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UPDATING YOUR DISPENSARY DÉCOR / page 20 October 2015 • Volume 9, Issue 86 •

NEW! ZEISS D riveSaf




More than two thirds of your patients may suffer from stress while driving, including challenges with vision. Help alleviate their stress with a new all-day lens solution – ZEISS DriveSafe.


Better vision in low light conditions.


Glare reduction that targets today’s high-intensity headlights.


Clearer viewing of the dashboard, mirrors, and road.

To learn more visit

©2015 Carl Zeiss Vision Inc. DriveSafe products are designed and manufactured using Carl Zeiss Vision technology. US patent 6,089,713. Other patents pending. Rev. 10/15

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After 100 years in the optical industry, we remain dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers, our employees and the communities that we serve through better vision. With our common commitment to service, innovation and a focus on the success of our customers, we will continue to help the eye care industry grow and your business prosper. Thank you for your partnership. Here’s to the next 100!

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Vol. 9 — Issue 86

Meander / Kenmark Eyewear


Dispensary Layout and Décor It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to refresh a lack luster dispensary to make it more appealing and proftable. Beth Carlock, OD


AR and HEV Options Lens coating offerings are plenty, but how do ECP’s know which to choose? We highlight some of the newest choices. Judy Canty, LDO


When Physics Meets Fashion


Autumn’s Afordable and Stylish Eyewear Conveying on-trend designs for modern day men and women, wanting style and fashion in their eyewear selection. by ECP Staff

Understanding the difference between lens options can aid opticians in making smarter choices for their patients. Sam Winnegrad, MBA, LDO


Moving On Up! How to make yourself stand out above the rest and get noticed for that overlooked promotion in the workplace. Anthony Record, ABO/NCLE, RDO


Eyeglasses For Those in Need Interview with New Eyes, a non-proft organization that provides corrective eyewear to people all around the world. Lynnette Blanton, Publisher/Editor




Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma Your patients need to be educated on the many different aspects and types of Glaucoma that exist today.

On The Cover

Jason Smith, OD, MS

Zeiss 800-358-8258

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Independent Book Stores are Dead? Not at all, they popping up and getting creative with unique social media marketing ideas to differentiate themselves. James Magay, RDO

10/7/15 10:01 AM


EDITORIAL OFFICES 4600 Grandview Avenue, Bensalem, PA 19020 Phone: 215-702-0625 • Fax: 215-702-0629 EDITOR/PUBLISHER

Lynnette Blanton

Vision Expo West


The place to be for everyone in the eyecare industry

Bruce Drob

Courtesy / Vision Monday

CONTRIBUTORS Mary Armstrong, Judy Canty, Pamela Capaldi, Beth Carlock, Renee Jacobs, Jim Magay, Corrie Pelc, Anthony Record, John Seegers, Jason Smith, Sam Winnegrad

EYECARE PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE published monthly by ECP, LLC. Volume 9 Number 86

Vision Expo West is in the past and what a great show it was! The vast offerings of education, products, trends and solutions at International Vision Expo West helps to keep us all informed and updated on the best practices for the industry. For the ECP’s it keeps you all updated to provide the best care and treatment of your patients. Just to recap on some of the show highlights— On the frames side, the trends I saw were magnificent pops of color, exaggerated and unusual shapes, retro detailing and the inclusion of many natural materials such as wood, leather, horn, etc. This fall season looks brilliant and is definitely focused on bringing out the fashionista for both men and women alike. The weather was simply perfect in Las Vegas and the show floor had a steady stream of traffic. Many exhibitors that I spoke with stated that the attendees were serious and not just there for browsing.

EYECARE PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE ECP, LLC makes no warranty of any kind, either expressed, or implied, with regard to the material contained herein. No reproduction of printed materials is permitted without the consent of the publisher of EyeCare Professional Magazine, ECP, LLC. ECP, LLC is not responsible for any errors and omissions, typographical, clerical and otherwise. The possibility of errors does exist with respect to anything printed herein. It shall not be construed that ECP, LLC. endorses, promotes, subsidizes, advocates or is an agent or representative for any of the products, services or individuals in this publication. For Back Issues and Reprints – Contact Lynnette Blanton, Publisher/Editor at 215-702-0625 or by email at For subscription changes, email:

It was great to engage with everyone at the events—from the OD’s on Facebook party, the Adidas Performance Rx kickoff launch, the OWA Annual Networking and Raffle Event to the Marchon Party at the Paris Hotel pool just to name a few. Congratulations to Bill Heffner, FEA Industries pictured above 3rd from right in the top left photo for receiving the award for website of the year at Vision Monday’s Labapalooza.

Opinions expressed in editorial submissions contributed to EyeCare Professional Magazine, ECP, LLC are those of the individual writers exclusively and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of EyeCare Professional Magazine, ECP, LLC its staff, its advertisers, or its readership. EyeCare Professional Magazine, ECP, LLC assume no responsibility toward independently contributed editorial submissions or any typographical errors, mistakes, misprints, or missing information within advertising copy. Advertising Information Call: 844-384-2181

The Publication with a Voice... The Conversation Starts Here. Visit to view digital versions of each of our editions.

Lynnette Blanton Editor & Publisher Photographika Las Vegas © 2015

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ICONIC STYLE. MUST SEE PERFORMAN MUST-SEE PERF PERFORMANCE. New Trivex® Transitions® Signature™ VII graphite green lenses. Exclusively from X-Cel.

With truer color perception, enhanced contrast, and all the benefts of Transitions® Signature™ VII lenses, new Trivex® Transitions® Signature™ VII graphite green lenses give patients superior, more natural vision without compromise. It’s the look and performance that are turning heads...and changing minds by revealing life in its truest colors.

23 out of

WOULD PURCHASE AFTER DEMO TRY-ON In a recent patient survey, Transitions Signature Graphite Green lenses had the highest preference of any Transitions® color.

Available in SFSV, 050 – 9 base


Let patients see the diference with a free pair of plano FSV lenses. Contact X-Cel Customer Service at (800) 747-9235 or Hurry — ofer limited to frst 200 eyecare professionals to respond.

Learn more at



©2015 X-Cel Optical Company, all rights reserved. Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG Industries. Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Signature is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2015 Transitions Optical, Inc. Photochromic performance is infuenced by temperature, UV exposure and lens material.

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10/2/15 12:56 PM

Your monthly overview of optical lens and coating technology Written by Bill Hefner IV. FEA Industries, Inc.

AFFORDABLE EYEWEAR: FRAME AND LENS PACKAGES With insurance today, your patients’ choices in

frame and lens programs also include all the treatments

eyeglass frames and lens treatments are often restricted

(Anti-reflective coating, Photochromics, UV & Blue Light

for the first pair. Ofering afordable second and third

protection, etc.) and multiple lens designs - not just clear

pairs of glasses has become a challenge due to price.

single vision lenses in a frame.

Many patients have varied life styles that the first pair

These types of packages can also make service

does not always satisfy. Being able to ofer sunwear

and turn-around much easier, enabling you to

or special application lenses such as computer

deliver complete jobs to your patients faster

and other lifestyle eyewear is essential to

than normal. The way these programs

maintaining a healthy bottom line. The

Many patients

use of frame and lens packages allows for the multiple pair sale resulting

need to be educated

in increased patient satisfaction

about what is

(retention) and a better bottom line. This is where you can use these

frame, and deals with edging and mounting. Once you order it, the only other thing you have to do is dispense it. That makes it an even

available to enhance

better investment for you, the ECP,

their lifestyle.

as you don’t have to invest a lot of

types of frame and lens packages to your advantage. The package allows you to present a second and third pair

your time or efort in shipping frames or edging the lenses yourself.

as being discounted or ‘special price’, thus making it more attractive to the patient.

work is that your lab provides the


patients need to be educated about what is available to enhance their lifestyle. Packages that include free-form lenses are the best. These packages allow you to ofer virtually any type of lens tailored to the patient’s unique activity. One lab’s frame and lens program includes over 12 diferent free-form designs that meets virtually all your patient lifestyles, while maintaining an afordable price for both you and your patient. The more modern

It can be beneficial to ask your lab(s) if they have this kind of a program that you can use for your more budget-conscious customers. If you can ofer them a good selection at reasonable prices, then you create an additional sense of value in your customer’s mind. It becomes more attractive for them to come back to your practice, as opposed to going to whoever happens to accept their insurance.

About Bill Hefner IV Bill Hefner IV – or “Otherbill” currently heads up Lens Technology at FEA. His education includes a bachelors degree in Information Technology and another bachelors degree in Business Administration, both from Drexel University . Bill also holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering from The University of the West of England. Named as one of the top 35 up-and-coming professionals in the optical field by Optical Lab Products Magazine, Bill is dedicated to ensuring that FEA Industries is always focused on technology. 800.327.2002

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happiness is… cash-back rewards!



Single Vision cash back per pair

Fall-into savings! Jump-in and enjoy some Cash Back opportunities on any Complete Job using a frame from Modern Optical* & Independence AR**




cash back per pair



Eagle™ or Eaglet™ Free-form Progressives cash back per pair

Exclusively from FEA Ofer valid from October 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015. Valid only on orders placed with FEA Industries. Available only to current accounts in good standing. Cash back reward is per pair of lenses of the specified type. Cash back program requires separate sign up, and any rewards are calculated from the date of program sign up. * Modern frame must be supplied by FEA ** Independence AR includes Independence Tech & Independence Mirrors. 800.327.2002 Ads.indd 3

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REVOLUTION How returning to fundamental optical theory yielded the latest advancement in vision care Base Curve Basics

Front Surface Innovation

When the power of a lens is paired with its

Camber lens technolog y, developed by Younger Optics in partnership with Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT ), introduces a new front surface innovation known as the VBC (variable base curve), which provides the signifcant advantage of an optically ideal base curve for all viewing zones.

ideal base curve, the wearer enjoys clearer vision, with minimal oblique astigmatism. In a single vision lens, there is one power, so it‘s easy to choose the ideal base curve for the prescription. However, in a progressive lens, the dis­ tance zone power calls for a lower (fatter) base curve, while the near zone power calls for a higher (steeper) base curve. In traditional molded front­side progressive lenses, the varying base curve is built into the design. Nowadays, modern digital lens technology allows labs to create progressive lenses out of single­vision lens blanks. But this means the various powers must share a single base curve, one that may not be ideal for all zones. The new Camber lens ofers an elegant solution that represents the next step in digital progressive lens technology.

