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Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic on website Confused what to do for increasing traffic and visitors on your website! We are here with best digital marketing tips to increase traffic and visitors on website and we are sure when you will use these tips you will definitely increase traffic on your websites. Lets discuss all the tips in detail: 1. On-site Optimization of website: This is the first step in digital marketing of your business website. The process of on-site optimization includes researching relevant keywords for your product or business and set those keywords in your website code to make website search engine friendly. Keywords are the identity of your website; they tell user what about your website is? When user search for product relevant to your website and he found your website in Google SERP's. He will click on your website and if he likes your website he will be converted as your client. 2. Web directories submission: Web directories are online platforms for creating links where you can submit your link in category according to your website theme. Google and other search engines gives preference to websites submitted in web directories. So, submitting website in all major web directories is a good option to generate traffic as well as ranking of your website keywords. Directory submission will increase traffic, visitors and helps in improving website link popularity. 3. Search engines submission: Submitting your website in search engines to be indexed fast by search engines crawlers called search engine submission. 4. Forum and Blog Commenting: One of the fastest ways of digital marketing for generating back links and promoting your website online. Through blog and forum commenting, you can generate one way back links. 5. Press releases: Writing a press release for your business product and services launch or any business achievement is the fastest way of generating traffic on your website. 6. Classifieds: Classified submission means displaying your website in local and international business directories. It is also called business listings. 4. Link exchange: Finding relevant websites and exchanging link between those websites called link exchange. Links exchange increase your link popularity, clicks on your website and help to improve your keywords ranking in search engine specially Google. Google gives importance to quality and relevant links and in the basis of quality and relevant link you get high page rank of your websites also. 7. Banner exchange: Banner exchange means an image link of your website on other's website. These links are free as text links, attract visitors and will helps in increasing many extra visitors instead of text links as well you can spread your brand at all the places. 8. Web Ring: Web ring is the process of connecting your website with other websites in your niche.

9. Pay Per Click. - Pay per click is a paid form of digital marketing. In PPC, you have to pay to Google for per click. PPC gives boost to your traffic and helps in converting visitors into clients fast. 10. Buying ads: You can also buy sponsored links on other websites. 11. Buy banner ads: you can also buy banner ads on other websites. It helps in building brand. 12. Use E-mail marketing: Email marketing means telling peoples about your business or product through email. It is an old method, but very cost effective. Promote your special offers, newsletters and important news directly in people’s mail inbox. 13. Off-line marketing: Off line marketing means promotion of your business product by using traditional mediums such as advertisement in newspapers, pamphlets, fliers, TV ads, logo on pens, office stationeries, boards etc. 15. Article Submission: Article submission is writing article related to your business product and services and submitting them in top article submission websites. It helps your website in generating one way links, links popularity and visitors on your website. 17. Ask for reviews: you can ask for reviews for your articles regarding your website, your products, your software and your services on other websites. 20. Social Media: Now a days, social media is the biggest medium of digital marketing. Like facebook, reddit, stumbleupon, twitter and many more. These are world's biggest social networking platforms for businesses and personal networks. Through social media you can get connect with your friends, relatives and business contact at any place in the world with in seconds. Social media gives us a new way of doing business. We can also say, today social media is working as a backbone for all the businesses. If you are searching for best digital marketing company for your business. Your search is finished at Eyebridge – a complete professional and best web solutions that can never be find anywhere else. Reach yourself at and

Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic on website  

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