will bring our customers new add-on sales, especially for newly diagnosed Presbyopes that are reluctant to carry full sized reading glasses”.

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O START OFF, what is an accessory? An accessory is a “thing” that can be added to something else in order to make more useful, versatile or attractive! In fashion, accessories can be bags, jewelry, hair clips, headbands, shoes and adornments to your shoes to name a few. They complete an outft or a “just the right look” and can be seen from every fashionista and celebrity to all the runway shows around the world. In optical we have everything from reading glasses, sunglass clips, cases, cords, and supplies. I have personally met several individuals in the industry who have dispensing stands or have custom built cabinets to hold their array of frames and accessory collections in their home. When talking about optical accessories it isn’t for the fainthearted it is serious business! READERS Most people need readers when presbyopia sets in. Presybopia is part of the natural aging process of the eye, and can be easily corrected. The technical defnition of presbyopia is the loss of the eye’s ability to change its focus to see objects that are near. It’s as natural as fne lines and wrinkles, and it affects everyone at some point in life. Presbyopia generally starts to appear around age 40 and according to the latest U.S. Census there are 77,336,482 people in the U.S. 40 and over. That sure is a lot of reading glasses! While most reading glasses are purchased at their local dollar store or pharmacy

chain, they can be a terrifc opportunity for eye care professionals. In the past, ECPs steered clear from selling reading glasses because they felt that it was a draw away from their essential function – ftting and selling Rx eyewear. Many ECP’s are now including reading glasses in their locations because they realize it can be an advantage to offer your customer one-stop shopping. Why let a patient leave your offce to purchase those frames elsewhere when YOU are the EyeCare Professional. Most people – when they reach the age of needing reading glasses, rarely have just one pair. They typically have several to leave in different rooms in their homes, offce, etc. ECP’s can also have fun with their patients selling this accessory. Keep your styles updated, offer a diverse collection and make the purchase and visit enjoyable. Since they are a less-expensive eyewear item you can keep your patients coming back for more. Optisource International, a leading provider of lens processing consumable supplies and eyeglass accessories has partnered with Kodak who has over 100 years of innovative lens products. Together they introduced the folding reading glass. This pocket size, folding reader is designed to simply carry and go. The ingenious design allows the readers to fold into the size of a Zippo® lighter and be tucked away in a branded Kodak Lens case. They are marketed as the only folding reading

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“Hide n’ Seek”

Loss & Damage Warranty • Rx-able, polarized, 100% UV protection, and impact resistant • Fits children ages 0-7+ • Retail price: $19.99/per pair We’ve taken all of the weight out of clunky clip-on sunglasses and improved the design and function.

• Proprietary rubber frame material is virtually indestructible and super comfy

• .7mm thin AR/Polarized lenses • Unique hook system uses no screws or rivets • Flexible nose bridge replaces unsightly brow bar

Adjustable nose bridge and hooks provide a near-custom fit

Display: 10”w x 12”d x 12”h Complete fitting kit includes 43 clip-ons in 3 boxes

Includes slim case

$515.59 43 Piece Fitting Kit

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At any point in the future, should the child lose or damage their Minishades, or scratch the lenses, the manufacturer will send them a one-time replacement pair for free. • $7.95 processing fee applies to all claims • Simply register at

22 Pieces


1-800-optiSource (678.4768)

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Rimless Clip-Ons

Live Eyewears’s Cherry Vistana Fitover Sunglasses

glasses and partnered with such a trusted name as Kodak – a must have for all those presbyopes. One of the most innovative new reading glasses in the industry is StaysOn Eyewear. The readers feature an innovative grip-on technology to prevent glasses from damage, slipping, or loss. The design works by simply sliding the COCOONS® FEATURES RIMLESS CLIP COLLECTION

SUNWEAR ACCESSORIES Sunglasses can be considered an accessory alone however, for many the need to have them as prescription is just as important as their daily eyewear. Many patients who like or need Rx sunwear simply do not like the task of having to change from frame to frame. The simple task of taking off their Rx frame to put on their Rx sunwear is just too daunting of a task.

Cocoons® Ofers Rimless Clip-Ons Designed to Instantly Convert Plastic and Rimless Prescription Eyewear to Polarized Sunwear Dave Dean, Vice President of Marketing, explains, “The extremely lightweight rimless design ofers a sleek and stylish look that will be popular with those wishing to efortlessly convert their plastic or rimless prescription frames to polarized sunwear. The low profle, frameless sun lenses feature a spring tension bridge and wider, gapped prongs to allow them to easily attach to plastic and rimless ophthalmic eyewear.” Karen Zappia, Executive Vice President, says, “Our rimless clip-ons feature a variety of prong widths to accommodate all eyewear frames ranging from a completely rimless 3-piece mount to the extremely popular plastic frames that can often be difcult to ft with traditional clips. These new additions to the Cocoons Clip-Ons collection further strengthen our position that we are the leader in sunglasses and clip-ons designed to convert existing prescription eyewear into polarized sunwear.” Lens options include both amber and gray polarized Polaré® scratch-resistant lenses and each Cocoons Rimless Clip-On includes a protective case and limited lifetime warranty. Live Eyewear’s headquarters is located on the central coast of California in San Luis Obispo. You can fnd the company’s patented ft-over sunwear collections at eye care professionals and better quality sporting goods locations worldwide. Live Eyewear’s focus on quality, unsurpassed customer service, and creative innovation has made them a leader in the ft-over sunglass and low vision aids category. For further information contact Live Eyewear at 800.834.2563 or visit