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Each Camber lens blank comes from a section of the “Elephant’s Trunk” curve, creating a unique, patented VBC front surface that continually increases in diopter from top to bottom. This improved front surface profle gives each viewing zone a base curve that is well­suited to its function. This totally new VBC front sur face, unique to Camber lenses, provides benefts to wearers in all zones. Wearers enjoy noticeably increased acuity in the periphery of the distance zone, as well as a reading area that is more comfortable and easier to fnd with the eye.

Elephant‘s Trunk Curve The Camber lens blank has a unique, continuously increasing base curve, ideal for the increasing power profle of digital progressive lenses. Learn more at

10/2/15 2:06 PM

Central Carolina Optical (800) 324-4233

What makes Camber lenses diferent from other digital lenses? +30mm

CFC Labs — CANADA (902) 481-4767 Cherry Optical, Inc. (800) 469-4211 Digital Eye Lab A Division of ABB Optical Group (866) 866-8673

5.5 D

+15mm 6.0 D


6.5 D

-15mm -30mm

7.5 D 8.5 D

Expert Optics, Inc. IL: (800) 892-0097 IN: (800) 287-9778 Eye Save Optical Labs (800) 480-4971 FEA Industries, Inc. (800) 327-2002 HB Optical (305) 964-2020 IcareLabs (877) 422-7352 iCoat Company (800) 832-2628 Laramy-K Optical (800) 525-1274 LensWorks (763) 557-0500 Luzerne Optical (800) 233-9637 Midwest Labs IA: (800) 247-2525 IL: (800) 346-5700

Camber Lens Blank From the top of the lens blank to the bottom, the base curve increases up to three diopters. This VBC (variable base curve) ofers distinct advantages over digital progressive lenses made from a single vision lens blank.

Midwest Lens (800) 444-7294 National Optical Co, Inc. (800) 489-5367 Nexus Vision Group, LLC. (866) 492-6499

Merging Complex Curves

Benefts to Patients

Nexus Vision Illinois (800) 252-1621

Camber lenses offer state­of­the­art,

• Dramatic reduction of oblique

digital designs which are calculated to

astigmatism in all visual zones

Nova Optical Labs — CANADA (403) 346-0999

operate in mutual accord with the unique Camber lens blank. The VBC front surface is combined with a sophisticated back­side digital design; both surfaces work together to become the patented Camber fnished lens. The Rx Design Computation is further enhanced, when desired, by a complete set of individualization parameters that take into consideration the unique attributes of the frame and the preferences of the wearer. The result is a fnished lens that is comprehensively customized for each individual patient.

Where to Order Lenses with Camber technology are now available from select labs (listed right). For an up­to­date list of Camber­authorized labs, visit

• Full individualization and customization available according to prescription, lifestyle and frame choice

Optical Supply (877) 316-5775 OptimEyes Optical Lab (855) 506-3937 Pech Optical Corp. (800) 831-2352

• Increased magnifcation in reading zone

Precise Optical (800) 390-5204

• Increased area of the reading zone

Rite-Style Optical (800) 477-9291

• Reading zone easier to fnd*

Riverside Opticalab — CANADA (800) 461-9474

• Improved distance vision

Robertson Optical Laboratories, Inc. (800) 929-2765

• Improved cosmetic appearance on

Sheridan Optical (800) 704-1375

some Rx‘s due to fatter lens curvature

Sunstar Optical Laboratories (800) 429-2416

• Easier adaptation for most wearers*

Toledo Optical (800) 472-0107

• Wearer trial shows most wearers prefer

Walman Optical (877) 863-2759

lenses with Camber technology* *Compared to same lens design without Camber technology. Wearer study available upon request.

Western Carolina Optical (800) 772-6131 Wholesale Optical Supply (800) 585-2352

Camber is a trademark of Younger Mfg. Co.

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Amira, a chic full rim zyl with a dramatic Zac Posen logo on the new comfort fit temple. Available in three bold colors, Blue, Emerald and Wine 52-18-140


Hoya is launching a comprehensive program that provides independent eyecare practices with training, tools and technology to educate patients about the potential hazard of blue light. The turnkey program, “Building a Blue Light Practice,” is part of Hoya’s new “ECP Ally” campaign that is designed to provide “actionable marketing strategies” to independent ECPs, according to Hoya.

ZAC POSEN is a world-renowned fashion

designer with a vision for modern American glamour that marries couture technique with striking innovation. The latest styles in the Women’s Collection include Amira, Joan Juliet, Irene and Nena.


Irene is a prog sive-friendly shape and features progressive-friendly the new Zac Posen temple tips for better fit and comfort. Avaialble in 3 rich colors including Black, Berry and Chocolate.

COBURN TECHNOLOGIES Releases New Velocity Coater Coburn’s new Velocity Coater is a fully automated industrial hard coating system providing the highest throughput of any system on the market while also delivering excellent yields. The automation system includes a multi-stage precleaning system as well as lens handling from the job tray, through a multi-stage lens precleaning system, followed by a secondary cleaning system, coating, and cure, finally returning the lens to the job tray. All of this is accomplished without operator involvement. Information is available from Coburn at: 1-800-COBURN-1 for pricing and additional details.

OCT2015_news.indd 2

The new initiative allows a practice to t tailor its approach to blue light managem ment based on its individual practice dynamics. ECPs that participate in the program will obtain information about a patient’s blue light exposure from the patient’s intake form.

Office staff educate patients about blue light using demonstration tools such as Hoya’s HVC Viewer App and Blue Light Device and its BluTech Lenses display and blue light laser pen. A retinal scan that reads the RPE layer of the macula is then taken for each patient using iOptics EasyScan, which is made available through a partnership between Hoya and iOptics. “Commoditization is the greatest threat to the independent practice. As the ally of the independent practice, we believe patient education is the most effective way to battle this threat and the subject of blue light is a tremendous opportunity to connect with patients through education,” said Gregg Fowler, vice president of sales and marketing. “These days, many companies take their initiatives directly to the consumer, which may sell more product. But this is not about selling product. It is about educating patients.” Contact your local Hoya territory sales manager or visit for additional information.

ZEISS sponsors “SIGHT – The Story of Vision” SIGHT – The Story of Vision” is an international documentary about the importance of good vision, about the progress in eye care and vision solutions over the past 800 years, the impact of the global vision crisis on life and work; and importantly, about the efforts taken by individuals and organizations to fight this crisis. This documentary was previewed at a ZEISS sponsored event at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas and received enthusiastic reviews from the 300 Vision Industry and media representatives who attended theevent. The SIGHT project is an international initiative, involving award winning directors and filmmakers, an advisory board of medical, business and science advisors, and collaboratively sponsored by several major corporations and organizations from the vision care industry. Initiator and filmmaker Kris Koenig and Public Broadcasting Systems acknowledge that this industry-wide initiative has brought companies together with a common objective to educate and raise awareness of the significant challenges in providing good quality eye care and vision solutions to the millions of people affected by poor vision. SIGHT will be aired first in the United States in Fall, 2015, but will be shown by other broadcasters in Europe, Latin America and Asia and will eventually be seen by millions of viewers around the world.

10/5/15 4:56 PM


Option 1: Purchase 5 Pair Get 1 Pair Free * Option 2: Purchase 10 Pair Get A $25.00 Gift Card * Purchase Any See More HD, See More ICU or See More Ofice Series Lenses *

Choose Your Reward Option — Reap the Benefits You Choose! Tel: 800-756-2020 • Fax: 800-756-0034 *See More Value F Series is not eligible for promotion.

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10/5/15 3:31 PM


OPTI-PORT Members Prep for Industry Change at VEW During Opti-Port’s SPARK Conference at Vision Expo West, members discussed “change management” topics ranging from leadership and behavior modification to implementing a new EHR system and insurance coding procedures. “These are turbulent times. Faced with a shifting regulatory environment, increased industry consolidation, and the growth of online competition, multi-office regional eye care practices have to adapt and evolve Jim Edwards (left) and Garrision to succeed,” said Jim Wynn (right)with Mike Menard Edwards, Opti-Port (center) of CooperVision. President and CEO. “The agenda of this year’s SPARK Conference focused on helping our members navigate these changes by providing both leadership training and new tools for success.” Best-selling author and management consultant, Garrison Wynn, presented a high energy keynote address. Identifying the perceived threat that change presents to an experienced team as— “No one wants to be a senior beginner”— Opti-Port President/CEO Jim Wynn helped the OptiEdwards (left) with keynote Port audience understand speaker change management ways to overcome the expert Garrison Wynn (right). paralyzing fear of change that often prevents an organization from reaching optimal performance. In peer-to-peer sessions designed to encourage best practice sharing, members led discussions on instituting a new company-wide hiring protocol, preparing for a meaningful use audit, training opticians for enhanced patient engagement, and implementing new EHR and ICD-10 coding procedures. Founded in 2001, Opti-Port is a national alliance of leading eye care providers that leverages the combined strength of its members to provide them with revenue growth strategies, as well as cost-saving and marketexpanding opportunities.

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Managementplus Adds New Service Oferings To Expand The Utility Of Electronic Health Records ManagementPLUS Cloud Eliminates the Need for Office-Based Servers; Revenue Cycle Management Improves Accounts Receivable Workflow


anagementPlus, a market leader in electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management software for ophthalmology and optometry practices, announces the introductions of two new product offerings: ManagementPLUS Cloud and Revenue Cycle Management.

fully supported IT services. It is fully compatible with multiple operating systems and devices such as the iPad®, AndroidTM, and Microsoft SurfaceTM tablets. With this service, users are able to centralize EHR, EMR and other critical practice applications at secure data centers to make the applications easier to manage. Additionally, because data is offloaded to a secure external source, patients’ data is protected against computer failure, theft, or damage to in-house servers and computer networks. ManagementPlus’ Revenue Cycle Management is specifically designed to codify and simplify the revenue stream of an ophthalmology or optometry practice. The service includes the following functionalities:

ManagementPLUS Cloud allows practices to back up and store vital health records and applications to remote and secure servers, while Revenue Cycle Management ensures claims get timely attention to detect and avoid delays in payments and write-offs. “ManagementPLUS Cloud and Revenue Cycle Management are logical extensions of our core platform,” says Bryan Thorell, Chief Information Officer, ManagementPlus. “With ManagementPLUS Cloud, physicians can be assured that patient data is safely and securely managed. When data is centralized, downtime associated with upgrades, conversions, and new software set-up are minimized, and the need for comprehensive IT server support is virtually eliminated, saving potentially thousands of dollars a year.” ManagementPLUS Cloud automatically and systematically backs up records from a practice’s EHR or EMR system and stores it in secure data centers, thus eliminating the need for an on-site server and costs associated with having

Electronic Patient Eligibility Check – Patients’ insurance eligibility is verified prior to the appointment, reducing costly errors from occurring at a later stage. Claims Submission – ManagementPlus will work with the practice to set up electronics claims and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) submissions, thus minimizing the number of rejections and invalid claims while saving time. Denial Analysis and Handling – An analytics team will review denials trends and suggest how they can be corrected to avoid any bad debt write offs. Accounts Receivable Follow-Up and Collections – Claim submissions are followed for up to 90 days and past due balances are collected. Detailed Reporting – Revenue Cycle Management offers various customizable reports to manage and monitor claims from submission until they are posted. Quality Checks – Quality auditors perform checks to highlight trends, etc.

10/5/15 4:51 PM

OPTICAL A & Q A. Ordering Lenses Using Opticom. Q. What is a Piece of Cake?

USE ONE WEBSITE TO ORDER ALL OF YOUR STOCK LENSES! AND USE IT FOR FREE! Re-order your inventoried lenses using a barcode scanner, and order your Rx shorts by searching our complete lens data base.

To Demo Our Lens Ordering Site Visit: Click on: Product Search/Ordering User Name: test Password: 999995

Free Web-Based Services ❏

Matrix Display Searching – Find available ranges for fnished and semi-fnished lenses

Barcode Searching – Online lens data base including barcode symbols

Confrmation Check – Online order verifcation and order summary

Shipment Notifcation with Electronic Packing List – Online lens shipment detail / One Step receiving

Green Bay, WI 54311 800-678-4266 • Fax 920-965-3203

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If you are currently ordering lenses from any of the following participating vendors, you can create and submit your order using the Opticom website at no cost to you!

Augen Optics Bristol C&D Carl Zeiss/AO Sola Centennial Optical Limited Conant USA Essilor (Silor, Varilux & Gentex) Eye Solutions Eyenavision Eyewear by ROI Eyewear Designs Fantom Optics Hilco (Supplies) Hoya Lens I-Coat Kaenon Polarized KBco Lab-Tech L.B.I. Lenses Lensco Nassau Lens Nouveau Eyewear Optima/PFO Global Polycore Polylens (Chandel Optical) Private Label Optical Rochester Optical Seiko Optical Shamir Insight Shore Lens Signet-Armorlite SOMO Optical Speciality Lens/iRX Xperio Titmus (Frames) Vision Dynamics Vision-Ease VSP Optics Group X-Cel Optical Younger Optics Zyloware (Frames)

8/3/15 10:00 AM

Affordable Eyewear




OCT2015_frames.indd 2

10/6/15 11:26 AM


The iconic 002 has had an electrifying makeover! This unisex model, with its fexible nylon frame, now comes in a range of bold colors. Featured with their “fash” mineral lenses, high-set arms and gentle cat’s eye shape, these glasses just say contemporary and a lust for life. A frame that is right on trend for the upcoming season.


The substantial design of KC7173 from the Kenneth Cole Eyewear collection delivers a bold retro feel to this sunglass style. The iconic screw and metal wrap-around detail accents the front of this handmade acetate frame. A neutral palette ranging from black fade to tortoise, translucent grey or translucent stone, as well as shiny black, help defne this modern silhouette.



This all male project has a distinct graphic profle, expressed by a tone in tone style with a recessed stripe in a strong accent color. The shapes are very commercial and suitable for any man, who is looking for an elegant frame with a sporty touch and a little twist. Colors are kept classy with an exclusive rubber coating surface and matching acetate end tips.


If you’re looking to turn heads, the JA307 is the perfect frame. Boasting a breath-taking cat-eye silhouette, the JA307 is crafted from a rich, two-layer acetate lamination throughout and features the iconic Jonathan Adler logo plaque on its temples in addition to a laser-engraved epoxy fll of signature ‘JA’ initials on round temple tips, making any woman drop dead gorgeous.


Award winning XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses ofer unparalleled performance while going easy on your wallet. With multiple colors and lens confgurations, including Polarized and Sport Polarized Reader available with discrete backside magnifcation zones. The France2 provides a range of superb optical solutions.


Ogi 7149 utilizes an uncommon layering technique in which each frame becomes a unique, wearable, piece of art. A wide spectrum of convivial color options—infusions of green, purple, brown, and blue cabana—should inspire color lovers to rejoice. The simple shape and soft corners of the 7149 complement a cheerfully translucent acetate frame and temple.



OCT2015_frames.indd 3

Modo’s Block Titanium is a timeless category based on a minimalist design and lightweight, fexible construction and is going bigger in shapes representing a current fashion trend. The FW2015 Collection adds one squared and deep men’s style together with three wonderful ladies’ styles ranging from the classic cat eye to deeper and larger square cat eyes. Colors include: light teal, steel pink, ruby, mauve, grey plum.

10/6/15 12:44 PM


Nicole Miller’s newest metal ophthalmic frame, the NM Dufy, embodies feminine, easy to wear styling with a rich, Celtic inspired metal detail on the temple. The Nicole Miller Dufy adds a touch of glamour with subtle stones interspersed in the metal temple.


Bold and adventurous! This Konishi Flex Titanium is efortlessly designed with the fnest high quality materials you come to expect from Konishi! The curve of the Temples has an impeccable arch with a highlight of color! Featured in these brilliant new colors of Matte Black, Matte Gunmetal and Matte Blue!


CARSON features our top-of-the-line E-llume lens that brings the world around you to stunning life through unrivaled clarity. Whether you’re exploring the ghost towns of Colorado, or just heading out for happy hour on the patio, CARSON has you covered with these features: Profex, Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings repel water and oils, anti-refective coating prevents glare.

Italian made, Polarized, e-llume lens, Digital RX +3.00 to -5.50.


Make a stylish spectacle! Featured in a crisp clear color which is hot for fall – these polarized sunglasses shield eyes from harmful UV rays while looking fashionable. High-quality polarized lenses ofer 100% UV protection, superior color rendition and glare reduction.


Conveying the same brand DNA as the rest of the Nine West Eyewear Collection, the new petite-ft styles are designed for the fashion savvy consumer who is looking for a smaller sized frame. The collection features on-trend designs for modern day women with petite faces, wanting style in their eyewear fashion. NW5088 is a vintage-inspired plastic silhouette that showcases the repeat 9 jacquard logo pattern on the temples.

OCT2015_frames 2.indd 2

10/6/15 11:27 AM


We want your business. We listened when you asked for more consistent product quality, improved turntime, and better customer service at all levels. Here’s what our new management team has implemented to serve you better:

Invested in new equipment, better designed to meet the demands of our customers

Expanded our facility to include more digital capacity, AR capacity, and an in-house stock lens division

Streamlined the layout of the lab for improved effciency and turn time

Dedicated Varilux S Design™ digital line with specialized technicians

Raised the bar on our customer care team to better serve you

Multiple daily deliveries throughout the NY & NJ metro market, allowing you to better serve your patients

Call 21st Century Optics today at 800.221.4170 and let us prove to you the difference!

©2015 Essilor of America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Unless indicated otherwise, all trademarks are the property of Essilor International and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. Varilux S Series and design are trademarks of Essilor International. PTR T679 PDF/SA 07/15

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10/2/15 12:57 PM


Introducing the 2016 Tifosi Wasp, an interchangeable lens model for extra-small to medium face sizes. Taking a cue from its predecessor the Wisp, the Wasp features sleek styling and maximum visibility. Interchangeable lens options make it perfect for multiple sport activities, the vented lenses reduce fogging, and the adjustable hydrophilic nose and arm pieces ensure a no-slip custom ft.  EYEWEAR


Thin to Win. The Richard Taylor Scottsdale HAL, is an ultra-light, fat metal semi-rimless style ideal for your presbyopic patients/customers. Available in charcoal and midnight blue, the HAL features tasteful twotoned temples with a clean fat metal front look.


Style by Timex is known for vibrant colors and interesting temple décor. Junket is a metal/zyl combination with a touch of décor sweeping the frame front. Available in Brown, Robin and Raspberry, sizes 49-17-130 and 51-17-135. Style by Timex embodies the fashion-forward and stylish side of Timex.

Style by Timex embodies the fashionforward and stylish side of Timex.



Loaded with upscale design details, Sparta fuses seasonal hues onto a classic retro silhouette. This handmade zyl frame, boasting unisex appeal, features a keyhole bridge, metal trim, and spring hinge. Size: 51-16-140. Colors: burgundy/tortoise matte, black/navy matte, grey/black matte. www.


Wildcharge and whipstart will undoubtedly grab the attention with outstanding color combinations blended with key performance attributes adding comfort and durability. The new performance essentials category provide a perfect ft and trendy styling to accent the athletic lifestyle and the person always on the go. Both frames feature a 6 base lens optical acuity and also allows for greater prescription solutions than common wrap sunglasses.

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10/6/15 11:27 AM

Nike Vision And Kevin Durant Team Up Again To Release NEW COLLECTION OF OPTICAL EYEWEAR FOR FALL 2015

Modern Optical’s Modern Art Collection Modern Art makes elegance and sophistication accessible to all women. With ultra-feminine detailing and tasteful embellishments, this well-curated collection also has many practicat features such as spring hinges, deeper silhouettes, and Summit Silicone nose pads. Every woman deserves her own piece of Modern Art.

Morel Releases Alpha 34 from Lightec

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“We’re thrilled to partner with Kevin again, to not only produce another collection, but to elevate it to another


level,”said level ”said SSteve Tripi, Marketing Director at Marchon, Nike Vision’s licensing company. “We’re certainly breathing new life into this partnership by ofering something special for KD fans.” NK 5KD, MSRP $138.00 (Young Athletes): Modifed for young athletes, the NK 5KD is the youth version of the adult’s 37KD. Te style comes in two color ways and features a customized acetate frame design, spring hinges for comfort and durability, KD’s logo on the outside temple tip and his signature on the inner right temple tip.


Alpha 34 expands the Lightec offering with four new models which emulate the previously released Alpha 22 concept. Stainless steel temples feature two superimposed blades assembled at the endtip and endpiece with a hook. Temples are either blue, black, red, gun, or green with an overlaying blade in a metal tone, the entire temple is a complete with a matte finish. Alpha 34 is also equipped with Lightec’s screwless Alpha hinge. Alpha 34 is available with two rimmed models, one which is designed with a double bridge, and two semi-rimless models, each model is available in three colors. All models are progressive friendly.