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All of these are great choices but more importantly is how they increase your opportunity with your patients. As mentioned, your patients are more inclined to buy multiple pairs of reading glasses and why let them buy from someone else. As an ECP and to successfully sell readers, you should carry an array of colors, shapes, and designs with multiple price points to market to all of your patients.

glasses onto your head similar to wearing an accessory like a headband. Optician Renee Bachner, founder of started in 2012 and named each pair of readers after her actual customers. She previously had a background in fashion and design so designing these readers came easy to Renee. They feature face fattering shapes, trendy colors, wide bridges and long, spring hinge temples for a more secure ft. They also have a large lens area for easy reading and wider feld of view. ReneesReaders are made from lightweight premium plastics and stainless steel screws and hinges. Renee also is very passionate about Alzheimer’s disease. A portion of each sale goes towards helping Alzheimer’s research and support services.

Live Eyewear is a company that caters to those who need Rx sunwear but also like convenience. They have spent more than a decade transforming the way patients can change from prescription to polarized in a effortless fashion. Live Eyewear’s Cocoons Rimless Clip-Ons Collection is geared towards those patients who do not want to invest in another pair of frames but who do want polarized sunwear. The collection comes in many shapes and sizes that are designed to ft a wide range of eyewear frame styles, including rimless glasses and plastic designer frames. Most important is they flter 100% of damaging UVA and UVB ultra-violet light. With a case and lifetime warranty – you can’t go wrong. Next they have their Cocoon Flip-Ups. Flip-ups offer instant polarized UV400 protection. They are very convenient and very simple to attach to your Rx eyewear. Simplicity at its fnest is what Flip-Ups are – inside you fip up, outside you fip down! All while protecting your vision. Of course these are also backed by Live Eyewear’s lifetime warranty. They have so many new lens colors such as Twilight™, polarized yellow and nonpolarized Lemon along with other new products, go to to see what would be best for your business.

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Clip-On Collection

Also introduced is Hilco’s new Glide-Fit SunClip. The Glide-Fit SunClips system works on both metal and plastic frames. It ease of use is appealing to those who do not like to change frames from Rx to sunwear. Their unique design has a spring bridge with a patent pending “slip over” that guides the SunClips in place. This prevents any risk of damage to the Rx lens. They are available in 2 chassis colors and 2 polarized lens options. These are just a few of the options out there to offer more convenience to your patients. Obviously the more convenience you offer – the more it can increase the loyalty of your patients. They will recognize you, the ECP, as a provider who offers them the latest styles and most up to date products all while caring about their overall vision health. Protection from the sun for both Rx wearers and non-Rx is something we should preach everyday!

cleaning care items, patients will often take the matter into their own hands as opposed to believing it to be an issue with their eyewear. As their ECP, if they are happy with their product they tend to be more loyal and keep coming back. Eyewear cleaning products can also keep your patients coming back for more. While this may be a smaller sale, they can add up over time. The main objective is to have a little variety when offering your cleaning products. For instance, if you have an elderly person – you may only provide them with a cleaning cloth, towlette or wipe. For people on the go you may offer Hilco’s LensCare and Cloth to Go. It includes lenscare spray and a cloth conveniently on a clip. It’s for those who live the on-the-go lifestyles. You can clip it on your bag, purse, or belt loop and take with you anywhere. Simple, compact and convenient – all in one package. The newest cleaning product by Lenspen called Peeps™ was introduced at Vision Expo East in March. Peeps™ uses carbon-cleaning technology. It’s the same technology that has been used to clean

COCOONS® FEATURES NEW HIGH CONTRAST LENS OPTIONS IN CLIP-ON COLLECTION Polarized Yellow and Non-Polarized Lemon Lens Tints Are Ideal For Low Light Conditions and Indoor Use. Live Eyewear announces the addition of two new lens options to the company’s Cocoons Clip-Ons collection. The world renowned brand of optical grade, clip-on sunwear has provided a simple and convenient way to transform prescription eyewear into polarized sunglasses for over a decade. Dave Dean, Vice President of Marketing, explains, “The increased demand for our polarized yellow and non-polarized Lemon lens tints in our Cocoons ftover sunglasses and low vision UV flters is a strong indicator that an increasing number of eyeglass wearers are discovering the vision enhancing benefts ofered by high contrast, high light transmission tints.