FOR FALL 2015, Nike Vision and professional basketball player (and 2013-2014 Most Valuable Player) Kevin Durant announce the newest edition of their collaborative eyewear. Last year marked the frst partnership between Durant and Nike Vision; the inaugural collection featured one adult style and one young athlete style. Te Fall 2015 collection will feature an expanded ofering, comprised of three adult styles and three children’s styles. Te eyewear’s color ways will sync up to Durant’s latest sneaker, the KD8, which features Nike’s Flyweave technology and released in Summer 2015.

JENNIFER LOPEZ DAZZLES IN BIANCA by SAMA EYEWEAR The dazzling diva kicked of the fnal season of American Idol auditions wearing a killer look topped of with a bun swept-up “do” to show of her ferce frames . . .

Actress Kira Kosarin wearing the Converse All Star B006 frames.

10/5/15 4:35 PM


Beth Carlock, OD

Dispensary Layout & Décor HAS IT BEEN SEVERAL YEARS SINCE YOU LAST DECORATED OR UPDATED YOUR DISPENSARY? Have you noticed a decrease in sales in the last year? Are your employees or coworkers running into each other trying to help patients? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, it is time to look at your dispensary layout and décor.


nlike strictly retail environments, dispensaries have to serve two purposes: sales and patient care. Both of these purposes have to be taken into account when remodeling or refreshing a dispensary. Since eyewear sales makes up approximately 65% of a practice’s revenue, maximizing sales is important. However, providing outstanding patient care and education keeps patients happy. Happy patients return for future exams and refer others for eye health care. This helps boost the revenue from healthcare. Furthermore, everyone who works in the practice needs to be able to provide excellent customer service in an effcient, effective manner. It can be diffcult to do this if technicians and dispensers have to wait for tools to adjust eyewear or a computer station to enter orders.

Looking at Your Dispensary with a Retailer’s Eye The next time you enter your offce, walk in through the front door and look at the entire building through a potential patient’s eyes. Is it easy to see the receptionist and other staff from the door? Are the windows sparkling? Do the carpets have spots? Are the furnishings up-to-date, comfortable and clean? Are there any potential hazards that could harm children or elderly patients? Patients expect and need a healthy, clean and safe environment for their eye care. Your offce and dispensary should be spotless. There should be no tripping hazards from electric cords or steps. Furniture should be clean and attractive. Include furnishings that support and accommodate heavier patients comfortably. There should be no food trash, Kleenex or other debris left on any desks or tables. Magazines, toys, books and patient literature should also be clean and organized. Discard any magazines or other literature that is torn, dirty, or dog-eared.

Frames Displays - Modular Optical Displays

Some things that should be done both outside and inside the dispensary on a daily basis: 䀘 Clean and sweep the entry door. 䀘 Remove any trash from the building exterior. 䀘 Make sure all lighting is working. 䀘 Clean the restrooms. 䀘 Clean all windows and mirrors. 䀘 Clean foors and shelves. 䀘 Dust dispensary displays. 䀘 Fill all holes in the frame boards.

Fashion Optical Display - Elements Built in Look


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10/6/15 9:21 AM

What’s Your Style? Impressions Wall Displays

Ovation Displays

Prestige Wall Displays


At Fashion Optical displays, we offer a wide range of products that make it possible to capture any design style you are looking for. With help from our experienced designers we will work with you to turn your space into the dispensary you have been envisioning. And if you don’t know where to start, we can help! Let us guide you to discover what would best ft your needs.











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䀘 Neatly restock shelves and kiosks of retail items like contact lens solutions eyeglass cleaners. 䀘 Check branded point-of-purchase materials like shelf talkers and dangle cards daily for dirt or damage. 䀘 Identify and immediately fx any safety hazards. 䀘 Ensure dispensing and sales stations are orderly and have clean materials. Keep frame boards flled throughout the day and make sure adjusting and measuring tools stay at the dispensary stations. Not only does this ensure a patient can see all available frames while shopping, it also helps you keep track of any missing frames to catch potential theft more quickly. A dispensary that is uncluttered keeps patients at ease and is visually more appealing. It also helps all staff be more effcient because each person can fnd needed tools quickly without searching all over the dispensary.

Monthly Tasks Look at your window displays. Have they been changed in the last month? Are any of the displays faded? If so, replace them so that they look fresh. Update your decor monthly to keep these important displays novel and inviting. Below are some other tasks that should be done monthly: 䀘 Perform any needed deep cleaning tasks. 䀘 Review the prices on eyeglasses and other products and update as needed. 䀘 Check frame boards for outdated or discontinued frames and arrange for returns. 䀘 Review expiration dates on all contact lens trials, medications and solutions and remove expired products. 䀘 Remove damaged or outdated decor like posters and point-ofpurchase signage. 䀘 Change out promotional materials and seasonal merchandise. As new frames arrive, place them into groups by frame lines rather than price

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or color. This allows brand-conscious patients to fnd the designs they like more quickly, which can enhance your sales. Take advantage of any merchandising aids that frame vendors offer to make the frame lines stand out. Set up special displays for high-end frames to highlight them more effectively. Keeping up with these monthly tasks will prevent them from becoming overwhelming. It will also ensure that signage and displays are as current as possible to maximize sales.

When It Is Time to Update Perhaps you have noticed furniture and fooring are showing wear, or it has been longer than fve years since you have opened or changed your dispensary. Make some changes to keep your dispensary looking modern and fresh. If you have avocado green shag carpeting from the 1970s along with harvest gold walls, it’s defnitely time to overhaul that decor. You do not have to do a major renovation to freshen up the interior and make patients feel more welcome in your offce. Think about appealing to all fve senses. Replace or reupholster furniture, and add textures to the fabrics. Replace older light fxtures with new ones that can use broadspectrum lighting to enhance your frame boards while saving energy costs. Replace frame boards with newer ones that allow better visibility and customization. Install a single-cup coffee maker and offer different favor coffees to add depth to scents and taste. A small water feature or appropriate music can provide soothing sounds. Update wall coverings with something new. To get ideas on the most current styles, look at decorating magazines or contact a local interior designer. Get inspiration from your building style or patient profle. If you work in a historic building, for instance, you might choose a classic décor. If your clients are technology savvy, you might look at sleek, modern ideas that incorporate LED or touch-screen displays throughout the offce. When selecting paint colors, experts suggest about 80% of the optical should be decorated in neutral colors with 20% of the remaining space

done in a bolder, complementary color as an accent. The window displays and the area that is to the right of the entrance are prime real estate in your dispensary. Place your specialty displays for your high-end frames in these spots. You might want to hire a professional window dresser to come in periodically to handle the décor in these important locations. The increased sales revenue can easily make up for the costs.

Handling Major Changes If you are expanding the offce, moving to a newer, larger dispensary, or need to do a major renovation to increase patient services, it is time to consult some interior designers. While there are many retail design experts, choosing a designer who has experience specifcally in eye care offces and optical dispensaries can make a big difference between an offce fow that works and one that is awkward and ineffcient. Optical interior designers know how to use lighting and frame display cabinets or boards to best enhance eyeglasses. They know how to work around your space limitations to develop a foor plan that offers the best fow and ergonomics while keeping in mind all ADA and HIPAA privacy requirements. The latest colors, styles, textures, displays and fooring will be discussed. Some of these designers, such as Fashion Optical Displays, include free dispensary design services based on your building’s layout. When working with professionals, don’t hesitate to talk about timetables, prices, and expectations. It is always best to have all the information up front to avoid cost overruns and delays. If you want to increase optical sales, look at your offce’s layout and décor. Make sure it is clean, modern, and comfortable for your patients. Break down work into daily and monthly tasks to keep the dispensary up-to-date and attractive. If you are ready for a major building change, consult an optical interior designer to make sure all the unique needs of your practice are met. The money spent will attract and keep more patients in your offce and enhance your revenue. ■

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Join the new closed social community of eyecare professionals, industry leaders and visionaries that fosters valuable, relevant connections to educate + share + inspire.

As a Visionary, this is where you need to be.

CHECK IT OUT AT: Brought to you by International Vision Expo

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complex curves

meets simple program

No… we are not kidding FEA Industries, Inc. has teamed up with Norwood Device & Diagnostics to provide you with an exclusive and incredible ofer on Diagnostic Equipment.

Here’s how simple this works:

Simply order a qualifying amount of Eagle™ Lenses with Camber™ Technology each month. and you can be eligible for FREE* Diagnostic Equipment! Includes complementary Independence® AR Coating.

Eligible-Products from Norwood Device & Diagnostics EQUIPMENT NAME




Exam Chair / Stand Combo




Slit Lamp Biomicroscope- Vertical




Exam Chair / Stand Combo




Auto Refractor Keratometer




Exam Chair




Acuity Chart 23" Full HD-Streaming




Exam Chair




Acuity Chart 19" LCD




Instrument Stand




Pupilometer - Digital




Instrument Stand




Auto-Lensmeter - Hartman



2 2







Binocular Indirect Ophthalmascope



Tonometer - CR




Motorized Table Two Position








Motorized Table Three Position




Slit Lamp Biomicroscope- Compact




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10/2/15 2:42 PM

Here are some examples of what you can get: (examples of select items with a 3-year term)


Slit Lamp LED

Hartman Sensor Technology





Pairs are Eagle™ with Camber™ lenses





Pairs are Eagle™ with Camber™ lenses


Exam Chair

Auto Refractor

Stand Combo






Pairs are Eagle™ with Camber™ lenses

PART# 2000-CB

PART# Speedy-K2



Pairs are Eagle™ with Camber™ lenses

Pairs of lenses must be Eagle™ Lenses using Camber™ Technology with Independence® AR Coating through FEA Industries, Inc.

Full Exam Lane Package Includes: ⊲ Chair-2000-CH ⊲ Slit Lamp-SL-Z3 ⊲ NVAC-2300-Acuity Chart

⊲ Instrument ST. -2000-ST ⊲ Phoropter




Contact your FEA Representative today to learn more about this exclusive and exciting ofer and start saving today! 800.327.2002

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Judy Canty, LDO

AR and HEV Options Lens coatings or treatments if you prefer, are everywhere. Every manufacturer, every lab, every retailer has the latest and greatest coating ever produced. So how does the savvy ECP choose? A BRIEF HISTORY John William Strutt, 3rd Lord Rayleigh (1842-1919) was a British physicist and mathematician and Nobel Prize winner, who developed the mathematical explanation for the light scattering that gives the sky its blue color, the Rayleigh Scattering. Lord Rayleigh also observed that a thin flm, such as tarnish on a glass surface can reduce refectivity. The ray of light is refected twice, frst from air to the flm surface and again from the flm surface to the glass surface. Alexander Smakula (1900-1983), a Ukrainian-born physicist at Carl Zeiss, received the frst patent for an anti-refective coating process in 1935. The coating identifed as T Transparenz remained a military secret until early in World War II. The Zeiss “T” is a core process, rather than a specifc formula, constantly redefned as new lens materials and applications are developed. Katharine Burr Blodgett (1898-1979), an American-born chemist and physicist, was awarded the frst US patent for thin flms and surface preparation while at General Electric. Dr. Blodgett was able to precisely control the thickness of her flms by building them one molecular layer at a time, resulting in a layer equal to ¼ the average wavelength of visible light. She also refned the composition of the flm to adjust its index of refraction to enhance the refection-canceling, eliminating almost all of the refection. H.R. Moulton, Assistant Research Director, American Optical Company, developed an improved coating flm and application process in 1943. It was also restricted to military use for the duration of WW II. And so the development of antirefective coatings has grown from a layer

OCT2015_Judy.indd 2

of tarnish on glass to the multi-layer coatings now readily and easily available from innumerable sources. ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATINGS Why utilize anti-refective coatings? 䀘 To reduce unwanted refections from a lens surface. 䀘 To increase the amount of light transmitted through the lens into the eye. There are 5 types of unwanted refections that can be reduced by the application of an anti-refective coating. 1. Light refected from the back surface of a lens 2. Light refected from the front surface of a lens, common in low light conditions and a bright light source such as headlights. 3. Ghost images created by a bright light source refected at varying angles. 4. Power rings. Refections created by medium and high powered lens edges. 5. Refections created by high- and mid-index resin materials such as polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.67, 1.70, 1.74, and 1.60, 1.70, 1.80 and 1.90 glass lenses. Anti-refective coatings like Crizal®, Carat Advantage®, DuraVision®, EX3 and others are differentiated by the number of layers, substrate and hard coatings, hydrophobic properties, oleophobic properties and refex colors. Anti-refective coatings are not completely clear and will exhibit a refex color based on the combinations of metals in the AR stack. The current confgurations for antirefective coatings include base or hard

coats that are matched to substrates (the bare lens materials) to create the hard surface necessary for proper adhesion and are often included in the count or number of layers in a broadband or multiple layer coating. The count may also include a hydrophobic layer as well. A more in-depth discussion on the content of anti-refective coatings and the methods used to apply them can be found in Ophthalmic Lenses & Dispensing, Second Edition by Mo Jalie. The durability of any anti-refective coating is determined by the preparation and application of the stack by the lab or coating facility AND the care taken in cleaning and storage by the wearer. HEV REFLECTIVE / ABSORPTIVE TREATMENTS HEV lens coatings such as Crizal® Prevencia™, Zeiss DuraVision® BlueProtect, Hoya Recharge™, Unity ® TechShield are anti-refective coatings combined with either blue absorbing or blue refecting properties. They absorb/refect between 17% and 20% of potentially harmful HEV light. These coatings generally have a slight tint and a more noticeable blue refex color. These lenses do not begin

10/6/15 9:46 AM

Introducing The Latest Technology in UV and HEV Blue Light Protection

The Clearer Choice TheraBlue is unlike other blue light protection products in today’s marketplace in several ways. R TheraBlue is a clearer lens unlike other products. R The UV Ray and HEV Blue Light Protection comes from the lens material itself. R TheraBlue is not a coating like some other products on the market and does not have a purple or blue reflective color that some may object to. R TheraBlue does not have a yellow, orange, or peach color pigment like some other products on the market that some may object to. R TheraBlue is available in three different materials: 1.67, 1.60 and an impact resistant 1.56 that has passed the ANSI-Z87.1 High Velocity Impact Test. R TheraBlue is compatible with a wide variety of Anti-Reflective Coatings and can be ordered with or without AR. R TheraBlue is available in Single Vision, Progressive lenses, Digital Round 22, Digital Round 25, and Digital Round 28 bifocals and computer lenses in all three materials. R TheraBlue is also available in finished stock single vision lenses in 1.67 aspheric with AR coating and 1.56 impact resistant lens with AR coating. Both are available in a greater Rx range than other blue light solution products on the market.

800-233-9637 TheraBlue is a registered trademark of Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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8/30/15 1:06 PM

with a tinted lens base. The slight color and refex are a result of the AR stack. Why should we be concerned about HEV exposure? Realistically, we are surrounded by blue light, both indoors and outdoors. We need some blue light to regulate circadian rhythms and to discern colors. However, our increased use of digital devices, including fat screen monitors and televisions and hand held devices including tablets and smart phones has changed our visual environment. We are using these digital devices for longer periods of time per day and at closer viewing distances than ever. We are exposing ourselves to blue light when our innate circadian rhythms believe it should be dark and thus interrupting sleep patterns. We are using them at younger ages, which will increase the amount of exposure during our lifetimes. While there are few defnitive studies on this potential hazard, the available fndings indicate serious concern about the oxidative effect HEV light has on photoreceptor cells and its relationship to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and sleep deprivation.

OCT2015_Judy.indd 4

It’s worth noting that patients who are already developing cataracts have no real need for HEV light refecting treatments since the developing cataract is already fltering that portion of the visible spectrum. However, post-cataract patients, even those with HEV fltering lens implants will need the additional protection of these treatments.

“How Does the Savvy ECP Choose?” There are two products currently available that are not coatings, but rather lens materials with inherent HEV absorptive properties. BluTech lenses from Eye Solutions are available in a wide range of lens styles, both single vision and a wide variety of progressive addition lens designs. BluTech offers lenses in both indoor and outdoor color options. TheraBlue™ from Luzerne Optical Labs in Wilkes-Barre, PA is a new category of HEV protection with very little perceived color, available in both single vision and multifocals, including digital PALs, computer lenses and a digital round seg.

TO “AR” OR NOT TO “AR” That’s a tough question. The vast majority of ECPs will advise patients to choose an anti-refective coating for their eyeglass lenses. The considerations for selecting which product to use is a judgment call for both ECP and patient. Is the coating: 䀘 Durable? 䀘 Easy to maintain? 䀘 Refex color complimentary? 䀘 Guaranteed with a warranty? 䀘 Right for the wearer’s environment? 䀘 Affordable? Our duties as responsible Eye Care Professionals include being well educated in the fner points of the products we offer. Simply steering patients to the product that has the best marketing or the cheapest price is not good customer service. Understanding and responding to our patient’s needs and wants is a core skill to be maintained through healthy curiosity and constant education. ■

10/6/15 9:46 AM




Where are you on the Photochromic Sales Spectrum?

Recent studies have shown that while the industry average photochromic lens sales hover around 20%, they could be as high as 30%.







Research has shown that approximately 25% of patients want the quality and performance of a photochromic lens but are not willing to pay for a big brand name.



Changers 6 gives your patients the quality and performance of a national brand name but at a value price your budget minded patients are willing to spend. INCREASING YOUR SALES

Offering your patients a choice will help you grow your entire photochromic category, much the same as we grew the AR category with a tiered approach from 10% to an industry average of 60%.

AVAILABLE IN CR 39 GREY IN SV, ST28, AND ALL SEE MORE FREE FORM See More See More Performance Performance Plus

See More HD

See More ICU

See More SV HD

See More Office

See More Value F

See More Value F Short














Changers 6











Available in: SV, ST28 and all See More Free Form Progressives

Cost Savings of 40% Phone (800) 756-2020

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*brown is special order allow extra time

Fax (800) 756-0034

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Sam Winnegrad, MBA, LDO

When Physics Meets Fashion Challenged with wading through a multiplicity of available lens options, the eyecare professional must be able to distinguish some of the more innocuous characteristics of lenses.


Index of refraction, or refractive index, can be defned as the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in a medium (lens). The vacuum represents a variable controlled environment in which light has no obstructions, obstacles or meandering to compete with. Under perfect, un-deviated circumstances light travels at an alarming one hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second! In ratio form we see that the speed of light in a vacuum divided by the speed of light in a vacuum (186,000 mps / 186,000 mps = 1 or n=1).

than it does through the CR-39 lens. Likewise, a polycarbonate lens with a refractive index of 1.586 slows light down 1.586 times more traveling through the lens than through the air. This is why higher index lenses of the same dioptric strength as their lower index counterparts are manufactured thinner and more cosmetically appealing; the lens is able to slow the light down and refract, or bend, it faster. Basically, it takes less lens material thickness to get the same desired Rx because the higher indices medium is able to produce a harsher refraction.

Thus, the number 1 is the basis for all other indices of refraction. When light passes through a medium other than air it is necessarily slowed down and refracted, or bent. The higher the refractive index of a material the easier it can bend light. For example the refractive index of columbia resin-39 is 1.498. Effectively this is stating that light travels 1.498 times faster in air

Knowing the refractive indices of the various ophthalmic materials is of paramount importance in the dispensary so the eyecare professional is able to determine what the fnest

ometimes some of the more intangible variances between lens materials can make all the difference in the world. Being able to understand and utilize a working knowledge of refractive index, specifc gravity and abbe value can help the optician make better choices for their patients. These and other distinguishing lens traits are the foundation upon which we create our spectacle masterpieces. Sometimes it is important to understand the “why?� in order to best serve our patients in the dispensary.

OCT2015_Sam.indd 2

lens will be for the patient. With plastic lenses achieving refractive indices of up to 1.74 the industry is able to create thinner lenses than were once ever imagined. The higher the index of refraction, the thinner the lenses will be for your patient; and with lens thickness being mentioned as the number one lens concern of eyewear customers it is extremely important that the optician understands this concept. Then shouldn’t everyone receive high index lenses? Not necessarily. There are other variables and lens characteristics to consider while selecting the proper material for you patient. Specifc gravity is the ratio of the density of any substance to the density of water (water is the standard variable, much like air in a vacuum is the standard variable for index of refraction). Density is a measure of how compact or heavy an object is in a given volume. The higher the specifc gravity is of a given lens material generally the heavier the fnished spectacles will be. Some common specifc gravities are CR-39 at 1.32, polycarbonate at 1.20, Trivex at 1.10 and crown glass at 2.54. We all know that glass lenses are generally heavier than their plastic rivals, and that polycarbonate is lighter than CR-39. This is clearly refected in the specifc gravity values. It is interesting to consider; however, that though

10/6/15 10:12 AM

Trivex is the less dense (lightest) material per volume (1.10 sg) versus polycarbonate (1.20 sg), a pair of glasses with the same prescription on the two materials will be thicker in the Trivex due to its lower index of refraction (n = 1.53). Having the ability to sort out these lens inequalities and do what is best for your patient is incredibly valuable as a practitioner. Abbe value, notoriously and affectionately known in the optical feld as “I can’t stand these polycarbonate lenses!” is also of principal consideration. The abbe number, which is also known as the (V) number is a measure of a material’s dispersion in relation to the refractive index. Higher abbe values indicate lower dispersion and less chromatic aberration. Lenses that have inherently lower abbe numbers have less refractive index consistency throughout the material which translates to a poor visual experience for the patient characterized by color fringes and inadequate visual acuity.