CLEANING CARE ITEMS Teaching patients from the start on caring for their eyewear can be very valuable. Not only to you as their ECP, but also to your patient. If patients are taught to properly care for their lenses they are more apt to be happier with the overall product. Some of the complaints that are most often heard are of smudges on their lens. When teaching proper care and how to use these


camera lenses for more than 20 years. In the demo at Vision Expo East, they stated that when your lens is in need of cleaning there could be small particles of dust, debris, etc. that when rubbed with a microfber cloth, could actually scratch or harm your lens. Using this carbon-cleaning technology protects your lens from harm and the same Peeps™ can be used to clean your lens up to 500 times! It also comes in a variety of colors and fnishes.

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The Cocoons brand of fip-up UV flters will ofer a new high contrast lens tint designed for nighttime use. Live Eyewear announces the soon to be released addition of its Twilight™ lemon lens tint in the company’s Cocoons brand of fip-ups designed to be worn over prescription eyewear. The new tint from the world renowned brand of optical grade, clip-on and fip-up UV flters will provide a simple and convenient way to reduce eyestrain caused by artifcial lighting in nighttime conditions.

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New Peeps™ from LensPen® Cleans Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Peeps™ is the new all-in-one cleaner for eyeglasses and sunglasses, created by LensPen®. Peeps features the same carbon-cleaning technology LensPen products have used to clean fne optics for more than two decades. “People that wear high-quality glasses or sunglasses are not satisfed using microfber rags, tissues, sprays and shirt sleeves to clean their lenses,” said Peter Meurrens, Vice President of Operations for the LensPen Group, and developer of Peeps. “They want something better: a cleaning device that cleans perfectly, is convenient and has some style. Since a camera lens and an eyeglass lens are virtually identical in structure it was logical for us to develop a new product for the optics market which has not seen a cleaning innovation in over 50 years. And that product is Peeps.” Cleaning eyeglasses with Peeps is a simple two-step process. First, clean the lens with the retractable goat-hair brush to remove any loose dust or potentially abrasive particles on the lens surface. No other cleaning system ofers this pre-cleaning step, which is essential to protect the lens and the AR (anti-refective) coatings. Second, slide the arms out from the holder and clean the lens with smooth circular motions of the cleaning tips. If some smudges remain, breathe gently on the surface and repeat. Each time the arms slide back into the holder, the carbon on the cleaning tips is replenished and Peeps is ready for its next cleaning. The Peeps cleaning tips can be recharged up to 500 times. “Everyone who wears high-quality glasses or sunglasses wants a cleaning solution that is safe, convenient and efective,” Meurrens said. “Peeps is the answer – the only eyeglass cleaning innovation in 50 years. And they’re available in stylish colors and fnishes.” For more information on Peeps and other LensPen products, go to

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HOLDERS/CASES/CHAINS When you purchase a new frame, you traditionally get a new case. However, not every patient likes the case that comes with the frame or they might need something additional for home, offce or car. Many companies offer a nice selection of cases in many styles and shapes such as Modern Optical and California Accessories.

i place to hold your precious eyewear. nient Function and fashion – a great unbeatable combination! From private practices to large, full service facilities, Fashion Optical Displays has been the industry leader in full service design, manufacturing and installation of custom, dispensary environments since 1978. They offer free dispensary design and will work with you to lay out your

Modern Optical’s colorful new cases

OptiSource offers a unique eyewear holder called OptiPets. They are hand-painted and each has a cradle to house the folded frame temples. They were originally designed to enhance imagery at the store front and counter area. These quickly became a sought after item by adults and children. When trying to teach children to take care of their eyewear, what better way than to have an OptiPet on their nightstand! LaLoop which offers eyewear holders that mimic jewelry started over 15 years ago. In search of that perfect accessory with purpose and fair there wasn’t anything like it in the industry. It has a patented hinge which uses 360° degree swivel technology and sets it apart from the others. It ensures that your eyewear stays right where you put it – safe and in place. While it looks like a necklace with adorning stones, leather or silver it’s really a conve-

dispensary and waiting areas until your are fully satisfed. A proud and independently owned, American manufacturer. Give them a call or go to their website to fll out a No Obligation Quote Form today. As I have been saying all along, carrying accessories in your business may be small sales but can defnitely add up over time. Be sure to train your staff to include them in conversation with every patient with every eyewear sale. Sometimes you will fnd that an accessory can actually persuade the buyer in completing the eyewear sale. Make sure to carry a good selection and a variety of products. Understanding that most of these products have a smaller margin, they can add value to your ECP/patient relationship. Also the problem of ECP’s big box competition on pricing— $5 extra is better than zero! ■

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A Revolution in Cleaning Glasses and Sunglasses!

Peeps™ Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Cleaner  No cloths, tissues, liquids or sprays  Safe for all eyeglass lenses  Long life - more than 500 cleanings  Patented carbon cleaning compound  Environmentally friendly  Attractive colors and styles  Two-step cleaning process:  Brush away harmful dust  Clean off messy fingerprints and grease

Packaging and POP display

Exclusive Manufacturer’s Rep: D.J. Patton LLC 3697 Corporate Drive  Columbus, OH 43231  tel.: (614) 725-9808  email: 

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