Glass lenses which are optically superior to most plastics have abbe values in the upper ffties, while polycarbonate has an abbe value of only thirty. This is why many of the high end “over the counter” sunglasses are equipped with glass lenses. The optics are generally noticeably sharper. This is not to say that polycarbonate is optically unacceptable, as many patients are imperceptive of the chromatic aberrations.

“Knowing the refractive indices of the various ophthalmic materials is of paramount importance in the dispensary.” In fact, it is very rare that one will actually cite a material as the reason for poor visual acuity. This is where the eyecare professional must pull from their knowledge base and guide the patient towards the best lens option. Even with polycar-

bonate’s lack-luster abbe number it still equates for the brunt of ophthalmic lens sales, but maybe that has more to do with its higher index of refraction, lower specifc gravity and impact resistance. One caveat – do not use the words index of refraction, specifc gravity or abbe value while selling patients spectacles. Not only will your patients not understand you, but you also run the risk of coming off as arrogant or condescending. Use language that is easily digestable. “Ma’am, have you considered the implications of a lower specifc gravity lens?” or, “Your current lenses have an egregious abbe value resulting in increased refractive inconsistencies and color dispersion” just don’t resonate with patients quite as well as “Would you like lightweight lenses with superior optics?” It is OK to secretly be an ophthalmicscience-physics-geek-superhero, just don’t reveal this to your patients! ■

The “Optogenics Objective”: We aspire to be successful by utilizing our staffs’ dedication to excellence and meeting our customers’ expectations. We strive to be the premier provider to ECPs, delivering high quality products with the best service, in a professional and friendly manner. FAST UNCUT jobs overnight Digital surfacing • Crizal coatings Flash mirrors • Tinting • Finishing All produced locally

UPS Next Day shipping (including Saturday delivery) VSP VSP— —Eyemed Eyemed— —VCP VCP— —VBA approved


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1-800-OPTICAL ● Fax: 800-343-3925

10/6/15 10:12 AM


Anthony Record, ABO/NCLE, RDO

MOVING ON UP! In today’s hyper-competitive world, being overlooked for a promotion can be a discouraging and sometimes even an embarrassing event. on Promoti g Plannin


hile there are no guarantees, remember what our thirty-fourth president, Dwight David Eisenhower, once said, “Having a plan will not ensure your success, but without a plan you’re sure to fail.” With that in mind, here is a systematic plan that will get you noticed, considered, and eventually promoted. 1. Communicate Your Aspirations. I have heard the complaint many times. Someone hoping for a promotion fails to get the job. Then and only then he sets up a meeting with the boss to ask why. After a few minutes of awkward conversation, the truth is revealed: “Quite frankly, I had no idea you were interested in the position.” Too often at work, we try to accomplish things by telepathy – mind reading. We figure if we just work hard and do a good job, the boss will notice and therefore reward us with the position and salary we seek and deserve. Maybe; but more often, maybe not. Step one in your Promotion Plan is to seek out the ultimate decision maker – that man or woman who can actually make it happen – and clearly communicate your goal. This doesn’t need to be a confrontational meeting, just a matter-offact statement. Catch the decision maker on a good day, and ask if you can have a word. The conversation might go something like this: “I really love working at this practice. In fact, it is my goal to one day be your practice manager.” Making that known is the first step to having all your efforts to that end noticed.

OCT2015_Record.indd 2

what you are learning to the decision maker, perhaps asking her opinion on something you have learned. This demonstrates your seriousness of purpose with regard to acquiring new knowledge and subtly reminds the decision maker of your ultimate goal.

2. Acquire New Knowledge. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to seeking advancement is to assume that their intelligence or work ethic alone will get them promoted. Sometimes it actually does, but even then, the newly promoted manager finds herself in a position for which she is ill equipped. In fact, that is one of the real paradoxes in corporate America. We tend to be promoted because of our technical abilities, which in the end has little to do with our success at the next level. Avoid that pitfall by attending classes, participating in seminars, and reading books. Turn your car into a classroom by listening to audio presentations to and from work. Be sure to occasionally mention

3. Create and Memorize Your 60-Second “Elevator” Speech. I realize most of you do not have elevators at your practice – it is only a metaphor. Inevitably, one day you and your decision maker will find yourselves alone in the break room. When he says to you, “How’s everything going?” Be ready! Most people would reply with a tentative, “fine…” but not you. Be ready with an enthusiastic, “Things are going great! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our team has not only met, but exceeded our sales goals for the last four quarters. And I’m really enjoying the leadership course I’ve been taking at the community college. I feel it is truly preparing me for the next level.” Use your imagination. Practice it from time to time. Just be ready because you never know when that kind of opportunity will present itself. 4. Be a Problem Solver. Business owners have enough problems already. They don’t need you to bring them more. Most times when an employee knocks at their door, managers brace themselves inside because

10/6/15 12:31 PM

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10/2/15 2:31 PM

nine times out of ten, the person knocking is bringing him a problem. Rarely do the knockers offer solutions. Develop the reputation for being solution-focused, not problem-focused. Rather than saying, “We accidentally double booked the entire afternoon…what should we do?” Try framing it like this: “I want to reschedule a few of this afternoon’s patients to next week to make the afternoon run smoother. Would that be okay?” At those meetings where you know that challenges or problems are likely to be discussed, be sure to arrive at the meeting with at least two or three substantive solutions to each problem. Your approach will be noticed and appreciated. 5. Dress and Act the Part. This one can be a little tricky, at least the dress part. You certainly do not want to go over the top, but dressing at a slightly higher level than your peers will pay off. Make sure your clothes are always clean and pressed. If you wear white lab coats make sure they too are always crisp and clean. Even on casual Fridays, be sure to pay close attention to what you wear. Professionalism should always be your goal. While taking measured risks and showing initiative is part of being professional, asking appropriate questions is too. If you are not sure about something, ask. If you make a mistake, admit it, make amends, and move forward. Doing those kinds of things tends to make you look different – in a good way. Try to develop a professional reputation for yourself apart from your job. Volunteer to give a presentation at the local Kiwanis meeting, write an article for the local paper, attend industry conferences,

“STEP ONE in your Promotion Plan is to seek out the ultimate decision maker – that man or woman who can actually make it happen— and clearly communicate your goal.”

etc. Finally, when it comes to acting the part, do not be a clock-watcher. When the practice owner says, “Hey…isn’t it past your quitting time?” Imagine her surprise when you reply, “Yeah it is…I clocked out…I just wanted to make sure the reception area is organized before I go home. We’re going to be swamped tomorrow morning and I just wanted everything to be ready.” 6. Be Positive. The world (and probably your practice) is filled with whiners and complainers. The last thing it needs is another one - especially when it comes to office gossip. Develop the habit of never engaging in negative comments about anyone in the office. Here are a few tips to help. When someone begins

to speak negatively about one of your co-workers, when it becomes your turn to speak, turn it around with a positive comment about the person in question. For example, when your co-worker says, “I have to work twice as hard when Charlene is working up front…she’s so lazy,” you might turn it around and say, “I’m surprised to hear that. Charlene was always the go-to person when I worked up front. She was always a big help.” You see, the last thing your co-worker wants to hear is something positive about Charlene. Taking that approach will quickly re-train your team members that you do not engage in office gossip. Another effective approach is to try to involve the other person. So when faced with the negative comments you might day, “Wow…you sound really upset with Charlene. She goes on break in a few minutes. Why not bring her in and talk about it before it gets out of hand?” Of course the gossiper will try to avoid the confrontation, which is when you can say, “Well…I’m a bit uncomfortable talking about Charlene if she’s not here… I would never talk to her about you if your weren’t here…and I’d like to think you guys wouldn’t talk about me behind my back.” You might have to share that lesson a few times before the message sinks in. The message being that you do not participate in office gossip. You maintain a positive and professional outlook. Follow these guidelines while you perform your present job duties to the best of your ability, and you’ll be on the road to continued growth, development, and success. ■

The latest and greatest organization offering in-classroom, home study, audio, and video continuing education classes, as well as private practice sessions all across the country. “The BEST classes in the MOST locations, and the most economical too. Certainly THE choice for Florida opticians to get their required CE credits.” Florida provider # 50-13491

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Silhouette and adidas Eyewear Launch ADIDAS PERFORMANCE Rx in Partnership with Digital Eye Lab

Sign a Worldwide Exclusive Eyewear License Agreement

Moncler, a leading luxury brand, synonymous with duvet par excellence, joins Marcolin, a leading company for eyewear distinguished for its ability to successfully combine Italian craftsmanship with the DNA of each brand, to create a unique eyewear collection: high-quality excellence, innovation and experimentation will distinguish each sunglass and optical style. The license will be effective from January 2016 until December 2020, with the possibility of a renewal for an additional five years. The launch of the first eyewear collection is expected by March 2016.

Giovanni Zoppas, CEO Marcolin Group, commented: “Moncler is a worldwide brand, unique and very appealing. The partnership with Moncler will give Marcolin the opportunity to target those consumers who are passionate about Moncler's innovative product offerings.” Remo Ruffini, Moncler Chairman and CEO: declared: “I’m very pleased about the agreement signed with Marcolin, one of the worldwide leading companies in the eyewear industry. The partnership with Marcolin will allow us to develop globally the eyewear business consistent with our values of uniqueness, quality and selectiveness that distinguish our brand; a further important step to continue to create value to Moncler”.

OCT2015_news.indd 1

Photographika Las Vegas © 2015

“The frames will combine, in perfect balance, aesthetic functionality and techno research, evoking the iconic elements of Moncler’s timeless style.”

New Program Delivers Simplicity Through Effortless Ordering and Package Pricing

Renowned eyewear company Silhouette International, manufacturer of adidas eyewear, has partnered with award-winning Digital Eye Lab (DEL) to launch a unique program for eye care professionals (ECPs). Entitled ADIDAS PERFORMANCE Rx, the program will enable ECPs carrying adidas sports performance product to place orders more efficiently than ever before, with valuable package pricing covering both eyewear and lenses as well as free shipping. “By offering easy ordering and customer marginenhancing package pricing, adidas performance Rx will lead the way in delivering profitable simplicity here in the United States,” said Jan Cory, U.S. President of Silhouette Optical, Ltd. “We look forward to collaborating closely with DEL to continue growing adidas eyewear, a beloved brand worn by top athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.” This groundbreaking collaboration between Silhouette and DEL reflects the commitment to quality and innovation for which both industry leaders are known, and makes the adidas sales team at Silhouette a new selling partner for the DEL Eyewear Specialists and ABB OPTICAL GROUP Account Managers. “We are thrilled to launch this exciting new program with Digital Eye Lab, who just like Silhouette are dedicated to producing eyewear that is personalized to the wearer’s needs and lifestyle,” said Daniel Rogger, Chief Executive Officer of Silhouette International.

“This partnership with Silhouette and their exciting adidas performance Rx line is the foundation for a revolutionary process of ordering a complete pair of eyewear through Digital Eye Lab’s new EZCONNECT online portal,” added Angel Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer of ABB OPTICAL GROUP, DEL’s parent company. “This unique program brings simplicity, accuracy, faster turnaround times and improved efficiencies to eye care professionals.” Visit and click on EZCONNECT, DEL’s portal for highly streamlined ordering.

10/7/15 10:47 AM


Lynnette Blanton, Editor

s e s s a l g Eye D E E N N I E S O FOR TH

New Eyes is a 501c3 non-proft organization, founded in 1932 by New Jersey resident Julia Lawrence Terry that helps people around the world that require corrective eyewear. They provide Rx glasses to children and adults to help them to reach their goals by improving their vision. Julia Lawrence Terry was a volunteer for the Red Cross in Lower Manhattan when she began collecting eyeglasses for Red Cross applicants who could not see to read the forms. Terry realized that a better solution was to provide them with their own prescription glasses. She however took it one step further and obtained her smelter’s license and began collecting eyeglasses so that the gold frames could be melted down and the proceeds could be used to buy new eyewear. Since its inception into the non-proft sector, New Eyes has helped over 8 million people around the globe making their futures brighter through clear vision. They have purchased over 400,000 eyeglasses for the disadvantaged in the U.S. alone since their start. In 2014 they provided new eyewear for 6,656 people in the U.S. and 400,000 used glasses overseas. Obviously to provide this service, they have to screen everyone through applications to assure they meet the necessary guidelines. And they also rely heavily on funding from different resources.

On their website you can read the testimonials that people write stating how getting this eyewear has changed their life! It must be a great feeling to know that you are part of that when you donate or are involved with New Eyes. Recently, I had the chance to interview Jean Gajano, Executive Director: EYECARE PROFESSIONAL: Jean – Tell me a little about your involvement with New Eyes?

New Eyes, making a difference in Cambodia.

JEAN GAJANO: I joined New Eyes in 2009 as the Volunteer Manager responsible for working directly with the hundreds of people who volunteer at New Eyes every year. While my background was in fnance, I had also led several volunteer groups in my community and enjoyed working toward needsbased solutions with like-minded people. And as someone with compromised vision (with diopters of -9 and -10) I was naturally drawn to New Eyes’ mission to assist the neediest with the simple yet critical tool of eyeglasses. In 2014, the Board of Trustees offered me the position of Executive Director. ECP: What type of organizations do you send the eyeglasses to? JG: New Eyes partners with hundreds of organizations, including large ones like Feed the Children and Physicians for Peace, as well as smaller civic


OCT2015_GivingBack.indd 2

10/6/15 10:33 AM

and religious groups, college students and optical professionals conducting medical clinics. ECP: Currently, how many countries are you helping with eyeglasses? JG: In our last fscal year, over 250,000 New Eyes used glasses reached 21 countries in South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacifc Islands.

JG: New Eyes provides new prescription eyeglasses for children and adults in need in the United States through our voucher program. They can apply to New Eyes through their social worker, primary care physician or house of worship by downloading our application from our website at and returning the completed form to us with a copy of their eyeglass prescription. Once approved, we send them a voucher for a basic pair of eyeglasses that they can take to any local optical dispenser as long as the dispenser accepts New Eyes’ reimbursement rates. There is no out-of-pocket expense to our voucher recipients. ECP: What can ECP’s in the industry do to help you?

New Eyes visits refugee camp in Kenya.

ECP: Do you provide them with RX sun wear as well? JG: Yes. New Eyes has great demand for sunglasses for prescription and nonprescription sunglasses for adults and children from our mission partners, especially those working in countries on or near the equator. ECP: What is the New Prescription Eyeglass Program and how can we tell people what to do that need your help? Where do they go?

JG: ECP’s can help New Eyes in many ways. They can conduct used glasses collections; partner with New Eyes in commercial ventures; donate overstocked items; accept New Eyes vouchers from our clients; sponsor our EyeRock fund-raising event in New York City during Vision Expo East in April 2016; and make a taxdeductible fnancial donation at (100% of individual donations go towards the purchase of new eyeglasses). A big thank you to New Eyes and Jean Gajano for sharing this information with EyeCare Professional Magazine. We are dedicated to helping everyone know about the organizations in the industry for “giving back”.

SMARTBUYGLASSES DONATES $2 MILLION USD IN EYEWEAR TO THE DEVELOPING WORLD The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group recently surpassed the $2 million mark with a donation of 10,000 pairs of glasses to Ghana. The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group recently reached $2 million worth of eyewear donated to various countries across the developing world through its Buy One, Give One social movement. Having partnered with Unite for Sight since 2009, the $2 million milestone is a big achievement for the company and accounts for over 78,000 pairs of glasses sent to the developing world. On September 16, 10,000 pairs of glasses were shipped to Ghana, tipping the total amount donated to over $2 million.

aspect of our business history,” states Jackie Tsui, Chief Social Officer at the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group. “We have helped over 78,000 people all over the world and our latest shipment of glasses to Ghana was our largest to date. We hope that over the next 6 months we can hit our next milestone of $3 million USD.”

SmartBuyGlasses was founded on the principle of giving back and this social philanthropy is one of the core foundations of the business. The next target set will be $3 million and it is expected to be reached within the next 6 months.

Quotes from our Overseas Used Eyeglass Program FROM NICARAGUA: “Thanks again for the hundred pairs of glasses, which I brought on my Alumni Service Corps trip to Troilo, Nicaragua. This is a small community without electricity and running water, located over one hour on dirt roads outside of Leon. It was an incredible experience to help each community resident try on a pair of glasses and see clearly for the very frst time. They cried and we all cried, too. Their faces captured it all expressing such joy.” —Lise Chapman FROM HONDURAS “Over two weeks, the Eye Team was able to assist over 550 people….There were some who needed surgery, many who needed something soothing for sore eyes, a few who needed only sunglasses, and the overwhelming majority who needed glasses to help in their daily activities as well as reading. From a 6 year old boy who received glasses to correct his myopia, to the teacher who could not see clearly to read to his class, to the truck driver who could now see where he was going, to the elderly woman who was ecstatic to be able to read her bible again… Thank you to New Eyes.” —Michael Rieger FROM GHANA “You donated several hundred glasses which we took to Abetif, Ghana this July. We saw 1,700 patients over 2 weeks. We performed 77 cataract surgeries and we distributed nearly all of the glasses you donated (about 150 pounds of weight). Thank you very much again for your generous donation.” —Judith Simon, MD

“We’ve been working with Unite for Sight since 2009 but our philanthropic attitude is a core

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10/6/15 12:39 PM

COMPLETE JOB PRICING FEA Industries & Modern Optical International

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$ .99






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The Collections of Modern Optical. All items are Now available at

*Lens pricing includes edging. Orders must be placed online with FEA Industries to qualify for pricing listed.













$ .00




Listed coatings are available on most lenses. Coating price is additional to the lens and frame price. Other coatings are available, please consult a full price list for details. Listed prices are base prices and do not include optional treatments, and are subject to additional charges for power, prism, etc. Please consult our full price list for details. All lenses with scratch coating have a 1-year scratch warranty. Progressive lenses also have a 90-day non-adapt warranty. Stock lenses are not eligible for scratch warranty. Any special pricing in this ofer is good only when combined with the purchase of a Modern frame through FEA Industries.

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Visual Field Losses, Vision Losses, and Potential Blindness

By Jason Smith, OD, MS


here are several types of glaucoma including open angle, narrow angle, pseudoexfoliation, steroidinduced, pigmentary, congenital, glaucomas associated with hereditary or familial diseases, infammatory, phacogenic, traumatic, neovascular, drug-induced, glaucoma secondary to an intraocular hemorrhage, and glaucoma associated with intraocular tumors, retinal detachments, chemical burns, and iris atrophy. Other forms of glaucoma include glaucomatocyclitic crisis or PosnerSchlossman Syndrome, Fuchs heterochromic iridocyclitis, uveitic glaucoma, and herpetic keratouveitis. Every glaucoma has one thing in common; it can cause visual feld losses, vision losses, and potential blindness. Every patient who has any form of glaucoma needs to be under the care of an eye doctor. In many states, the management and care of

OCT2015_JasonS.indd 2

glaucoma can be directed by an optometrist. When the glaucoma requires surgical intervention or higher levels of medical care, a glaucoma specialist/ ophthalmologist may be required. Many optometrists are so busy with their practices taking care of primary care needs that they work cooperatively with an ophthalmologist. But, there are also many well qualifed and welltrained optometrists who can manage and treat glaucoma patients unless surgery is indicated or when other vision complications occur. Patients with glaucoma should be educated as to what the action, plan, consequences, and future will be once it has been diagnosed. It is considered a disease. Some patients may be in denial that there is anything wrong when they can see well and there may be no pain. The topic of having a laser procedure may create tension, anxiety, or fear. If surgical interventions are required,

patients must be advised and counseled as to the medical consequences as well as the fnancial costs, risks, and benefts of any surgery. Surgical options for glaucoma include iridotomy, trabeculectomy, drainage implants including valved or non-valved, and istent implants. In a recent article in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, July, 2015, Drs. Dada, Rathi, and Angmo indicated that there are positive outcomes for clear lens extraction (cataract surgery) in eyes with primary angle closure glaucoma. “Clear lens extraction led to a signifcant reduction in IOP, a widening of the anterior chamber angle, and a reduced need for ocular hypotensive medications in eyes with primary angle closure and persistently raised IOP after a laser peripheral iridotomy.� There are many eye drop medications that can treat glaucoma. The decisions as to what drops and how many drops

10/6/15 12:21 PM

are needed would be something that a glaucoma specialist would determine.

of the angle, also. If the aqueous fuid is blocked in the drainage angle of the eye, the intraocular pressure will rise and damage the optic nerve. Acute angle closure glaucoma can present with pain in one eye, redness, blurry vision, headaches, halos, dilated pupils, vision loss, nausea, and vomiting.

The costs of medications must be discussed because patients sometimes cannot afford these high costs which seem to be escalating. When a patient is elderly or in a nursing home, there may be a need for someone else to put drops in the eyes on a regular basis. And compliance using eye drops on a regular daily basis is something that needs to be reinforced with every patient. According to a British Journal of Ophthalmology article at www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC1856963/ “glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide disproportionately affecting women and Asians. There were 60.5 million people with open angle glaucoma (OAG) and angle closure glaucoma (ACG) in 2010, and that number will increase to 79.6 million people by 2020. 74% of these people will have OAG, women will comprise 55% of OAG, 70% of ACG, and 59% of all glaucomas in 2010. Asians will represent 47% of those people with

glaucoma and 87% of those with ACG. Bilateral blindness will be present in 4.5 million people with OAG and 3.9 million people with ACG in 2010, rising to 5.9 and 5.3 million respectively. Glaucoma is 15 times more likely to cause blindness in African Americans than in Caucasians. The prevalence of glaucoma rises rapidly among Hispanics over the age of 65.” Acute narrow angle glaucoma can occur suddenly when the iris is pushed or pulled forward. As the lens in the eye changes with age, it can contribute to a narrowing

Ralph, Robert and Ron Cotran

Gonioscopy must be part of every clinical exam in order to determine the status of the angle. There may be peripheral anterior synechiae, corneal edema, and the intraocular pressure may be very high. This problem must be managed very quickly and is an ocular emergency. If the higher pressures are not reduced quickly, permanent vision loss will occur. Every ECP must have a minimum database that provides the optimum of care and service for every patient. Extra concern for glaucoma patients exists when there is a family history of glaucoma, the presence of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, visual feld losses, decreased vision, high intraocular pressure, unusual or unexplainable visual problems,



24 r Hou AR Form nd e e F r n a ro u Tur


6848 Ellicott Drive, East Syracuse NY 13057 • Tel 1.800.4.GLASSES (800.445.2773) - 315.463.4800 • Fax 1.888.818.2840 - 315.463.4340

OCT2015_JasonS.indd 3

10/6/15 11:13 AM

corticosteroid use, physical injuries or trauma to the eye. A more aggressive approach for a suspicious patient must be undertaken which may include a referral to an ophthalmologist. A patient history will provide the symptoms that a patient is experiencing as well as allow the ECP to know if there is any family history of eye problems or other medical problems. Corrected and uncorrected visual acuity measurements at distance and near will further allow the ECP to determine if there is reduced vision as well as to determine if there is myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia present. A refraction may indicate for example, that a highly farsighted patient may have narrow angles or a highly myopic patient may have open angles. The angles must be viewed under a biomicroscope and gonioscopy can allow the ECP to view the actual anatomy of the angle. Intraocular pressures must be determined for each eye by using a non-contact tonometer, a Tonopen, or a Goldmann tonometer. If there is any suspicion of eye pressures that are outside of normal, several measurements should be taken at different times of the day due to cyclic fuctuations through the day.

OCT2015_JasonS.indd 4

The evaluation of intraocular pressure (IOP) is usually based on measurements done during offce hours. As IOP is considered a major risk factor for glaucoma, an undetected IOP spike could be the missing link that has not been taken into account. People with thin corneas can be at an increased risk of developing glaucoma so it is important to use a pachymeter in order to determine if this is an added risk factor. Every eye exam should include visual feld testing which would include a screening or a threshold test depending upon concerns or risk factors. Any glaucoma patient should be informed that visual feld testing will be done on a regular basis. These visual feld tests are important in order to know if a problem exists, to monitor any changes once any treatment is started, and to be able to change the treatment strategy if signifcant visual changes do occur. Also, every patient should be dilated in order to determine the health of the retina, the retinal vascular system, the optic nerve, and the macula. Fundus photography and taking pictures of the optic nerve are very important. These photos can allow the ECP to monitor changes in the cup to disc ratio of the

optic nerve. If a cup to disc ratio is high such as 0.5 or 0.6, this can be another risk factor for glaucoma including the fact that the vertical size of the cup must be compared to the horizontal size. There has been improved diagnosis and management for glaucoma including the use of an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). An OCT is another tool that measures the thickness of the retinal nerve fber layer. The average values of the nerve fber layer thickness can be calculated and compared to what should be normal. OCT’s can be an expensive piece of equipment with prices ranging from $9000-$45,000. In a July, 2015 Review of Optometry article on “Treating Glaucoma in the Real World”, Dr. Murray Fingeret, a leading authority on this subject, and Aliza Becker offer these suggestions when treating a glaucoma patients’ medication adherence; “build trust with your patients, educate, educate, educate, provide written instructions, offer reminder strategies for taking medications, and make sure patients understand their insurance coverage.” These are good suggestions under any circumstances. ■

10/6/15 11:13 AM

Take the Challenge this October

Photo courtesy, our partn

ers Vision for the Poor in


by raising funds to give sight and hope to people in need.

Your gift – their vision for life. 3 Make a personal, practice or company donation / pledge and 3 Raise funds from patients, employees, friends and family. There are more than 600 million people around the world who need your help!

Visit or call 888-OGS-GIVE to learn more.

World Sight Day is an initiative of VISION 2020

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To Advertise, Call 844-384-2181

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Book Stores are Dead? James Magay, RDO

You might think so with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all the stif competition today – sounds a lot like independent ECP’s Huh?

In reality more bookstores have opened than closed in the last couple of years in the U.S. They have always been and will always be anchors in many communities.

Getting customers to reject the homogeneity of chain stores and the facelessness of Amazon has been essential to the success of unique independent stores.

” “A word after a word after a word is power.”

OCT2015_Magay.indd 2

In fact May 2 was Independent Bookstore Day, celebrating this vital industry. That day on Twitter and Instagram, shoppers showed of their literary hauls so enthusiastically that for a few hours the hashtag #Bookstoreday was trending nationwide, up there with the royal baby, the Kentucky Derby, and an event which shares the event’s community-spirited DNA, Free Comic Book Day. As reported by The Daily Beast, “To get new customers coming in, spending money, and coming back, independent bookstores have to ofer something that their customers can’t fnd online. That might be an intangible sense of community, or something more concrete, like the special products that the IBD organizers created this year—“physical, real, bona fde book swag,” as Rebecca Fitting of Brooklyn’s Greenlight Bookstore called it.

The range of signed books and artwork, available only on this day and only in stores, included a chapbook of new essays by Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay; a limited-edition print by the graphic artist Chris Ware; and a stencil of a Margaret Atwood quote designed to resonate with the bookstore crowd: “A word after a word after a word is power.”

It resonates with me that we have a lot in common with bookstores, more than would be thought. Now that the shock of the big box retailers, the cheesy on-line merchants, and competition from dispensing Doctors has subsided a bit, we are taking a hard look at the traditional ways we view our role as eyeglass vendors.

of really sharp folks out there taking the measure of the big, the faceless, (and sometimes boring) mass merchandisers.

We see great local, independent optical shops that prosper by mining unique niches they have carved for themselves, not just trunk shows but a combination of smart social media savvy, outreach to under served communities as a social good, building community, by refusing to carry the “me too” products the mall giants push, combining with artists and art groups, supporting vendors who support the local stores, and so on. “Getting customers to reject the homogeneity of chain stores and the facelessness of Amazon has been essential to the success of unique independent stores. But the stores that proft best from an event like Bookstore Day seem to be those, like McNally Jackson, that have already embraced the new social reality of bookselling. They are the stores that maintain a chatty and approachable social media presence, ofer a carefully curated selection of stock, run children’s story time in the mornings and readings and parties in the evenings, and focus on making their stores pleasurable places to visit. They are the stores that are the face of this unexpected retail resurgence.” “Pleasurable to visit”, ponder that statement for a moment – that is the low bar we must hurdle to begin making ourselves more relevant in this hyper connected age, and it has to be sincere.

“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.” —Desiderius Erasmus, circa 1466 Today he might add, “And glasses to help me read them!” ■

A look on Facebook at trendy optical groups makes one realize there are a lot

10/6/15 10:24 AM

Better Sight with the Best Site! Website Features ★

Online Chat with Customer Service

Place Orders

Modify or Cancel Jobs in Process

Track Job Progress

Track Shipment Progress

Review Statements, Invoices, & Rewards Information

Access Forms, Pricing, & Promotions

Online RMAs

LAS VEGAS, N.V. - This year at its annual celebration of wholesale optical labs, FEA Industries was named “Optical Laboratory Website of the Year”. This year, FEA’s website was completely redesigned. One of the main features that separated FEA from the competition was the online chat, which makes it easy to contact customer service. “It’s so much more convenient to use online chat than having to call the lab,” said one Eyecare Professional. FEA also received the most nominations from Eyecare Professionals, which served to underscore the value that this website has to its customer base. “We are very pleased to receive this award,” said Bill Hefner, President of FEA Industries. It’s the only site that puts FEA’s Customer Service in the ECP’s ofce. Labtalk is a magazine focusing directly on laboratory managers and owners. This competition is in its sixteenth year, and is presented annually at Vision Expo west.

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state of the ‘art’


Hartmann sensor technology | Automatically detects and determines lens type and adjusts the measuring mode accordingly Tilting TFT Color LCD Touch Screen | Green LED light enables values to be measured without the need for ABBE conversion Measure Single Vision, Multifocal, Progressive, Contacts & Colored Lenses | Memory Function Ads.indd 2

10/2/15 2:02 PM

Eye Care Professional Magazine - October 2015 Issue  

Eye Care Professional Magazine - October 2015 Issue (Autumn's Affordable Eyewear and Sun wear), Updating Your Dispensary Decor. Advanced Len...